This ADULT fantasy depicts homosexual and erotic events. If you are not of legal age in your locality to be reading this story, or should you not approve of such material, PLEASE LEAVE. Prologue It was during the last two months of my enlistment prior to discharge that I received an invitation to join Midway Finance& Loan. I had sent out several resumes outlining my qualifications, military experience, schooling and employment as related to my future aspirations in civilian life. Midway Finance & Loan was the only one of the many answers that I received, who invited me to join their firm. I sent them a letter accepting the invitation, and a few days before my enlistment expired, I made a cursory inspection of what was to be my new employment. The Branch Manager was out of town attending a corporate function in Chicago, and Paul Metzger, the Assistant Manager showed me where I would be working, and introduced me to the remainder of the staff. Most of my prospective co-workers seemed to be nice but I could tell by their attitude that I was considered to be just another employee. That was okay with me, since I was gay and getting involved with co-workers was not a part of my agenda. I learned early while in the Navy that mixing business and pleasure could very often lead to problems by some loose lipped jerk who came to their own conclusions without considering how they would effect someone else. For the most part, I was able to avoid being too involved with the exception of an occasional impromptu lunch with one of the others if we happened to meet in a restaurant. Those chance meetings were no problem but Paul Metzger and his wife were a horse of a different color, as you will see in this short narrative. - - - - Civilian Life I really didn't want to spend an evening with Paul Metzger and his wife Cathy, two very dull people. Scheduling the dinner and theatre on a Friday was almost like pouring salt in the wound. What gay person in their right mind would want to cultivate a social after work relationship with two dull heterosexuals? At the office, Paul was a fairly decent guy but around his wife it was as if he went through metamorphosis from a nice looking dude into a meek mouse. Cathy would not shut up, and Paul said less then nothing. When I first joined the office staff, Paul invited me for dinner, have a couple of drinks, and meet his wife. Out of ignorance I accepted the invitation and I have been finding excuses ever since to avoid making that mistake again. Having a couple of drinks and dinner with Paul and his wife is one thing but she acted like a bitch in heat rubbing her twat all over me and he acted as if he could care less. I got the feeling they both had in mind a threesome but that was not my bag, and I managed to exit without losing my virginity. Some gay dudes may go for that kind of crap but I'm strictly a cock-sucker, an upper or lower ass fucker or fuckee depending on the individual and his endowment or very definitely a one on one, with no damn surf and turf smorgasbord on the menu. - - - - It had been an unusually quiet day and after interviewing a couple of really hot good looking small loan applicants I was so horny my nuts ached. I was so horny that I was sure the fucking clock was broke from the way the afternoon dragged by. When, finally, the big hand of the clock was on twelve and the small hand angled at five, I started clearing off my desk to make a hasty exit. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Paul making a beeline for my office, and I felt my stomach sink but I was trapped. 'Alex, Cathy is going to give me hell if you don't have dinner with us tonight. She has some free tickets to see 'The Best Little Whore House in Texas' after dinner and she said for me not to take no for an answer.' He said with a look of panic in his eyes. He was standing in my office doorway looking like a sick puppy and for the life of me even though I didn't want to acquiesce to his pleading; I had no excuse to refuse except that I felt sorry for him. I couldn't believe my mouth opened telling him I didn't have any plans for the evening; and, I compounded the fucking mistake by following his ass home. Following him from the office was a big mistake since it trapped me into returning to their apartment after the theatre for a final cup of coffee before going home. 