I typically have three roommates in my “guy house”, but one graduated from college and recently moved out. So, I decided to try temporarily renting the room, “b and b” style. After advertising on one of the popular sites, I got a request from a young guy travelling the US from Egypt. When I greeted him at the airport I encountered a young, muscular, olive skinned, dark haired man who was wide-eyed excited about discovering  the US. I was even more impressed he rushed me with an enthusiastic hug and thanked me for hosting him. The embrace lasted long enough for me to absorb a distinctly manly scent from many hours of international travel. “Karim” was the kind of guy who seemed comfortable pretty much anywhere and was one of the more outgoing and friendly guys I’d ever encountered even within the first few minutes of meeting him.

The twenty minute ride back to my house was non-stop chatting and by the time we arrived at my house, I knew this guy was going to be a fast friend. Clad only in a tight fitting v-neck shirt, basketball shorts and sandals, Karim was a hairy beast. Tufts of jet black chest hair came over the frayed collar of his shirt and condensed to thick fur between his pecs.  He seemed to top out at 5’10 and was broad shouldered and beefy.

After settling in, I suggested a bike ride to tour my town. He quickly agreed and started to peel of his shirt to change clothes. So many young guys are modest, but Karim was utterly unselfconscious. This guy had spent all four years of college playing intramural soccer and was pretty confident about his physique. You know, the kind who naturally rubs their chests, spending a little time over their nipples, and easily readjusting their “package” while  carrying on a conversation with you.

I went to my room to change, not expecting him to follow close behind, but not wanting to interrupt our chat. I’m pretty much a clothes optional kinda guy at home, so changing in front of him wasn’t going to bother me. Plus it’s a good  test to check out another guy’s comfort. I completely stripped in front of him and there wasn’t even a pause. I am in decent shape for a forty year old, and fairly hairy myself. I typically hang around 4-5 inches flaccid and  top out slightly over 7. With a tan line and some strategic manscaping it was pretty easy to draw focus to my crotch. His eyes immediately focused on my penis and immediately remarked, “Wow, dude, you’re hung! Are all Americans as big as you?” I smiled and looked down at my own equipment, and by the time I looked back up, he whipped out his dick to compare. Man, this guy was super comfortable with his body!

Karim tugged on his dick trying to “measure up” to what he was seeing in front of him. “Did you want to compare dick size?” I asked. “Hell, yes. I want to know what it takes to satisfy American women! All my buddies back home kept hearing stories about you American dudes and I want to head back home with some good stories!” “Damn”, I thought. This little straight guy doesn’t mince words. So here we were, barely an hour into meeting each other, and both of us tugging on our dicks in front of each other.

Karim’s package was just as hairy as the rest of his body with a cut cock and pretty ample balls. “C’mon, man! Get your dick up so we can compare! “ I started to stroke my own, just inches away from him. It didn’t take long for me to catch up with this young stud. His dick was so much darker than my tool, maybe not quite as long, but seriously thick. “All my buds back home do this all the time. We don’t have access to many women. Hell, we hardly even see more than their wrists or ankles, so we don’t have much choice than to hang out, fantasize and jerk our meat. We all look pretty much the same, but, I don’t think any of us have ever seen a white dick before, outside of porn.”

Once we were both at full mast he keeps a grip around his meat and steps right up to me, dick to dick. Fuck, he was already leaking precum. “Let’s set them up, side by side and compare.” With that, we are chest to chest pushing our dicks into each other’s abdomen. “Man, you have me beat by a couple of inches!” I reassured him he had some great girth, far out-doing me in that department. He reached out and wrapped one hand around me dick while gripping his with the other. “Yeah, I’m a bit thicker than you, but what I’d give to have a longer cock" “Mind if I compare as well?” I said. And with that, he nonchalantly placed my hand on his shaft. “See? Yeah, I’m a bit thicker, but not by much.”. Yeah, right. Maybe not as thick as a can of Coke, like so many say here, but damn that dick was a thick tool.

With his curiosity satisfied, he stuffed his dick back in his shorts and said, “Great, let’s head out on that bike ride, man.” I could hardly catch my breath. Standing there with my dick in my hand, still naked. Wanting this to go a helluva lot further. “Uh.. sure.. let me find my gear and we’ll take off”. I’ve been nude with a bunch of my straight males friends, but this was a first. I’d never met someone so comfortable with his own body and ease touching another man’s penis.

Taking a bike tour around the trails of my town gave me an opportunity to let him take the lead, so I could gaze at those broad brown shoulders and that great patch of black hair climbing up above his waistband over his firm ass. What a “v-form” this guy had. What a set of thick, hairy calves that stretched with every stroke of the pedals.  We were both pouring sweat and when we finally got home, every strand of his thick black chest hair was matted down and laying over his heaving pecs.

“Shower time, buddy”, I said. I need to cool off and needed time to myself. I showed him his bath and supplies and headed to my room. Stripping off my soaked clothes, I stepped into the shower and went straight for my dick, soaping it up and clutching my sack. I had been half hard for over two hours and I needed to drop a load. With my eyes closed and one hand pinching my nipples, I kept jerking my meat thinking about this hot guy down the hall. Completely self-absorbed, I didn’t notice him coming in my bathroom. “Hey man, do you have any…” when he got a glimpse of what I was doing. “Shit, you can’t keep your hands off your dick, can you?” he laughed.  Here I am with my dick in my hand, and he’s laughing. “Don’t mind me, buddy. Go ahead and finish off. I’ll come back” With that, he ambled out the door. I honestly had not met some guy like this before.

