Astronomers discovered the star back in the middle of the twenty first century. It was situated at the far end of the Milky Way. The scientists were particularly interested in this star, which they named Alpha One, because it was a yellow star exactly the same size as the sun.

Unlike the sun, it had only two planets revolving around it. The planets were not discovered until almost fifty years after Alpha One was identified, thanks to advances in the field of magnification. The two planets were even of more interest than the star. Each one was about the same size as earth, but they rotated on the same orbit, one hundred eighty degrees apart. Unless the inhabitants of the planets were capable of space travel, they would not be aware of the other's existence, each being completely blocked by Alpha One itself.

The sophisticated equipment used by astronomers of the late twenty first century determined that the atmosphere of the two planets, Beta One and Gamma One, was exactly the same as the earth's atmosphere except for one thing. There was slightly more oxygen and no pollutants were discernible. The planets boasted abundant plant life, but so little animal life that scientists weren't sure if any existed on the planets at all. The scientific world was fascinated by the twin planets and much grant and research money was awarded to study them.

It was discovered that the planets did not tilt on their axes, but remained in an upright position as they made their daily spins, which were equivalent to twenty earth hours. As a result the night temperatures varied between seventy and seventy five degrees Fahrenheit and the day temperatures varied between eighty and ninety degrees. Each planet had variable cloud covers and sufficient rainfall to support life. The planets were about fifty thousand miles closer to their star than earth was to the sun, and a year measured three hundred and five earth days.

The twin planets were three hundred light years away. Two space ships were prepared for an exploration journey. A male and a female chimpanzee were put into each ship. The chimps were placed in a state of suspended animation and sealed in pods. The speed of the ships was set at maximum drive, four times the speed of light. If all went well, one ship would reach Beta One and the other would reach Gamma One in about seventy-five earth years. When they arrived, the space travelers would actually be four months younger than when they left earth.

Upon arrival, a wake up gas would be released in the pods, and the seals would open automatically. The chimps were equipped with sensitive recording devices set to turn on upon arrival. By the time they climbed out of the pods, the space capsule hatches would be wide open and the chimps would be free to explore their new home. As soon as the scientists on earth were satisfied that the chimps were off the ships and fending for themselves, they would trigger a device at the space station. The ships were programmed to seal themselves and return to earth.

The ship sent to Gamma One arrived fifteen minutes after the other ship landed on Beta One. Instruments back on earth recorded the same results on both planets. At first the chimps all seemed to be a little drunk, but that passed quickly. The scientists attributed the phenomenon to the extra oxygen in the atmosphere. The chimps adapted very rapidly. They had plenty of water and found plenty of tree fruits which they ate avariciously. In a few short weeks the females on both planets were pregnant, and later birthed healthy offspring. Unfortunately, little by little, the chimps were able to remove the instruments from their bodies and contact was lost. Notwithstanding the failure of the equipment, the experiment was a huge success.

About the same time as Alpha One was discovered, The Purity Party came to power throughout the entire Planet Earth. They began an overt program of spiritual cleansing for the greater glory of God. They announced that all atheists and non Christians had to convert immediately or be put to death. That program seemed to be working except that more religion was being practiced in cellars and attics after dark than the leaders of Purity could ever imagine. None the less, in their ignorance, they were proud of their accomplishments.

Unfortunately there was one group of people who were particularly targeted by Purity, and there was no chance of ever converting them. Known homosexuals were routinely put to death. They too were forced underground. Lesbians and gays married for convenience and to save their lives. Gay doctors would inseminate Lesbians so that these couples could have children. Heaven help any of them if they were caught engaging in a homosexual activity. Not only were they put to death, but mercilessly tortured until they begged for death. If there was a bright side to all this, certain ministers no longer blamed homosexuals for all the troubles in the world, and secret gays who used to listen to these ministers no longer had to bite their tongues.

At the beginning of the twenty second century, a new leader was elected to the Purity Party. If only the party knew. He was one of the secret homosexuals. I suppose some people would classify him as bi-sexual since he was married to a straight woman and was able to perform his husbandly duties. They had two handsome sons who seemed to like girls well enough. The Leader had grown up with another secret homosexual, but his friend was married to a secret Lesbian. The Leader often spent hours at his friend's house 'playing cards' to relieve his secret needs.

One day the new Leader addressed the Congress and announced that capital punishment for homosexuals was not only cruel but also un-Christian. He proposed that as an alternative, women should be banished to Beta One and men should be exiled to Gamma One. There were enough kinder hearted members of the party and enough secret homosexuals in the Congress that the Leader's proposal found a majority of consenting votes. They were even kind enough to declare that homosexuals over seventy-five would probably not be able to survive the trip. They voted to allow these elderly people to live out their lives in a secluded facility on Long Island. Eventually they would die off. All those younger than seventy-five would end up on the planets of exile, so the world would soon be rid of these pariahs forever. Fools! Didn't they know that each new generation would spawn a new brood of homosexuals?

