'You gonna come over and y trague mi hombria? You like that huh nino?' Julio whispered into the phone. We met on a dating website about a month ago, and when I saw his sexy picture tuve que agarrar. He is so masculine with the body of a god and the polla y pelotas gigantes to match. Tonight will be the first time we meet face to face other than a web cam.'Si papi, gonna work your monstruo polla in my hot holes,' I replied as seductively as I could.

'See you in an hour nino.' I heard a click on the other end of the phone line. He just got off work at the construction site so I knew he was hot and horny. I threw on my Mexico themed briefs with my bright red cockring on my nine inch pinga underneath. I put on my black jeans and my tight red underarmour shirt to show off my massive chest, I grabbed my motorcycle keys on my way out the door. The whole ride over I thought about how he would grab me as soon as he opened the door and fuck my brains out on his living room floor. I arrived at his casa and walked up the stairs to his front door. This is it papi. I knocked on his door and was greeted by his sexy smile.'Angel!' Julio excitedly said as he wrapped his huge arms around my waist and kissed me on the cheek. His soft lips sent a wave of heat through my body and straight to my cock.

'Como estas?' he asked me in a thick Spanish accent.

'Estoy bien, et tu?' I replied.

'Great now, come in.' he eagerly said as he pulled me into the house. The house was dark except for candles leading to the dining room area. I watched his ass through his tight fitted jeans as he walked over to the table.

'I think I went a little overboard with the food,' he said kind of embarrassed. It was a little cute for a guy as big as him to look so vulnerable.

'I-I didn't expect any of this,' I told him, and I wasn't lying. I gave up on chicos like this a long time ago after my ex Daniel.

'Perdoname nino, es demasiado?' he asked sounding a little worried.

'No,no. Es dulce, gracias Julio,' I quickly reassured him. He smiled and pulled out a chair for me. I walked over and sat down while he brought out Pollo a la Mexiana y Dobel Ponhes. We talked a lot as we ate dinner. About his work, family, hobbies, just getting to know each other. I found out that he's five years older than me, que es vientisiete. After we ate he picked up our plates and brought them to the kitchen like a perfect caballero. I got up from the table and followed behind him. He was washing our plates when I noticed him. I walked behind him and pressed my body against his, reaching under him to grab his huge pecs.'Gracias Julio, for dinner and everything,' I whispered into his ear.

'Don't thank me yet Angel, usted no ha tenido todavia el postre.' he replied. He turned around and pressed his hot lips against mine, his tongue swirling together with mine. It felt as if his kiss knocked all the breath out of my chest. He stopped and looked at me with an intense, mesmerizing smile on his face.

'You sure you want this nino?' he asked me, sliding his hand down my stomach to grab my belt buckle.

'Papi I thought you'd never ask!' I growled. Julio smiled and led me down the hall into the master bedroom. It was insanely huge but that wasn't all I noticed on the red walls were shelves with candle that filled the room with a romantic feeling. On the other walls though, were dildos and sex toys of all different kinds. The other side of the room had a sling attached to the ceiling and wrist and ankle chains on the ceiling and the floor as well as the four post bed.

'Julio mierda, que gusta a la intemperie!' He laughed and started unbuttoning his shirt, exposing his naturally hairy chest and abs, which were neatly trimmed. The hair continued past the waistband of his black jockstrap. Julio saw my jaw almost hit the floor as I saw his already massive cock swell under the thin fabric and smiled.

'You like what you see nino?' I walked over to him to kiss and suck his neck, letting him know that I certainly did. By his moans I could tell he did too. I slid down his chest to his left nipple piercing and swirled the cool metal around in my mouth. I went down lower past his abs and to his jockstrap. While using my lips to trace the outline of his dick I spread apart his ass cheeks with my hands and dipped a finger inside. Gripping the band of his jockstrap with my teeth I started to slowly pull them down, looking deeply into his eyes as I did so. As I came back up my tongue glided along his thick, tan thigh. I heard him moan as my tongue quickly left his leg to busily lick his balls while his monster cock bobbed back and forth, hitting my face over and over again.

