O'Hare was fucking snowed in, and we were going nowhere. There was a near riot at the ticket counter and the frustrated clerk took his vengeance by pulling the names of nonparticipants to get into the hotel shuttle first. I had stood off to the side next to a quiet man from St. Louis, so we were among the first to get loaded up and taken to sanctuary.

My quiet friend and I were given a nice double room on the 5th floor. I stared at him out of the corner of my eye as we rode up the elevator. About my height, 6'1', good build, brown hair, and startling gray eyes. He was dressed in a well-cut suit that discreetly hid whatever he had between his legs. We had exchanged names, his was Andrew, mine is Robert, and we both hated the diminutives. In the room, Andrew went into the bathroom to take a shower, and Robert sat down on the bed to adjust his hardon and wonder why O'Hare had to snow me into a double room with the quiet, gray-eyed man. Shit, I thought.

I stripped, and was contemplating what to put on when the bathroom door opened suddenly. Andrew walked out with a towel wrapped around his waist. He stopped when he saw me naked, then froze when he saw the hard cock. We stood there and stared at each other, until I noticed the front of the towel had started to bulge. He looked down at himself as if he'd been betrayed, and his face turned pale. I felt sorry for him, and walked toward him slowly. 'It's cool,' I said, with a big smile. 'I've always thought stiff cocks were contagious. Kind of like the flu.' Being nice to him made it worse. He looked at me, swallowed hard, and cleared his throat. 'I want to so bad it hurts,' he said, his voice cracking. 'You got on in New York, looked at me, and...I want to. I never have.'

I moved closer and touched his face. He made a deep, low sound, that was almost like pain, and moved in toward me. Our mouths met, and he opened to accept my tongue. I flicked it around the inside, and he fastened on to it and sucked. He kissed me desperately, greedily, then thrust his tongue back at me. I took his hand and put it on my cock as I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him tight. He brought the other hand down and used them to explore me. His touch was gentle, fondling my balls and lightly stroking my cock. I slid my hands down his back and whisked the towel away. His cock touched mine, and my hands went for his firm, tight ass. He buried his face in my shoulder, trembling, as I explored his sweet ass. He grabbed his own hard cock, and rubbed the head up and down my shaft. I could feel a trail of precum oozing out on me.

Andrew slid his mouth down my body, licking and nibbling across my chest, slurping his tongue across my nipples. They got immediately erect, and he stared at them, then fastened his mouth on one and sucked. Hard. I gasped, and I could feel him smile, still holding my nipple tightly between his lips. He kept sucking, switching his mouth from one to the other, then using his fingers to pinch the nipple not in his mouth. He stood suddenly, and ran his hands over my body. I knew what he was doing, and I let him. He was touching a man for the first time, the way he had probably dreamed of all his life, and I let him. He walked around me and rubbed my back. Just touching me, gently. He came around in front of me and knelt suddenly, taking my cock into his mouth, closing his eyes and sucking, gently at first, then harder, taking my rod deep. I spread my feet and balanced myself and let him feast. At the first taste of my precum, his eyes flew open and he looked up at me. There was a fire in his eyes. He started to fuck me hard with his mouth, his hands locked on my ass. I clenched my fists to hold on, but it was useless. I could feel my cock swell, and my balls fill, and so could he. He fucked me even harder, his wet mouth a tight, tight ring on my throbbing cock., his tongue feeling like it touched every part of me. I began to pulse cum into his mouth, and he swallowed it, sucking it from me faster than I could pump it out. I collapsed backwards on the bed, with him still suctioned to my cock.

His mouth and tongue gently licked me clean. He turned me over, and started to nibble my ass. I stretched out and got comfortable as he let his tongue play over every inch of my skin. I spread my legs, and he licked up the crack, taking time to flick the base of my spine. He used his fingers to gently spread my cheeks, then took his time licking around the hole, getting closer and closer. Finally, he made contact, gently touching his tongue to my hole. His breath was hot. I held my hips still, silencing the urge to push my ass back against his mouth. I let out a helpless, hungry groan, and he dove forward, thrusting his tongue up my ass. No one had ever tongue fucked my ass with his obvious desire. He cupped my balls gently as his tongue worked, demanding thrusts that stabbed into me.

At some point I turned and grabbed the back of his neck, sucked his tongue into my mouth and threw him flat on the bed. I worked on his mouth with my mouth, and put my hands all over him. He wiggled helplessly, getting more and more aroused, finally exploding in an extended verbal assault on himself for waiting so long to release his needs. I gobbled his cock, sucking him harder than I meant to. His body curled around my head and he hung on, fighting to hold back the eruption building in his balls. He came in long, shuddering spasms, howling, firing high-pressure cum into my mouth in continuous bursts. I've never felt that much cum pour out of a throbbing cock. He collapsed, body twitching, then tried to raise his head to say something. He watched me scoop cum off my chin and started to laugh. He gestured weakly for me to bend to him, and he licked my face, grinning.

My cock was hard again, and I flipped my helpless lover onto his stomach. I bent and bit his ass hard. He spread his legs and said 'fuck me!' in a loud, clear voice. I knelt behind him and bit and licked his ass, then spread his cheeks and tongue fucked him until he was begging to be fucked hard in the ass by my swollen cock. I got off the bed to get a tube of lubricant out of my suitcase and he made a pained whimpering noise as I left. The sound inflamed me and my cock oozed. I used shaking hands to make my cock slippery and to slide a slick finger into his tight ass. I finger fucked his ass and listened to his blurted emotional confession, words tumbling from his mouth in rhythm with my pumping hand. One finger became two, then I pressed my swollen and painful cockhead against the opening to his relaxed pink tunnel.

'Fuck my ass,' he demanded. 'OK,' I said calmly, and inserted my cock into his tight ring as he shook with laughter. He had craved this pleasure for so long he was shocked into silence as I pumped him. I tried to be gentle, but it didn't last. I grabbed his hips and thrust deep and hard, slamming my hips against his firm ass. Our balls hit, and I threw my head back and howled. I fucked him as hard as I could, for as long as I could. Finally, I realized he was begging me to stop. I stopped, preparing to pull out. His hand slapped back and grabbed my hip and stopped me. He raised up, reached back with his fingers and felt my rod as it entered and spread his hole. He had no words, but he turned and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around him and pumped his tight ass as he thrust his hips back to take me deep. His right hand stroked his own cock.

We started to pump cum together, our bodies convulsing and twitching as I filled and overflowed his ass, and he pulsed long streams onto the bed. We collapsed finally, curled into spoons and passed out.

O'Hare finally opened, the snow cleared, but it was days before we noticed.


Morgan Grayson

[email protected]


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