William turned off the shower and caught the tail end of some instructions from his wife. 'What?' he yelled back.

'...And Luke is here, too.' William heard the door slam. Annette must be off to work, he thought. It was a Saturday but she worked odd hours and he rarely kept track of them.

The news that Luke had arrived already made William quicken his pace: rubbing his hair vigorously with the towel, drying between his toes a little less fastidiously than usual, turning briefly to inspect his profile without success in the steamed-up bathroom mirror. Still not too bad he decided as he placed his hand on his slightly rounded belly and sucked it in. Not like Luke's though! He pictured the boy as he was the first day he saw him, a grubby, tight T-shirt doing little to hide the flat stomach which plunged vertically down into the front of his faded, skinny jeans hung low on his hips. 'Luke is helping us with the gardening,' Annette said. 'Every Saturday morning.' William stared at the young lad's scruffy brown mop of hair, his oval face and his slightly too long nose. And he blushed when the boy acknowledged him with a nod and fixed him with unusually bold brown eyes. He was still astounded that Annette had neither seemed to notice Luke's beauty nor notice the effect it had on her husband.

William searched the bedroom for his favourite jeans and wondered what Luke would be wearing this morning. Luke usually wore skinny jeans, though not so tight they looked like girly leggings. William wished he could get himself some skinny jeans. Sadly, they were not the fashion when he was younger and now in his early forties he thought he was probably too old for them. Besides, Annette would probably also have something to say if he started dressing less conventionally. He didn't want to arouse suspicions about his sexuality, not after nine years of happy marriage. When he was alone, however, William would stand before the mirror and tug his jeans down low like a teenager's and pull them tight around the legs from behind, admiring the bulge of his erection as it grew. He knew it was weird and he knew it was a symptom of his sexual frustration. Ideally, William wished he could steal a pair of Luke's jeans and use those to masturbate with. Then again, ideally he would steal Luke along with the jeans.

'Where are my bloody pants?' mumbled William trundling downstairs to look for clean underwear and gripping the towel wrapped round his waist. On his way to the 'washroom', as Annette liked to call the pokey area by the back door of their L-shaped kitchen, William stopped to peer out of the window. Luke's blue lumberjack-style shirt was draped over a handle of the wheelbarrow. He couldn't see Luke but perhaps he was in the shed at the bottom of the garden. William had often thought that would be a good place to seduce him. They would stand close together potting plants. It was a ridiculous idea since William didn't know the first thing about gardening. Nor was it the warmest of mornings for seduction in the garden. As it as William's feet felt the chill of the kitchen floor tiles. Still, he could pretend Luke was showing him his gardening skills, and then inadvertently they would touch. Not for the first time, William imagined how they would pick up each other's innuendos until they found themselves in a warm embrace. He imagined his tongue entwined with his and his hands slipping down his back until they reached the firm muscles of Luke's partially exposed buttocks. The thought caused a small rush of blood to his penis.

A small sound made him swing round. There in the washroom area, half concealed around the corner, stood Luke. 'Alright, Will?' said Luke with a nod. Nobody else ever called William 'Will' but he loved Luke's familiarity with him. Luke was quietly taking seeds from a bag – a little too quietly, thought William.

'Hi,' responded William. His mind raced. His semi-erection may have been visible through the towel but he daren't look down to check. Why he was sorting seeds there William couldn't understand but no doubt Annette had told him to.

Luke turned slightly to face William. 'You alright?' he said again, this time more as a question. William's first though was to rush but he had to provide a reason he was standing there semi-nude.

'Looking for pants,' William explained a little too forcefully as he pulled the towel more securely round his waist.

Luke glanced down at the towel, then at William's bare feet and finally back to his face – all in an instant. Oh bugger, thought William, as he suddenly realised the colour of his towel was peach. For a moment he cursed his wife's taste in home furnishings. Luke stretched his shoulders back and revealed a strip of flesh between the blue waistband of his own briefs, just visible above his jeans, and his tight white vest which, now minus his lumberjack shirt, was all he wore despite the chill in the air. 'Okay,' he said and he turned back to continue sorting seeds.