'But what the hell, the evening was ruined anyway. I'd just suffer through it, jerk off when I got home, and maybe score on Saturday evening.' I thought, trying to stay as close as I could, behind the nut. - - - - I don't know if you have ever been involved with two very boring people where the wife runs on like she had been vaccinated with a victrola needle while the husband sits like a fucking lump on a log, especially when you are so frigging horny that every halfway good looking guy you see, causes your cock to start swelling. If you have then you know what I was going through. Not only was it late after that final cup of coffee but also, there wasn't a chance in hell of making a score with someone under forty years old in the gay bars. After a week of jerking off, I needed a hot young stud in my bed, not several hours with two dumb ass nerds. Paul was nice looking, probably around the same age as me, and he had a nice ass, but there wasn't a chance I'd ever get any of it, not that I wanted it. He was so fucking straight that his wife, Cathy, probably tied his shoes. - - - - I had bought a small condo a couple of blocks off of the downtown loop since it was close to the office, and where most of the action was in the downtown area. Paul and Cathy lived in one of the new high rise apartment buildings with its own parking garage, which was a plus, but when I left, I had to drive back across town to catch the loop. The good thing about it being late was so little traffic and I made pretty good time except for the damn traffic lights. When the traffic engineers set the traffic light sequences, they must have forgotten how little traffic there is in the downtown area after eleven o'clock at night, and it didn't make much sense sitting at a light set for daytime traffic for more than a few seconds. Driving on Henry St, the loop connector, I was caught by ever light and I fumed like we all do but thanking my lucky stars I wasn't behind a smelly ass diesel bus. I get sick as hell breathing the fumes they spew out. On every corner there was a steel framed three-sided opaque Plexiglas bus stop booth with a built-in bench for waiting riders to sit on so they were protected from the weather. Late at night the booths were a perfect place for jerking off as I learned on one particular evening while, I was on my way home from Paul and Cathy's. The light changed at the corner of Henry and Coleman Sts before I got there and I rolled to a stop. Holding the brake pedal in, I pushed down on my very hard cock resting on my pelvis dreaming about some guy's hot mouth sucking my nuts dry. Glancing to my right, I spotted some guy sitting in the corner of the unlit booth stroking his cock. When he saw me looking, he turned facing me, and straightened his legs out. Spreading them wide he looked at me with a cocky grin on his face. He didn't try and cover up; he sat nonchalantly stroking his cock and returning my gaze. He was wearing faded 501 jeans, a white t-shirt, and a coffee colored windbreaker. He looked like he was in his late teens or early twenties. Even in the semi-darkness the width of his shoulders and the tightness of his t-shirt displayed thick sculpted chest and abdominal muscles. He was obviously all muscle, and very well built. I swallowed hard my mouth suddenly dry and looked around to see if he might be a police plant. I didn't see a cop car or anyone hanging around in the shadows, and I could feel the pre-seminal fluid oozing from the aperture in the head of my cock. When I looked back in his direction, he stood up, his stiff cock swaying back and forth. 'Damn, he is either nuts or as horny as I am, ' I thought to myself but, I sure didn't want to miss the opportunity to find out which. When I reached across the seat to unlock the door, he grabbed a blue bag that I hadn't noticed. Attempting to cover his cock with it, he opened the door and slid into the care on the leather seat pulling the door shut just as the light changed. 'Man, for a minute, I didn't think you were going to give me a tumble.' He said, tossing his bag in the back seat before looking at me breathing real hard, his eyes sparkling. 'Well, you can't be to careful now what with the way cops plant some of their younger men around trying to trap people. You aren't a cop are you?' I asked, knowing he had to tell me if he was. 'Christ Mister, do I look like a cop?' He exclaimed. 'No one really looks like a cop out of uniform but, I know they plant recruits as young as you in places where it is easy to entrap gay guys.' I replied. 'How old are you?' 'I'm nineteen,' he answered, looking at me and grinning. 'How about you, you look like you're probably about thirty or so.' 'That's close enough to win you a kewpie doll, I'm twenty-eight; but, isn't it kind of late to be getting out of the gym?' I asked watching as he squeezed his cock. 