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"I just don't understand, Mom. How could" Patrick dissolved into tears as his mother held him. "I gave him everything...everything."

"Honey, things happen...these things happen. And the first thing you have to do if you are going to make it through any of this is forgive him. You have to forgive him...and then forgive yourself," she whispered trying to soothe her son.

Patrick bolted upright on the sofa glaring at his mother. "Forgive him? He left me...what more is there to say?" He stood up and charged out of the room.


"Hey, babe." Trent walked into the kitchen wrapping his strong, tatted arms around Patrick with a gentle kiss on the nape of his neck. "How was your day?"

"Can't complain. Had another interview today. Hopefully I'll hear back from the school board by the end of the week." Patrick had been very stressed as of late. After graduating from UA with a music education degree from UA, a job had been hard to come by. State budgets had been slashed, and of all things to suffer the most, fine art programs across the state were dwindling. It had been months of trying that had taken him to his breaking point. But, he wore a smile...after all, he had Trent, the love of his life, his everything. And it helped having him there to support him in such a way.

Trent, by nature, was an optimist. He never let something stand in his way. He'd been that way since he was a child. No one ever could pin it down to whether it was an inherited trait from his dad, the drive it took to maintain good grades so he could continue playing ball, the wait he endured to finally be with Patrick...the Marines. Either way, the support he gave Patrick when he was at home was priceless.

He'd been home from deployment for a few months now, and getting used to civilian life had taken quite an adjustment. He'd been stationed in Japan and Germany before being sent to battle in Afghanistan and then Iraq. He didn't talk about it much. He couldn't bring himself to. And as much as he loved being at home with Patrick, spending time with him, making love to him and holding him at night, he felt like his life was standing still. Secretly, he was always glad to hear that Patrick didn't get a job here or there. It simply meant that he wasn't the only standing still.

Nevertheless, the bigger issue was that he hoped for another deployment. His family didn't understand it when he first said the words "I wanna go back." But he did. He mattered there. He was making a difference. His brothers and sisters were not done. Patrick was repulsed by the thought of losing him yet again. Trent knew, however, that something was going to have to way or another.


Patrick had felt terrible about riding Trent so hard about going back. He didn't mean to blow up like he did. He didn't mean to react with a petty silent treatment either. But it was his natural completely shut down on the subject.

After a couple of days after that specific Sunday dinner when Trent had muttered those words, he remembered Trent trying persistently to open the communication lines with him. Trent had tried being playful, trying to wrestle with him--which almost always led to sex. He had tried being sweet and cooked a dinner...he had burned the lasagna. Patrick smiled thinking about him being so clean cut that night and properly dressed...presenting burnt lasagna.

But Patrick's heart had been cold back then. But Patrick showered one morning before church, Trent had taken matters into his own hands when he jumped in with him. They showered together all the time and enjoyed the water falling on their shoulders as they usually kissed. But Trent simply began washing Patrick's back. He was gentle...a gentle giant.

As the water cascaded down their backs, Trent gingerly washed Patrick's neck. And then followed it with a kiss. "I love you, Pat." And as distant as he had tried to be, Patrick's wall came tumbling down as he looked into those honest eyes that he had always admired. It was then that Patrick had noticed the small lines around his eyes. They'd not been there two years ago. War had changed him. That's what he feared most...losing who Trent was.

"I love you more," Patrick whispered as he turned facing him, looking into his eyes. "Trent, I know you aren't happy here. I know you wanna go back. And I'd be lying if I said that I want you to do what makes you happy...but if that means losing you then I'm sorry. I can't." Patrick's breathing quickened at the thought of Trent not coming home.

"You, make me happy." Trent leaned forward and kissed him, holding Pat's head in his hands as he explored his soft lips and probed his lover's warm mouth with his tongue. He let his left hand stroke Patrick's shoulder, down the length of his back until he found the perfect round ass that he adored.

With a firm grasp on Patrick's copious right cheek, he pulled him close to him, tightly pressing the two of them together causing their swelling cocks to play an intricate dance as they throbbed against each other's stomach. Trent lifted Patrick with such ease...he was so majestic. Patrick's back pressed firmly against the wall as he looked directly into Trent's eyes. The fire that he loved most was all right here in front of him as Trent began to maneuver himself to enter him.

In the running water and steam that surrounded them, he felt Trent's beautiful cock head, inflamed with lust, press against his waiting hole. It had been days since the two had been together and both needed the other terribly. As Trent thrust into him, the surge of his manhood was almost enough to send him over the edge.

As moans filled the room, echoing off of the shower walls with every thrust, he dug and clawed into the Adonis-like shoulders and back of this wonderful man. He leaned forward, licking and kissing Trent's neck, a weakness that he'd discovered so long ago, and his ass was pounded again and again. The familiar smack of Trent's nuts against his tanned skin was so pleasing in every way.