William particularly loved those faded torn black skinny jeans of Luke's. He knew precisely where they were torn having studied them on several occasions when he could do so without being observed himself. When William masturbated he regularly thought of Luke in those jeans, day-dreaming of feeling his right knee through the largest of the rips, or pushing his fingers into the rip halfway up his left thigh, better still pressing his face against the hole by his bum or forcing his tongue into the small tear between his crotch and the tight bulge made by the phone which was always in his pocket. All this flashed through William's mind as he stood paralysed with anxiety.

Luke looked up again. Grasping his towel, William stepped towards him and pointed towards the pile of clean washing to the right of Luke.

'Sorry,' muttered William.

'No problem, Will.'

Luke smiled slightly and carried on. The smile and the use of 'Will' were like a magnet, despite the terror of being 'found out'. There was not a lot of space in the 'washroom' although to be honest there was probably enough for William to pass. But Luke didn't move. William stopped just short of Luke and looked down at his large, strong hands, grubby with soil, handling the seeds gently and deftly.

'Doing a good job there,' William observed. It sounded pathetic but it provided him with an excuse to stop behind Luke and admire close up the emergent muscles of teenage youth in his shoulders and upper arms.

'Yep. Just sorting seeds.'

William was now very close. He wanted to run his tongue down Luke's smooth neck and smell his skin. His cock quivered. Christ's sake, William thought, what the bloody hell am I doing. William imagined Luke turning round now, seeing his hardon, getting angry and walking out in disgust. Everyone would know, including Annette. And William loved his wife. He really loved her, despite his preference for his own sex which he never admitted to anyone, and despite Annette's lack of adventure. Sex these days with Annette was generally a bit fondling followed by some missionary position fucking, during which William imagined he was instead fucking the young blonde guy in the corner-shop, or one of the lads that hung around the park in the evening – or more recently, Luke.

'Just sorting seeds,' Luke repeated calmly, almost suggestively.

William stretched round him and reached for the clothes pile. He apologised again.

'It's cool,' replied Luke.

Yet, Luke still stayed put. As he reached William's bare foot knocked against Luke's boot. It felt cold but the feel of it thrilled William nevertheless. Many times William had pictured himself naked rubbing his cock down Luke's denim-clad calf and over his scuffed leather boot. Why didn't Luke move away to let him get his underwear? Maybe he was playing games. That thought sent a shiver through William's body. His towel slipped a little and he pulled back to secure it again. Leaning across again William attempted to extricate his boxers from under a couple of sheets and one of his wife's bras. He felt his bare lower leg press against Luke's. William stayed there. So did Luke.

'I think there are some here,' William said unconvincingly, and he placed a steadying left hand on Luke's shoulder. That beautiful bare shoulder! How warm to the touch it was.

'It's cool,' said Luke again.

'It's certainly cool,' William punned. 'And you're not the one in just a towel.'

William cringed at what he'd just said. Luke looked round into the face of the unclothed man standing close behind him and just smiled again.

'I don't mind. It's cool.'

William stopped fumbling. What did he mean? Luke carried on sorting seeds, though significantly more slowly – or so it seemed to William. He fought to control his breathing. His cock was hardening now and pushing out his towel. If he was to walk away now he was not sure how he could avoid Luke spotting his erection. Perhaps he could blame it on the chilly weather or call it a morning wood. As a teenager Luke would know the problems of an uncontrollable boner. Luke with an erection! That last thought just made it worse for William.

Now, William was not generally a risk-taker. His was a mundane, suburban existence and his one attempt to go secretly to a gay sauna ended badly when, having arrived, he lacked the courage to go in. On this occasion, however, he ignored the perils that were in store if it went wrong and read the signals coming from Luke as permission to continue. In his dreams he had rehearsed seducing Luke (and many others) on numerous occasions, but now he wasn't entirely sure what to do. After standing motionless for what seemed like ages, William's hand, still on Luke's shoulder, shifted downwards just an inch, and then slid again, more slowly this time, to rest on the firmness of the boy's firm young bicep. Luke's head adjusted slightly; his earth-soiled fingers still amongst the seeds but no longer doing anything useful.