'The gym, oh you mean the bag. I was going to stay at the 'Y' but they are full. It's always full on payday night. You can always get a good blow job or a hot fuck if you get there early enough and get a room.' 'You're looking for sex?' I asked feeling silly and horny at the same time. 'Jesus, man I am so fucking horny you could break concrete with my cock.' He exclaimed, his voice quivering. 'I'm Dex, short for Dexter. What's your name?' 'Alex, short for Alexander.' Dex moved closer and folding his left leg back under his right leg he turned towards me. His cock was like a white-hot steel javelin jutting up from his groin and, I wrapped my fingers around it. He groaned deep in his chest, sighing as I squeezed and stroked his cock. Moving closer, he slid one hand between my legs; he, groped for my cock stretching down the leg of my slacks. Squeezing my cock tight against my thigh he licked my ear with his tongue and whispered. 'Oh Christ man.' He said softly in my ear. 'That feels good. You got someplace we can go that's safe?' 'My place.' I said huskily from the emotion and breathing in deep. 'Can I do this when we get there?' He said dropping his head between the steering wheel and my gut, placing his mouth over my cock. I almost shot my load when he blew his hot breath on my throbbing cock. 'Yeah, that and more but not while I'm driving if you want to get there.' I said, trembling and feeling the sperm boiling in my nuts. - - - - Dex was one of the hottest guys I've ever met. He was from Chester a small town deep in the in the hollows of West Virginia. He was almost six feet, and one hundred seventy pounds of rock solid sculpted muscle, and built like a broad shouldered, small waisted Adonis. He had thick dark brown, wavy hair, jade green eyes, and a nine-inch uncut dick of death with walnut sized balls swinging like a ponderous pendulum between his legs. I'm an even six foot, and not built quite as heavily as Dex; but I didn't have to be ashamed of. I worked out steadily and watched my diet in order to maintain a solid one hundred sixty pounds of hard lean cut muscle, light brown hair, hazel eyes, and just a fraction more then seven inches of thick uncut meat. After we arrived at my condo we both were so horny we didn't waste a lot of time. His eyes gleamed as he watched me strip, and I was so fucking nervous my fingers were fumbling with the buttons on my shirt, and I was trembling so bad that Dex had to help me finish undressing. When he dropped my briefs on the floor we both were panting like stud horses in heat. His arms were like steel bands wrapping around my chest pulling me closer to his hard muscled body. His cock sliding between my legs felt like a smooth telephone pole, and I squeezed my thighs tight. It throbbed with each beat of his heart, surging up against the soft sensitive perineum flesh between my balls and quivering anus. He looked into my eyes, and in the green depths of his I could see hot raw lust. When his lips touched mine, and his tongue entered my mouth, it was as if a white-hot thunderbolt was probing, searching the hidden recesses. Pulling away from his lips and body, I took his hand, and lead him into the bedroom. My heart was racing, and I inhaled deep trying to suppress the nervous feelings churning inside. - - - - When we lay down, he slid closer and with the touch of his fingers, I could feel tingling shocks coursing through every nerve. His lips, tongue, and teeth teased the nipples on my breast; and I was trembling from the feelings of ecstasy washing over me. Dex watched me close as he moved his exploring fingers over the cut definition of my body, smiling at every movement I made when he ran his finger under the thick pectoral muscles and down my rib cage. His fingers played with my ribs like the keys on a piano, and it drove me crazy. Lowering his head he kissed me, and looking into my eyes he whispered softly. 'Jesus, Alex, you're fucking hot. Christ what a body.' He breathed licking my hard nipples. 'Your so fucking hot, I want to feel my cock in your tight ass. Alex, I want to fuck you,' he whispered as he twirled his tongue deep in my ear canal. I could feel him shaking excitedly, his cock throbbing against my leg. 'The condoms are in the nightstand, Decks.' 'No lubricant or do you like it dry?' He asked, laughing softly. 'If we didn't have to use condoms, I like spit and precum but since we need condoms put plenty of lubricant on your cock and my ass I like feeling a man's cock filling my ass lubed or sheathed.' I said, wiggling my ass suggestively. 