"Yeah, baby...give it to me," he pleaded causing Trent's strokes to become longer, harder and deeper into his guts. In an instant, Patrick's cock was exploding ropes of cum in between their chests and stomachs.

Trent brought Patrick into him with a kiss that burned with passion and fury. “I love you,” Trent whispered as the room filled with his groans as he spilled his seed into his lover, thrust after thrust, biting at Patrick’s shoulder as ecstasy took control. He breathed heavily as he held his lover, looking him in the eye. “To the moon and back...” he said. “The moon and back.”


Patrick woke up, rubbing at his eyes, as the setting sun flooded his room overlooking the back yard. He’d slept for some time, crying into his pillow as he had for the last two days. As he stood and stretched, his hand graced the corner of that picture. That damned picture from what seems decades ago…from a time when things were so much easier.  He walked a few steps and looked out the window. The sky was painted in regal colors of purple, blue, and orange. Finally, his eyes settled on the shop and was quickly blurred by the tears.

A gentle knock on the door broke him from his gaze as heard Kelsey’s voice, “Pat, are you awake?”

“Yeah,” he answered in a shaky voice as he wiped at his eyes. “Come in.”

“I’m sorry to bother you…but…Pat, it’s time.”


 Pat came down the stairs, in a charging momentum, flying down the landing headed for the door. He reached for his keys as Rick grabbed his wrist. “I’ll drive,” his father offered.

“Sure…whatever.” Pat replied despondent.

As they walked to the garage, both were silent. The family had found themselves in a precarious situation. Nothing was easy. No words could be spoken without detonating a bomb. Silence, yes, silence was the best choice…the lesser of two evils.

As they turned out of the drive, Rick tried to start up a conversation. “How’s work?”

“Fine,” Pat said as he looked out the passenger side window.

“I…uh…Mom says that the music program has really grown this year. Anything big coming up?” Rick nervously fidgeted in his seat.

“We are working on the Spring program right now. Concert band and choir are doing a concert at the end of the semester. One hundred twenty voices…eight piece orchestra. Should turn out good.” Pat’s mind was anywhere but in the car or the conversation. “It’s supposed to be a salute to…” his voice cracked. Rick put a hand on his knee giving it a gentle squeeze.

“I know,” Rick said. “I know.”


“What the fuck do you mean you are taking a contract? You just got back, Trent!” Pat stormed into the kitchen returning to a boiling pot on the stove.

“I know, babe. But just listen…hear me out. It’s a great opportunity. A lot of money. And, I’ll only be gone for…” Pat held up a hand cutting him off.

“After everything…after all that we have built. After sleepless night worried about you, praying for you, missing you…this is the thanks I get. What the hell am I even doing? You say that this is ‘our life’ but what is really going on here? If it truly is ours, then shouldn’t I get a say in it? Yes? No?” He was furious as he opened and slammed drawers looking for a spoon. “Why the hell did I let myself get to this place in my life? I don’t know whether I’m going up, going down. My life is literally passing me by every single goddamned day because I wait for you to settle down and be with me…just me. All the promises…these empty promises. Marriage? When is that gonna happen? Children? When are we going to be fathers?

You know, when I caught you with that guy last year, I should have left your ass then. But no! I explained it away and bought into your lie. Oh, you were drunk.  Oh, you were sorry. But really, it was just another mistake in a whole line of mistakes that I have made.”

Trent stared at the floor. He was so ashamed of what he did last year and had never forgiven himself for it. His only redemption every single day was Patrick’s grace and forgiveness. “Babe…Patrick…I know you want all of that. And I want all of that with you. But I also want us to have a good life. I want to provide. I want to make a difference. I want to be the man that you can be proud of, and…”

Cutting him off again in a scathing tone, “I’ve always been proud of you and have never said otherwise.” Patrick turned away towards this sink throwing the spoon into it. He glared back at Trent. “Don’t you ever, and I mean EVER say that I have not been or am not proud of you.”

Trent raised his hands to calm him. “I know. I know. But, Pat, I want to be part of something special. Something great. I want to make a difference and be…I want to be where I can do good. C’mon. Haven’t you ever wanted to be part of something special?”

Pat looked up at him and walked calmly over to him, but the glare in his eyes was fierce. “I already thought I was…” as stated before walking out and slamming the door as he left the house.


“We’re here,” Rick said causing Patrick to break from his trance. He weakly unbuckled and opened the door as he looked up at the the darkening sky. “Do you know what gate we are supposed to meet him at?”

“Yeah, Concourse E, Gate 13…” Patrick replied. He stood there, unable to move. Rick put an arm around him as they made their way to the entrance as planes soared overhead.



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