Lucas Gallantry was barely recognizable from his sixteen-year-old self. At twenty-one Lucas was unbelievably gorgeous. His blond hair was long, shaggy, and a little curly. He was tall, just a tad above six feet and impossibly thin. Lucas was all legs. Any other time, Lucas would have highly objected to being squashed in the middle of the backseat of a cab. But how often was he sandwiched in the backseat of a cab between two older guys, one of those guys being the subject of sixteen-year-old Lucas' late night wet dreams.

Lucas hadn't seen Anthony Devora, Mr. Devora, since he had filled in for the second half of Lucas' sophomore World History class. It had been an uncomfortable experience for Lucas from the day Mr. Devora walked in until the last day of classes. At the time, being attracted to males instead of females was already something Lucas knew and accepted. It just wasn't something he had told anyone.

Lucas couldn't even remember how many times Mr. Devora had caused him to feel that tightening in his jeans when he pointed at the board or explained the social class structure of the middle ages or... Basically, any time Mr. Devora did anything, Lucas was harboring a secret boner that he had to wrestle under control until he could race home after class and take a long shower, visions of Mr. Devora spinning through his mind as he stroked himself slowly, making it last. Now, Lucas' insides were churning with anticipation as the yellow cab got closer and closer to Mr. Devora's apartment.

Anthony looked discreetly at Lucas and then at Owen on the other side of the skinny boy. Lucas' face was flushed. His hands lay twisting and turning in his lap as if they didn't know what to do with themselves. Owen looked at Anthony and smiled that cocky little smile that Anthony had known all too well since college.

Picking up guys at the bar wasn't something Anthony did often--or ever. For one, Anthony rarely went out. His job at the high school made late nights on the town hard to schedule. He was always grading papers or going to bed early so that he could get to the school at seven.

Then, of course, there was the fact that he'd been in a committed relationship for the past four years. His relationship with Kyle had caused him to relocate to Maryland. Anthony didn't think it was a problem, but it had definitely put him out of the loop. Something that Owen, one of Anthony's oldest friends, had just successfully rectified, getting himself a treat as well in the process.

Lucas groaned silently at every stop light. Anthony couldn't believe it. Five years ago, Lucas had been the quiet, mousy, head-in-a-book type. Never spoke out of turn, always sat still even during the most boring of lectures. Now that Anthony thought about it, the kid was probably preoccupied thinking of Mr. Devora and some of the kinkier looking torture tools of the Spanish Inquisition.

Lucas practically shoved Anthony out of the cab when it stopped in front of Anthony's brownstone. As Anthony walked up the steps, Lucas stood by the cab door as Owen payed, waiting until the money was completely out of Owen's hands before grabbing hold of Owen's shirt and pulling him out of the taxi.

'Someone is excited,' Owen laughed.

Lucas nodded furiously as he hauled Owen up the stairs with him. 'This is going to be so hot. You have no idea.'

'Oh, I think we do,' Anthony cut in as he unlocked the door. Anthony hadn't even made it three feet before Lucas was all over him. Their lips met roughly and Lucas moaned.

'I have wanted to do that for, like, ever!' Lucas smiled before swooping back in for more.

'Hold on, okay? There's plenty of time for all that.'

Anthony led a hyper Lucas up the entry stairs up to his living room area. Owen followed getting a very nice view of Lucas' behind, clad in a pair of too tight jeans. He liked. A lot. Anthony sat in the very middle of his sectional and Lucas wasted no time. He straddled Anthony's lap and ground his hips down into his former teacher's crotch. They kissed again, Anthony taking control of his former student's mouth.

Lucas was a horny bundle of nerve endings, touching as much as he could with so much speed that for a second, Anthony thought the kid had fifty hands. He sounded amazing, moaning and whimpering like a little animal. Animal being the operative word as he sucked and nibbled Anthony's lips and tongue.

They kissed for a few moments until Lucas pulled away. He turned his head sharply to where Owen stood at the top of the stairs.

'What are you doing?' Lucas asked, perplexed. 'Come over here.'

Owen snapped out of a daze. 'I was just...admiring. I might prefer to watch.'

Lucas half-growled. 'Come. Over. Here.'

'Ooo. Feisty.' Owen laughed.

Lucas gave one more rough kiss to Anthony before climbing off his lap. 'Don't move.'

Anthony put his hands up defensively, fighting a smile. 'I won't.'

Lucas made his way over to Owen and kissed Owen harder than he'd kissed Anthony. Owen's hands immediately went to Lucas' ass. Lucas smiled into the kiss.

'You're gonna come over there and help him fuck me, yeah?' Lucas asked sweetly.

Owen frowned. 'Where the hell did you come from?' He looked over at Anthony, sitting calmly on the couch watching. 'How the fuck did you not notice him?'

