(If you've read “Getting Into Preacher Boy's Pants, Part 2” you might remember a quick story Paul shared with his boyfriend, Billy, about a conquest from a couple years earlier. Here's what happened that night.)

Some people are just too good looking for their own good. People who are so beautiful they look like they should be strutting on a catwalk or modeling designer underwear for a living. Andreas was one of those people.

Andreas was twenty years old and a senior at UNLV. The blond-haired, blue-eyed stud with drop-dead looks that could've easily been spread out among four people stood 6'1 and weighed in at 180 pounds. He kept his body in shape, despite his love for beer, with daily workouts in the university gym and pool. He was a star on both the water polo and swim teams.

Andreas never lacked for female company. Wherever he went, the strip, a club, even just walking on campus, seemed to bring the women out of the woodwork. He was used to women throwing themselves at them and getting pussy anytime he wanted it. He loved pussy. He especially loved big-titted women who weren't shy about going down on him. Fuck... nothing beat a good blowjob. He'd been with enough women to know what sucked (no pun intended) and what didn't. He remembered one blowjob so good that he could've sworn he passed out after he climaxed.

Now it was Spring Break and Andreas and a group of his frat brothers decided to take a road trip to San Diego for the week. They checked into a cheesy hotel right on the beach and within walking distance of at least a dozen clubs. No driving needed. A whole week of playing on the beach during the day and partying through the night. There were ten frat brothers and together they'd sweet-talked the manager into squeezing them into two rooms to save money. Less money for the room meant more money for partying.

It was Friday night, only two nights left, and the guys couldn't decide where to go. Half wanted to go to Moondoggies and the other half wanted to go to the Pacific Beach Bar & Grill. It wasn't really a problem, since they were only a couple blocks apart and close to the hotel, so they guys decided to go wherever they'd just split up.

Andreas finished styling his spiky blond hair and looked in the mirror. Perfect. It was tousled with a windblown look, but Andreas had spent nearly twenty minutes getting it just right. He'd seen a ton of babes on the beach and he wanted to get fucked tonight. He turned to catch his profile. His white Fruit of the Loom boxers briefs were tenting with his erection. He grabbed his hard cock and gave it a good squeeze. A couple of his frat brothers saw him and chuckled.

“That horny Andreas? Save it for the bitches.”

Andreas pulled on a pair of board shorts and a tank top. He looked back in the mirror. Ah, fuck the tank top. It was warm outside and everybody was going shirtless. Plus, he was proud of his sculpted torso. He strapped on his beach sandals and gave himself on last once over in the mirror. He must've grabbed one of his frat brother's board shorts because they were a little loose at the waist and about four inches of his underwear was showing. He thought about changing and decided against it. Fuck it. The Hawaiian print shorts looked good, and the white of his underwear was a nice contrast to his tanned and toned body. He liked to wear boxer briefs a little snug because he liked how they felt. And how they looked to the babes when he did his slow strip tease, his fuck bulge stretching the material. Damn, he looked hot! He coulda passed for a California beach bum. Tanned, toned, streaked hair. He loved being him!

He grabbed a wad of cash and shoved it, along with his room key, into his pocket and followed his frat brothers down the street.

At twenty-one years old Paul was a professional. A professional hunter. His mission in life was to seek out and acquire hot young studs, unwittingly drug them, and then have his way with them. This entailed photographing them in compromising positions and in various stages of undress. When he'd finished his job he would then pleasure himself with the young men.

Paul had his own website where pictures and videos of these young men could be found and, for a price be downloaded. So far this enterprise had been very lucrative. He traveled throughout the country to find his “victims.” Tonight he was in San Diego, his own backyard, so to speak. In fact, he was at one of his favorite places: the PB Bar & Grill. Tonight was a totally random, though. He was simply enjoying a night out with friends when he saw Andreas. One look at the blond Adonis strutting shirtless through the front door and Paul knew exactly what he was going to do.

