I was driving back home from work at about 01:30am, and I was so hungry and cold. It had just stopped raining, and my windows were soaked. I was surprised to find a food mart still open in that lightless neighborhood, but even more surprised to find a man on the left sidewalk weaving at me to stop.

I opened the window, "How can I help you?"

"Where are you headin'?", he asked

"15th", I answered

"I was going to 14th but no fuckin' cabs outta here"

"OK, come on get in I'll drive you there"

The man got up in my car, sitting next to me, and I started checking him out. He was a black man, about 35 yo, 6ft, a bit slim but firm, wearing a black leather jacket and a dark-blue jeans. I though about starting to work on that man, maybe he would let me suck him up in return.

Without a premission he lit up a cig and started to fill my car with smoke. I'd be lying if I told you I didn't like that smell. Just the though of being forced to inhale his cig smoke coming off his mouth and nose..it was giving me a boner. While I checked him out for a last time, looking at his crotch, I found a huge bulge! .. 'he must've been horny as hell', I said to myself, realizing my chance.

"So where have you been at?"

"Watchin' a fuck vid with a dude..and drinkin' some shit, when his girl showed up", he lazily answered

"Wow! a porn vid! I can see why you gotta trouble there!"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm talking about this **looking aside, at his crotch**"

For a couple of seconds, he quietly laughed , and then said "Yeah.. wanna help me with it?" .. I was glad he got the picture

"Sure, love to help a brother"

"You love to suck dick, don't you?"

"Exactly, so if you gotta bust that nut, just tell me"

"Alright, let's go to your place, then you can suck my dick as much as you want"

After that, he felt free to light up another cig, and a third one while I drove him. Sometimes he would simply blow his smoke in my face, and it was turning me on something fierce.

When we got to my apartment, it was already warm and yellow inside, but I loved to turn on the heater. After taking our boots off, we threw our jackets on a couch, and then headed to the bedroom. His stink, and the smell of his socks had already started to fill my little house. Fuck yeah!

He took his shirt off, while I started to unbutton my shirt, showing off my well defined chest. We continued to strip off until we were both naked.

I looked at his body, no gram of fat, just firm muscles, covered with dark skin. He was moderately haired, specially on his legs and his crotch, his balls, and somewhat around his nipples. He jumped into my bed, resting his head behind his arm, on my pillow, waiting for me to ride. and I could see hair on his armpits too.

When I got my head between his thighs, I was struck by the smell of his crotch. His dick was hard, about 8 inches, thick, with a meaty purple head, and two big balls, hanging low and lazy. I wrapped my hands around his balls, and my lips around his dickhead, and started to work it. While my hands played with his balls, I started to taste the salty dirt of his skin.

Aroused by the strong smell of his crotch, I covered more of his meat with my mouth, until his head was hitting my throat. I tightened my lips around his nigger, trying to massage him the best way. I wasn't getting enough, I wanted it to be even bigger and bigger and bleed my throat, damage me. Since I could never do it on my own, he put a hand on my head and pushed me lower, impaling my throat with his hard dick.

He held me there for a couple of seconds, while my throat massaged his dick and he gasped in pleasure. I repeated the same thing on and on, hungrily, but gently, making him harder. I stopped playing with his haired balls in my fingers and passed them to his ass crack.

His ass felt oily, wet, and I could feel some sharp hair on my fingers. While I sucked his dick, I massaged his asshole with my fingertips, and sometimes just went to touch on his well muscled cheeks, and his thighs.

It was the best moment in my life. On a rainy day, in the middle of the night, in my own home, between a stinky black man's legs, feeding myself his dick and feeling up his ass. I felt the back of my mouth being strongly hit by his healthy, thick cum shots. I swallowed everything he gave to me, working my tongue on his dickhead for more cum.

"Guess we're done? Bitch" he grined. "You've seen nothing yet. I'm gonna fill you up with my cum"

"and I'll be nothing but a cocksucker to keep your dick happy"

"Want more cum, cocksucker?"

"Yes, please.. I'm so hungry for cum"

"What are you gonna do for it, bitch?"

"Anything you want, SIR"


"Anything, Sir"

"Eat my ass?"

"Yes, Sir"

"I don't think you can handle that shit.. haven't showered in a week"

"Please, Sir. Let me eat your dirty ass clean, Sir. and feel free to use me in all the ways you want, Sir."

"Fuckin' faggot!! Lay on your back, bitch"

I laid on my back on the bed, and then he climbed on me and parked his haired ass on my face. The stink of his ass was heavier than garbage, I wanted to sniff it for an hour, I wanted to die under his ass, I wanted him to suffocate me with his smell.. but that wasn't what he wanted. While he relaxed, and started to stroke his dick again, I started to worship his filthy asshole with my tongue, trying to take deep sniffs of it before it would get clean (I thought).

"How's that smell?!", but all I could do was moan and groan like a bitch.

I groaned crazily, rubbing my nose, my lips and tongue all over his dirty hole. I was lost in that black ass. Sometimes I would bite his cheeks, but later get hungrier for the stink of his hole, so go and slip my tongue in there.

I munched on him like a piece of raw meat for about ten minutes, still dominated in his firm ass cheeks, forced to eat and smell his stink, while he stroked his dick. I was just in heaven. I was dreaming of a fart to blow at my face, some huge, nasty bomb of stink to make me pass out.. but my dream never came true.

"Ready to eat some cum?"

"Mmmmhmm!! yes(h) s(h)ir."

"Wanna eat my cum, bitch?"

"Yes(h) s(h)ir"

With that, he pulled his ass from my face and turned around, now sitting on my neck and chest. "You worked for it so gotta take it now". He continued to stroke his dick along my face, with my mouth hungrily wide open, until he fired a big shot of white lava which covered my tongue, and was followed by two other shots.

After I tasted and swallowed his cheesy cum, and his dick cooled down, he grabbed my head and held it to his crotch, commanding me "Kiss my balls", and I obeyed. I made love to his balls while their rough hair blocked my nostrils, and I liked to play them with my tongue.

"Ohhhh.. Yeah bitch, thank my balls for feeding you dinner"

Later, he pulled his ass from my chest and laid along my bed his back. I was dying to shoot my load, but that didn't seem to be something he really wanted. You know, it was all about him, and no one else. I would have to sleep with a lot of load inside of me that night.



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