I quickly stroked off a healthy load and dried off. Standing in front of the mirror, Karim comes back in, still naked,  to ask for some deodorant. He looks down at my red dick and says, “Man, you sure gave that meat of yours a good workout!”  I didn’t know what to say, and he didn’t give me a chance to respond. “Hey, you hungry?” he asked. “Eh, sure.., let me throw some clothes on and we’ll raid the fridge”. “Dude, it’s just you and me here. What’s the need for clothes? Let’s free-ball for awhile. Give my junk a chance to air out after the trip”

With that, we headed to the kitchen and grabbed some sandwich supplies,  a couple of beers, and headed out to my enclosed patio. Sitting around the table, he noticed I had a hot tub. “Wow.. I struck it big, man! Great house, nice bikes, good beer and to top it off, a hot tub! Can we get in?” “Sure” I said, “Let me get some towels” By the time I got back, he was already in and moving around, looking for the best place to land. “Man, I sure wish my buddies and I had one of these back home! And these jets! I can’t believe  how they feel on my dick!” With that, he stands straight up admiring his own hard dick. “Look how hard I am from this!” How was I supposed to control myself? This hot, hairy, olive skinned hunk is showing off his dick to me. With that, he cups some water and pours it over himself and slowly descends back under the water. “Man, this is the life . I can’t imagine how many women you’ve banged in this!” I didn’t know what to say. I just smiled and muttered, “eh.. yeah.. it’s a great place to get naked and do the wild thing”.

“Let me get us a couple more beers”, I said. “No, I’ll get ‘em” and with that he jumps out and heads into the house, his hairy ass in full view. With him gone, I started rubbing my own dick under the water, and before I knew it, he returns with two beers in each hand. In no time, we finished them off and we were both getting a strong buzz. “Would you like a shot of something to get ourselves going?” I asked.  “Sure, I’m game. We Egyptian dudes may not have the dicks you Americans have, but we can sure as hell drink you under the table” he laughed. “Challenge accepted!” I said. And with that, I headed inside to grab some Irish whisky and a couple of shot glasses.

“Cheers, mate! Welcome to America!” and with that we started downing shots in short order. The conversation was so comfortable and relaxed even though we were starting to slur our words a bit. “So, Karim. When was the last time you got laid?” I asked.  His eyes looked down, and said, “To be honest. There just aren’t any opportunities in my hometown. I got to second base with a girlfriend a couple of years ago, but women in my country just won’t give it up until marriage. All my buddies and me; we walk around with blue balls most of our lives until our wedding night. It sucks”.

“Man, that does suck.” I said. “I think you’ll probably get pretty lucky and take care of that while you’re in the US! You’re a good looking guy with a foreign accent. I’m pretty sure you won’t have a problem getting laid while you’re here”.  “Seriously?” he asked. “Fuck, I’ve wanted it for a long time, but to be honest, it sorta scares me as well. I would think American girls would look at me and expect me to know what the hell I’m doing. Got any advice?”

“Let’s get out of the water before we faint or drown, and head inside. We can finish up this conversation inside”. We both stumbled out of the hot tub and had to steady ourselves. One too many shots of Jameson’s had gotten both of us pretty drunk. He wrapped his arms around me just to walk, so I did the same. Man, what a set of hard shoulders and thick back. It wouldn’t take much for me to get boned up again.

We proceeded back to my bedroom and both collapsed naked on my bed. I think both ours heads were spinning but he kept pushing the conversation. I leaned up on one elbow, and looked him straight in the eye.  “My friend, the most important thing you can do is to focus on your partner’s pleasure. The rest will take care of itself”. I don’t know if it was the alcohol, or lying naked next to a smoking hot young stud, but I decided to take it to the next level. “Watch and learn” I said. With that, I began to stroke his chest and lightly pinch his nipples. His dick immediately started to swell and he let out a muffled moan. “It’s all about focusing on the other…” I whispered in his ear.

Karim, let his eyes roll to the back and raised his arms above his head, almost offering himself to me. I feathered my hands down his abdomen, touching every hair on his belly. I gently pulled on his pubic hair and grabbed the base of his cock. His hands came down and began to massage his own pecs. I grabbed his scrotum with my other hand and gently squeezed them. He moaned and said, “Fuck”. His dick was fully charged and leaking precum. I leaned over to the night stand and pulled out some lubricant. I greased up both our dicks, and decided it was time to straddle him and put our cocks together for mutual stroking. I think he’d done this before. He reached down and grabbed both our dicks and I took over massaging his chest. He was almost convulsing with pleasure. With his other had he reached up and grabbed my chest and nipple and started to squeeze hard. I matched his intensity on his nips, and the more we squeezed and pounded each other’s chests, the faster he yanked our poles. This wasn’t going to take long. It was a bit rough but well within limits of pleasure. I reached down and grabbed my own dick and moved his hand to his. We both kept furiously pounding our own cocks and pulling each others’ nipples. I leaned in and stuck my tongue in his ear and he writhed even more.

I slowed my own stroke as I watched him get closer and closer to cumming. He became more and more intent, staring at his own dick. His head rose of the bed and he yelled, “Squeeze my balls, now!”. I lunged for them and with my first touch, he screamed and started shooting a heavy load onto his furry chest. I leaned over and started licking the fresh cum and resumed jacking as fast as I could. With hot sperm in my mouth I started spraying my own cum on his face and chest., mixing our loads together. Exhausted and spent, I collapsed on his chest and felt the warm liquid between our chests. We laid there together until our breathing calmed.

It seemed like all the alcohol had worked its way out of our bodies and we looked at each other. I was unsure what to expect, but slowly his mouth grew to a full grin. He smacked my naked ass and pushed me off of him. “Man, I wasn’t expecting THAT, but I hope it’s just the first lesson!” With that, we both went silent and drifted off to sleep.


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