Paul was with a group of his friends drinking and laughing but stopped drinking alcohol the second he spotted Andreas. He couldn't take his eyes off him. His friends Paul eventually decided to move on to another club. After all, it was Spring Break and San Diego was just one big party this week. Paul said he saw a friend and was going to hang out for a bit. As his friends left he moved to the bar.

His strategy was fairly simple, almost like that of a big game cat. Separate the mark from the crown (his friends), befriend him, gain his trust, and voila!

From his spot at the bar Paul kept track of Andreas' every move: who he came in with, who he talked to, who he danced with, what he drank, how much he drank, how often he went to the restroom. Everything. As the evening wore on Paul noticed that most of Andreas' friends had paired off with girls and left. Andreas looked like he was having too much fun, though, dancing away. His hunky body twisting in perfect time with the music. The sheer gall this stud had to come into this place, dressed the way he was, was giving Paul the hardest boner he'd ever had.

When the latest song ended Andreas huffed his way to the bar, breathing heavy. The spot next to Paul was conveniently empty. Andreas sat down and gave Paul a perfunctory nod. “Anybody sittin' here?” he asked. His voice was a smooth as silk. Masculine and incredibly sexy.

“No,” Paul said, turning slightly in his seat. “She was hot,” he said, remarking on Andreas' last dance partner.

“She was a bore,” Andreas said, flagging down the bartender. “Blah, blah, blah,” he said, making hand gestures. The bartender appeared and he ordered a Seabreeze.

“Still...” Andreas said, “it's getting late and most of the hotties have left. I probably shoulda stuck with her.” Andreas grabbed his crotch. “You ever get totally horned up, man?”

The question took Paul by surprise, but he quickly recovered. “Constantly,” he lied. “Sometimes a guy just needs it.”

Andreas nodded, his mouth full of pretzels. “Totally.” His drink arrived and he downed half of it. He pulled out a five and told the bartender to keep the change. He grabbed his crotch again and spun around on his stool.

“Take a look,” he said, sounding bummed. “A bunch of dogs.” He shook his head and grabbed his crotch again. Paul couldn't help but notice.

“Maybe if you changed the subject,” Paul suggested. “You look like you surf. Do you?”

“Just learned this week,” Andreas laughed, finishing his drink. “I'm here from Vegas on Spring Break. I took some lessons. It's great.” He was about to order another drink when Paul hailed the bartender.

“This round's on me. Two beers,” he said. “Maybe you should stop drinking the hard stuff. This place isn't known for skimping on the liquor in its drinks. It might be a good idea to slow down, especially if you wanna get laid tonight.”

Andreas laughed again as he took his beer from the bartender and took a swig. “You're right, you're right,” he said, taking another swig. “I'm just so fuckin' frustrated and horny. I mean, man... you shoulda seen the babes on the beach! Mmmm!!!!”

Mixing alcohol isn't the smartest thing to do, but Andreas wasn't thinking about that. He groped at his crotch again. From where he was sitting Paul could see the stud's fuck bulge. Nice. It was a good thing Andreas' board shorts were a little loose otherwise he could be arrested for indecent exposure!

“By the way, I'm Rob,” Paul said, giving Andreas a fake name. “I'm here from ASU.”

“Andreas,” Andreas said, introducing himself. “UNLV.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Same here.” Andreas finished his beer and Paul bought him another. About halfway through it, Andreas jumped up and said he was headed for the john. Paul noticed he wasn't walking the straightest of lines. This was his opportunity. The moment he'd been waiting for ever since he'd first laid eyes on the hot shirtless stud. He'd had the roofie in his hand since Andreas sat down, waiting for the right moment. Now the drunken stud was off taking a piss. Paul casually reached over, as if to stretch, and dropped the roofie into Andreas' beer. The kid wouldn't know what hit him. He ordered him another.

Andreas came back a few minutes later, smiling when he saw the extra bottle of beer. He finished the first and started the next. “Thanks, man,” he said, holding the bottle while scoping out the dance floor. “Let me get the next round.”

Paul looked at his watch. With what Andreas had already drunk, he was looking at about fifteen minutes. It wasn't too hard to keep him talking. Andreas was a talker. He talked about his countless cunt hunts and conquests and about the great time he was having in San Diego.

