What would happen if you were magically given a body and sex drive that would make any gay man take notice?

Gil Walker had that happen to him years ago when his name was Rob Harris and he went to an island in the Caribbean.

You can follow his adventures in The Fraternity Series starting with Isla Paradiso (found on Amazon.com) but this story is about how Gil is being forced to pay the price.

"Boss," grabbing my attention and I looked over getting a raised eyebrow.

"Oh sorry," hearing the man chuckle although he was looking a little frazzled and seeing the other people around me they did look a little lost.

Focusing I thought of a thermostat and turned it down feeling my own heat cool down some.

"Appreciate it boss," getting a fist bump from the man.

PJ was at the window seat with me in the aisle and fortunately no one was taking the middle since considering I'm a little over six feet tall as well as two hundred and twenty-five pounds of muscle and my buddy while the same height was much bigger, it helped having the extra space.

We were flying to Las Vegas for a little R&R and it was long overdue.

Way long overdue, exemplified by what just happened.

About twenty years ago I was a somewhat bulky, well padded tired gay man in his mid-forties reluctantly going on a vacation to a Caribbean island called Isla Paradiso and after meeting a dude with a two foot long dick and nipples lactating a rather tasty juice, I was transformed into a rock hard muscle stud looking a very studly thirty years old.

And twenty years later I still look thirty years old.

Essentially three things happened.

One - I have this hot stud body.

Two - I don't age

And three – I'm built for man sex.

Sounds sweet on paper, but there's always a price.

The rock hard stud muffin body means I have a killer metabolism burning off any fat that might even think of coming on my body. It's pretty cool letting me eat anything I want and being a junk food junkie I take full advantage of the fact.

However it also means I have to eat a lot. A whole lot.

So if I go to dinner without any preparation, a regular meal for me it is what two hungry people might inhale, scaring the hell out of the diners eating with me, so I've learned to have a meal before I go out to eat. But if I go with people like PJ who's also been transformed we'll hit a Subway and having a couple of foot-long subs is a regular meal without even getting full.

I can't bitch too much except for the fact my food bills are outrageous.

The never aging part is also something amazing, but there's a price with that as well, exemplified by the fact I was born Rob Harris and my name is now Gil Walker since not aging means you can't stay in one place all your life because you'll have people wondering what the hell's going on.

So I've made long-term friends with other guys in the Fraternity which is what we're called, well aware I can only live in one location for five or ten years.

A select few of us who've been doubly transformed will also live much longer perhaps even two hundred years but I'm told the final years are pretty brutal with the whole body finally shutting down so it's generally known we commit suicide when we get to that point.

Just lovely.

But right now I'm in my mid-sixties looking around thirty and at the minimum will live at least fifty more years looking like I do now.


The last part is being built for sex.

When we're transformed it's all individual so we don't necessarily all turn into people like PJ who looks like a heavy-duty bodybuilder although even the slimmest of us will have no body fat and nice muscle tone looking like a hard-core runner or gymnast although we do tend to be on the bulkier side.

From the neck up it's not like we become handsome or anything, although tiny things do happen the biggest of which is all the skin tightens up and any age lines or bags under the eyes are gone. In my case, my thick graying hair now comes in totally black and kind of shaggy and the only other major change is my eyes which used to be a changing gray is now a fairly solid gray.

Big shoulders, thick chest and about a thirty-one inch waist and you could tell I'm a fairly big guy also displaying big legs and something I've personally worked on which is my large guns, even bigger then what my frame would normally have.

Besides my big arms, the other distinguishing feature is on my chest. I've always had the larger sized nipples about the size of a quarter and my previous partner loved playing with my sensitive nips so they look like the size of pencil erasers when soft and about twice the size when I'm excited, looking like I should have a couple of heavy-duty tit rings dangling off my chest.

And with my latest transformation they're so incredibly sensitive, if men focus on them for any time, I can cum just from the tit work.

But what makes us built for sex is what's going on down below.

I already had a good size penis probably high average, yet my transformations gained another couple inches to my shaft. I'm not that vain, but I am a red-blooded gay man so having more equipment to play with certainly has me being okay with that change.

So I'm large and thick making any size queen happy but it's also the fact I can get hard at the slightest breeze and I'll stay hard as long as I need to.

