Hey guys, I may start on the My Best Friend And I series again, but like I said, I need good reception on the story. And maybe for real young hot guys to send me pics for inspiration and maybe chat with while I write. ;) I'm gonna stay in first person in this story, the main character is another reflection of me. Well, more realistic.

An Author's Encounter

Hey, My name is Christopher Matthews. I'm a freshman in college, at the big college of my state. I should probably tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a six foot tall guy, 205, with a semi-athletic build. My hair is light brown, with natural blonde highlights in my hair. I keep myself well taken care of, I keep a clean shave, and I dress to impress. I have blue eyes with yellow-gold color radiating from the middle. I get told quite often that I have the most unique, but sad eyes a person has ever seen. I don't know about the unique part, but I guess that my eyes reflect how I truly feel. I'm an easy-going guy, I act very masculine and do all of the tings that normal guys do, but there is something that I have to admit. I must admit is that I'm bi curious. I've dated several nice women, but something was not there. People guess it right all the time, but, I do not want to tell them they are right. I am very far in the closet, so far, that I try to hide from myself what my true feelings are.

I started becoming attracted to men when I was in the eighth grade. I had just started to learn how to masturbate and I wanted to see what it would look like for somebody else. I pulled up a video called "Poolboy Wanking" and saw this blonde boy, who looked around 16, with big red full lips, and a red tipped cock jerking off and moaning. I was so turned by watching this video that I came within a minute. I then did what that blonde boy did in the video and ate my cum. I thought it tasted so good, and I just wanted to bring someone that kind of pleasure. It turned me on so bad, and I felt very guilty for it. It didn't help that every girl I had gone after in my life, has said no to me, up until recently. I'm a charming guy who is there for anybody if they need me, but people generally don't get me. I guess I'm just too nice. I used to get stepped on by everybody up until my junior year of high school, then a gift and a curse was brought upon me. I somehow became one of the cool kids. I changed a little bit I guess. I'm a charmer and I just love to chill out. I do my own thing thing, so I guess that just makes me a little different. But, I was only part way there, I got invited to some things, but it was not all the fun shit everybody did. But, I was ignored by the less popular kids then, so I was often alone. I hate being alone and my parents were not great consolation. My parents and I had an awkward relationship. My father and I are completely two different people and my mother has come across as a bitch until I have left for school. All of those times being alone led me to become a writer. At first, while in school, I wrote poetry and people would often wait for me to come up with something new. In poetry, I try to search for the meaning of life, but often times, I depicted people to be selfish and greedy. That's what I believe. But, doing that gets old. It did not always have much thrill to it. So I took on a pseudonym. For a long time, I had no clue what I would write under this thrilling new name, but I wanted it to be something controversial. I gained my first inspiration to write gay erotica while watching some porn video of two of the hottest jocks rehearsing a terrible script and terrible music. I couldn't even get hard, that's how sickening and stupid it was. So I wanted to look up something different. With passion, with people who do not know what the joys of having sex with men. So I found stories between friends who decided to experiment with each other. It was hot, arousing, and everything I wanted my first time to be. I found myself cumming twice when I got to the end of that story. But, I decided it would be even hotter for me to create my own story. To create two of the hottest characters I have ever imagined, confessing their feelings of love and love for each other. And I did just that. In this I got to tell the story of what I wanted my first time to be like. I wanted it to be passionate with some inhibition by the characters. This showed that they actually cared for each other and so they didn't have hot sex to just drop a load. Often times when writing this, I would start jacking off. It was so incredibly hot picturing me being fucked and fucking the characters in my short stories. I wanted someone, the "man of my dreams and stories", to fuck me and take my virginity, but actually like me for who I am. Someone, who was just like me. A guy, looking to the comfort for another for the first time ever to be there for, to hold, to please, to be there.

