'Dude, I've your English paper with me,' I told Gerard over my cell phone. 'Want me to bring it over?'

He sniffed. 'Thanks. Yeah just bring it over.' He blew his nose and mumbled, 'Oh and let yourself in when you reach. The door's not locked.' Gerard was down the flu. I wouldn't bring his homework over to him if not for the raging hard-on I've had since last period just from the thought of 'nursing' him in bed--with my mouth, of course.

And just as he had said over the phone, the front door was not locked as i made my way inside quietly. The place was rather clean, with just a few t-shirts strewn over the couch and dining chairs. I put my bag down on one of the chair and picked up a Blink 182 t-shirt. Definitely Cal's; Cal is Gerard's older brother. He's 21, had dyed black hair, nicely pierced and tattooed. He's the quintessential of pretty boy gone 'bad'. And my god, the dude's so cool and sexy i tried my best to avoid him at all cost just to escape imprisonment for raping a hot guy.

Gerard's homework in tow, i made my way up to his room and he was sleeping when I got into his room. I was about to wake him up when my sense of adventure struck my brain and towards my genital. I was, as the saying goes, thinking with my penis. I crept out of his room and shut the door silently behind me. Few steps down the hall and i was now standing in front of Cal's room. The sign on the door read 'KEEP OUT'. I may live to regret this; or not, as I was about to find out.

I opened the door as quietly as possible and peeked inside. And my lord! Lying there on the bed, his back propped up against the headboard, was Cal in a black tank top, boxers pulled down to his thighs, eyes closed, mouth agape and face contorted with pleasure. He was freakin' masturbating! I stood still, speechless and unable to move except for the blood that was pulsating through my hard cock, as I watched him stroke his long and stiff cock, totally hypnotized. 'What the fuck!?!' he shouted all of a sudden, grabbing for the blanket and covering his manhood. 'Go away you fucking perv!' I realized he'd saw me watching him as i quickly pulled the door shut and ran down the stairs. I was halfway down when i heard him yelled, 'Hey! Come back here!'

He was standing at the top stairs, without a tinge of coolness about him but rather madness. 'You've seen me naked you freaking perv!'

'Sorry man. I...'

'You like what you see?'

I nodded my head slowly in acquiesced.

He pulled his boxers down and said, 'Suck me.'

His hard penis had gone soft but still red and full from his interrupted jerk-off session. Making my way up the stairs once again, stopping just one step down in front of him, I dropped to my knees and reached out for his cock. I stroked his cock, fondled his balls, trying to make him hard again. His penis felt alive in my hands as it began to rise, sticking out at a forty five degree upward angle, a drop of precum hung from the little slit on the end of his cock, and i involuntarily leaned out and licked it off. Having tasted the big penis, i now wanted so much to eat it, and i let the smooth head slide into my hungry mouth. 'God this tastes good,' I thought, as i moved my head up and down, licking and sucking the entire shaft. I was determined to show off my sucking skills. Every few seconds Cal would urge me on with the words, 'Suck it, suck it!!' It didn't take long before my mouth was flooded with a torrent of hot cum, that I greedily drank down.

Even after he had cum, i wouldn't let the big pecker out of my mouth until finally Cal pulled away and told me that Gerard could walked out on us any minute. Upon hearing that, i felt totally disappointed but to my surprise, Cal pulled me into his room and locked the door. Once inside, he plopped down on his bed and lit a cigarette. I went over to the bed and sat astride him. I lifted his tank top and went for his pierced nipples. The metal on my tongue felt cool as i then traced my tongue at the tattoos on his chest and abs. I made my way down towards his cock but he pushed me aside and ordered me to remove my clothes as he lay back on the bed. 'Take it off my boxers.' He jutted his chin towards his pecker. I stripped him off his tank top and boxers. Seeing the big cock erect on his stomach, I leaned down and tried to put it back in my mouth but Cal pushed me away and laughed, 'So you want some more of it?' as he took it in his hand and gave it a few quick jerks.

I reached for it again and said, 'Please let me have it!'

Shaking his head no, Cal offered, 'Sit on it for a while and I'll let you suck afterwards.'

I practically leaped on top of him, begging him to stick it in me. Positioning myself just right, he then slowly entered me as I lowered myself inch by inch until all of him was buried deep inside me. My god! In my whole life I had never felt so full of cock! My ass rocked back and forth, packing the big cock deeper into my straining hole, and even though we were hardly even moving, I was wracked with a gut wrenching orgasm as my cock shot its load onto his face.

'Fuck dude!' he said as he grabbed an old shirt off the floor and wiped his face. Cal then pulled me down to his chest and reached around my back, held me tight, and with one quick motion rolled me over onto my back, placed my legs over his shoulders, leaving him on top of me. 'Now I'm going to show you what a real straight guy fuck is!' he hissed through clenched teeth. Slowly at first he moved his penis in and out of my ass, gradually picking up speed until he was literally pounding my ass. I reached for his nipples and pinched them hard; his boner seemed to get even harder.

Both of us were beyond the point of no return, and through gritted teeth I begged for him to fuck me faster! Cal slammed my ass even harder, his penis almost a blur diving in and out of my ass which sent me over the edge as i came so hard and hearing me screamed out loud did it for him as the big cock spurted it's cum inside me. Cal let out a thunderous and sexy groaned as his cum filled my hole while i gripped the big pecker and milked every drop of its cum. Collapsing on my chest, Cal struggled to regain his breath until finally rolling off me and sighed. He got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. 'Come here,' he called out.

I limped my way to the bathroom; the effect of his big penis was having on me, and said, 'What is it?'

He closed the toilet seat and asked me to sit. I did as was told. He stood in front of me. 'Open up.' I opened my mouth and took his cock in and cleaned the cum-covered dick. Before he could get hard, he pulled back and ordered me to open my mouth wider. Then, he aimed his warm streaming pee towards my mouth and face. I tried not to swallow it down but Cal held my head in place and said, 'Drink it up perv. You like it don't you?' I gave Cal's cock one last cleaning and he told me to clean up and be on my way.

Surprisingly Gerard didn't wake up once and I left his homework on his table with a note that said: Sorry can't stay long; didn't want to bother you.

Signed Ty.

Ahhhh... I went home a happy man.



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