In 1968 I got out of the Army and started college. To make some extra money, I got a job at a local nursing home. I bathed the men, cleaned up after them, fed them etc. While I didn't get the job to check out the old men, I have always been fascinated with mens' packages. Most of the men at the nursing home were unremarkable as far as their packages went but one day about a month after I started working there, an old man was admitted. He was in his mid eighties and very frail. He had had a stroke and couldn't get around very well but he was still as sharp as a tack. I had overheard a couple of the nurses talking and laughing about something to do with this man's penis but I didn't know what it was. The next day I found out what they were laughing about. When I helped the old man off with his pajamas to bathe him, I couldn't believe my eyes. This frail old man had the biggest flaccid cock I had ever seen. Don't forget I was in the Army so I saw a lot of cock. I'll get to his dimensions later. My partner who was helping me blurted out "Holy shit he's got a third leg" as if the old man wasn't there. Well endowed didn't do this man justice. His long, thick shaft ended with a foreskin that spread out to cover his huge knob completely and ended in a funnel shape well below his cock head. His dick had one large blue vein running down the entire shaft with smaller veins branching off and all ending in the foreskin. He had a huge pair of low hangers the size of jumbo eggs. When it came to genitals, he struck the mother load. I was getting aroused just looking at that Anaconda. It was the first time I'd ever been aroused by a man's cock and balls. Compared to the rest of his frail body, this still powerful looking man meat dominated every other feature. We lowered him into the tub and his dick and balls were so long that he sat on them. He started yelling and we realized what had happened. My helper told me to hold his cock and balls while we lowered him. I needed two hands to hold everything. This was unreal. His cock was so soft. It was like all the blood drained out years ago. I started bathing him and when I got down to his dick I spent a lot of time on that magnificent tool. I gently pulled the foreskin back to reveal a long. wide pink knob with a very large piss slit. It looked big enough for me to stick my little finger in. I washed all around his knob then I took long soapy strokes along his shaft. My partner said "Hey don't forget the rest of his body!" My extra attention to his fuck pole wasn't lost on the old man. Harry was the old man's name. We finished up, put new pajamas on him and brought him back to his bed. I noticed that when we put him in his bed, he grabbed his junk in his good left hand and held it up. He did that a lot. Let's face it when you have a package that big it will get in the way. LOL. Later that day he called me over to his bed. "I need to take a piss", he said. I got him out of bed and assisted him into the bathroom. I was about to get him on the hopper when he told me that he wanted to stand to take a piss. He held onto me with both arms and told me to hold his dick while he pissed. I knew then that he was well aware of my atraction to his horse cock. I was rock hard. I held that monster and waited for him to start pissing. He said,"You have to pull the foreskin back or I'll piss all over myself." I'm cut so I had no idea. I did as he told me and held his cock. He farted a couple of times and I could feel the piss coming out. I watched it shoot out of his huge piss hole. I thought that he could put a fire out with that volume. After he emptied his bladder, I could feel him flex his cock muscle several times to get the last drops of piss out of that long shaft. When he was done he told me to milk it. "That's how I do it," he said. That cock was so soft and supple. I didn't milk that hard but I'll bet I stretched it another couple of inches. Then he told me to slide the foreskin over his cock head. He was clearly enjoying all the attention his massive meat was getting. When I worked the morning shift, I would go by his bed to see if he had any morning wood but he never did. One morning he was awake and caught me looking at his crotch. He called me over and said,"You like my big dick I can tell". I said, "yes it's huge". My heart was pounding. He asked me if I would like to play with it sometime and I said I'd love to but it would have to be when I worked the night shift. Several nights later when I was working 4 to midnight I went to see him. I said, "Tonight's the night." He winked and said I'd be back at 9 when everybody is gone and visiting hours are over. My own big cock would get hard all evening everytime I thought about the meeting. At nine I showed up at his bed with lotion, a cock ring and a cloth tape measure. I pulled the curtain around his bed. The man in the next bed was sleeping, thank God. I just had to measure that big tool. I asked him if I could and he said, "Sure, you wouldn't be the first." That's when I realized that Harry was still well aware of the impact that his cock had on everyone who saw it. I pulled the foreskin back. It hung over the big knob about 3/4 of an inch. I took the tape and measured from the pubic bone to the tip of his piss slit. I couldn't beleive it . His totally flaccid cock measured a little over 7-3/4" long. I measured his girth and it was just under 5". that magnificent knob was a little over 2" at it's widest and about 2-1/2" long. I had a raging hard on. I measured his huge low hangers. his balls were 3-1/4" by 2". I started massaging that glorious fuck pole. I lotioned my finger and started running it under his foreskin. I worked that long shaft slowly and stretched it a little as I stroked. I played with his huge hangers. I worked on him for about fifteen minutes and there was very little reaction from his dick. I asked him if he was feeling anything happening. He said no. I decided to ask him if I could put a cock ring on him. Harry knew what a cock ring was but didn't know what it was supposed to do. I told him that it would help him get erect and heighten the intensity of his orgasm. He was all for it. I lifted up his penis and put the leather cock ring around the base of his cock and behind his balls. The leather cock ring had three snaps for small, medium and large cocks. I could barely get him in the first snap He told me to massage the shaft in a circular motion just behind the head. I did that for a while and his enormous cock started to stir. It started to slither along his leg like a snake. I was mesmerized by his man meat that just kept getting longer and longer. The veins on his shaft started to get a little more pronounced. I stopped massaging and Harry said, "Hey what are you stopping for?" I said, "Harry I'll get back to playing in a minute. I just have to measure you again." He said, "Well hurry up or I'll loose the feeling and I probably won't get it back!" I measured again. His cock measured over 11" long and the width of that massive knob was a little over 3" across. His piss hole had grown to the size of my index finger. I'll tell you every thing about his cock was incredible. I grabbed that cock and stuck it's mushroom head in my mouth. It barely fit! I started sucking. I stuck my tongue into his piss hole. I massaged that area behind the head with my tongue. I couldn't believe the size of his johnson. This was no big dick, this was an enormous dick.Then I started flicking his nipples. His dick grew a little more but I could tell he was close so I didn't dare stop and measure again. You never saw anything like it. Harry's cock grew about 3-1/2" longer than his flaccid size and he still wasn't hard! After about a minute more I could feel that huge cock start to tremble and faintly spasm several times and he started to moan. Should I let him cum in my mouth? Yes! A few drops of cum dribbled out through his huge piss hole and into my mouth. I milked his tool to get all the cum out that his weak cock muscle couldn't pump out of that incredibly long shaft. I noticed that his huge balls never moved. They didn't pull up at all when he got close. I didn't realize until now that your balls don't move much when you get old. Harry said, "Oh man that felt great! I didn't think I'd ever be able to cum again after having a stroke. It's been over a year since I even played with it!" I cleaned him up. I told him I'd be right back. I ran to the bathroom and shot the biggest load. I serviced him at least once a week after that and eventually his cock did grow to close to 12" . He never got hard though. He told me that in his prime he was over 13" long. There wasn't a doubt in my mind. I asked him if he ever got real hard. He said it would grow longer and longer and point to the floor. He said he would get hard enough to fuck anyone. "I just have to tell you kid that I like both men and women, I hope that doesn't scare you." I said no. Let's face it I just crossed the line and I wasn't going back. He told me that he started to become impotent in his mid sixties. There was no Viagra then and when he went to a Urologist about the problem, the Uro couldn't believe the size of this man's tool. He told him that he never saw one that big soft. The uro also told the old man that age and his incredible size were working against him and that he probably wouldn't be able to get it up anymore. Keep in mind that he was in his mid eighties in 1968 so it was probably about 1948 when he got the bad news. Back then if you couldn't get it up, you were done. There were no alternatives. I'm in my late 60's now and I need Viagra to get hard. I've got a big dick but my erection is just a little longer then his soft dick. The old man told me that he was devastated with the news because his dick was his whole life. He also told me that he hadn't gotten hard enough to fuck in over 20 years but he still had plenty of sex.. He said he lived alone for the last 25 years but he never wanted for sex because men got off just playing with his meat. He said, "I eventually came to the realization that when you have a cock the size of mine, you will ALWAYS have men chasing you. They don't care if you don't get hard as long as they can play with it!" He said, "You live by the dick, you die by the dick." Then he laughed. I serviced him at least once a week after that. After awhile I would take him on drives when I had a day off. We would go back to my place and we would suck each others cocks.