And when I cum it will be a thick creamy load every single time through the night no matter how many times I've already exploded in somebody's mouth or ass or just dumping on somebody's body.

My ass is also a Fraternity built piece of sex equipment.

Pre-transformed it was a flat butt having trouble holding up my pants over the years, but now it's rock hard rounded glutes ready for action and I mean ready for action since we're self-cleaning 24/7, so I can be fucked, anytime and anyplace.

Our asses can also take pretty much anything and remain tight no matter what's shoved up there, so the first stud will find a tight grip around his cock as will the last one.

Since my latest transformation of which I'm the only one in our small group who's had it, means I have a few additional features which is my ability to not only tighten up my hole, but if I concentrate I can tighten the entire tunnel and I've been told it feels like a velvet glove clutching and stroking their entire rod.

The other thing changed is my semen.

It's not only tasty but anyone who swallows, or takes it up their ass not only gets a kick of energy but it acts as an aphrodisiac as well so my playmates are willing to go on for another round, then another….

The final thing, at least the final thing I know about so far is what just happened on the plane.

Everyone has pheromones sexually attracting people and we Fraternity studs supposedly can transmit a little bit further attracting men with similar interests so if I'm like PJ who's a horny bottom man craving rough sex, his pheromones are likely attracting top men who want to rough up the big bodybuilding slut.

Mine goes even further and I can feel the heat rising when I get horny and if I'm not paying attention it will affect those around me and if I'm really horny or screwing my brains out it can influence a large group.

So I learned to do a little visualization of a thermostat and turn the heat down which seems to help and looking around the plane people were looking less frazzled than earlier.

And it comes back down to the price we have to pay since being built for sex also means we desperately need it and I've even thought of us as cum vampires which isn't far from the truth; since we need semen to keep our bodies healthy and do the maintenance work on our frames.

Even diehard tops need to figure out how to get jizz in their systems but since I'm an anything, anytime kind of guy, that's never been a problem except I need a lot of it.

The other issue we have, has to do with the sex we like.

So if you're like PJ into rough bottom boy sex if he doesn't get what he wants, his interest turns into a distracting need, before finally becoming an overwhelming compulsion until he finally satisfies his craving.

In my case I like a variety of sex, which is why we're on a plane to Las Vegas since I'm going bugfucking crazy right now.

The last six weeks I've been getting a lot of one-on-one time which I absolutely love, however there's a couple of other types that really turn me on as well.

One is dark nasty anonymous group sex where I can spend a few hours fucking and sucking as well as taking as many men as I can.

With the other one being some rough leather sex of my own, although this is probably where I have my limits since I have no problem playing master or slave but it's all a game to me in order to have hot sex. So getting too rough in the BDSM play is not my thing and PJ and I who've often gone out and tackled half a dozen or more daddies to be their bitches for the night, it will still be PJ who takes on the really hardcore boys.

PJ and I as well as a couple others flying out work in Savannah, Georgia in construction. I'm in charge of the company which is why PJ calls me boss although that's merely a title since it doesn't stop my buddy from ordering me around and telling me what to do.

Savannah is a fairly small city, with its southern prejudices so the gay pickings are rather slim and considering my core staff is all gay along with sex crazed Fraternity we usually head to a bigger town at least once a month.

But even there it's been slim lately so we're heading to Vegas for a very specific reason which has nothing to do with gambling or seeing the shows.

"I think once we get to the hotel I might need to do a full shave on you boss; what do you think?" And I groaned at the idea.

PJ has eyebrows and a dark goatee and that's it anywhere; and I've known the dude for over a dozen years and he's always had the same look with never a stubble anyplace since he's meticulous in cleaning himself up.

Ordinarily I'm not very hairy from the neck down, having a little dark hair on my legs and arms and thanks to my transformation I only have a little hair in my armpits and over my stalk, with it never getting heavier anymore.

But what PJ was offering was not only shaving my pits and groin but also scraping the blade all around down there, especially near my hole making it even more sensitive to play with.

"We'll get some pool time in and we want you to look good," and I looked over laughing at the dude since the big bodybuilder also acts as one of my fashionista elves.

I could care less what I wear, yet my buddy who calls me boss has a tendency of nagging and making sure I don't clash as well as handing over clothes showing off my body to the best.