As if on clockwork Andreas' voice began to slur and Paul knew it was time. He wanted Andreas out of there before he became incapacitated and unable to walk. He looked at him. “Man, you look wasted. I don't think you're gonna get any. Maybe you oughta call it a night.”

Andreas wobbled on his stool. “You know.... I think you're right. Good thing my hotel is just down the street because all of a sudden I feel kinda fucked up.” He stood up to leave, wavering, and patted Paul on the arm. “It was nice to meet you, Rob. Have fun for the rest of Break. I'll see you later.”

As he turned to leave Paul got up. “You know, I should probably head out, too,” he said, catching up with his prey. “It's late and shit and I'm pretty beat. We were out in the sun all day and I'm whooped.”

As the two guys left the PB Bar & Grill Paul asked Andreas where he was staying. Andreas pointed to down the street. “I can't remember the name off hand, but it's a couple blocks that way.”

Paul came up with a quick lie. “My place is that way, too. My car's right over there and I'm not that drunk yet. I'll drive you if you want.”

“Cool,” Andreas said. And together the two, hunter and hunted, climbed into Paul's SUV. Andreas had no idea what was in store for him.

As they drove slowly down Garnet Avenue Paul remembered a hotel he'd used before. One where he could pay for the room in cash. He also noticed that Andreas was having a hard time staying awake.

“Hey, Andreas. Where did you say your hotel was?”

Andreas looked at Paul. Or rather through him. The roofie had him in its grasp. He laughed. “I can't remember. Shit.” He laughed again.

“Well, this is my place,” Paul said, turning into the lot. “Wanna come in for a minute until you remember where you're staying at?”

“Yeah,” Andreas replied. “That's probably a good idea.” Oh, he didn't know how wrong he was.

“My room's over there,” Paul said, pointing off to nowhere in particular. “Wait here in the car for a sec while I get the key from the clerk. We lost it three times already this week so we don't carry it with us. They charge us a $20 charge for a new one. I'll be right back.”

“Mkay,” Andreas slurred, slumped against his seat. Paul went inside and finagled a room from the dimwitted clerk. He went back to get Andreas, who had started to drift off. “Come on, buddy,” he said, grabbing his arm. Andreas followed Paul to his room. As soon as they were inside Andreas sat down on the bed and immediately fell over, passed out. Or at least out of it. Incoherent. Paul had to restrain himself from jumping his bones right there. He went back to his car and got out his gym bag where he kept his digital cameras, video camera, tripod and other “toys.”

He went back to the room and lifted Andreas' eyelid. His eye rolled up. The guy was gone. He set up the video camera and then started snapping pictures with the digital camera.

Next he took Andreas' board shorts off. Holy fuck! Paul had never seen someone who looked so hot in their underwear. He couldn't wait to see what was under. But first things first. Since Paul's website catered to a variety of fetishes and tastes, he decided to feature Andreas in every category.

First he took pictures of Andreas dressed. On his back, on his stomach, sitting up. Then he took his sandals off and snapped a few pictures of the blond stud's nice size 11 feet.

He let out an admiring sigh as he gazed at the passed out stud. Holy shit! These would be great pics! He began shooting off picture after picture, again in every conceivable position. The ass shots would be nice. The white of the boxer briefs stretched tautly across the stud's perfect round bubble butt. Mmm... Paul couldn't wait to dive into that ass! He started to stroke Andreas' body, playing with his cock and balls through his boxer briefs and flicking his jutting nipples. Bingo! The dazed stud began to moan. And he got hard. But he was gonna get harder still. Paul lifted the naked young man's and slipped a Viagra between his soft, pale pink lips. He helped him to swallow it by giving him a little more beer and steadily and slowly stroking his throat. In about twenty minutes, Andreas was gonna be as hard as Paul, and Paul hadn't taken a Viagra. Yet.

