So I met this guy at a club on a Saturday night and we got talking. We found out that we had so much in common, the majority of this was some form of bondage and being tied up. As a first move, Taylor invited me around his house for some drinks and then who knows what else could be in store?

I knock on his door it was black which immediately made me think of black nylon shorts which gave me this kind of tingling feeling that got me a little bit horny. Taylor answered the door and I looked him up and down hoping for him to be in a pair of nylon shorts himself or at least have some handcuffs to restrain me as soon as I entered his house. However, I must admit that he did look rather cute in his white tank top and cargo shorts.

'Hey, you made it, come in' he said.

'Thanks' I replied coolly to hide any disappointment still there.

'Come into the kitchen' Taylor said as he started walking into the kitchen opposite the front door. I took of my trainers and followed him in. He passed me a beer and showed me to his lounge where we sat and drank.

After several beers and long, horny and boner embarrassing stories he looked at me with his cheeky smile and newly buzzed haircut and said 'let's go upstairs'.

'Yeah, sure' I replied eager to see what could happen.

Taylor grabbed my hand and led the way up the stairs and into a large bedroom on the right. He sat on his bed and handed me another beer from the bedside table. I was so drunk at this point that I could have just fell asleep and the thing is he knew I could too.

Taylor looked over to his drawers and went over to pull out a camera, 'want to make a little video' he asked.

'Sounds great' a said beating the smirk that came straight to my face. This was going to be it, Taylor the sex idol he was would tie me up with his big strong arms and hold me down with his muscly thighs. Sitting next to me he took my face in his right hand and kissed me before slipping this hand down to my jeans and started to rub my crouch.

'Close your eyes' he whispered.

I shut my eyes and laid back on the bed and felt Taylor lean over me kissing me and undoing my jeans.

'I'll be back in one minute, don't shut those eyes' Taylor ordered before he left the room as I lay on his covers drifting to sleep.

If it wasn't for the camera Taylor decided to record on I may have never known what happened to me on that fateful day. I watched the video back wishing I could have seen this with my own eyes and have the memory forever. Although, I won't complain at seeing what I woke up with.

Taylor re-entered the room with rope and a gag and laid them on the bed. He took my t-shirt off and threw it on the floor before turning me over and tying me hands together. Using more black rope he tied me hands to my arms and then tied the rope around my chest so that I couldn't move my upper body. Taylor turned me around and placed a black gag across my mouth and started to undo my jeans and take them off before taking my boxers off.

He then played with my dick for a while edging me but not letting me come, just yet. I was then bound together by red rope so that my legs could not move and then this rope was tied to the rope on the upper body creating a hog tie.

When I eventually woke up I was in a bit of a daze and couldn't believe what had happened. I looked around to find my master but no one was around. I mmphed and mmphed in my gag until Taylor walked in wearing a red t-shirt and black shorts. He sat on top of me with each thigh weighing down by my arms forcing me into a tight squeeze.

Taylor started to tickle me, everywhere. He started on my stomach moved to my sides and then onto the armpits. His hands moved down to my balls and dick and then started to toss me off. He edged me again but I came pretty soon after, I just couldn't hold it in! I saw one of his cheekiest smiles wipes across his face and he began to lick the come of me. His tongue was so big and he reached up to me and gave me come-filled-mouth kiss on my head. The come fell down over my head and he wiped it away before it went into my eyes.

Taking of his shorts and t-shirt, Taylor began to wank himself and came all over my chest, this he did not lick off instead he chose to undo my gag and come once again but this time into my mouth. I felt the warm come dribble down my mouth and couldn't help to smirk just like Taylor.

After being untied and washed up, I left Taylor's house but found a pair of handcuffs in my jeans and his black shorts in the pocket. When I got into my car I started to sniff them and could feel hard come on them from one of his previous wanks. I licked it to have a souvenir of him and went back home to take and send him some snap shots, hoping for another invite.



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