I've never really considered myself to be good looking. I'm tall with short dark blond hair, green eyes and a slightly stocky build. Not obease mind u, just chunky. I've never been one of those gay guys who walks into a room and all heads turn in my direction, above and below. I had been on a few dating sites but gave them up cause no one seemed interested or the only guys who responded were guys looking to use me as their cum dumpster and I am really not into that. So it was with honest shock and suprise when I found the man of my dreams on night at a gay bar.

I had been frequenting this particular bar for a few weeks with no success. Most of the guys I saw passed me by like I wasn't even there. I had decided to end this farce and limp home to lick my wounds and a tub of Ben&Jerry's when I saw him walking twords me. Tall with long silky black hair. His eyes were a deep brown. His skin was a light olive tone. Mediterrainian I gathered. He had a thin mustach and thin, red lips. He was lean and muscular. I could just make out the soft mound of curly black chest hair peeking from his expensive looking dress shirt.

He smiled down at me when he reached my table. " Bon Jurno!" he said with a accent. Italian. Hot! I nodded. "Hello". His brown eyes twinkled. "I see you sitting here alone and I want to come say hello." Uh that accent!! "Would you care to join me?" Signore Machismo nodded. "Ci!" He sat across from me. "I'm Angelo." He held out a well manacured hand. I grasped it and felt his long fingers wrap around mine. "Charles." Angelo smiled and nodded. "In Italy, it is pronounce Carlo. A Capito?" I nodded. "Ci, a capito." His smile widened. "You speak Italiano?" I shrugged. "A little, my father taught me." Angelo nodded. "What other words you can say?" I thought back. "Um.. machina (car), Scrivere (write or to write), Bona Note ( good night), Arrivederche (farewell or goodbye)." Angelo laughed and clapped. "Good, good!" A hot looking waiter in a see through fishnet shirt displaying hard muscles and short shorts asked if we needed anything. "No, were good." When he sashed away Angelo turned his attention back to me. There was something about the way he looked at me that made me feel like I was the only one in the room.

"You would like to come back to my place?" he asked. I smiled shlyly. "I dont know, we only just met and..." He stopped me. "You misunderstand. I do not mean for the making of the love. Only to talk more." That accent was killing me! I nodded. "Ok." I followed him to the exit and watched his firm ass swing in his dress slacks. All eyes were on him. They were probably thinking "what the hell is a hot Italian stud doing with a guy like him?" I was wondering the same thing. We walked to a white, shiney new SUV. Angelo pointed the clicker at it and it unlocked. "Nice wheels." He nodded. "Part of my job." I smiled. "You're not like Don Corleone are you?" I said reffering to my favorite gangster movie I used to watch with my father.

Angelo laughed out loud. "You make me laugh!!" he said doubling over with mirth. "I am a attorney." I nodded. "Ah, gotcha." We got into his car and he drove to his house which was a beachfront house with huge glass windows and a second level built ontop. "Wow, you must be very good at what you do to own a house like this!" He smiled proudly. "Ci, I am." He held the front door open for me. The inside was amazing. Expensive art, a flat screen TV, plush leather couch, stainless steel fridge and appliances in the kitchen. He smiled. "You would like something to drink?" he asked taking my coat. "Wine if you have it." He nodded. "What self-respect Italian does not?" I watched him hurry to the kitchen and return with two glasses. "From my familes vinyard." I took a sip. It was fruity and smooth. "This is very good." He smiled. "Sit, please." We sat on the plush black leather couch.

We made small talk. I learned about his family. How Angelo's mother and father came to America when he was only 4. "Mamma and Pappa did not have much money." I nodded. He was silent for a few moments. He just sat there looking at me. "What's the matter?" He smiled. "You are so beautiful." I chuckled. "I bet you say that to all the guys you bring home." He moved closer. The smell of his expensive cologne and the heat from his body was making me a little dizzy. "No, I really mean it, you are very beautiful and it would be my honor to make love to you."

"Why would you want to do that?" I asked. Angelo laughed. "Dont you know how badly you turn me on?" (by the way, I know alot of you reading this are probably thinking "how did he get to speak such good English all of a sudden? I find it too hard to keep the accent going. ) I had never had anyone, let alone a hot, verile Italian stud say this to me. My face grew hot and I knew I was blushing. "Are you sure you want to see me naked?" I asked. He smiled and stroked my cheek lightly with his hand. "More than anything else in this world." He stood and helped me up.

I followed him down the hall to the master bedroom. It was nice. Plush grey carpet, white walls and a big four poster bed smack in the middle. Angelo pulled me close and our lips met. His mustach tickled as he kissed me. I felt his tongue push against my lips. I opened them and felt his wet tonge slide on mine.We frenched for a few minutes and then he smiled. Without saying a word he slowly unbuttoned his shirt. He had a patch of dark chest hair but it wasn't alot. His stomach was flat and ripped. I marveled at the color of his tanned skin.

He lifted my shirt over my head. Normally I am painfully shy about other people seeing me naked. It's not a pretty sight. Angelo stood there smiling like he had just won the gold metal at the olympics. "You are beautiful!" he exclaimed. I blushed again. He cupped my "manboobs" in both hands and squeezed gently. I closed my eyes. Having his hands on me felt so freaking good. He kissed my neck, working his way down to my nipples. I gasped when I felt his hot lips suck and nibble on both sensative buds.

He kicked off his loafers and unbuckled his pants, smirking at me the whole time. He knew I was going to enjoy our night of lovemaking even if I still had my doubts. His pants fell to the floor and I saw he was wearing a pair of designer boxershorts. Judging from the pouch in front, I could tell Angelo was hung like a horse. "You're turn." I giggled nervously as I removed my pants. I wore a pair of briefs. You can't really make out the size of my package cause even when it's hard, it's not very big.

Angelo moved to me and we kissed. He placed both hands inside my briefs and gently kneeded my ass. I was loving everything he was doing. My little pecker was rock hard. When we parted he was smiling. "Let me see the rest of you." Turning even redder I smiled and shook my head. "You first." He hooked his fingers into the elastic band of his short and.......

To Be Continued....



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