Although by PJ's definition the best will mean something like a dirty stained jock and nothing else when we work out at the motel's fitness center, or a thong swimsuit around the pool.

We finally arrived with only one more warning from PJ that I was heating up.

I should have noticed since we were walking through the terminal and too many people were stumbling when I walked by, but I was obsessed with making it to the motel and getting laid.

I'm told it's like a sexual heat wave that hits people. If they're close by I'm told people start thinking about sex, then feeling frisky, until they become super horny.

But if it's like now where I'm moving and somebody walks nearby it's almost a physical slam of lust which mostly is general, but I understand with the right people (gay men, like duh) they may start lusting after me and not know why.

It's all in the pheromones.



I don't do it on purpose. Well sometimes I do.

There's been times when I'm at some stodgy fundraiser or even once at a gay Republican party and I focus on getting laid and it creeps up with it being amusing to see the people around me in their suits getting a little randy.

But times like now, when I'm over the top horny, I just radiate this stuff without thinking about it.

Which takes a lot out of me, so I need to eat ….again.

We have business reasons for coming, but it was mostly for play and we had to check our luggage thanks to the leather gear.

Around the motel? Not so much, considering the clothes needed could be stuffed in a backpack.

Daytime? Thong and flipflops or jock and trainers, along with a pair of shorts and t-shirt if going off site.

Evening – shorts and tee for dinner, then black boots and a towel borrowed from the motel to get over to the orgy rooms and other then a gallon of lube, I'm set.

However, we're planning on hitting the private leather club while here, so we'll need to suit up then.

Amos, Ian and I waited at baggage.

Amos was the smallest of the group with a nice runner's physique and the dude was super bright with a wry smartass attitude, which is fine since a good slam is okay even if it's aimed in my direction.

Ian's Irish and a former rugby player so he had a thick, fireplug body.

The other difference is while both didn't care whether they top or bottom, Amos favors one on ones or maybe one on two's; where Ian is a hard charging athlete liking to pound his way through sex whether with one dude or a half dozen.

We've all done the dirty deed together thanks to our crazy sex drives.

Oh yeah …I didn't talk about that.

Once transformed your libido takes a jump, so if it was low before, it's likely normal now ..that is normal for a younger person.

Normal sex drive kicks it up higher and if you were already high, like I was, well one of my nicknames is Energizer Bunny for a reason.

Yeah it's bad.

Freaking bad.

Studies show men think about sex around twenty times a day.

I wish it was only that much.

"We ready guys?" and nodding we jumped the rental car bus with Amos snickering when he saw the driver giving me the eye.

This horned up I can turn my pheromones down but not off, so yeah near a queer and they turn into dogs in heat.

My buddies get a kick out of what I do since they recognize when its happening, so we'll go out to a gay bar and the bastards will even devise ways of getting me worked up, then watch the entire place start getting …frisky.


"Hi I'm Tim and this is Randy."

We finally standing around outside of the registration office of the motel as Amos and Ian went in to get our rooms and there was a pair of studs doing the same.

The two were clearly Marines with high and tights and Tim had a nice lean build with Randy being brawnier.

"This is Gil and I'm PJ," as we all shook hands.

The three jarheads were up from Camp Pendleton for a long weekend apparently helicopter pilots and we talked about San Diego where both PJ and I lived for awhile until their third buddy Ben came out with the key to their place.

"We've been here before, so Gil why don't you show them where their room is after a quick tour?" PJ looked over grinning.

Actually it was more than 'been here before' since PJ and I met here, renovating the motel when it was first purchased and we spent a couple years ripping it apart room by room.

They were hot times since we'd work our butts off during the day, and being a gay motel even back then, we played our butts off during the evening. Not quite true since a sex break during the day was also fairly common.

"Uh sure."

The motel is a two story hollow box with the pool and large open area in the center.

One side has offices, restaurant and a nightclub on the second floor, with another having the good sized fitness center – it is for gays after all. Then next to the fitness center was a large area called the Cave.

Oh yeah the Cave.

Access through the gym or you can walk down stairs from the nightclub and it's where grown horny men cum to play. Three very dark rooms designed to let men mingle and get off, which is why we selected this motel since we'll be visiting the Cave later.

The pool was starting to fill up with some hard bodies on display and the gyrenes were definitely checking out the action while I looked at a huge palm tree remembering how PJ and I planted it about eighteen years ago.

