An intense encounter

It was a hot summer day in July.  It was the summer before my senior year of high school.  I decided it was a good time to go see my buddy Josh.  I hopped in my car and drove to his place.  I got there and walked in.  we have been friends so long knocking just doesn't happen anymore.  to my surprise it seemed that no one was home.  Then around the corner his older brother Ben appeared.  We both jumped, being startled by each other.  Then i looked down and realized he wasn't wearing anything.  He was on his summer break from his sophomore year in college.  He was pretty muscular and tan.  I could feel my face getting red and i looked away and said "oh shit my bad".  He laughed and said "no worries.  I'll just go put some trunks on".  he came back out and asked me if i wanted to take a dip in the pool with him.  I didn't have any trunks.  He went and grabbed me a pair he picked up on his spring break to Lloret Spain.  they were very small and tight, but i suppose thats how the Europeans like them.

we went out to the pool and jumped in.  splashed around a bit and wrestled.  He kept grabbing me from behind and holding me.  A couple of times i could feel his bulge pressing against my ass.  I asked him where Josh was.  He told me he was at a summer swim practice and wouldn't be back for a couple hours.  I totally forgot about Josh's swim practices, and his parents both worked so it was just Ben and I for a couple hours.  Ben eventually got out to tan.  when he got out he took his trunks off.  I laughed and asked why he was doing that, he told me it was so he didn't get tan lines.  I kept swimming every once and a while i would peak my head up to look at him.  He looked really good, his muscles were glistening from the pool water and sweat dripping off of him.  I was getting really confused because looking at him was making me horny. i'v only been with three girls.  I was dating this girl Stacie for almost a year now, we fuck whenever we hang out and it's great; so how can he be turning me on right now?

at any rate i got out of the pool.  As i was drying off i could feel his eyes on me, watching me.  I asked if i could go use the shower.  He offered to let me use his parents shower, it was like it's own room with multiple rainwater shower heads and such.  I got excited, he said "on one condition, i get to come shower with you".  i laughed and he told me he was serious, i said "sure why not, it's just like being in the high school locker room".  Plus the shower was so big it's not like we would be touching each other.

we walked up stairs, i took my trunks off and hopped in.  he quickly followed and turned the water on.  this shower was awesome.  the water felt great and looked great running down his body.  he went to go around me to get the body wash, when he did his cock brushed against my ass.  I felt my cock getting hard and tried to turn around before he saw.  I pretended to be washing my hair and he came up behind me.

"You know i saw you checking me out by the pool, and when you came in the house.  It's ok, i'v been looking at you to.  Have you ever done anything like this?"

I replied "no".  he told me it was ok, he said he didn't do this very often but he really wanted to do this with me.  I didn't know what to say but then he started washing my back with the luffa.  as he did i could feel his cock against my ass going back and forth getting closer as he washed.  then he reached around and started washing my chest.  he was completely pressed against me now and i was so hard.  He then reached down, dropped the luffa and started rubbing my cock and balls.  it felt so good and i could feel his hard cock against me.  i wanted to touch it and play with it.  i reached behind me and grabbed it.  It was so big, much bigger then mine.  i was probably like six inches and he was easily eight.  he turned me around and kissed me.  it was weird at first; but then felt amazing.  i felt his muscular arms and cock as he kissed me.  He pulled back and said we should dry off and take this to his bed room.  

we grabbed towels and started walking to his room.  I was so nervous and my stomach was  turning.  we got there, he shut the door and dropped his towel.  he reached for mine and took it.  he grabbed me and started kissing me again.  i grabbed his cock and started jacking it.  it was big and throbbing in my hand.  he grabbed my chin and said "you are going to suck it now".  i didn't know what to do.  he grabbed my shoulders, squeezed a little and then pushed me to my knees.  there it was staring me in the face, so big and veiny.  he shaved his body so it was smooth.  I grabbed it in my hand and got closer, my mouth wanted it but i was so nervous.  What if he cums, what if it gets in my mouth.  then he grabbed his cock with one hand and the back of my head with the other and put it in my mouth.  it tasted so good.  i started to go up and down on it the way my girlfriend does.  he moaned and kept his hand on my head pushing me back and forth on his cock.  i sucked his cock for like five minutes then he started moaning louder and said he was going to cum.  I didn't know what to do; but he just kept pushing my head.  then he grabbed my hair pulled me off and started jacking his dick.  he still had a hold of my hair and then he let out a loud moan and came on my face.  it hit me like five times,so warm and sticky.  i loved it.  he fell back on the bed and looked at me.  i grabbed the towel and wiped my face off.  he told me i was great at giving head.  then he said something i wasn't expecting at all.  "Are you ready to be fucked now?"

I said no i'v never done that before.  He told me it will be ok.  He stood up and pulled me to the bed.  He laid down on his back and pulled me on top of him.  We kissed for a while and his cock got hard again.  he started rubbing it on my ass every once and a while going between my cheeks and rubbing my hole.  He reached around and started rubbing my hole with his finger, eventually putting it in.  It hurt a little but then started to feel good. i moaned as he kissed and fingered me.  He asked if i was ready for him to put it in.  "I guess so" i replied.

He reached over to the night stand and grabbed his lube.  He squirted some in my hand.  i started rubbing his cock and then reached back and rubbed some in my ass.  He put the tip right on my hole and told me to sit on it.  I started going down, i could feel his big cock stretching my hole and sliding in.  it hurt but also felt good.  he had his hands on my hips guiding me down.  then i felt it come thru all the way.  it hurt a lot and i squeezed his chest and tried to get off but he held me on it.  the pain went away after a minute and i sat down all the way.  i couldn't believe it.  i was getting fucked by a guy, his cock was all the way in me and i loved it.  i started riding him and i loosened up after about five minutes.  it felt so good having him inside me.  Then he asked, "are you ready to be my little bitch now?".

I looked at him with surprise.  what did that mean?  before i could say anything he threw me off and flipped me onto my back.  He grabbed my legs and put them in the air.  He put his cock in my and started fucking me hard and fast.  it felt so good.  i had my hands on his strong arms feeling them and scratching his back.  he put his hand on my throat cautiously, i gave him a look of approval and he started to squeeze and put pressure on my throat.  That made it so much more intense.  He looked at me and said, "you like that dick don't you bitch?"  With little air i replied yes.  then i don't know what came over me, i said, "fuck me from behind please"  The desperation in my voice made it come out in almost a yell.  He said "fuck yea" and pulled out and told me to get on my fucking knees.

I turned over and got on my hands and knees, arching my back and presenting my ass to him like the good little bitch i was.  he grabbed my ass and thrusted inside me putting his whole cock in me at once.  I lurched forward and yelped, he pulled me back by my hips and started fucking me.  he was spanking my ass and pulling my hair and calling me his little bitch boy, and telling me to take his big cock.  i pushed back onto him and told him to give it to me harder.  He kept fucking me harder and harder until he lurched forward, let out a loud moan pushed me onto my stomach, i started cumming hard arching my back and crying out in pleasure, and  then he came inside me.  i could feel it filling me up with each squirt.  He pulled out and and almost fell over from his knees being weak.  I looked back at him and giggled.  "We should do that again sometime" i said.  He nodded and smiled.  

We got up and cleaned off, went downstairs to watch a movie.  Josh showed up after about 45 minutes.  He came in saw me and said "whats up, you guys get into anything fun while i was gone?"  We both laughed and i said "nope".


My secret passion


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