My name is Anthony Malino, and I have always liked men. I knew from a very early age that I was gay and would live the gay lifestyle. I had no problem with that, though a lot of people did. Still, I lived my life to the fullest and did not plan to do otherwise. I am about 5'5 a little short, but I make up for it in other ways. I have black spiky hair with my short bangs colored very light blonde. I have several piercings; my tongue, eyebrows, my bottom lip pierced in the snake bite fashion, and my ears each have six piercings, including the barbell that extends from top to bottom lobe. I am sure you all are wondering, so I will tell you anyways. My tight fitting pants that seem to be painted on my slender body, hides my cock. A 9.5 incher that is rather thick. Where it hides when I wear skinny jeans, I will never know. Anyways, enough about me. This encounter is based on some true events, when I met my first boyfriend from freshman year of college in Denver, Colorado.


It was the typical wait from DFW airport in Dallas, Texas to Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado. Meaning there was the typical layover wait, overpriced food and drinks, boring people and nothing to do but work on the book I was writing on my laptop. I was enthralled in the world of Tommy, the Vampire Hunter when I heard someone call out to me.

'Excuse me; do you know if this is the terminal for the flight to Denver?'

As I looked up, I was entranced at once. There stood a modern day Emo Adonis! He was wearing some tight fitting, worn out jeans that hugged his beautiful shaped and slender body. The neon pink shirt he wore was so tight, you could count that he had a six pack. His hair was a dirty blonde and was cut in a punkish style, with bangs that swept his face. He was an Emo's dream come true!

'Uh, ya it is actually,' I replied. 'The plane has been delayed for a while. They are waiting for the replacement pilot to arrive; the first one's son was taken to the hospital for appendicitis.'

'Bad luck on him,' he exclaimed. 'So are you going to Johnson & Wales University too?'

'Why yes I am actually,' I stated. 'I am going to study to receive the Masters in Culinary Arts, and you?'

'The same, my name is Matt by the way.' He extended his hand to shake.

'Mine is Anthony, it's nice to meet you.'

At that time, they called us aboard and we noticed that our seats were right next to each other. Man, I hope I don't pop a boner and freak him out. I want to actually get to know him and maybe find him being with me. We will have to wait and see.


After the flight, we were all given our room assignments, and guess what? None other than Matt and some creepy looking guy ended up being in the three student suite. We each had our own private room, but shared a living area and kitchenette. I was ecstatic! There is clearly some type of attraction between us; could this be my college love?

'Hey Anthony, I was wondering if you wanted to go for a drink?'

'Uh, ya,' I replied. 'That sounds like fun actually.'

'Awesome, I was thinking maybe we can do it in my room? I really think that you are a pretty cool person, and would like to really know you. No is not a suitable answer, just be ready and at my room at seven.'

With that, he walked up to me, and kissed me deeply on my lips. As we parted, he gave me a wink and left. I have no idea what just happened, but damn am I happy. Oh my god, now I have to figure out what I was going to wear. Ugh, I hate these types of decisions!

As seven rolled around, I was ready and went into his room. I decided to wear my favorite outfit that is not only sexy as hell, but the most Emo outfit that I had ion my wardrobe. My pants were black with Hot Pink stitching that seemed painted on. My shirt was a vintage style cover art of a Hawthorne Heights album. I decided to wear my favorite Converse, Hot Pink and black. See a pattern/ my favorite color? My hair was straightened and newly colored; Black, with hot pink, white, and purple highlights. It's amazing what a hair stylist can do in two hours time! As I walked up to his door, I could hear Decembers by Hawthorne Heights! My all time favorite song in the whole world! Gah, I think I am in love already! I knocked on the door and when he answered I tried not to swoon! He was wearing some very tight white Tripp pants, traditional black and whit converse, and a To Write Love On Her Arms Dee-on. His hair had been re-colored, and not just the boring blonde, but black and white striped. I was in love all over again.

'Hey lovey, are you ready to have a drink? You ate I hope?'

'Ya, I ate, thanks for asking; and yes, a drink sounds amazing.'

'Ok, well what is your favorite drink, and I can probably make it for you. I took a bartending course this summer, and remember a lot,' he explained while nervously giggling.

'I would love a Slipper Nipple with extra sugar on the rim, orange garnish not lime,' I replied instantly. I can't believe I said that.

'Wow that is actually how I make mine, too weird! Coming up Mon ami,' he said in a fluent French accent.

'Mon deui, parle-vous francais?' I replied.

'Actually just what I learned from reading The Anita Blake series by...'

'Laurell K. Hamilton,' I interrupted with.

'Yes, how did you know? Are you a fan too?'

I did not wait for another answer; I had to have him now and then. I went up to him, and just ravaged his lovely mouth. We kissed deeply for what seemed forever before we parted and ventured to the bedroom. As we stopped kissing, he pulled me to his bed, and began to nibble on my neck. My neck is my most sensitive area on my body and turns me on so bad. We were getting so damn hot, that the next thing I knew, we were totally naked and making out. I was on top and knew I just had to suck his cock. As I mad my way down on him, I saw that he had a huge cock, about 10 inches and was uncut. Both of which I love the most! I began to swirl my tongue around his head and his foreskin, and he was moaning uncontrollably. He was moaning and moving so much, that I had to pull back or he would choke me. He then pulled me up, and traded positions. As he went to suck my cock, I had a feeling I was going to be in ecstasy. He began to nibble on my head and I started to moan in pleasure. He then started to take me to the hilt, and it was amazing! I knew that I was going to end up cumming, so I had tried to tell him but it was too late.

'Oh my god, that was amazing.' I said.

'I am glad that you liked it, but trust me that there will be a lot more to come.' He replied.

'I was hoping you would say that.' I said.

As we laid and rested, I knew that I had to have his tight nice ass. We started to make out, and I was good and ready to fuck the shit out of his ass. I was about to take his ass, when the door opened. I saw the creepy guy standing there in a black cloak. As I was about to protest, he waved his arm, and we were both immobilized. He just smiled and his words in his British accent chilled my blood.

'Look it here at the lovely two Chavs. I will take much delight in ravishing your bodies. Let's have some fun shall we?'

Well, guys that is part one! Stay tuned for part two to this great story series as well as more! Will Anthony and his new Beau be able to have their relationship, and be happy? Why is the creepy guy a witch, and looking at them like meat? Why am I asking rhetorical questions? Just kidding on the last one! Hope you liked it and will post the second installment as soon as I can finish it out!


Anthony aka Kimo No Neko

[email protected]


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