Can't mention that to the military studs since if I'm officially twenty-eight, that means I was ten years old when I worked here.

Yeah, sometimes sharing memories can be complicated.

The three studs were sharing a room and I led them to the second floor.

"Here's where you'll be living for the next few days."

Tim ran a hand lightly up my arm, "how about showing us where the bathroom is," and swallowing I nodded as we headed in the room.

"Geezus stud!"

Randy was commenting on my difficulty in pulling up my shorts over my tool since it looked like it could still pound nails, and considering we've been going at it for a couple of hours, it was understandable he was surprised I was still hard.

Once in the room we were out of our clothes pretty fast and feeling super heated which likely meant I was kicking the three young hot studs into hyper horny and they proved I was having the effect pretty quickly.

Supposedly Randy was a top, but I had his ass and Tim was a bottom, but his dick was down deep at one point and Ben was up for anything, but he was the first one to concede defeat leaving about half an hour ago out to the pool.

Quickly realizing three to one odds was easy for me to handle we wasted no time in getting their pipes into my holes with them getting into my swollen chest and nips which clearly liked to be chewed.

I was double fucked at one point, with Tim finally begging off and topman Randy and I had one last fuck before he declared he's not going to be able to get it up the rest of the weekend.

Doubtful since the dude is young, hung and well while not full of cum right now, he'll revive at some point.

The dude was muscular and sexy enjoying being both aggressive and taking it slow with the last time being a nice ending as I screwed his ass while he chewed on my now sore chest.

Jumping up, his big dick swinging side to side as he pulled me into a hug.

"Will I see you around?" and I nodded while we made out some more.

"Not taking a shower?"

"Why should I?" cracking the stud up.

Probably a legitimate question considering the sexy military boys dumped plenty of Marine loads either in or on me during the last few hours.

Oh yeah, part of that whole cum vampire thing is healthy cum in my ass will be absorbed although it takes some time and thanks to some heavy loads, my tight hole was still leaking some of their cream down my leg with other parts my body coated in their spooge.

But in pig paradise, I sure as hell wasn't complaining.

I had a feeling Randy wouldn't object if I hung around the room some more but as if on cue my stomach growled reminding me it was time to take care of my other obsession.

Gil headed out to the pool since he had no idea where their rooms were, seeing the marines standing and talking with his crew although it was a shame since both Tim and Ben were wearing board shorts which didn't do justice to their hot bodies.

"Let me show you where your room is," and Ian jumped up with me as I rolled my eyes since he could've just told me the room number.

"According to the two studs you gave a top notch performance mate," with Ian cracking up as I shrugged my shoulders.

I can't deny I'm a major league slut, but I'm not big on talking about it which amuses my friends to no end and I had no doubt they already gathered specific details from the two hot men.

"Son of a bitch," seeing Ian laugh and I could only shake my head at my buddy's antics since in my bag were three swimsuits none of which would be street legal and even as thongs they were pretty risqué.

Think posing strap with string waistbands high in the waist plunging down into a microscopic amount of material with the band riding in the crack of my ass before splitting to around the waist. The material will barely cover my junk if I'm totally limp which is why I needed to be shaved and the material doesn't have any give so if I harden up it means the suit pulls away from my body exposing the family jewels the harder I get.

Ian is a major pig who shaved not only my pubes but then running the razor over my already bare nuts, perineum and around my hole before running his tongue to get a taste of any dried jarhead jizz as well as attacking my hole to see uf there's anything he can suck out, so I was moaning and groaning before swiveling me around and swallowing my tool as I dumped another huge load in the Irish stud's mouth and he quickly stood up to give me some of my own juice back.

Thinking I wouldn't mind the jock's ass he pointed over to a table with couple of huge subs waiting for me to digest and he laughed walking out of the room as I scrambled over to inhale, shaking my head.

The overwhelming need for sex has been dampened thanks to the three studs so it will help me hold off until tonight when I go into major pig sex mode in the Cave and I should be grateful to the athlete for going easy on me.

In the past he's taken a lot longer to help me prepare which means a killer rimjob as well as working over my chest until I'm barely able to see straight.

To say I have an odd relationship with my buddies is an understatement.