' Shit nino, fuck yeah. Wash 'em baby,' he purred as I took one of his massive plums into my wet mouth, sucking and swirling my tongue all around it. I stopped thrusting my finger in and out of his warm manhole and slowly started to stand, licking every curve and angle of his body as I rose. I reached his gorgeous face and pulled him into a deep kiss, thrusting my tongue in and out of his warm hole.

'I want to taste me on you,' he exhaled between kisses. I stuck out my finger I used to work his ass and he greedily took it into his mouth, sucking, licking, swirling his tongue around it. I pulled my finger out of his mouth and wrapped my own lips around it.

'Mmm... que es beuno,' I moaned. He grabbed my by my hand and led me across the room to the chains attached to the ceiling and floor. He threw my hands up above my head and slowly slid his hands up their length and kissed my neck. I felt him bite down hard on the skin and I moaned aloud and threw my head back. Then I felt the cold metal slap around my wrists. Julio walked in front of me, his huge fully hard cock bouncing up and down as he walked.

'I'm gonna make you feel so good Angel, gonna work you so hard,' he said in his deep masculine tone, his voice was screaming authority, and I knew who was now in charge here. He pulled me in by the waist for a deep kiss, our tongues colliding with each other like a damn tornado. I felt the warmth of his breath fill my body with ecstasy. God if only I weren't chained up. His lips left mine leaving me biting them wanting more. He reached up to grip the back of my head while the other slowly trailed down my back to massage my ass crack as he began to passionately kiss and bite my neck. His hands studied my body as his tongue slid down across my entire body. He was now on his knees smiling at me with his thumbs under the sides of my briefs. He pulled them down to my ankles as my now rigid cock sprang forth and smacked him in the jaw.

'Damn nino, someone's happy to see me,' he said as he gripped my pinga with both hands and started jerking me off. He began to thumb the head which was now pouring pre-cum. He took his thumb into his mouth and moaned.

' You taste so sweet Angel,' he groaned. Then without warning he took my cock into his waiting mouth. I watched as my my pinga disappeared, reappeared, then disappeared into his gorgeous face. His mouth was milking me for everything I had to offer. The way his lips wrapped around me so gently and softly. He slowly swallowed me fully until his nose was buried deep into my pubic hairs, then came all the way off to feverishly lick the head. I began to thrust my hips forward to meet his waiting mouth. I felt I was going to cum so I thrust my hips back as far as I could. Julio smiled and stood up to kiss me long and hard. His hands slid up my arms once again to uncuff me. He lifted me by the ass as I clung to him. He walked over to the bed and laid me down on my back, my bare ass on the edge of the bed. Julio kissed me, then my neck, my abs, and so on. He smiled at me and I knew what was coming next. He lifted my ass towards my face his face as he dove straight into my crack with his tongue. I moaned aloud as he tongue fucked me. I heard him laugh as my moans got louder and he really started to jam that thick tongue in there. His wet tongue felt fantastico working my ass. His hands were massaging my balls as he did so. After awhile he went from fucking me to gently licking my hole as I held his head in place, locking my legs around his neck.

'Shit yeah, lick that ass papi,' I groaned as I threw my head back. Julio climbed onto the bed and lay on top of me, pressing his dick against mine and swerving his hips in circles.

'You sure...you want this Angel?' Julio asked me between kisses. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He slowly began to stand, my arms tight around his neck.

'Here it comes nino,' he said as he lowered me onto his monster cock. My God, his dick was ripping my in half! I never even dreamed of shoving something this big up my ass.

'So fucking tight babe' he moaned as he continued to pump into me. The sensible thing to do would be to hop off this god screaming, clenching my ass. But for some reason the look in his eyes made me want to give him everything, no matter what. So I sucked it up and bit down on my lip, trying desperately not to scream, fighting back tears. I buried my face into the small of his muscular shoulder and gladly accepted the pain. A single tear fell down my face onto his shoulder and he immediately stooped his attack on my asshole. I gave him a halfhearted smile as he cupped my face with one hand, looking into my eyes with horror.