Up until now, homosexuals of both sexes from around the world were brought to a huge facility in New York City to await torture and death. Each cell contained one woman and one man so that there would be no hanky panky. Of course, even among the prison guards, there existed secret homosexuals. These kind guards saw to it that lovers were united during the night if only for a short time. Since the prison population consisted solely of those poor idiots who got caught, there were no more than seven hundred men and no more than four hundred women detained there.

From this pool of unfortunate souls, the first exiles to the distant planets would be chosen. At first volunteers were solicited, but none stepped up. They preferred death to the unknown. So the guards made the choice.

The first ships would accommodate one hundred persons each. One hundred men and one hundred women were chosen by lot to make the first voyage. The kindly gay guards made sure that lovers were not separated. Two ships would leave for each planet at one month intervals until the prison was emptied and could be converted to better use.

Besides the human cargo, each ship was stocked with food, water, other necessities and building equipment. The passengers had twenty four hours to unload the ship, and secure it for automatic return to the earth. If the ship did not take off, a capsule filled with lethal gas would be released in the passengers' stomachs. On the other hand, if all went well, the gas would become inert eighteen hours after the estimated time of departure.

The ships were now even more advanced technically than when the chimps were transported, and could travel at six times the speed of light. Upon arrival the passengers would be six months younger than they were upon departure. The guards secured all the passengers in their pods and released the gas that would put them into a state of suspended animation. The space ships were sealed and professional hands back at the space station sent them automatically on their way. The women were sent off to Beta One and the men to Gamma One. There they could do as they pleased without destroying the purity of Planet Earth.

If you haven't suspected as yet, I was one of the passengers on the ship headed for Gamma One. Now I can't tell you how the women made out. We could never contact them. Radio waves were destroyed as they tried to pass through or around Alpha One. Perhaps some future exiles will bring the technology with them to contact the women. But for now, I can only tell you about the men of Gamma One.

Our youngest member was a beautiful nubile young thing of sixteen. We appointed a former cop to protect him from any predators. Our oldest members were sixty-eight. They had been a couple for over forty years, and had been married to a Lesbian couple. They lived side by side and neither couple had chosen to have children. One night, a neighbor was out late walking his dog. He spotted one of the gentlemen running from his friend's house back to his own, wearing only a bathrobe. He suspected the truth of what was going on and informed the Purity Police. They put a stake out on both houses. It wasn't long before they saw one of the gentlemen crossing over next door. As soon as he arrived, the woman who lived there came out and she went next door. They raided both houses and caught both same sex couples making love. They were immediately shipped to the death house in New York. Fortunately, they were saved by the new law. The men were happy to know that their wives were on the other space ship.

In between, we had men of every decade. I myself am thirty-one. I must admit that I am always horny and I have my eye on at least three fellow passengers. I am dying to get into any one of them, and I would be happy for them to get into me.

We were placed naked in our pods so that the instruments we were attached to would work without obstruction. That gave me a chance to check out my fellow travelers. Boy, what a range of cock sizes. First of all, circumcision had been outlawed a long time ago when Judaism and Islam had ceased to exist (except in secret) so nobody was cut. Some of the men showed only a head peeking through their pubic hairs, others were at least eight inches flaccid and still others were so fat around there was no way I would let them enter me. In fact, I figured that the smaller guys, when erect, could enter me, satisfy me and not hurt at all. Bigger is not always better.

I admit I was scared when the suspended animation gas began to fill my pod, but I was out so fast, my fear was short lived. I can tell you that suspended animation is a form of death. I did not dream at all. In fact I was completely without conscience, without thoughts of any kind. I was gone, kaput, and that was that.

I awoke to a terrible odor that I thought was some lethal gas designed to kill me. I still could not believe that Purity was going to let me live. Fortunately, my pod popped open and the vile odor was replaced by the smell of fresh air. I staggered out of the pod and noticed that the ship's hatches were open. I felt drunk and heady. My feet did not seem to want to support me. We had been warned that this would happen because of the extra oxygen content in the atmosphere. We only had twenty-four hours to empty and secure the ship. This drunkenness was not helping. But as promised, the headiness passed quickly and I soon felt in control of my body again.

Before our departure we had been given many orientation sessions. We also elected a temporary leader until we established some sort of a government on Gamma One. Our leader was a thirty-six year old corporate CEO of a successful dot com company which he himself had founded. The minute we all got on our feet, he stepped outside the ship, surveyed the landscape and put us all to work. Under his able direction, we had the ship unloaded in about twenty hours, which meant it took us a whole Gamma One Day. In our fear and haste, we hadn't eaten all that time. We stowed all our gear in sections according to their use. We made sure everything was stowed a good distance from the ship so as not to be damaged upon take off.