All three work for me in the construction business with Amos being my salesman, Ian my materials coordinator and PJ is one of my foremen, however I've known all of them for years especially PJ; and I have a tendency of bringing friends in as employees or employees becoming my friends. Fortunately all are good guys and hard workers although our meetings have a tendency of a lot of trash talking, still managing to get the job done.

But deference or respect for being the boss? Especially when we're at a gayboy playground like this place? Forget about it.

Sliding the thong on, it was already showing some of my meat since after Ian's play there's no way in hell I can be totally soft. It also didn't help with the thin string rubbing against my sensitive rosebud, but I threw a wrap around my waist and headed out to the pool and laughing as he turned the corner to see PJ and Ian rousing the crowd as the two muscular studs called out to people and party.

Sexy Randy joined his friends getting a lot of shit for wearing a bikini showing off the hefty bulge in front as well as his hot bubble butt, although the dude cracked up eyeing my thong which didn't stop him from checking the material out thoroughly with his hands.

After downing a few beers in the hot afternoon sun I headed over to the toilet near the pool and draining the lizard a body pressed against my back and I felt a light kiss on my shoulder. Fortunately I was able to drain what I needed before my tool worked its way to its full hardness as hands slid around to the front with the fingers following the trenches of my abdominals as the other hand worked its way up to lightly pinch a swollen nipple making me grunt.

"I love the sex noises you make."

"I enjoy what you do so I'll make the noise," hearing a low chuckle against my ear.

The hand rubbing my abs disappeared and he must've pulled his bikini front down since a hard pipe was rubbing down my crack as the other hand returned grabbing my pecs with his fingers making sure they rubbed my swollen erasers.

"I don't know what it is stud, but it seems if I'm within ten feet of you I want to jump your bones."

"That's a shame, I was hoping you'd want to fuck my ass," hearing a soft husky chuckle as a swollen bullet got a rough pinch and a hand disappeared again feeling the string in the crack of my ass being pulled to one side.

I leaned forward putting a hand against the wall feeling the thick head set against my aching opening.

"Are you sure?"

I chuckled as I pushed back taking the big cock back in my chute as we both groaned.

Randy was a husky stud athlete and hands on my shoulder the dude began pounding my ass occasionally stopping to pull me up and turn my head for a hot kiss before pushing me back down to fuck me once again and considering the dude's already cum several times he rode my butt for a good amount of time until slamming in and swelling up, he whimpered out a 'fuuuuuuck' and hot cream pumped down my tunnel as I was yanked vertical for the two of us to kiss.

He wasn't done however and I felt a light kiss on my shoulder before pulling out and turning me around he pushed me back against the wall. Dropping to his knees, the sexy stud swallowed me whole and already leaking profusely, his hot mouth closing up was all it took and I heard him gagging as the thick ropes of spooge poured down his throat.

Standing back up meant a long kiss as well as the return of some of my cum and I enjoyed licking his face and chest where some of my cream spilled out. After that, we pulled up our suits and headed back out to the pool.

The afternoon turned into party central around the pool with the three Marines hanging around PJ, Ian, Amos and I with a lot of drinking, a little dancing and horsing around with games like chicken in the pool.

Every now and then PJ, Ian or Amos would disappear, then I'd see them walking back with a stud or two weakly following them.

Yeah, we were all horny as hell, so chances were anybody wanting to play was going to get a nice surprise.

But Gil wasn't immune either heading back to his room to see a hot little muscle dude sashaying his bikini'd butt in front of him and the husky dude was shortly limping back to the pool after demanding to be fucked hard by Gil's large fuckstick.

Then there was the toying before dinner with Amos and Ian chowing down on Gil's sensitive chest swelling his bullets up even further so they were sore as his shirt scraped against them when they ate.

A little dancing and a lot of drinking afterwards meant he was ready to get serious.

I walked into the dark room wearing only a pair of black boots and the outer room is what we disparagingly call the posing room since both the door to the fitness center and stairs coming down from the nightclub dumps the night clubbers here and they stand around with their backs against the wall 'posing' to draw interest and normally I'd immediately head into one of the other rooms.

But I was thinking there was plenty of mandick even here and I walked over to a corner where there was a couple of guys standing around and they perked up seeing a big naked muscle man drawing near. I sank to my knees and one quick thinking stud got the message whipping out a nice sized cock and stepped up to sink his shaft down my throat. I reached up grabbing his hips while working my mouth up and down his shaft feeling the dude rest his hands on my head then pushing to suck him faster and I readily complied.