And that's where I met Brendan. Or let's say became acquainted through the Internet. He was a fan of my stories, and had recently emailed me about one of the stories that ended on a climax, asking me to come up with another part to the series. Now, when I first opened his first email, he asked for a picture of me and said he had a similar experience to the one inside my story. I at first thanked him for being a fan, and I decided an author should get to know his readers. So I decided to do so. I asked him after his first time with his best friend, whether or not he was still straight, and he told me he always knew he was secretly gay. He wanted to get to know me, "the real me", and he sent me his Facebook to see him. It was the same as his name in the email, so I thought it was legitimate. And the first thought was, "This is the most gorgeous person I have ever seen!"

For the first time in my life, just looking at a guy gave me a huge erection and I was tempted to just jack off then and there. He was white, had slightly slanted eyes, that were adorable, a youthful, boyish, beautiful face, and the most perfect brown hair I have ever seen. It was swooped, poofy, and styled perfectly. And his lips were nice, full, and looked amazing to kiss. His smile looked innocent, and he looked like the straightest guy I have ever seen in my life. I wanted him then and there. We continued talking and he kept prying to here my name.

I changed the subject a few times and asked him why he was not with his best friend anymore and he replied, "We both had brothers and parents who were snoopy, so it was hard to have a special time, so we broke it off. We couldn't let it get out,"

I then felt guilty and then told him about the things I have done and confrontation I have had. I felt like I owed Brendan that much. He was like a close friend to me already. But, it was different. He said the things I said to him were cute and adorable... things I don't hear. And he was the first guy I ever talked to about my feelings. I was in shock at how much I was able to say to him in such a short time. He made me feel like I was on the cloud. I would wait by my computer for the next cute thing he would say to me and I would literally blush at every little email he sent to me. I was hard every message and I would have came except my roommate was in the room. I wanted to tell him my name... I truly did... but I was scared someone would find out about me. He then asked again if he could see a picture of me.

He told me in a sexy way, "I have been picturing you in my head for three days. I just NEED to see you."

I responded, "And what are you going to do when you're disappointed. You're so hot and I am not even attractive. I'm staring at your one facebook picture and I think I'm dreaming,"

"Don't be so hard on yourself. I need to see you. I've given you my name, and you know what I look like. And we are in the same boat, nobody can find out about our feelings. But, look at my Facebook now. Don't be offended at the caption," was his response.

I refreshed his page and he changed his profile picture to the one I thought was adorable. He put as his caption, "This is for the most beautiful girl in the universe."

Well fuck, if he didn't know how to charm too. I felt as giddy as a girl when he did that. I was flattered, and every email just continued to to me on.

So I took a picture of myself. Well, like ten pictures. I wanted to look perfect for this guy I haven't even met in my life. I wanted to impress him, or at least pay him back for all of the cute things he said to me. I recycled through all of the bad ones and I finally picked one that I thought I didn't look completely hideous and sent that one to him. I was nervous, I thought he was never going to speak to me again, but Lady Luck had pulled through. He said I was adorable and cute. I literally wanted to cry for joy when I heard this response. This god of a man thought I was adorable. If I had my way, I would have him fuck me on the spot. But, a picture was not enough for him.

"You're so cute (Evan?) :) I need a name for the cute face I see."

Then he sent me a shocking email.

"I'll send you a picture of me in my underwear if you tell me your first name." he said.

"What a tease..." was my first thought.

But, I wanted to see more of this god. If he could turn me on with a shirt on, I could not imagine how close to cumming in my pants I would be with seeing his whole body. I was wondering how fucking nice the bulge in his pants would be. I was drooling at the thought. This man-god who called me adorable was about to show me his body that only privileged eyes could see. I couldn't help but slowly type Christopher, letting all of my inhibition disappear.

What I got though was more than expected. I literally thought it was Brad Pitt when he was young. He was probably a year older in this picture from his adorable Facebook picture. And what a man he was. He was standing straight and I looked at a slightly older face. This time he had a little scruff, enough to make it sexy and not dirty. It was perfect looking, because I don't really like facial hair. I then stared at his broad, muscular shoulders, all tanned to boot, and his rock hard pecs, and his voluptuous nipples. God I just wanted to suck on them and play with them. His awesome man-god body continued down to a nice six-pack of abs, with a small happy trail. What was lying underneath that happy trail was incredible. He had tight black briefs on, and it outlined this huge cock. I thought I was hallucinating for a second, but it was huge and thick. I wanted to put it inside my mouth right then and then and suck this god off to orgasm.

