So there was this guy called Scott and he was really good looking. He had short blonde hair and had a pretty hot body and a great ass. Scott had this weird thing about him like he was unreachable but ever so appealing, to everyone.

So after liking him for a few years we were both at a party and I got a little bit drunk and went over to him. We greeted and he seemed to be in a really good mood. A little while later I bumped into him in the kitchen and he was so flirty with me. I couldn't believe this was happening it was great.

After the party as I was leaving, Scott asked me if I wanted to go back to his for a bit, like I would refuse! We walked to his house and the night got frisky.

I knew he was into his bondage so was excited to see what would happen. Scott went into his bedroom and came out dressed in a blue soccer shirt and white soccer shorts completing the kit was socks and soccer boots. He had a massive smile upon his face and it looked like I was in for one hell of a night.

Scott got some rope out and started to come over to me. He tied my feet together and then tied my arms and wrists into a hogtie on the floor. He took of one of his socks and tied it into a knot to gag me with. When it went into my mouth I could taste the sweat from his feet and the smell went through my nose too, secretly it turned me on even more and my boner showed it.

Scott's hand went up and down my stomach and tickled me on my stomach and armpits and moved his hand down to my flies and undid my jeans zip. He took out my dick from my underwear and started to jerk me off. It went slowly at first but got faster and faster until I came all over his arm and my jeans which Scott just laughed at.

Afterwards, Scott ungagged me and pulled down his shorts. I put my mouth around his hard cock and started to suck him off. The sensation was unbelievable as I was bound and could barely kneel whilst sucking off this huge cock. After he came all over my face I started to lick out his ass and got him all wet again.

He untied me and then cuffed me to his bed and gave me anal as I screamed in pleasure, Scott had a thing for whips too so started to whip me a little and I just couldn't hold in the come anymore and cummed all over his bed as he licked it up.

That night I fell asleep in the cuffs and woke up with the ultimate hard on, something to try out on my own. Scott uncuffed me and we had quick sex in gags, nothing was normal that night. I started to walk home and got a message from Scott on my cell phone it read: 'Are you busy Saturday?'



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