William grew braver. Pulling back slightly, he took his right hand from the washing pile to loosen the front of his towel. Then he leaned in towards Luke and let the end of his rock hard phallus just rub against Luke's bum. Only gently. Just the tip. The thrill sent waves through William's body and his cock shuddered as it released a drop of lubricant. He wanted to feel Luke all over – first feel him clothed, then slowly undress him and explore his young naked body with his hands, his lips, his tongue and of course his cock.

William moved his right hand up and placed it on Luke's waist. God, it was firm and good to touch. The towel fell to the floor but William ignored it. He moved his hand further round to the flat of his stomach and explored Luke's developing abdominal muscles, first through his vest then under it. It reached up to the base of his pectorals and then down again across his navel, stopping to rest on the waistband of his briefs. Meanwhile, William's left hand moved off on a separate journey o discovery of its own. It slipped under Luke's upper arm to feel the rise and fall of his rib-cage. It then moved down Luke's waist and parked itself on the lad's slim hip. William leant his hips forward to feel Luke's arse full against his groin. The shaft of his cock rubbed up against the firm shape of Luke's bum. He felt the rough edge of his back pocket. William couldn't believe Luke was allowing him to do this.

'D'you wanna suck my cock?' Luke asked suddenly.

William froze. 'Erm...' Whatever he was expecting, he hadn't expected that. Luke turned round causing William to release him and step back. The boy looked down at the cock standing fully to attention before him, and then up into William's eyes. Again, that bold eye contact.

'Yeah?' Luke pointedly looked down at his own crotch and then back to William. 'It's cool. If you want.'

Something must have worked for Luke. Beside the clear outline of the mobile phone in his poacket there was the equally clear shape of his penis. William stared. Then he reached out and placed his hand over it. Oh! William was rubbing Luke's semi-hard cock through his jeans. He thought he was in heaven!

Up until this point William had imagined he was in charge of the situation. Luke's bold offer, however, changed that. The young lad, still looking William full in the face, unhurriedly undid the buttons of his fly, slipped his thumbs under the waistband of his briefs and pushed both jeans and underwear down to just above his knees. William's momentary disappointment at not being allowed to unclothe Luke himself quickly gave way to excitement and astonishment. Luke smiled slightly at William's reaction. He took his cock lightly between his soil-stained fingers and thumb and rubbed it up and down, within seconds transforming a downward curving semi-erection into a dead-straight, almost fully engorged cock. William was not small, but Luke's was bigger and it had a massive helmet. Smooth and hairless, pink and healthy-looking – this was a young man's fuck-apparatus at the peak of its power. William reached out to touch it. Luke dropped his hand to let William wrap his hand around it.

'It's beautiful,' complimented Will.

Luke breathed deeply and then placed his hand behind William's neck. It was a clear signal to go down on him. For the first time William wondered if Luke had done this before, he seemed so confident. William bent over and placed his lips on the area of stomach exposed by his raised vest. Luke indulged him for a little while but a steady increase of pressure at the back of William's head told him what was needed. William dropped to his knees and noticed the mud Luke's boots had brought in and the towel on which one boot now stood. William opened his mouth and took his first taste of another man's cock. Of course, he had tasted his own semen on several occasions, but this was different. It was more enjoyable. And much nicer than the smell or taste of his wife's vaginal juices, which he didn't suffer too often because Annette considered oral sex a bit perverted.

William decided he would tease the tip of Luke's cock with his tongue for a while and then work his way gently down the shaft of Luke's cock to suck playfully on his nuts. Unfortunately, this was not William's decision. Luke's firm hand on William's head caused the teenager's cock to push forcefully down his throat making him choke.

When William recovered from gagging his response was automatic: 'Sorry,' he said.

An impartial observer of the situation might have thought it should have been for the youngster to apologise, but Luke merely responded with 'It's cool,' and pushed the older man's head back on to his cock and reinforced the mouth-fucking with slight movements of the hips, making William gag again.

William persevered. He hoped Luke would provide him with a mouthful of teenage semen, something he had often dreamt of but never though would actually happen. Luke suddenly pulled back. Guessing the boy was about to cum, William looked up expectantly with open mouth as he had seen them do in the gay videos he secretly watched. He was probably right about Luke's being on the edge but instead a firm hand under his arm signalled that William was being instructed to stand. He wondered if a kiss would be allowed. William really wanted to kiss Luke. He really wanted to swap cum from one mouth to another – his or Luke's, he didn't mind. But William was being turned around. Given his inexperience, William was quite glad Luke was taking a surprisingly dominant role but he did wonder if he was supposed to be more assertive in response.