Spit was escaping and dribbling down on my chest as I heard a grunt feeling heated cream hitting the back of my throat and I swallowed down everything he offered and hearing a 'thanks stud' as he pulled away to fall back against the wall as another man wasted no time in shoving his tool inside as a couple of others stepped up.

I used my hands to lightly stroke their tools and hearing the dude in my left hand moaning I switched to his cock and barely getting the head in as he started blasting away and I wanted to clean his cock off but the middle dude was making it clear it was time to get back there and I swallowed him down as more cream started filling my mouth and hearing an 'oh fuck' from the right heated ropes fell all over my shoulder dribbling down over my chest with a new group stepping up and I took care of their loads before finally standing up.

The studs I worked over surrounded me taking advantage of the big hard body before them with one closing in for kiss while others ran their hands over my naked frame before I broke away happy I had over half a dozen loads of jizz down my throat.

Keyed up for more I walked into the orgy room seeing a hulking black dude sitting on one of the carpeted tiers getting a blowjob from a slightly built white guy and I walked over seeing the cocksucker having problems taking the huge slab of meat in.

"You want to suck this down?"

"Hell no I want it up my ass."

Grinning he grabbed the head of the cocksucker pulling him off and it was definitely an awesome piece of meat.

"Come here and sit down boy."

I stepped up placing my boots on either side of his hips lowering myself down as he guided his baseball bat to my hole and I felt the head touching my rosebud.

"You ready for this?"

"Hell yeah."

Grinning he pushed my shoulders down as my ass spread wide open to accommodate the tree trunk filling up my hole.

Buried to the hilt he grabbed my head and we made out for a few seconds as I get used to the invasion in my ass.

"How do you want it boy?"

I felt hands come up to my distended nipples roughly pinching the swollen nubs.

"Maybe I don't need to ask how you want it."

"Give it to me anyway you want stud," and laughing he put his hands on my ass and lifted me up a few inches so we could start driving up in my tunnel getting a pretty good pace finally…

"Too much work; we need to change positions."

I pulled off the long pole regretting its temporary vacancy and I sat down on the tier pulling my legs up as the dude now standing on the lower one slammed his huge meat all the way to the hilt making me groan.

"This is what you said you wanted."

"No complaints stud."

I heard a deep chuckle as he ramped up pounding my hole with the slapping of our two bodies audible around us and bending down he got close to my face telling me to 'open up' and opening my mouth he spit then gave me a light slap on the cheek saying 'good boy' as he continued hammering his big cock inside.

A hand went up to squeeze my tits as another hand set on the side of my face with the thumb rubbing my mouth for me to suck in and I could hear him grunt as he sped up until feeling the blast of heated liquid filling my chute. Burying the thick prong to the hilt he finished pumping his load in my needy hole before pulling out and slapping my glute before stepping down to walk away.

Putting my legs down I looked around to see a lot of hot men filling the room.

Against two walls were these carpeted tiers to sit, lie or fuck on and scattered around was different carpeted blocks either tall enough to slam a man on his hands and knees or on his back but Gil was thinking I'd like to get off. Climbing down, I walked over to a stud getting his rod sucked and rubbing my shaft against his dimpled ass, a hand reached around grabbing Gil's big fuckstick giving an appreciative grunt as the hand placed the tip at the entrance of an already wet hole and pushing forward he slid in hearing a groan in response to the invasion.

Bringing his hands around the front he felt a nice furry chest as he pushed back and forth giving an easy fuck and the dude turned his head so they could make out.

"I'm close" and Gil nodded while they continued to kiss all of a sudden feeling the hole clenching tight around his pipe so he jammed in deep to drop a lot of cream inside.

Both done, the hot man pulled away and turning around he grabbed Gil for a kiss with his hands feeling hard bullets and rolling them between his thumb and forefinger

"Sweet, mind if I play with them for awhile?" and he pushed Gil against the wall leaning down to chow down on the hard nubs earning moans from the big stud.

While the hot man was chewing, his hands roamed the muscular body slapping around the still rock hard cock and low hanging nuts sliding a thumbnail over his perineum making his way back and shoving a few fingers in the cum filled hole.

