An Unexpected Private Strip Show #2

By : A. Williams

The strip show continues between my two ex-lovers……

Brandon wrapped his arms around Lukas’s chest and pushed his hips into Lukas effectively grinding his cock on his ass.

Lukas moaned, “Uuuum,” loudly as he turned in Brandon’s arms to meet him face to face. They locked lips and the electricity in the air was palpable. Brandon slid Lukas’s jeans from his hips and cupped his butt cheeks never breaking the kiss.

They swayed together, making out as Lukas unbuttoned and unzipped Brandon’s pants.  When they fell to his ankles and Lukas grabbed his ass, pulling them tightly together as they continued to kiss.

I stood and removed my slacks and boxers to give my cock more room to grow. Naked, I sat back down and grabbed my drink. The sight of these two studs making out was amazing and I was engrossed in the action.

They were grinding their hard cocks together, pumping their hips in time to the music and their kiss was getting sloppy and they were lustfully moaning, “Uuuuuumm,” in each other’s mouths.

Lukas broke the kiss and flicked his supple tongue down Brandon’s throat, slurping and licking his tender flesh. “Aaahhh… Yes… feels so good,” Brandon moaned running his hands through Luckas’s blonde curls.

Lukas continued his trip with his wet hot tongue to his chest, kissing and sucking Brandon’s hard nipples. I was getting horny as hell so I had to stroke my engorged 8 inch thick cock as Lukas ended his trip at Brandon’s crotch.

Lukas stood, removed his shoes and socks. Then with no fan-fair he removed his pants and boxers. Brandon eyed him up and down, “Fuck you are magnificent Lukas, I want you badly…I need to taste you,” he whispered breathlessly starting to strip off his remaining clothes. 

“Damn Stud, I need to taste your long hard cock. Lay down with me,” Lukas moaned stretching out on the floor.

Right before my eyes they slipped in a hot 69 position with Brandon on top. Slurping and sucking each other’s juicy leaking cocks and I was jealous. I wanted in on the developing action, I was no longer content with being the judge of the show.

I downed my drink, stood and walked naked with my engorged dick leading the way toward my cock-sucking engrossed ex-lovers. Brandon’s plump ass sticking high in the air was calling my wet tongue and hard dick.

Looking down at Lukas’s head on the floor surrounded by those curls, his mouth stretched to the limit with Brandon’s cock and Brandon’s balls slapping his nose was the most erotic sight I have ever seen.

I went to my knees and buried my face in between Brandon’s sweet ass cheeks.

“Aaaahhhh fuck yes…eat that ass hole.” Brandon yelled out coming off of Lukas’s cock for a second. “Feels so damn good.”

The music played on and our moans of pleasure were louder as we all sucked and slurped each other. “Tony fuck him, this view is amazing. Let me see that cock slid in and out of his ass. So fucking hot, let’s make him cum hard.” Lukas suggested from below me.

Brandon’s ass was indeed ready. I could see his hole was wet and twitching. “Let’s do it Lukas. Let’s rock his world and make him bust his balls when he cums so hard.” I said.

I lined up my hard throbbing cock at his hole and pushed slowly until I was balls deep. I didn’t wait for Brandon to adjust to my rod, I started pounding him mercilessly as Lukas went back to sucking his cock.

“Fuck!” Brandon screamed grabbing on to Lukas’s legs to stabilize himself from my hard deep slams in his ass.

I grabbed his hips for more leverage as he yelled, “Yes…Yes fuck me… suck me! Give it to me guys…so damn good. Don’t stop…please don’t stop.”

We double teamed him perfectly. Me slamming Brandon’s ass, my hard cock rubbing his swollen prostate. Lukas was sucking and slurping his cock like it was his last chance to ever taste cum.

It only took Brandon a few minutes to announce, “Fuck yes… Oooohh God I’m cumming.”

His whole body locked as his balls drew up near his shaft and he almost crushed my dick as his ass muscles spammed along with his release of sweet cock juices in Lukas’s waiting mouth.

Brandon shivered and shook as his orgasm took over his whole body, his release was indeed hard and long. He finally fell limp on Lukas’s chest, my dick still in his ass and his softening cock in Lukas’s mouth.

He rested there a while, trying to catch his breath until he finally slid off to his side onto the floor.

Lukas was smiling an evil grin and so was I, but then I noticed Lukas was still hard as a rock and I had yet to get off. It had been years since I had had that thick uncut 9 inch cock in my ass and I was itching for a ride on it.

Almost reading my mind Lukas said, “Hop on Tony, take a ride on my cock Honey. I promise I will make you cum, just like old times.”

I moved around and straddled his tight abs and plopped down on them. I wanted some of that tongue in my mouth first. We made out like the old lovers we were, both knowing what pleased the other from experience.

God he was good, I spit in my hand and lubed my ass. I grabbed his thick shaft as I rose up and lined it up with my wet ready hole.

“Please Tony, ease down on me. I have missed you so much.” Lukas begged.

I eased myself down slowly on his cock as we moaned, “Aaahhh”, together. I held still, his hot balls resting on my butt checks. Only he made me feel so full with that fat cock that always rubbed my prostate and made me cum hands free. I was alive with pleasure with Lukas and I had missed him too.

As Brandon rested on the floor, I begin to ride Lukas’s cock hard and fast. Soon I felt that familiar tingling in my balls and ass and knew I was close to cumming.

I shot my first load all over Lukas’s hair, face and chest but didn’t stop. I knew he was close and I wanted his seed in my ass.

“Yeah Honey ride me. Make us cum….cum on me again… please. I love it when you spew that sweet cum of yours on me.” Lukas pleaded as I continued to ride him.

I noticed Brandon coming back to life, He got on his knees and licked my cum of Lukas’s chest. “Your cum is always so sweet my Tony. I need in your ass too, get ready baby,” he said smiling at me.

I felt Brandon behind me and stopped moving so he could penetrate my hole along with Lukas. Double penetration had always been a fantasy of mine so why not with my two ex-lover studs? Why not now?

I was surprised how easy Brandon’s long hard cock slid in next to Lukas’s. I felt no pain, only absolute all-consuming pleasure. “OOooohhh God yes, fuck me. Fuck me good.” I screamed.

They started to pound me in opposite directions and the incredible sensations soon send me to another place. My head lulled back, my tongue hung out of my mouth and all I could do was feel their strokes in my ass.

My cock was rock hard and soon started shooting cum in all directions. The best orgasm I had ever had. Then I felt them cum in my ass, over and over together.

We all collapsed in a sweaty cum covered mess on the floor, our breathing ragged but with smiles on our faces.

The End.

Thank you for reading.........and posting comments....A.


A. Williams

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