I was so psyched when my first signs of hair started to show just over my boy cock. How things have changed since then, I regularly wax my pubes to keep it looking sexy and around my ass maintaining its eatable look. Yea it hurts like hell and I am sore for a day or two but the look on the faces of men, bottom or top when they see my totally hairless FUCK MUSCLE and tight FUCK HOLE is worth it all.

I am Kyle Jones a 20 year old guy who likes to fuck ass as much as a tight pussy, but can't seem to enjoy a good blowjob unless it is a man doing it. Then there is my ass, oh I love getting fucked in the ass until I come over and over. You should get by now that I have an insatiable FUCK DRIVE.I would go on the internet to find guys to fuck mostly on Facebook, but I never would have guessed someone close to me had seen my hairless body in action and was lusting after it.

Growing up in Barbados, Monte and I did everything together even fucking the same girls but it has been years since we have seen each other naked. A few weeks back we decided to go to a secluded creek to fuck two girls, alternating between them. When we got to the creek Monte and the girls quickly stripped to their swimming gears but I just sat down watching them as they each dived into the water the splashed around in the water for about half an hour then Stacy the braver of the two girls said " Hey Kyle, come join us." Monte started a duet with Stacy "Join us, Join us, Join us............" I gave in as they cheered " YEAH, You Can Do It," when my tee-shirt came over my head but their cheering stopped suddenly when I pulled off my trucks and everything that was considered underwear. I was now standing totally naked with mouths opened and three pairs of lustful eyes staring at my totally hairless body.

I said out loud " I only get naked in front of someone when it is time to, " leaving the statement hanging incomplete, I dived into the water coming up in front of Trish surprising her but not as much as when I pulled her to me crushing her mouth with mine. Monte needed not say a word when Stacy pulled herself unto his body wrapping her legs around his waist.

With Trish naked and very turned on when I lifted her out of the water and headed to the sand where I wasted no time parting her legs and driving my 9 inch FUCK POLE into her secretly virginal pussy. She screamed in pain and I smiled at the realization and said out loud, "VIRGIN." I slowed my tempo and gently fucked her to satisfaction more than once before having mine. All this time paying little attention to Monte, who had been watching my every stroke and how my glutes contracted when I drove my cock into Trish's pussy.

I didn't even know how long he fucked Stacy or if he had but I knew for sure she was not satisfied. She had her mouth on my cock the moment it was out of Trish's pussy, begging me to fuck her too. Man I fucked Her Like the whore she was while Monte watched fisting his cock to my rhythm Stacy came over and over I finally pulled out and let my cum shoot over her face and breast.

I Got up off of Stacy and stretched my hand to Trish who I decided was going to be mine and was secretly glad that Monte had not fucked her. Little did I know that he now wanted me and not her by just looking at my hairless entertaining body? Pulling her back to the creek I sank back into the water giving her no choice but to follow. I hug her body to mine from behind kissing and nipping at her neck with one hand massaging her breasts and nipples and the other working her clitoris, all in all shaking her body with spasm after spasm of pleasure.

I whispered in her ears gently yet dominantly, "Your pussy belongs to only me and only me." She didn't answer me, I pushed her upper body forward and with the help of my hand already at her pussy I thrust into her pulsing pussy "answer me," I growled in her ears, "who do u belong to now?" I fucked her teasing her body and stopping her orgasms making her beg for release.

I could see Monte fucking Stacy again but he was in an angle where he could see everything I did. Stacy I could tell was enjoying the fuck and paid little attention to the fact that Monte's Mind was elsewhere I thought my straight friend was envious of my new pussy, once again I was wrong.

I decided to fuck her with all I have, seeing his lustful eyes staring at us and my misguided competition spirit was in full gear. I was going to be the only man to claim that pussy and I intended to brand her as mine only; she was the one girl I was not willing to share with him. "Please," she began begging, "let me cum."

I brought my lips to her ear, "tell me first who owns your pussy," knowingly thrusting long and deep into her pussy building up another orgasm not able to bear the torture no more, she scream "You". I raised my voice and said, "Who," wanting him to hear. She screamed louder this time "You". I started moving faster her breathing began to become erratic I could tell she was close and so was I, her body began to spasm as she came her pussy muscle tightening around my sunken cock and forcing me to cum after a few more strokes.

I made eye contact with Monte who by now had Stacy thrashing her body beneath in orgasm but he of himself was still focused on me even though I could tell he was cumming in the midst of Stacy's orgasm.

We cleaned up and left for home I kissed Trish good bye and confirmed our date the next night. Monte said to me after we dropped Stacy home, "You were impressive Bro, you sure know how to handle that meat between your legs and you don't have any hair on your body, I like that".

I answered confused as to why he would mention my cock, "Thanks, you weren't that bad either. We said goodnight and headed off in our own direction. I had expected him to say something about me keeping Trish to myself but he surprised me there.

A few days passed we spoke as usual over the phone when he invited me to his cousin's wedding out of town



Kc Caleb

[email protected]


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