'We wouldn't be using condoms if we didn't have to.' His eyes twinkled as he leaned over and opened the nightstand drawer to search for the condoms. With my legs between his thighs, he kneeled back on his haunches. His cock stood up over mine like an inter-continental ballistic missile ready for launching. For a moment I felt rather puny and inadequate until, holding the condom in one hand, and taking my cock in the other, he stroked it slowly, squeezing gently to nurse the precum from the aperture in its blood engorged crown. Filling his hand with the free flowing precum, and mixing it with his, he used his gleaming white teeth to tear the foil from the condom while he slicked his turgid cock with his and my precum. Handing the condom to me he leaned backwards, the muscles of his abdomen bulging like rows of hard rock. I felt his balls pressing against the base of my cock as he held his body tight, his huge cock thrusting upwards in launch position its blood engorged purple crown shiny with precum. When I had finished rolling the condom over his cock, he quickly spread a thick layer of lubricant over the latex condom. Slipping his lubricant covered fingers into my rectal canal, he cooed soft nothings as he slowly worked the sphincter muscle. His fingers sent waves of excitement washing over me as he worked his fingers in and out in a steady piston motion. I was so fucking horny, I wasn't thinking about anything but his thick cock in my tight ass. I wanted to be fucked, I wanted to feel his cock spreading my asshole, driving deep in my bowels; and, I moaned, 'Fuck me, Dex.' Dex looked at me for a moment, his lust filled emerald green eyes sparkled with excitement. Moving up between my thighs, and lifting my legs on his shoulders, he gripped my thighs with his cum lubricant slick hands. Lifting up and leaning forward he guided the bullet shaped head of his cock at my ass, and at the feel of his cock head pressing against the soft quivering lips of my asshole, I tightened up feeling a bolt of electricity ripping through me as the head of his cock penetrated the protective sphincter muscle and then tightened around his burgeoning cock. Dex hesitated when he felt me tighten up, and he looked down at me. 'Easy, Alex,' he cooed softly while he stroked the muscles of my thighs. There was softness in his eyes, and each time he nipped the soft inner flesh of my thighs, I felt a tingling sensation spreading over me. Reaching up, and putting my arms around his neck, I relaxed pushing down as he pushed gently his cock slowly spreading and entering my rectal canal. The deeper his cock entered, the sharp initial pain of his cock entering my ass being replaced by a warm, soft blanket of inner pleasure. 'Oh Jesus, Alex, your ass is as tight as a fucking drum head.' He moaned softly as he kneaded the relaxing thigh muscles. Raising his head, and nipping the calf of my leg with his teeth, he slowly worked his cock in and out of my ass enhancing the time-honored ritual of coupling. The initial painful entry slowly subsided, and I felt my body relaxing as, I succumbed to his desire and mine. He worked the piston motion of his hips slowly, his thick cock filling the rectal passage leading into the depths of my bowels. I heard him moaning as he strained with each ecstatic thrust. I felt the pressure of his thick pubic hair pressing against the soft perineum flesh separating his cock in my ass from my balls. There was an intense feeling of fullness from being impaled on his thick pulsing cock and, I reveled in the feeling that he was taking as much pleasure in our coupling as I was. - - - - Breathing in deeply, he leaned back, and holding his throbbing cock tight in my ass, he lowered my legs from his shoulders and placed them around his waist. I locked my ankles digging the heels of my feet into the small of his back just over the crack of his ass, and squeezing him tightly, I forced another centimeter or two of his cock deeper into my ass. He grunted a little and lowered his head crushing my lips with his. He was holding some of his weight off of me and I slipped my arms around his neck almost whimpering from desire, 'Fuck me Dex baby. Fill my fucking ass and empty your nuts.' Brushing my lips with his, he buried his head into the pillow next to mine. Slowly pulling his cock from my tight ass, he hesitated for a brief mille second, and with a few smooth strokes, he was driving his cock to the hilt with ever piston movement of his hips. He deftly