Paul passed the time by continuing to stroke Andreas' body. As Andreas moaned in obvious pleasure, Paul decided to get a couple of facial shots. Cum facials. He dropped his pants and jerked his dick until he shot a load of slop right onto Andrea's pretty boy face. His photos captured the cum as it ran down the handsome stud's perfect face, over his lips and down his chin. Still horny and full of cum, Paul decided to see what kind of cocksucker Andreas was. He sat him up and stuck his hard cock between his lips, thrusting his hips back in forth and sliding his cock in and out of the straight stud's hot mouth. Pretty soon he was ready to cum again and he let this load slide down Andreas' throat. Mmmm... for a straight boy, Andreas sure was a good cocksucker! His next load was gonna go into that tight ass!

Speaking of that tight ass, it was time for the promised land! The money shots. Before doing so, though, he fitted Andreas with a ball gag. It would allow Andreas to breath but would muffle any louder moans that were sure to come from his pretty mouth. Then he slowly peeled off Andreas' tight Fruit of the Looms, licking his lips as he did. Andreas' dick was probably six inches when soft, but with the Viagra, it was at least a good eight inches. As he watched Andreas' growth spurt, Paul took more pictures. Then he started to jerk off the dazed stud. It didn't take much to get Andreas to shoot his first load. Up on to his stomach and chest. He bet the kid was hard constantly.

He stared in awe as he slowly jerked Andreas to his second ejaculation of the night. Andreas' eight-inch cock was as perfect as the rest of his body. Nice length and girth. He bet it felt good up a girl's cunt. Just as he felt Andreas ready to cum again he straddled his body again and sat down on the stud's erect, cum-lubed cock. Andreas shot his boy jizz right up Paul's ass.

“Unnnggg...!!!” Paul cried out as Andreas beautiful dick spewed its load up his ass. “Ohhh.... yeah... I hope you're ready for yours, buddy,” he said. He stood up, cum dripping from his ass.

When Paul had done his job and taken every conceivable picture from every conceivable angle, it was fun time. Time to fuck Andreas. He threw the hottie's limp legs over his shoulders and, condom on, plundered the blond studling's tight ass.

Andreas cried out in pain but the sounds were all but muffled by the ball gag, just as Paul had planned. The poor frat boy didn't know where he was or what he apparently had some kind of understanding of what was happening to him because Paul could make out a few phrases here and there, such as “I'm straight, dude, I'm straight”, but Paul tuned it all out. Andreas' hole was so tight. He felt like he was about to shoot so he pulled out, took off his condom, and shot his load all over Andreas' bare chest.

As soon as he was done, Paul cleaned himself up, straightened up the room and hightailed it out of there, taking Andreas' underwear as a souvenir. His only regret was that he wouldn't be around the next morning to see the look on Andreas' gorgeous face. The look of pain and confusion and the sneaking suspicion that something had gone wrong.

As Paul drove home he bet that tomorrow morning Andreas would be telling his buddies how he'd banged some chick back at her place the night before. Paul had no fear of his actions being reported. After all, what dude was going to admit to being raped?

The next morning the sun came shining through the windows and aroused Andreas from his drug-induced sleep. For a few moments he was confused, wondering where he was. He was in a strange bed and, stranger still, alone. That almost never happened. Andreas couldn't remember the last time he didn't go home with some cunt. If he only knew that he was the cunt last night he probably would've blown a cylinder. He tried to replay the night but couldn't clearly remember the events. He sat up in bed and realized he was naked. His clothes were in a heap across the room. Just what the hell happened last night? Oh yeah... that guy he met... what was his name...? Rob? Yeah, Rob.... that was it. Cool guy. They had a few drinks and then he drove him to his hotel. No... they stopped off at Rob's hotel first. Where was he? Andreas looked out the window and recognized his hotel a couple blocks away. After showering and dressing – where the hell was his underwear? – he went down to the front desk and inquired about the room. The stupid bitch at the desk was no help. All she could say was that the room had been paid for in cash. She didn't have a name and even if she did, Andreas would know it would be bogus.

As he walked back to his hotel he suddenly felt a pain in his ass and his dick and he knew something had happened. Something very bad.



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