I was a testosterone driven eighteen year old teenager when this happened and he was an experienced forty year old man.  

As a sexually frustrated teenager I was desperate for some sexual action, at this point in time I was a virgin so hadn't quite explored my sexuality. 

I went on various swingers web-sites to try my luck, but couldn't seem to arrange a meeting with anyone, I think most people thought I was a little too young and inexperienced. 

Anyway I was so desperate for sex that my mind started to wonder and I started to think that maybe having sex with a guy wouldn't be too bad? 

I found myself looking at pictures of naked guys and reading numerous articles about gay sex. 

For over six months I’d looked around for a way I could meet another guy for sex but with no luck. 

Then I came across a few gay websites and signed up. The main one was ‘Squirt.’

After I signed up I logged on and had a look around at the guys in my area, but I didn't really know how it all worked. 

A few hours after I signed up I checked my messages and to my surprise I had a few messages from a few different guys, I was very nervous about answering them incase people found out. 

But when I was going through my messages I came across a guy who caught my eye. He seemed like he was genuine and had a couple of things going for him. He was older, lived reasonable close and he could entertain. 

We exchanged a few messages and then swapped emails. 

To him I questioned my intentions and questioned if I wanted to actually go through with this. 

A few days later I received an email from him, asking me if I was ready, 

I bit the bullet and told him I was.

He told me when and where and that was that. I was committed, with no turning back.

I showered myself and made sure I was clean. 

He lived close enough that I decided to walk.

As I neared his house I still didn't know what to expect. I hadn't seen any pictures of this guy and had no idea who he was. As I walked to his door, I got so nervous that I walked away, 

I sent him an email telling him that I didn't want to be seen and asked him if he could open the back gate so I could let myself in the back way. 

I circled the end of the block and went down the alley to his gate. From there I sent him another email telling him I was out back.

He popped his head out of the gate and said, “Come on inside.”

I walked in the gate and up on the porch he introduced himself as Hank, then motioned me on inside his house. 

Still extremely nervous, I sat down on the couch. 

After a few minutes of chatting I told Hank, “I’m nervous and still didn't know if I’m going through with this.”

Then from out of nowhere I felt a little surge of excitement. Before I could lose my nerve, I asked, “Do you want to go upstairs?”

Hank agreed and led me upstairs to his room quickly before I changed my mind. 

When I got in his room I was still a little nervous but excited at the same time. 

As I stood there watching, Hank stripped and sat down on the edge of the bed. 

I was nervous but knew it was now or never, I had to take this chance to try something.

I was wearing gym shorts with no underwear and a t-shirt so stripping only took me seconds.  

I was excited because I'd never gotten or given a blowjob before. I went to my knees between Hank’s legs and reached for his cock.  He was a lot bigger than I was, about seven and a half inches and he was rock hard.   

I reach down to gently touch his hard, throbbing cock. Then I took it in my hand, caressing it gently, rubbing the shaft.  It felt really weird, like something I'd never felt before. As often as I held my own cock, it somehow felt different holding someone else’s.

Moving my hand on down, I caressed his balls. I could tell Hank was enjoying my touch because he arched his back, pushing himself against me, I could feel his erection growing in my hand. 

I’d been waiting nearly a year to suck a cock and this was it. 

After stroking his cock a few times I leaned down, plant a kiss on the tip and then wrapped my lips around it just below the head. It was a strange sensation when I tightened my lips but it felt right. So soft and smooth in my wet mouth.
I ran my tongue all over the head, I slowly move down his shaft as I tried to take as much of it in my mouth as I could.  But I only get halfway down his hard shaft.

Taking a breath, I tried again. I was only stopped when my nose crashed into Hank’s pubic hair and the soft velvety head bumped the back of my throat. 

After sucking for a few seconds Hank started to leak pre cum. Having tasted me own a few times and finding it bitter, I wasn’t a fan of cum so I pulled off, moved down and gently kiss his balls. 

All though I received no encouragement it seemed to ignite a fire in me, as I sucked, licked and then running my face over them.

Then sucking, first one then the other of his balls into my mouth, I gently rolling them around with my wet tongue. It felt so natural and yet so nasty, so forbidden at the same time and it made me horny as hell.

I heard Hank moan, “Oh yes,” as he ran his fingers through my hair.

Moving back up his shaft I took the head back into my mouth.

As I clamp my lips tighter and started to softly suck Hank deeper into my mouth I found the smoothness of his skin to be sensual and powerful at the same time. I could taste the saltiness of it.
I took the head out of my mouth and flick my tongue over the frenulum, that indentation on the underside of his cock where the head meets the shaft. Then circling ... licking and sucking him back into my mouth.

With thumb and forefinger I encircled his shaft at the base and started to rhythmically stroke him in time with my bobbing mouth. I could feel Hank’s excitement grow, as I took more of him into my mouth. As I gently suck him in and out, in and out. I move my other hand down and caressed his cum filled balls.

Once I had as much of Hank’s cock in my mouth as I could, I really start to use my mouth as I bob up and down. I him balls deep, the head bumping the back of my throat on the down stroke. I was stroking and sucking and stroking and sucking, faster and faster until finally with a powerful moan Hank tensed up as he exploded. 

I felt Hank’s cock pulse again and again in my mouth with each wave of ecstasy. 

After his energy was spent, I slowly stood, thanked him, got dressed and left. Again using the back door and leaving by way of the back gate.

The end…



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