Last week I went to a barber shop to get my head shaved and one of the barbers was a very nice looking young guy from India with thick black hair. I had the feeling that he was gay as well and I was lucky to be able to talk to him before it was my turn. I took him aside and asked him if he could shave my head the way it is done in India. They do it in a way that they wet your hair and take a razor knife and shave all your hair off in one go no matter how long your hair is.

To my great pleasure he told me that he had learned to shave heads that way but that he wouldn't be allowed to do it that way in the barber shop. He told me that he had his head shaved that way in India some years ago and that he liked it as well. He then offered that he could shave my head that way at his home and that I should go and buy a shaving knife and come and visit him.

As I did not really know what to buy I asked him if we could meet after work and go and buy a knife together. He agreed and after he had finished work we went to a shop where he chose a suitable knife for me. I invited him for a meal afterwards and he then told me that he would like to have his head shaved again as well and if I then would shave his head as well with a clipper and then the normal wet shave with a razor. We agreed on an appointment for the next day to do our business.

The next day we then met at his home and he guided me into his bathroom which was extremely nice. He started to take his cloths off and asked me to do the same. 'It will be extremely wet and for that reason and for the pleasure we can have together you should take your cloths off as well.' he said. Standing naked now opposite to each other both our dicks began to get hard and we grabbed each other's penis and kissed each other holding our dicks and masturbating them. We then took two condoms and rolled them over our most valuable parts of our bodies. Then we went into the shower.

He stood behind me and I felt his dick finding its way into my ass. My own one got thick and hard as I felt him inside me. I took my condom off again and started masturbating my penis. He turned the shower on and started shampooing my hair and fucking me up my ass at the same time. My hair was full of shampoo when we both had our first orgasm nearly at the same time. I caught my own sperm with my hands and applied it on my head and he massaged the shampoo and my sperm into my hair.

Then he rinsed my hair and we left the shower. He asked me not to dry my hair and sit down on the bathroom floor. I sat down cross-legged and held my penis with both hands. He then sprayed my head with a liquid and took the razor knife. I felt the blade on top of my head and I saw my long wet hair falling down on my body and on the bathroom floor.

Just a few seconds later the top of my head was shaved clean and I asked him to stop as I wanted to have a look at myself in the mirror. He had done it perfectly, the top of my head was shaved smooth and clean and I touched it with one hand and masturbated my dick with the other.

Then I kneeled down in front of him and took his penis in my mouth and sucked it. He sprayed my hair again, took the razor knife and started shaving the back of my head now. I continued sucking his dick and held my own one with both hands. I now felt my hair falling on my back and got very exited.

He then asked me to sit down on the floor again that he could shave the rest of my head. After another few seconds the sides and were shaved as well and even around my ears he was doing his work so perfectly and in such a speed that it is unbelievable that he didn't cut my skin.

We went back to the shower and I took a new condom and rolled it over my dick. This time my penis was in his ass and we washed off the remaining hair from my head and body. Then I shampooed his hair and fucked him from behind and soon we had our next orgasms, me fucking him and he masturbating his penis.

I rinsed his hair and out of the shower I dried his hair a bit with a towel. He then kneeled down in front of me and took my dick in his mouth. As he started sucking I massaged his head and then I took the clipper and started shaving his head from his neck upwards.

He got very exited as his hair started falling down and masturbated his penis continuing sucking mine. I shaved his head as clean as it was possible in that position we both had. For the rest he let my penis go and had his next orgasm while I finished shaving his head with the machine.

He looked really great with his clipper shaved head and he took my penis and masturbated it until I had my orgasm touching his shaved head. We then went to the bath and filled it with water. We both went in and I applied shaving cream on his head for the final clean shave. I was lying on my back in the bath and he was on top of me. I held his head in my arms and shaved the top of his head clean with the razor while he was masturbating again.

Then I asked him to kneel down in the bath, take a deep breath, bow down forwards and put his head completely under water. In that position I shaved the back of his head and his mouth found my penis again to suck it while I was shaving his head. He came up to take another deep breath and went down again to my dick and now he masturbated his own at the same time. I shaved his head extensively and he enjoyed it very much.

To shave the sides of his head he had to come up again and after a few minutes his head was shaved as clean as mine. Now we caressed each other's shaved heads and we both we very happy about our head shaving session.

We agreed that this would not have been the last time we would have such a nice session and now we both are growing out our hair again for the next meeting.



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