Am I Queer?

FYI: This is more or less a true story. Because the story took place in the 60s before the term ‘gay’ started to be used for homosexuals the term ‘queer’ is used. It isn’t meant to be derogatory just accurate for the times. 

When I was a young man I used to hitchhike a lot because I had no other mode of transportation. I came from a poor background and hitching gave me the means to get to jobs or wherever I needed to go. I was always thankful for the lift and made it a point to thank my benefactors.   

When I grew older and had had the means to purchase a car, I made it a practice to pick up hitchhikers and give them rides due to my experiences as a hitchhiker in my youth. 

One day while driving home from an out of town trip a young man was hitching and I stopped and asked where he was headed. He told me and I said, “I can get you most of the way so hop in.”

We drove about a mile without another word between us. Then I felt his hand on my knee and I looked at him and he said, “Would you like a blowjob?”

Stunned, I reached down, grabbed his hand and threw it away from my knee without saying anything. I thought to myself that I’ll stop at the next intersection and tell him to get out. This was in 60, an era when gay people were not openly gay. Being gay was simply not approved by society. Hell, they didn’t even call them gay yet. They were still queers.

But as I drove on I could feel my cock getting hard. I thought this just can't be real me getting an erection after being propositioned by a homosexual. I'm straight I thought. But there was no denying it my cock was getting harder. I tried shifting in my seat to avoid him noticing my uncomfortable situation. 

I looked over and he was smiling and I knew he was aware of my obvious attempt to hide my growing erection. Then he spoke again with a little more strength in his voice. “You do want me to suck you off, don't you?”

I was taken back by his brashness and the fact that fact I was virtually unable to speak. 

Then I felt his hand not on my knee but on my swollen cock. 

I kept driving looking straight ahead afraid to look down. 

He started to slowly massage my cock through my pants and I felt my cock actually jerk. My thoughts shifted from ‘this can't be happening’ to ‘I'm not queer,’ why am I letting this go on? Why don't I just stop and order him out of the car? 

Then I heard him softly say, “After the next intersection there’s an abandon building you can pull around behind and be out of sight if you want.”

Without hesitation I turned and drove around behind the building and stopped. 

All the while he kept massaging my cock and it felt so good I didn't want him to stop. 

He slowing pulled my zipper down, pulled open my pants and released my cock. When it sprang straight up, he took it back in his hand and slowly stroked it a few times. Then as I looked down at him he lowered his head to my lap.

Then I felt the warmth and wetness as he took my cock into his mouth. I sat rigid with my eyes closed as he sucked my cock afraid to watch. He continued to suck my cock deep into his mouth until I felt it hit the back of his throat his nose and lips pushed against my pubic hair. The feeling was like nothing I’d ever felt before. Then, almost without warning, my cock erupted and I blow a huge load directly into his mouth and without gagging or choking he swallowed it all. 

I was in a virtual state of shock that this had all happened so fast. As he slowly pulled his mouth off my cock and as it slipped past his lips I had sudden pangs of quilt. Could I be queer? No way I'm queer I just can't be. I just can't be.

The he looked at me with a strange smile and said, “You liked it didn't you?” When I hesitated and he said, “I know you did. You cummed so fast and with such a big load you had to have really enjoy it.”

Then an even bigger surprise was in store for me as he rose up I could see his hard cock pointing straight up. When he’d taken it out I was not sure, but I was almost mesmerize by the sight of it. My cock is about six-inches and his had to be at least two-inches longer. To look at him I would never had thought that this young man would possess such a big cock…at least eight-inch.

He saw the look on my face as I stared at his cock, smiling, he said, “Do you like it?”

I could hardly talk I was still so stunned but I managed to croak-out, “I can't believe you have such a big cock.”

And then I got the biggest shock yet. He asked, “Do you want to suck it?”

I weakly said, “You don't understand. I'm not queer.”

He said, “I didn't ask you if you were queer. I asked if you wanted to suck it.”

I couldn't believe what came out of my mouth next. I meekly said, “Yes please.” 

Still smiling, he reached over and put his hand behind my head and pulled my face down toward his lap. I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t have to see what was about to happen. Then I felt the head of his cock press against my lips. As he pressed harder I slowly opened my lips and let his cock slip into my mouth. 

He pushed it in to the point that I started to gag and then he withdrew a little as he started to slowly fuck my mouth. He held my head as he worked his hips, slowly fucking my mouth faster and deeper. I could taste what I thought was he pre-cum and it was not at all what I expected. In fact it was kinda sweet. As he continued to fuck my face I started bobbing my head because I was actually starting to like what was happening. 

He said, “For a first time cocksucker you’re doing great. Keep it up.”  

Then I heard him start to moan, “Oooooooohhhhhhhh shit,” and wondered if that meant he was about to cum. I started to pull my mouth from his cock but he pushed my head down harder holding it in place as he worked his hips, fucking my mouth. Then with a big thrust he must have busted a nut because cum started pouring into my mouth. It was much saltier and bitter than the pre-cum. I choked some but knew I had to swallow to keep from gagging and choking so I swallowed and continued to swallow until I had it all down.

Balls drained, he let my head go and his rapidly softening cock slipped from my mouth. 

I had suddenly felt guilty, but yet I had to admit that I’d enjoyed what had just happened. He sensed my feeling and he said, “Don’t worry. This didn’t mean your queer.”

Dazed, I straightened up, started the car and drove him to where I’d planned to take him before. After I let him out and started my drive home amid thoughts that I might be queer.

That was ten years ago and I have not had another gay sexual encounter.  But as time goes by and the sex in my marriage dwindles, I looked back and think I really did enjoy having my cock sucked and yes I also enjoyed sucking his cock. So gay or not, maybe it’s something I might want to try again. 

Maybe while I’m out this weekend running errands instead of spending so much time at Home Depot I’ll drop by that adult bookstore out on the edge of town. I can get a booth and watch dirty movies. After all, what can it hurt?

The end… 



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