I couldn't help but whip out my own cock and start stroking it off right then and there. I was so close to cumming when I get another email.

"Don't cum yet. I have a picture of me naked. All it takes is a last name Chris," he responded, pretty much reading my mind.

I was in a swirl, my entire livelihood would at risk if somebody knew what thoughts I had trapped within me. It's not like I wanted to have these thoughts. I felt like life has fucked me over so many times to the point where I would seek comfort when I can get it. If I cared for that person, Brendan just happened to be an attractive, I would give him comfort and he would make me feel full too. So I told him my last name. It was a rush. But, I'm sure it would be with it.

I told Brendan my doubts and he responded with sext like, "I want you put to put it in my hole. AHHHH! MAKE ME CUM!!!!!"

And he sent more and more of them. I swear I was about to cum without touching my dick. So after three of those emails, I sent him my last name, "Matthews."

And, I was more than happy seeing what came next. What I saw was huge. He was probably 4.5 inches soft and it was the widest dick I have ever seen. I wish I had seen that thing hard so I could suck him off and take that thing in my ass. And I would let him fuck me without a condom. I trusted him. I wanted the full bond of being with him. I wanted to feel his hot fresh cum pour into me ass. I pulled out my dick and in less than a minute I had the biggest load I had in weeks. I came so hard it hit me in the face and hair. And the pleasure torrent was probably twice as long as usual. This man happened to make me cum this hard without even doing anything sexual. I want to meet this man.

"There you go babe," was his response to me when I told him.

We talked about three weeks, getting to know each other, learning each others' hobbies, and hoping we could meet. Every night I lay in my bed, hoping to one day to have him hold me in his muscular arms, hoping his hot breath would brush past my face as I snuggled against his chest. It was hard to sleep during those three weeks, and I would dream that we would be fucking and he would pick me up and have me straddle onto his monster cock as we made out. Once these three weeks past, I heard the news I've wanted to hear and was I shocked when I heard them.

"I'm going to be coming up for the weekend. My parents think I'm going on a college tour, because they know I might transfer after a semester. Let's meet up Babe! <3" he sent me on Wednesday.

"Now I must be dreaming. Can't wait to see you Babe. What a time we will have!!!" I replied.

I literally couldn't sleep Wednesday. I couldn't wait to meet this demi-god. It was going to be the best time of my entire life. I was going to meet one person in my life who was actually going to care for me. To hold, to please, I just couldn't wait. I finished all of my work for the weekend by Thursday night, this weekend was going to be about him. I went out to the clothing store and brought and bright green button-down shirt that showed off what muscle I did have and some white cargo shorts. I also bought a pair of bright green underwear that glowed in the dark. I thought it would be cute. I got a text thursday night saying he rented the expensive hotel near campus and he was going to be here at noon and I was to meet him in the one commons are on campus. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to see Brendan in person. I was having trouble falling asleep and he was too. He texted me saying he was too and I said we should jerk off together and when we let off our load to let each other know. So I did. I just kept thinking of how great his naked body was going to feel against mine. I texted him when I was done jacking off. I have a pretty thick dick, average length. I literally just laid there in my own cum just thinking of how great this was going to be and I texted him goodnight.