"Can I have some of that?"

"Go for it stud."

And grabbing Gil's sides and turning him around his hands went against the wall and bending slightly the hot man slid his hard shaft down his tunnel furiously pumping until hot cream poured in his chute and pulling out , he murmured 'thanks stud' in his ear before walking away

And this is why he loves the orgy room.

The next couple hours had him going into the third room which is filled with booths and narrow hallways creating a maze with little niches to hook up. The booths ranged in size from barely enough for one man to rest his ass against one glory hole and suck on the dick the opposite wall to larger size were a few men can work over a horny slut. The walls either consisted of thin fiberboard so you'll get as much cock sliding through the glory hole as possible or Plexiglas and even chain-link so you can watch what's going on maybe seeing some hot stud on his knees swallowing cock.

Some of the bigger booths have a podium or swing and there's even a couple with chains hanging down from the ceiling or cross for rougher play.

But he walked around finding some stud willing to give him his hot ass to fuck or with a nice sized dick he offered his own, being mostly one-on-one, quick and moving on after a juicy load was dropped.

It was dark with men in various stages of dress, some still decked out in their clubbing gear.

He was heated up though and walking by dudes leaning against a wall, he'd see them grunt and maybe pull on their crotch or rub a hand against their chest as his pheromones passed over them.

If someone touched him, they'd notice he was warm, but not noticeably so and there was a fine sheet of sweat on his frame commingling with men's spunk he's already gotten and naked hands would snake out for a touch of naked flesh and on contact he'd hear a grunt.

Oh yeah his pheromones were making the boys crazy tonight.

The touch also seemed to tell him everything he wanted to know. Wanting to fuck or be fucked, just looking or god forbid looking for a husband.

He thought it was stupid to be looking in a place like this, but it wasn't his concern.

Another touch and a man was hungry to put his huge dick in a willing hole, so Gil turned to engage his next partner.

Wanting a break, Gil stepped into an available booth and getting on his knees a dick quickly came through the hole for him to suck right in.

There's something particularly sleazy about being in a dark booth and sucking on a totally anonymous cock with it being the only part of the body you're connecting with and he'll get so horned up he's learned not to stroke his own meat since there's too other many places it can be taken care of.

The booth had different walls with one being a door and another he was focused on being a wood wall. But this booth also had a Plexiglas wall with the requisite gloryhole with the last one being chain link looking into a hallway so studs can glance in to see the action.

There were a few studs pausing to see a mop of dark hair and couple day growth of beard on the kneeling muscle man only wearing a pair of black boots on his big frame.

A hand was against the wall giving the stud some leverage so he can really work the cock being offered and his huge bicep popped with the action.

Another man in the booth next door with the Plexiglas would see the broad back facing him as the head bobbed up and down and looking down his legs were spread and the voyeur could see his rosebud on display looking pink and puffy making it clear the big man's been heavily fucked already especially since white jizz was dribbling down over his low hanging nuts.

Bending down between the legs a rock hard big dick was practically bouncing with a long rope of cream making it the short distance to the floor and you'd think about what you'd like to do with that kind of primo stud. But hearing a gasp he could tell muscle boy was drinking in a load of spunk and the man turned around still on his knees indicating it's your turn to feed him your cock.

Gil switched between the holes a couple more times to suck in different men's juices before standing up and stretching thinking it was time to get serious; and leaving the booth he headed back into the orgy room happy to see his favorite spot available so stepping over to a covered block of wood and leaning back, he lay down lifting his legs. They weren't even fully up when a hairy stud stepped between his legs and slammed a nice size tool deep in his ass. He didn't have much time to think about it since his head was grabbed and pulled upside down is another thick shaft slid down his throat and the game was on.

There's a spotlight shining down on the spot so people have a good idea of what the whore looks like and of course this was primo muscle material drawing men like flies and if they were waiting for a hole to come available there was a huge chest with those two puffy bullets begging for attention so studs were licking and sucking and chewing making Gil moan around the latest shaft fucking his mouth.

This is what he came for and he had no idea whether the guy was good looking or not, complete stud or not as well as their age, since it was all about getting mandick inside so he took them all in. Feeling another load of cum dropped on his windpipe the stud withdrew bending down to whisper next to his face 'I don't fucking believe you stud' and looking up he saw the hot muscle marine Randy who came in to lick at parts of his face coated in jizz before pushing his tongue down his throat as the two made out as the last man rammed his dick to the hilt shooting his cum deep inside.