Anthony shrugged.

Owen looked at Lucas again. 'You're not in charge anymore. Anthony, he's not in charge anymore.' Anthony nodded.

'Bedroom,' Anthony ordered Lucas.

Anthony stood and Lucas followed Anthony obediently to the bedroom throwing naughty smiles back to Owen. Owen sat against the headboard and Anthony positioned Lucas in between Owen's thighs his back against Owen's lightly hairy chest.

'This is so, so, so, so, hot,' Lucas smiled, turning his head to kiss Owen. Lucas broke the kiss with a high-pitched moan as Anthony slid a finger inside of him. 'Fuck, Mr. Devora. That--mmmph.' Lucas broke off, biting his lip.

'Call me, Anthony,' Anthony said.

'No. Nuh-uh. No way,' Owen objected. 'When he was having all his naughty little wet dreams about you he wasn't saying, 'Oh, Anthony, that feels so good.' He was saying,' Owen's voice got low as he started to whisper in Lucas' ear, ''Oh, fuck, Mr. Devora, pound my illegal hole harder.' Weren't you, Lucas?'

Anthony rolled his eyes. Lucas looked up at Owen. 'What's your last name?'


'Mr. Devora, Mr. James has it totally right. Most kids don't even remember teachers have first names.'

Anthony smiled and inserted a second finger inside of Lucas. 'Silly me. If you don't call me by my last name, how else will you know who your authority figure is?'

Lucas tried to answer but only let out a string of unintelligible words. Anthony reached down and kissed him and then Owen. Lucas grabbed Anthony by the waist and pulled his crotch closer. When his hands fumbled, Owen helped him undo all the annoying buttons and zippers. Lucas lifted his head and pressed his open mouth against the fabric tenting through. Lucas pulled it down and his jaw dropped.

'Oh. My god!' He looked up at Owen wide eyed. 'Are you that big, too?'

Anthony answered for Owen. 'Bigger.'

For a brief second, Owen and Anthony feared they'd scared Lucas off. The kid looked completely shocked by the cock in front of him. Then Lucas got a gleam in his eye and licked the underside of Anthony's cock from root to tip.

'I am going to have so much fun!' Lucas exclaimed. Lucas sat up so fast it knocked Anthony on his back. He wrapped his lips around Anthony and took it all.

'Holy shit.' Anthony groaned and grabbed hold of Lucas' hair. Owen sat up behind Lucas and watched as the kid took Anthony's dick like some type of cock master. Anthony was staring mesmerized. Owen put his hands on Lucas' perfect ass, running them up and down, lightly fingering the gorgeous rosebud. Lucas pressed his hips back, taking the tip of Owen's finger in. More unintelligible sounds.

Anthony groaned. 'Owen. It's like-- Oh, he's good.'

Lucas laughed around Anthony's cock. Slowly, painfully for Anthony, Lucas released him. He turned his head and eyed Owen's noticeable bulge. Owen came around to where Lucas' head was, right over Anthony's pelvis. They kissed as Anthony helped Lucas unbutton Owen's pants. When Lucas got Owen's cock out he wrapped his hand around it, stroking slowly.

'You two have amazing dicks,' Lucas complimented. 'Honest-to-god.'

Owen and Anthony guided down Lucas' mouth to Owen. He took it all easily and hungrily. Owen let out a primitive noise and bucked. Lucas didn't flinch. With a little maneuvering, Anthony pulled down the heavily tented briefs Lucas still wore.

'Oh. That is--' Anthony broke off shaking his head at Lucas' cock, which was as beautiful as the rest of him.

Lucas pulled off of Owen. 'This is so hot. You guys have no idea.'

'We know.' Owen and Anthony said in unison as Owen pushed past Lucas' pretty lips again. Anthony ran his hands down Lucas' back and down between his legs, stroking Lucas' slender seven inches.

Lucas pulled off of Owen again. 'I need to be fucked now. Like, right now.'

Owen and Anthony looked at each other and soon had Lucas in the same position as they had started out in on the bed. The only difference was the pillow underneath Lucas' hips. Anthony knelt between Lucas' thighs. Lucas looked like he was about to explode. Owen put his hands under Lucas' knees and pulled the kid's thighs towards his chest. It made Lucas' hole very delightfully exposed. Anthony put his cock head at the rim and started to push slowly.

Lucas looked up at Anthony with a determined look in his eyes. 'I like it fast. And rough.'

Owen let out a deep laugh. 'God, I fucking love this kid!'

Anthony shrugged and didn't hold back, ramming his cock into Lucas who let out the sweetest cry that Anthony and Owen had ever heard.