changed his movement on every other stroke to brush my prostate, and I felt hot precum flowing, covering my stomach. Moaning softly, I gently raked his back with my fingernails lifting my hips to meet each downward thrust of his steel hard javelin. We were locked in a carnal embrace that felt like we had lost contact with reality. It was almost surreal in the effect he created with each powerful thrust of his hips, his soft moans of pleasure akin to the purring of a contented kitten. I surrendered myself completely feeling the intensity of his thrusts increasing, the sweat pouring from both of us. I felt his muscles tighten, his back arching as he strained to drive his swelling pulsing steel hard cock deep in my bowels. A deep guttural groan surged upward from his tightly muscled chest, and twisting his hips he brushed my prostate as he drove his cock deep crushing his thick hair covered pelvis against my ass. Grabbing my thighs he reared up pulling my ass as tightly as he could against his groin. An almost animal growl swelled up from his chest, rolling over his lips, and I felt his cock swell and harden, pulsing as his cum filled my bowels. We both shuddered from body wracking spasms of hot sperm rushing upwards through the eurethal canals of burgeoning cocks, from tightening nuts exploding with the force of a volcanic eruption. My mind was filled with molten hot flashes of lightening as we both strained, his cock filling my bowels with thick molten rivers of his seed as my sperm shot upwards with geyser force, covering my chest and stomach mixing with the sweat pouring from both of us. We held each other tightly joined, not wanting the ecstasy of the moment to fade; but feeling the softening of our exhausted, sensitive cocks, we settled into the warmth of the afterglow of mutual satisfaction. His cock slipped from the grip of my sphincter and I gasped slightly looking at his grinning face as a feeling of emptiness spread over my body. 'That felt better then when I went in didn't it?' He asked, coyly brushing my lips with his as his body settled down on mine. We lay together for several minutes breathing slowly while our bodies adjusted and relaxed before he slid slowly off of me. Laying his head on my bicep with his free arm across my chest, he inhaled and exhaled deeply two or three times, and then nuzzling his nose into the softness below my jawbone, he whispered, 'That was fantastic, Alex.' I reflected on what he had said without answering. We lay quietly for a while longer enjoying the sensual feeling of a sexual afterglow that only two men who are mutually satisfied can feel. He grunted softly when I pulled my arm from under his neck, and sitting up pulled a sheet up from the foot of the bed. Sliding my arm back under his neck, I pulled the sheet over us. Dex replaced his arm over my chest snuggling closer. Rubbing his back and shoulders under the sheet, his muscles rippled under my fingers and, I could feel his cock swelling against my thigh as I rubbed his body. 'You didn't do bad for a kid.' I said teasingly, feeling his chest rising and falling. Sliding his arm downward over my abdomen, he took my left hand in his. Pulling his hips back from my thigh, he placed my hand on his hardening cock, cooing cockily. 'Does that feel like a kids cock?' 'I'll let you know later if you'd like to spend the rest of the weekend with me.' I said. 'Alex, with your hot tight ass, I'll spend as much time with you as you want as long as I am back on the base before seven o'clock Monday morning.' He said looking at me his deep emerald green eyes sparkling. 'That's no problem Dex but, I hope we aren't on a one way street.' I said. Dex looked at me quietly for a minute or two the tip of his tongue protruding and moving slowly over his lips. Smiling impishly, the emerald green of his eyes changed from a soft green to a deep passionate green. Moving his hips back against mine, I felt the heat of his hard cock pressing against my thigh. Gently squeezing my hard cock, he said, 'I wouldn't have it any other way Alex. You don't think I would miss the opportunity to be in bed with a man who can handle a kid's cock, do you?' 'No more than me missing the same opportunity.' I replied, holding him tightly to me. We enjoyed the opportunity that weekend and many others until his ship was sent overseas. Fini 'Opportunity seldom knocks more then once so take advantage of it when it does.' Copyright 2003 Lee Mariner - The author copyrights this story. All Rights are reserved.


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