It was New Year's Eve, Anton and Bruno stood in the wings of the temporary stage that had been raised in the ballroom of the Schonbrunn Palace. They were naked except for the chiffon scarves which lightly covered their loins, concealing little, yet providing a teasing, even exciting edge to the early part of their performance yet to come. They clasped hands in nervous support of each other. Herr Strauss was leading his orchestra to the climax of the overture which once completed would lead to their entrance and this most important evening for which they had been preparing for months. Many of the Nobility were present but though neither the Emperor nor the crown prince were there, his notoriously effeminate younger brother was for this gala occasion of the year.

Out in the audience there was an almost tangible feeling of expectation. Word was out that Herr Strauss had something very special for them this year - most certainly because this was the last year when the New Year Ball would be a males only affair. They expected this entertainment that was scheduled to greet 1839 to be the apotheosis of all those entertainments of a purely masculine nature over previous years. At the gala concert and ball for 1840 there would be Ladies present.

The applause for the overture died away; Herr Strauss lifted his baton. The orchestra started playing one of Herr Strauss's wonderful waltzes and the curtains drew back revealing a magnificent chaise longue covered in cloth of gold. Four beats later the two beautiful young men danced onto the stage and proceeded to slowly revolve to the music while gazing deep into one another's eyes. Though waltzing together they seemed hardly to touch one another and yet they moved in perfect co-ordination. Their bodies were mouthwateringly perfect. Their shoulders were wide, their waists small, and hips slim. It was as though they had been allowed to descend from Mount Olympus where they had been entertaining the Gods.

The Waltz began an accelerando, so did they and soon they were whirling around the stage still apart but together with perfectly matching steps until after a progressive crescendo there was a high, harsh discordant shriek from the strings and the two dancers came together and fell onto the chaise in a total embrace. They lay entwined and still for what seemed like an eternal moment. When the music resumed very softly they broke their kiss. The dark Bruno reared back from the fair Anton and with a seemingly simple gesture removed the chiffon covering his friend's masculinity which now stood exposed, all eight inches of his hardened flesh, its pink uncut head proudly displayed for all to see. A collective sigh rippled around the room.

Bruno stood, stepped back then dropped on one knee. He leant forward and took that glistening cocktip into his mouth and lowered his head till his nose was buried in the neatly trimmed little bush of hair at the base of Anton's cock. Anton half rose from the bed in ecstasy, a cry, a moan of pleasure breaking from him. Bruno's mouth and tongue worked and his head rose and fell on Anton's member. Everyone watching could see Anton squirm with delight and hear him cry out until suddenly Bruno pulled right back and Anton jetted cum high into the air in pulsing strings which fell back and covered his lightly tanned body with streaks of pure milk white.

The applause was instantaneous and prolonged. There were those among them who, having been playing with themselves, ejaculated too. Others, usually among the more elderly gentlemen, buried their faces in their young catamites crutches sucking on their cocks, searching for the life giving nectar. The two boys remained still, their exposed and lightly palpitating diaphragms the only sign that they hadn't been turned into marble.

Then once again the silence after the climax was broken by a soft musical prelude and Bruno and Anton came out of their trance. Anton stretched out and removed the chiffon from Bruno exposing his magnificent ten inches of erect manhood. The audience cheered, they drooled, they clapped and shouted. The boys smiled, they opened wide their arms and bowed, before Anton half turned away and draped himself over the end of the chaise long. His little bottom cheeks were round and pert and Bruno first buried his face between them and was clearly feeding like a hungry suckling lamb. Then he moved back. Positioning that magical mushroom head at his lover's rosebud, he plunged the full length of his whole cock deep within his friend.

Anton's shrill cry almost sounded like one in pain until one heard the after-moan of satisfaction. Bruno began a steady rhythmic fuck. He ploughed deep into his young partner and pulled back until only the mushroom head was caught in Anton's chute. The audience caught the beat of his movement and began to urge him on with matching sighs and groans. Then with a great cry of 'Here I cuuuuum!!!' Bruno withdrew and his cock spewed forth great ribbons of white semen across Anton's back. The audience went wild. Never had they been witness to such abundantly magniloquent orgasms as they had been presented with that night.

The curtains slowly closed and Herr Strauss turned to the cheering throng and solemnly bowed. Behind the curtain Anton and Bruno carefully licked each other clean; well it seemed a pity to waste it.



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