'Okay if I fuck you?' William wasn't sure if Luke was really asking a question.

'Er... I don't know. Perhaps.' William had always wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked but was understandably worried it might hurt. Luke took 'perhaps' as consent, if indeed consent was needed. William felt Luke's large, warm hand in the centre of his back and found himself bent over the tumble drier. 'Oh, it's cold,' he said, but the shock of bare skin on cold metal was immediately replaced by sudden jolt of what he guessed was a finger pushing into his anus. William wondered if this was really what he wanted to be doing at half past nine on a Saturday morning. Oh, Christ!' he remarked involuntarily as Luke inserted a second finger and then pulled out again.

He looked back at Luke. His jeans were down by his ankles, his vest still rucked up above his belly button. William had long wanted to lick that navel whatever teenage state it was in. Luke's hand wrapped around his cock and he wanked it up and down a few times to ensure it was fully hard. His fingers were still dirty with earth, fingers that had just been up William's arse. Luke spat and watched his saliva drop onto the head of his cock. Good shot, thought William.

'Don't we need... you know, precautions?' William ventured with some concern.

'It's okay,' replied Luke. He pumped his spittle-covered cock again with his gardener's hand. 'It's cool.' He stepped forwards again and placed a hand on William's backside.

'It's just that... oh!' William was prevented from suggesting a condom and perhaps some lubricant (not that he had any) by a sudden push and the almost immediate insertion of Luke's cock into his arse. 'Oh, bloody fucking hell!' he cried, clenching his teeth and trying hard not to scream. 'Bloody hell!'

To give him his due, Luke stopped and waited for the first spasms of pain to subside. William pictured the bulkhead of Luke's erect penis glaring menacingly up his colon. He thought of the prenatal classes he and Annette went to before the birth of their only daughter. Breathe through the pain, he told himself, long deep breaths. Had William fantasised about other men quite as much before their baby had died? He wasn't sure, but he did know that since then Annette had been sexually less responsive and William desperately desired sex with another man. The massive muscle up his bum, however, was making him question that desire.

Luke slowly began to move again. William breathed hard and tried to relax into the pain. Luke's cock pushed in and then withdrew, pushed in a bit further and withdrew again, increasing in speed and driving deeper. William felt the heat of Luke's cock. He wasn't enjoying it. He was glad he was experiencing being fucked and delighted he was being fucked by the strapping young sex-god of his dreams, but he did not want to do this again. William continued concentrating on his breathing. Gradually, however, the pain subsided and was replaced by a different feeling. Now no longer burning, William began to enjoy the sensation of Luke's warm cock sliding in and out of him with steady rhythmical thrusts. William's cock had deflated but he reached down to play with it as it began to grow again. Every now and then Luke spat on William's backside and smeared it around his cock to help ease its passage.

William said, 'That's nice now.'

'Cool,' said Luke.

Now Luke's breathing grew deeper and stronger. He pushed more strongly with his hips and drove his long shaft deeper and deeper into William. Oh God, thought William, had he spoken too soon. Luke's thrusts became more violent as he began to pound the older man's arse. What Luke was hitting deep inside William didn't know but it was again painful. Not only that, but with the increased force drove William's hips painfully against the edge of the tumble drier. Oh stop, he thought. But the pain inside him was a different pain such as William had not experienced before. Perhaps an enjoyable sexual pain, he was not sure. It was excruciating but this time William was not sure he wanted it to stop. With each lunge Luke rammed his weaponry deep into the fortress of William's arse, a fortress which until now no aggressor had conquered. If only he wasn't being jolted so brutally against the drying machine – it bloody well hurt! Luke's muscular upper legs and hips slapped loudly and repeatedly against William's buttocks. And each slap was followed instantly by the sound of William guttural grunting and as the breath was forced from his lungs. Slap! 'Ergh!' Slap! 'Ergh!' The teenager was now firing on all cylinders, the circular motion of his hips driving the piston along William's shaft with well-oiled precision . William had by now been pushed further across the drier so that his head knocked against the tiles of the wall. He used one arm to push himself back up and away but the continued pressure from Luke's arm and the relentless fucking proved too much. So bloody painful, thought William, his head still knocking against the wall. Please stop soon, William pleaded to himself, but he was not convinced he wanted it to stop.