I woke up Friday morning and it was about ten o'clock. I got a quick bite to eat and then I took a nice cold shower. I wanted to be cleaner than ever before in my life. I bought an extra razor to take care of any hair. I wanted to be clean looking for him. It's not like I was hairy really, I just wanted to be perfect for him. I shaved in the shower and I took extra time scrubbing everything, especially my face, dick and ass. It was hard for me not to cum at least once in the shower, but I wanted to have nice, thick, and juicy loads for Brendan. It was about 11:30 by the time I got to our meeting spot and I walked to the middle where we were supposed to meet. I waited for about five minutes and I sat down in a nearby chair in an alley near the building. Another five minutes passed by when I felt this big strong hands rub my back. I thought it was Brendan and I said his name and I turned around and it was a guy about the age of fifty. Rough, mean looking, hairy, fat and disgusting.

He smelled like tobacco and alcohol and he said, "Hey Baby, it's Brendan, stay still and I won't kill you."

He pulled out a knife and held it to my throat. I literally felt like I was in a nightmare. Was it really Brendan? Was I really deceived? People could see what was going on if they looked down the alley, but nobody walked by. I hated myself right now. If this was really Brendan, my first trust in a guy has failed. I couldn't fight. All I felt I could do was despair. He started rubbing his hands on me body and rubbed his face against mine.

"You smell good, you ready to be my little bitch?" he asked.

"Fuck you," was all I said as I spat in his face.

"Don't you ever do that again, you little fuck!" he said as he put a small cut on my face.

I sat there and he began rubbing on my dick. I wasn't getting hard, but I really would be ashamed if I did. I would not succumb to his games. But, all of a sudden a man charged him, twisted his arm, and in one motion spun around and cut the man across his chest with his own blade.

"You go the fuck away from him, and if I see you do this to anybody else, you die," the young man said, without me seeing his face.

The old man ran away and I was just shaking. How could this happen? I was delusional. I had no clue what was going on.

He wore a bright pink shirt, and white cargo shorts and had a pair of white sunglasses on. Everything he wore was a little tight, and it showed off his awesome body. I thought I knew he this was, but I was too delusional to realize. I touched his shoulder and he spun around, grabbed my face and kissed me. I accepted the kiss back, but my eyes were closed. I opened them and realized it was actually Brendan. He saved me. I immediately felt better, like nothing happened almost.

"Hey Chris," he said a smile while wiping the blood off my face. He then kissed my cut. It felt really nice. Someone who does that when they first meet you in person has to care for you right?

"Brendan! Oh my god!" I said hugging him with all of my might.

"Are you ok?" he said rubbing my back.

"You... saved me..." I said with a tear in my eyes.

"Of course I did... I told you I cared about you," He said with one in his eye also.

"You're amazing and look even better in person," I said as I kissed him again.

"Come on. Let's go," he said leading me up to his car.

He had green Corvette. It was a beautiful convertible and it was brand new. It had an amazing stereo and had two suitcases in the back of it.

"Is this yours?" I asked pretty much drooling over how amazing he was.

"Yup!" he said with a smile and opening the door for me.

He put a bandaid and some ointment on my face to heal it and then took me out to an expensive restaurant downtown. He paid for everything and he told me that he was from a wealthy family and that he didn't have to pay for anything. He told me more about his family and he didn't ask about mine much. He knew I didn't like to talk about it and I'm glad he was so considerate. We ate a huge meal and he drove us, speeding the entire time, to the hotel, and carried his bags up to his room. The blinds were already pulled shut and candles were lit everywhere. He threw his bags in the corner and I asked, "Did they do this for you?"

"No, I did. I bought all of the candles and lit them before I picked you up."

"You're so romantic. It's like I've known you forever. You're absolutely amazing." I replied and he smiled and blushed at me.

"If you ever are uncomfortable, stop me, okay? I don't want to hurt you," he said as he rubbed my face with his soft hand.