'Oh, Christ. Fuck. Oh, my god.' Lucas twisted his hips, writhing.

Anthony groaned and gave them both a chance to adjust. After a brief moment Lucas started giggling until he was full out laughing.

'What's so funny?' Anthony asked, not sure if he should be wounded or not.

Lucas put his head back to look up at Owen.

''Oh, fuck, Mr. Devora, pound my legal--' Emphasis on the word legal. '--hole harder.''

Owen laughed, too. 'Do it.'

Anthony did, wiping the smirk off Lucas' face. Lucas' ass tightened around Anthony as Lucas twisted and arched his body, doing everything in his power to get Anthony as deep as he could. Owen stroked his hands over Lucas' chest, squeezing Lucas' still hard cock. Anthony couldn't have held back if he tried. Lucas' cries and moans urged him on.

'Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,' Lucas repeated over and over, staring down at Anthony's cock pistoning in and out of him with wide-eyed admiration. 'God. Just fuck.'

Lucas tightened around Anthony in that familiar 'someone-is-about-to-come' way and Anthony slowed his pace and leaned down to kiss Lucas and then Owen.

'He is absolutely--' Anthony stopped and started over. 'I can't describe it. You have to see for yourself.'

Owen and Anthony worked quickly to change positions. Lucas let out a long content sigh when Anthony slid out of him. His face was completely flushed, sweat dotting his forehead, eyes closed. He stretched lazily.

'He's fucking adorable,' Owen said as he rubbed his fingers over Lucas' hole. It looked like a tight fit and according to Anthony, it really was.

Owen teased Lucas' hole for what seemed like forever as Anthony nibbled and sucked Lucas's neck, squeezing Lucas' nipples. Lucas writhed and squirmed and begged. As soon as Owen had his cock head at the entrance, Lucas took the little control he had and arched his back as high as he could, lifting his hips up and then quickly down, impaling himself on Owen in one brilliant move. He looked up at Owen triumphantly.

'Now you fuck me.'

As rough as Anthony was, Owen was rougher, more dominant. Lucas had been shocked before by the depth and the speed and the intensity. There wasn't a word for what he was now. He was too whatever he was now to even moan. He collapsed back into Anthony with his eyes closed tightly. The bed shook with each thrust. Owen leaned back, changed his angle and fucked Lucas harder.

'I'm--' Lucas didn't make out any more words as come shot out of him in thick, frenzied bursts. He was back to making noise now, each cry growing steadily higher in pitch. Anthony turned Lucas' head and kissed him harshly, soaking the sounds into his mouth. Lucas let out the highest pitched cry yet and his cock, which had died down, started up again. Anthony opened his eyes in the kiss to watch the come fly.

Lucas put his hands up and pushed Owen back, breaking away from Anthony. 'Stop, stop. I, like, oh, my god. I can't. I just--Jesus. Oh, my god.'

'I think he needs a second,' Anthony concluded. Lucas nodded weakly.

Owen leaned down and licked some of Lucas' come off of Anthony's neck. Lucas watched as they shared it with a kiss. Lucas sat up and pushed Owen onto his back, already ready for more. He swallowed Owen and buried his nose in Owen's happy trail. His tongue slid up and down along the length as best it could.

'frmph mmph,' Lucas mumbled around Owen.

'What?' Owen asked.

'Fuck me, Mr. Devora,' Lucas got out before he wrapped his lips around Owen's shaft again.

Anthony didn't have any objections. Less than a minute passed before Anthony was sliding his cock deep inside of his former student, muttering about how tight Lucas still was. Lucas was giddy thinking about how full he felt. He arched his back and relaxed his throat allowing both men to fuck him to their heart's content. Lucas' cock had never gone down after his dual orgasms and Lucas felt another one building up. He felt it, but it still snuck up on him like the other two had.

Owen and Anthony groaned simultaneously as they felt Lucas tightening up around them on both ends. Lucas' hands gripped the sheet as his cock spewed out load after load of come, this time into the bedsheets. A familiar warmth filled him as he felt Anthony and Owen come as well. Owen into his mouth, holding his head completely still, Anthony into his ass, cock as deep as possible. Lucas hoped they weren't as loud as they sounded or that Anthony's brownstone had thick walls.

As he finished his orgasm, Anthony leaned down and kissed Lucas' back. Owen released him and they rolled Lucas onto his back. He smiled at them and displayed the come on his tongue before he swallowed it. The three of them took a moment to rest. Lucas stared up at the ceiling.

The three of them layed, resting for a few moments. Lucas lay in between them in Anthony's big bed. His eyes were closed and for a while, Anthony thought Lucas was sleeping. Owen got up to get some water and as soon as he stepped back into the room, Lucas spoke.

'Let's do it again.'

They did.



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