I lay in bed next to person I don't know, with small hope he telling me the truth, I can't see why he stay with me. I lost my memory what worth am I, deciding it too early to sleep I slip out of bed head in to the kitchen grab a glass from counter and fill it with milk. Sitting at table a voice from behind me says "well something haven't changed" I jump all most out my seat. "sorry did scare yah hun", I give him look like why are you're up, "hey, sorry it routine for you but your bit earlier than normal". "so this normal for me", "well not exactly, you more wake me up full energy saying food! food!! food!!!". I look up at him " I could go for hash brown" he giggles at me "there my Joshy" . I looked down "so you don't like me then you rather have old me back".

    He grabs me "No never I love you way you are, you're already perfect and if this is new you than I want get know it and learn love it just much I love you". I slowly feel my self-drawing closer to him I can't resist and in that moment locked in a kiss most strong loving kiss. I break kiss barely able to breath, he holds me "you okay", "yeah, ummm...". "It okay just slow down for sec and let go get that hash brown", he picks me up "this okay" I nod my head. He cares me to car sit me in passengers' seat and buckles me in. "Okay off we go", I look out window, thinking "maybe I should told him I want more" I lay my head on side of door and doze off, suddenly I awaken with a poke "hey here ya go" he hands me the hash brown.   

    Hi reader's I'm Josh this is first erotic novel I submitted here but not first novel I have written, I figured I try these out somewhere but where a better place than one that inspired me to write in first place, I truly love this site it where I spent many hours reading wonderful stories and hope to spend time now both writing and reading them. I hope you enjoyed and will release next part soon as I finish it.

Bye ~




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