I began kissing him and rubbing his chest through shirt and picked me up as I straddled around his body and placed me on the bed with him getting on top of me. He kissed me lightly and began kissing me on the neck. He nibbled on my ear and went back to his spot on my neck. He took off the bandage on my face and the wound had healed and then unbuttoned my shirt and I began undoing his as well,revealing his godly chest. He rubbed his silky smooth body against mine as he slipped his tongue into my mouth for the first time. I eagerly accepted and he began exploring each others' throats. I was already hard from him. He was an amazing kisser and it was pretty hard to keep up with him. Every move he made was all about pleasuring me and I did my best to do that for him too. He then broke our session and began licking and sucking on my nipples, carefully swishing his tongue around each one and occasionally biting them gently. I just laid back in joy as he explored my body and then he brought he face up to mine and began rubbing my dick. I started rubbing his too and I could feel him getting hard. We then began undoing each others' shorts and took off our underwear. He then took my dick in his hand and began to jerk me off. He would go up and down, and twist a little bit. I never felt this good with my own hand and I rubbed my hand down there and he had to be at least 10 inches long and extremely thick. Now, I have seen a lot of porn and he looked even bigger than some of the black people I have seen fuck. I barely could get my fist around this monster to do the same thing, but I heard him moan when I got into a rhythm. I don't know why I liked having someone's dick in my hand, but it felt gratifying pleasing this god of a man. He then started grinding on me as he was jerking me off and after a while of that went down and put his lips on top of my dick and bobbed his head up and down the whole thing. He gagged a little and brought his head up to mine again and said,"I'm sorry. It's been a while since I was with my best friend."

"It's okay. You're amazing at this. Don't stop," I moaned in ecstasy.

After a while of gagging some more, he seemed to be back up to speed. He was going crazy and doing things with his mouth I never though possible.

"i'm gonna cum dude," I screamed in ecstasy.

But, instead of pulling out like I thought he was going to do, he just kept going up and down and I felt my balls draw into my body and a pleasurable sensation came over me. I knew I was gonna cum. I then felt a shock come over my body as ropes of my thick cum went into Brendan's mouth. Instead of swallowing, he brought his full lips up to me and started making out with me again. I loved every second of this makeout, my cum, his passion, and his skill made the whole makeout one of the hottest things I have ever done. I've never felt so alive in my entire life.

"Okay, sexy, it's my turn. You've been hard this whole time," I said looking down at his dick after playing with nipples and rubbing down his gorgeous abs.

I tried taking all of him in at once. Bad idea. I gagged really quickly, but it tasted really good. So I tried again, taking a little bit of hit at a time, while spending a lot of my time playing with the head of his cock and licking the tip of it. I felt like I worshipped it. After a while of going at this dick, I was able to get about half of it in my mouth. I was playing with balls with my one hand as I did this and jacking off the other half of his dick whit my other hand. I was going to get him to cum in my mouth too. I heard him moan as he tugged at his hair and would rub down my body with his strong and muscular arms.

"Oh baby, you're so good at this, you are going to make me cum so hard," Brendan cried out.

And his balls drew into him as well and I knew what was going to happen. All of a sudden load upon load of Brendan's delicious cum was unleashed into my mouth. But, I loved the taste of his cum so much that I decided to swallow it all.

"What a stingy lover I am?" I thought.

He didn't seem to care and after cumming, his monster cock was still hard as a rock.

He thrusted it into my mouth gently, and asked,"How far are you willing to go tonight?"

"As far as you want to," I said.

"And that's all the way with you cutie,"he replied as brought his lips to mine.

I eagerly accepted yet again another kiss from this man and we made out passionately again. I rolled us over so I was on top of him and brought his cock up to my virgin hole and let it ride on my crack as we grinded on each other while making out. God, I felt pleasure just doing this. My cock was already hard again. I could not wait for that monster cock to destroy my hole. I played with his cute little hole as we made out and it eagerly accepted my finger as we made out. Brendan was moaning as I stuck my finger in and out of his hole, fucking it like a wildman. Then, I stuck two fingers in there. God, his hole so warm, wet, and tight.

"Oh... Ahh... This is too much Chris!! We need to fuck now!" he screamed.

"Then fuck me, you gorgeous, sexy man," I replied back in ecstasy.