'I'm cumming,' muttered Luke pumping in and out. 'Oh, fuck!'

Thank God, thought William. And Luke certainly did cum. He suddenly stopped thrusting and pressed as hard as he could into William. Luke held his breath and then, with a small grunt, he fired a volley of fluid ammunition deep into William. William had no expectations of what it would feel like when Luke ejaculated, but he should not have been surprised to feel the first hot emission deep within his bowels, followed after a brief pause by countless more jets of cum – Luke's hot seed inside his bum. He felt Luke give a few more groin-thrusts as he emptied his sperm into the older man, accompanying each cum-spurt with savage grunting noises. Soon enough, though, it slowed and one last small spurt was followed by a long release of breath from Luke.

William hardly felt Luke withdraw – he was probably a bit numb from the experience. He lay there sprawled across the tumble drier, his left hip particularly painful and bruised. For a minute he stayed like that, his neck twisted and his cheek pressed against the wall. Then he heaved himself up and turned slowly to look at his assailant.

Luke had already pulled up his briefs, placing his penis back into its holster. He reached down to slip his jeans – oh, those sexy skinny jeans – back up over his muscular young legs and with fingers still soiled but now a little smeared he refastened his fly buttons. Luke looked up.

'Alright, Will?' he asked.

William looked into those bold brown eyes. Had he just been raped? It certainly wasn't quite what he had anticipated. 'Yes... thanks.'

'No problem. It's cool.'

The sound of a key in the front door suddenly threw William into a panic. 'Annette? What's she doing back? I thought she went to work.'

'No,' Luke told him. 'Shops, she told me.'

'Bloody hell!' whispered William and he bent down to pick up the peach-coloured towel now grubby with Luke's muddy bootprints. 'Bloody hell!' he repeated.

The front door opened and closed again. 'Hello?' called Annette. 'William?'

William rushed to kitchen door. 'Oh, bloody hell!' He realised his leg and hip was red with bruising. He ran back to the washroom area. He grabbed a dressing gown from the pile of clean washing and flung himself into it.

'There you are.'

'Oh, hello dear,' William said in as casual and delighted a voice as he could muster when she walked into the kitchen.

Annette smiled and then looked at him quizzically. 'Why are you wearing my dressing gown?'

'Erm... Couldn't find my own,' he lied. 'And was just looking for pants – ah, there they are.' He took a pair from the pile and walked past his wife out of the kitchen and towards the stairs.

'Have you seen Luke? She asked.

'Luke? Oh... err, no. I think he's out in the garden somewhere.'

Annette looked out of the window and spotted the boy by the garden shed with a bag of seeds. William scuttled upstairs and into the bathroom. First he wiped his arsehole, still smarting from the assault. He then washed his feet, made dirty after stepping in Luke's mud. He dressed quickly. Then sat on the edge of the bed for a moment to collect himself before finally heading back downstairs. William halted halfway down, aghast to see a muddy footprint on the stair carpet. Damn! He would have to think up some story to explain that away.

'William?' called his wife.

'Yes, dear?' William continued downstairs and into the kitchen.

Annette handed him the car keys. 'William, be a love and get some plants and seeds from the garden centre for me.' William looked surprised – he knew nothing about plants. 'Don't worry! Luke will go with you,' she added nodding to the back door.

William turned to see Luke watching him with bold brown eyes. 'Alright, Will?' he said, as if he hadn't just been fucking the living daylights out of him. He smiled and put one hand into his pocket pushing his jeans marginally lower.

His wife continued. 'Luke knows what he needs. He's quite an expert at planting seed.'

William felt a dribble of Luke's liquid seed escape from his anus. Oh God, he thought.

'Right,' said William. 'Okay. I'll meet you round the front.'

'Cool,' said Luke.




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