With only one set left, my eye began to wander on to coaches arms. Watching him curl an insane weight, I marvelled at the definition and sheer size of his 20" guns.

Coach Taylor has that musclehunk look; two inches taller than me at 6 foot 4 inches, he was huge and ripped as hell. His snake-like traps, huge and rounded delts, expansive broad back, mammoth biceps and defined pecs were my fantasy fuel throughout my time at school.

As I advanced through the school, I developed a rapour with Coach. He let me call him Josh when we were on our own, and he often worked out with me. Despite my huge attraction for him, I managed to keep myself cool most of the time, trading banter and compliments. He focused on helping me get bigger, and over my first year in 6th form I really filled out. I wasn't huge, but I was definitely one of the strongest kids in the school. I still felt puny next to Coach Taylor though. While I would squat 4 reps at 120, he would do the same at 250. Whenever I got too cocky around guys my age at the gym, he would happily emasculate me to keep me in place. It was playful, and I began to develop an uncle-like respect for Coach.

By the time I reached upper 6th, I was only an inch shorter than coach, and I had made considerable gains. I said to him one day:

'Coach, how can I get as big as you?'

to which he replied:

'You need to work out more often than you do right now. School time only really allows you to come here twice a week, but I work out here after hours most nights. If you want you can tag along and I'll help you'.

I accepted happily, glad that I seemed to be developing a strong relationship with Coach.

The next night, after school had finished, I changed and went to the gym at 6.30 as planned. Coach met me outside his office with a friendly pat on the back and we proceeded upstairs to the school gym. While we worked out (I was doing everything he was doing at half weight) we talked about school, girls, work and so on. Eventually, while he was spotting me for the bench (giving me occasional glimpses of his jock through his worn-out shorts), he asked me what motivated me to work out. I paused for a second, wondering whether I should make up some lie about impressing girls. He noticed my hesitation and said:

'It's important to know why you do it, for example I do it for the thrill of changing my shape. I find the idea of being stronger and bigger pushes me on. What is it that you look for when you dig deep Sam?'

I thought for a second and said:

'I mostly think about trying to be like you Coach... I just find guys like you really impressive, and I want to be as strong as you.'

Hearing that, he laughed, and ruffled my hair. He said that he never expected anyone to be so honest with him. After that we moved on to triceps. I stood behind him, and the exercises gave me a great view of his upper body through his slightly loose tank top. I was really feeling tired after the first set, and beads of sweat were beginning to drip off my face. I asked if I could take off my top, and he said: 'good idea'. Smiling he quickly grabbed the base of his tank, and rolled it up his torso. Getting a proper look at his body for the first time, I almost gasped. His abs, while not perfectly defined like a hollywood actor, were rippling with virile strength. His hairless pecs looked stronger than I had imagined them, and his large nipples pointed down from the base of his huge chest.

Feeling slightly self-conscious, I peeled off my shirt and carried on my workout.

After an hour, I told him I needed to head home.

'Nonsense!' he replied 'not without getting a proper shower first!'.

He invited me to come and shower in the teacher's changing area. At this point I couldn't refuse, as I would take any oppertunity to glimpse Coach naked. I agreed, and a minute later we were both stripping in the small private room. I took as many glimpses of his bulging jock as possible, before he removed them and walked in to the shower. I waited to hear the water, before grabbing his jock to sniff it. The smell of sweat filled my nose. The manly musk was so erotic that I almost got a hardon there and then. A second after it touched my face I turned to see coach standing there.

'Just came out to grab some soap' he said, smiling.

I was surprised that he wasn't angry. He seemed to think it was funny.

After seeing his reaction, I babbled for a second, not knowing what to say. He responded by dropping his towel.

He wasn't huge. He was above average, with a soft member that would probably come to about 6.5 inches erect. However having fantisized so many times about being fucked by Coach, seeing him do that was enough to send me over the edge. I collapsed to my knees, beggin him to let me suck him off.

He looked me dead in the eyes and said: 'Sure, if you'd like'.

He was so relaxed that I was almost taken back. However, hardly missing a beat, I grabbed his flaccid member and began to work it with my hand. Quickly it came to a full, throbbing erection, and Coach Josh was a grower and not a shower. His erection far exceeded my expectations, growing to almost eight inches. My surprised look made him laugh.

I licked the tip of the huge cock, grabbing his glutes for leverage. After his tip was wet with saliva, I began to suck off his cock. I managed to get 5 of his inches in my mouth before gagging.

At that point he gegan to moan; 'don't stop' he said.

He grabbed the back of my head with his strong arm and shoved all of his 8 inches in to my throat. He facefucked me until he climaxed, dumping a huge load in my throat. After that, we kissed for a while and I felt every part of his huge body while he flexed for me. I particularly enjoyed fullfilling my fantasy of shoving my face in to his hairy arm pits.

'We will have to make this a regular thing' said Coach, as I sat on his lap feeling his chest.

'Sure' I said 'as long as you promise to fuck me next time'.




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