I didn't realize what an exhibitionist Harry was until one day I saw him sitting in his wheelchair in the day room. This was a room that had a little snack bar and was a gathering place for patients and visitors to the nursing home. He was sitting there and it looked like he was asleep. I noticed that his cock was out of his pajamas and was resting on the seat of the wheelchair. It was partially covered by his bathrobe. I also noticed that the foreskin had been pushed back to expose his enormous cock head. The head of his cock was so big that he could push the foreskin back and it would stay retracted. I went over to him and started covering his dick with the bathrobe. Harry opened his eyes and said, "What the hell are you doing?". I was startled. "I thought you were asleep. I was just covering you up," I said. "I don't want to be covered up. How do you think my dick got out of my pajamas?", he asked. "I'm having fun.", he said. "See the woman over there with the big belly?". I looked over where he was looking and said,"Yea." "She walked past me at least six times and paused to look at my dick every time. She thought I was sleeping so she could get a good look. See the gray haired guy right across from me?", he asked. I looked and saw this middle aged man sitting directly across from Harry. It wasn't a big room and this man had a perfect view of Harry's cock. Harry said, "That guy hasn't taken his eyes off of my dick. I move around a little bit from time to time and expose more and more of my cock. I can tell by the way he keeps adjusting himself that he has a raging hard on. I love it!" he laughed. I said, "Harry, your wicked!" He laughed. I said, "Harry, I've got to cover you up to make it look like I'm doing my job. You can do whatever you want after I leave." He said, "Sure kid, do what you have to do." then he laughed again.

Another time, the doctor put him on a medication that caused him to loose control of his bladder. They put a catheter in but his piss hole was so big that there was leakage around the catheter. I had seen a lot of men with catheters and the catheters were all within the normal range of diameter. The nursing home had to order the largest catheter they make. I couldn't believe the size of it. The doctor stretched out Harry's dick when he slid the catheter in and Harry's dick stayed stretched out to about 11" after the catheter was put in. It was unbelievable. Everybody from doctors to nurses to other employees and other patients would go by Harry's bed in hopes of getting a glimpse of his monster cock. When we put him in his wheelchair, we had to take his dick out of his pajamas because in a sitting position his stretched dick was too long to be comfortable in his pajamas. So we wheeled him into the day room the first time after he had the catheter put in, covered his dick, which now hung over the front of the seat, with his bathrobe. I whispered in his ear, "Harry, you better be good." I knew that he wouldn't be good. Sure enough, when I checked back Harry was "asleep" and almost his entire dick was exposed. He had drawn a crowd. I went over and covered him. I said, "Harry, you're a devil!" He said, "Kid, come back when I'm in my bed and I'll tell you what I overheard people saying about my dick. I guarentee it will get you rock hard."

After that fiasco the doctor took him off of the medication and they removed the catheter. One of the nurses said to me, "If they left that catheter in any longer, this place would get x rated. Then she said, "I wish he was 30 years younger, I'd give anything to ride that monster!"

As I think of more stories, I'll include them.



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