Willing to take a break he stood up with the Marine nearby.

"You really are insane stud."

He couldn't help but be attracted to the man who was a little shorter maybe five-eleven and packing probably around two-ten of solid muscle with a little hair on his chest and a nice narrow treasure trail leading down to his good size dick. Randy was insistent and pushing him back they continued to make out until his legs bumped against one of the carpeted tiers along one wall.

"I have a stupid question."

"What's that?"

"Are you willing to take me again?" and Gil chuckled

Before long he was in a corner with his legs around the stud's waist getting a nice slow fuck while they made out.

"You're not human," and he was suspecting Randy was shocked at how tight he was gripping the man's pole since yeah by rights he should be as tight as the Holland Tunnel by now.

"You're making me crazy you know that don't you?" and Gil shrugged since it was all the pheromones and closing in for another toe curling scorching kiss Gil grunted as he felt his own nuts churning and spraying the twos torsos he heard the husky stud whimpering as he dropped another load inside and the burly marine's body collapsed on top as the continued to lock lips.

Now settling down from the aftermath of his latest orgasm as well as the hours of sex, he started tingling.

Oh shit.

Looking at the shadowy face above him he should've realized it earlier except he had the overwhelming sex need dampening his other senses.

One more trait.

Not everyone can be transformed and there's only a few thousand worldwide and the two mysterious dudes who do the transformation say they just know when they meet someone who's eligible.

But members of the secret Fraternity are encouraged to send likely candidates down, however there's a few who can sense the right person and since his latest transformation he's been pretty rock solid when he's gotten the tingling feeling he's come to recognize.

His overwhelming sex need was blinding him earlier although he's had an attraction to this stud more than the others and now he knows why.

Looking over he saw PJ and Ian standing nearby knowing what that means and he's been seeing the two studs around the Cave all night knowing PJ must be a happy man since he saw him earlier strapped up in chains with a couple of daddy bears working him over.

But it was time for the finale.

"Uh Randy, I'm going to do something first but I'd be interested in seeing you tomorrow."

The guy gave a tired acceptance and rolling off giving a quick kiss as he headed over to his buddies.

"Time for the pit."

"I'm ready."

Intersecting the three rooms is a pit about five feet deep and the three big studs climb down a small ladder.

"Who's doing the honors?" Seeing Ian get to his knees

Oh man, Ian is not the most gentle one of the bunch, seeing people from above look down as the three started making out touching each other with Ian sucking in a hard cock coated with cum, lube and manass as PJ went rough on his already aching chest.

Soon fingers slid in his hole rapidly increasing up to four as he felt the first stream rain down on the two of them. As the thumb closed in more studs from above were emptying their bladders down on the three pigs in the pit below as they were washed down and bending his knees the Irish stud's hand slid inside.

They were there for some time with Ian doing his thing twisting his fist inside and not too gently as multiple people rained down piss and of course jacked off with cum flying down nonstop until soaked with piss and cum finally they were done and climbing out of the pit there was a certain Marine muscle stud with his eyes wide.

"I seem to be saying unfuckingbelievable every time I see you."

"You watched?"

"The whole thing."

"Turned off?"

"I sure as hell won't be doing anything like that but…" and grinning he grabbed Gil's hand setting it on a rock hard throbbing slab of meat

"What would you say to another round in the room?"

"Yeah I'd like that," and the two studs headed it out.

The few remaining hours to the night had the two studs going easy with a lot of cuddling and making out which was a nice ending to the play.

Gil later heard Randy made it down to Paradiso and was now when of the Fraternity hoping he'll bump into him sometime since he was a nice guy who knows his way around a man's body.

There was more play around the motel during the next day until they were picked up and driven to a private leather club in the warehouse district where they advertised the fact there will be three visiting muscle pigs to play with that night with Ian, PJ and Gil decked out in their leathers.

It was a long night, part rough play and a lot more sex as the club full of daddy's took advantage of having prime muscle at their disposal.

Staggering to the plane for the flight back to Savannah, everybody was tired, sore and quite content.

Yeah, the price has been paid. For now.


Rob Bass

[email protected]


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