I expected him to right away just stick that cock in me, that's what I really wanted. But, he brought his head down to mine and began licking my little asshole. I felt a joy I have never felt before in my entire life. It was amazing. His tongue darted in and out of my hole, each time sending extreme shocks of pleasure into my body. He was rubbing my nipples and jacking my off so my body was ready let loose again and was leaking precum. He then stopped jacking me off and rubbing me down, but instead stuck two fingers into my ass, loosened by my wet hole. I was in pain for a little bit, but he got into a pleasurable rhythm and I thought I could take those now. I was wondering how I was going to be able to take that cock inside of me. But, it was going to be amazing when that happened. I was moaning like crazy now. I loved having his fingers in my ass, rubbing against my prostate, bringing me more pleasure than I have experienced in my entire life.

"Ugh!!!! AHHH!!! YES! YES! YES! I'm ready for that cock! Fuck me! Fuck me in my cunt, you god of a man! Make me your bitch!" I screamed.

He then did as I commanded before kissing me once more on the neck and readying his monster cock in front of my hole.

"I hope you are ready Chris. It's gonna hurt a little bit, but I'll make us feel amazing. Together," he said passionately.

He turned me onto my stomach and he put the tip of his cock into my ass, stretching me hole further than it has been. It hurt like crazy for a little, but he stuck more of it inside of me, fucking me slowly and passionately, while making out with me to distract me from the pain. It was hard for me to allow my muscles to let him into me, and my ass constricted his cock so every time it would move, Brendan felt pleasure. About three inches into me, there was a loud popping sound, which was followed by extreme pain. Like I thought somebody stabbed me at first.

"What the fuck was that Brendan?"

"That's your cherry. Or was your cherry. Now, you're mine, forever. I've made my mark, beautiful," he said.

He then started fucking me a little bit harder, because after I lost my cherry, my hole started to open up to him more. He thrusted in and out of me and I could feel his sweat fall onto my body. I eagerly accepted every thrust he put into my hole. I loved feeling his huge, throbbing, cock into my tight wet hole. As he fucked me, he bit his bottom lip to avoid screaming out, but I did not care. I wanted to let him know that I felt great. And I did. Better then great. I had a little more than half of his cock into me now and I wanted him to plow me now.

"Fuck me hard and fast! I WANT ALL OF THAT COCK INSIDE ME!!!" I screamed out again.

He flipped me onto my back and began to thrust in and out of me as fast he could. I could feel that thing ramming my prostate and with each thrust, I thought I was going to cum. I have never felt this much joy in my life, and I did not even know what to compare this to. He fucked me in and out so fast that my moans sounded like they were vibrating and and he screamed out for pleasure, saying how I was the greatest fuck that he ever had, that I had the tightest hole.

And he continued to fuck me that way then screamed," I'm going to cum baby!"

"Cum inside me! I want to feel every part of this, gorgeous!" I cried.

And instead of fucking me fast, he switched to slow, but hard thrusts, causing me to scream in joy with each one, louder each time.

"Ugh. I'm cumming again Chris! UGH UGH UGH AHHHHHH!!!" he screamed as torrents of his white, thick semen unloaded itself into my asshole, but he continued to thrust a little bit.

"AHHHH YES!!! I'm cumming too!" I cried back. The force of his cum in my ass was to much for me to handle as I came all over us, harder than any time I've ever cum in my life. I then brought my lips up to his and began making out with him violently, like two animals in the forest, as as dick was still inside me, a part of me. He then pulled himself out of me, softened up a little bit and I literally tried to move but I couldn't. It was just too much pleasure and my ass was a bit sore. I was extremely tired now, but I felt at piece.

"Thank you, Brendan," I said with a small kiss.

"Thank you, Chris. You're amazing, and I'm glad I met you. You mean a lot to me," he said as our lips locked again.

"And you mean even more to me, hottie," I said as he began to tussle my hair.

I brought my face and body down to his chest, still naked and fell asleep to the sound of his breathing with my arms wrapped around him, cuddling. I woke up a few hours later, and I just let him hold me just like that. We had just two more days together. I didn't want to end. I... well, I'll make the most out of it.


James Knoll

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