'Are you okay Angel? Did I hurt you?' he asked me, concern taking over his voice. Before I could even answer I found myself lost in the softness of his lips. He kissed me gently, as if not to hurt me. Most chicos wouldn't care what anyone else felt but he was different. We kissed for a few moments and he still hadn't started fucking me yet. A few seconds later he pulled my away from his warm mouth.

'Are you ready babe?' he asked me. I gave him a real smile this time with another kiss to answer his question. This time he pushed inside of me slowly and carefully. When I was all the way down there was very little pain. It was replaced with the most intense pleasure I've ever felt before. His cock filled me again and again as I bounced up and down.

'That feels so good papi,' I moaned as I began kissing his neck. He started to thrust his cock into my ass all the way, going faster and faster each time. I clung to his neck as he fucked me in a way I had never been fucked before, his bedroom filled with our reams and the sound of his giant balls slapping up against my ass. He leaned back and stretched out across the bed and I started to fuck myself on his dick, my own hitting my stomach repeatedly. He began jerking me off as my ass slammed against his crotch. After awhile Julio moved his hands to my waist and started to meet my ass with his own deep thrusts. I slowly eased off his fuck stick and quickly got to my knees to worship his amazing cock. Before I even knew it I had forced my mouth to swallow almost half of his dick, while my hands worked his massive balls. I moved off his cock to take one of his balls into my wanting mouth.

'Damn Angel, you make me want you so bad,' he growled as he got me on my feet only to lay me back down on the bed, my ass pointing towards the ceiling. First I felt his hands on my waist, then his lips on my neck, and finally the weight of his body pressing against mine. I turned my head so my lips could meet his, my ass rocking back and forth ass his dick slid up and down the crack. I bit down on my bottom lips as Julio slapped and squeezed my ass. He pushed my legs apart with his knees and pressed the head of his cock against my asshole.

'How bad do you want it babe?' he teased as he just held himself outside of me. He chuckled as I started rocking my ass underneath his muscular body.

'Okay then baby, here we go.' I felt an instant turn on by him calling me baby...his baby. He entered me slowly, laying flat on top of me, and just laid there. I tried to push against him but he had me pinned. He began kissing and sucking my neck , his hands moving up and down my waist. After awhile he began he began thrusting his hips into my ass. I moaned and gripped the sheets as his dick slid in and out of my ass, filling me with a different electricity than before. It was more like he was claiming me as his own with that beautiful body and cock. I felt him nibble on my ears and his lips found my neck, then my jaw, and finally my mouth. I reached back to squeeze his ass as he dominated my hole. I began playing with his asshole with both hands, my fingers massaging his ass crack. Julio started driving my ass harder and faster, all the way to the hilt. My moans turned to screams of pleasure as he grabbed me by both wrists and started to fuck me hard. His dick was pounding my ass so hard I had to bite down on the sheets which were wet from the pre-cum pouring from my rock hard dick. Julio's grip on my wrists tightened and his moans got louder and louder. I felt my body lift off the bed as he fucked me.

'Oh fuck yeah baby!' Julio pulled me in for one final thrust. His leche shoot into my ass hard and hot like thrusts of his dick. As soon as he started shooting his seed in me, my own started pumping out like a waterfall out of my cock. He held me there as my cum shot all over the bed. Julio stood me straight up and kissed me deeply, his now softening dick still resting inside me. He bent me over the bed and slid his cock out of me and spread my ass cheeks apart. He stuck his tongue deep into my hole and began thrusting it in and out. As soon as his tongue left my ass I felt the warm cum pumping out of my ass. It was one of the most amazing feelings I've ever had, the perfect angel's leche pouring from my ass. I had never let another man cum inside of my ass before. Julio was and would always be the first. When I felt the last of the cum turn into a mere drip I turned to see Julio wiping his face of the cum that was just deposited from my ass a few moments ago. He looked so sexy with his chest covered in his own manhood. His face dove into my ass to busily lick the remains of his warm seed. His tongue traveled from my asshole to my balls as he devoured each one into his wet mouth. Then his tongue slid all the way down to the tip of my pinga to suck it dry. Julio smacked my as as he climbed onto the bed. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me deeply for what seemed forever. That was the first night I spent lying in the arms of the most beautiful man in the world, Julio.



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