We secured the ship's hatches, and walked a good two hundred feet away. Our leader pushed a button on an instrument he was told would self destruct after he activated it. The ship began to turn itself into an upright position. Its engines started to rev, but its fuel was clean and there was no billowing waves of smoke as in olden days. The ship went into hyper drive so fast that it was gone before we could blink. We were now totally on our own. We were also very naked. Nobody seemed anxious to dress now that we were free of our Puritan society.

The air was warm and Alpha One was shining brightly. Its rays warmed our bodies and soothed our souls. Lethargy was in the air, but our leader, bless his soul, would not allow us to slack off. The first order of business was to pitch tents. There were smaller tents for couples who wanted privacy and several larger tents which would sleep twelve. The tents were army surplus. Since Purity had ended differences, they had also ended wars, and army tents were now archaic.

The leader appointed a crew of younger, stronger men to pitch the tents. He appointed several of the older men to set up the kitchen equipment and to begin to ration the food supply so that it would last as long as possible. He sent yet another group on an exploration of the area. They were to look for potable drinking water, edible fruit and a likely tract of land to farm the seeds that had been given to us. The leader reminded the men that the day was shorter here than on earth and admonished them to be back before nightfall.

I was on the tent pitching crew. We worked in relative silence, still nude, and I began to suspect that we might develop into a society of nudists. That was fine with me. Worrying about manufacturing clothing would be one worry less. There was something very non-sensual about seeing all those cocks flapping about as we worked. Not one of us got an erection. Even I stayed down although I was falling in love with our leader with each passing second.

Everyone returned before dark and gathered around a huge bonfire our leader had directed us to make. He asked that the exploration committee report on their findings.

'Just about a mile from here,' one of the men began, 'there's a clear lake being fed by a rather large waterfall. We tested the water and it was clean to drink. It tasted cool and refreshing. Along the way, we spotted many trees bearing fruit. We didn't know if they were healthy to eat, so we brought back samples for testing. When we got to the lake, we were surprised to find dozens of chimpanzees playing at the shore of the lake. They were all eating the various fruits we had intended to bring back so we were encouraged to try them and they are delicious. We did not find a suitable spot for farming yet, but tomorrow we'll strike out in the other direction.'

The food committee served some heated canned meat, canned vegetables and coffee brewed over an open fire. Because of the extra oxygen in the air, the fire flared up, and the committee had to learn to use less kindling and control the fire better. Everyone was given a plastic plate, a plastic cup and plastic utensils. It was our individual responsibility to keep the utensils clean for re-use.

I must admit, we were all pretty frightened to begin with. Then when the chimpanzees could be heard making all sorts of ungodly noises, some of the guys began to freak out. The stronger ones embraced the more frightened ones in order to comfort them, and for the first time I saw some cocks coming to attention. Our leader suggested we go to sleep. The night would be shorter and he wanted us to have as much strength as possible to face tomorrow's unknowns.

The committed couples were allowed first choice of the two-man tents and the rest of us headed for the army tents. We all knew that if any of us wanted to hook up this night, nobody was going to disturb them. After the two-man tents were occupied there was one left over, and so I headed for it hoping that anyone I had an eye on would find his way in. The leader did not rush for a cot. He felt he had a responsibility. He went from army tent to army tent making sure that everyone had a cot and then he checked out the two man tents to make sure everyone was well set. He got to the last tent where he found me alone. He smiled. I got a hardon and he said, 'I guess this is my spot. It's the only one left.'

He entered the tent, and as he did I saw his cock growing steadily larger. 'My name is Adam,' he said. How appropriate is that? I thought. I also noticed that last names were not going to be necessary on this planet.

'I'm James,' I said and extended my hand. He never let go of it. While still clutching it tightly he asked me, 'Would you please have sex with me. It's been so long and I am so hungry for it.'

'You didn't have to ask,' I answered him. The air on Gamma One was nice and warm at night so I had not covered myself. He lay down on top of me in a sixty-nine position, and I mentally renamed Gamma One, 'Heaven One.'

I had always used oral sex as foreplay. For me the real act of sex was anal. I found out at a future time that Adam felt the same way. But for the moment, we were both so starved for sex (and love) that we both came much too soon. We swallowed each other's cum hungrily. After a while I was disappointed as Adam got up and went to his own cot. He sensed my disappointment and said to me, 'James that was great. I don't know about you, but I'm certainly not satisfied yet. However the night is short and we have so much to do to establish a colony here on Gamma One. I want us in permanent wooden bungalows by the time the next group gets here. We need to spot an area for them to settle because our area can't take too many more people. We've also got to begin farming. In short, our task is so formidable that we need to rest and conserve our strength.' He turned away from me and fell asleep. Before I fell asleep, I could hear the noises of love from all over the camp.

Adam figured out that we didn't have enough lumber to build fifty, two-man cottages, so we cut down some non fruit bearing trees and with knives alone we made enough logs to complete the housing project. We had forty-five wooden cottages and five home-made log cabins. The cottages and cabins were used for sleeping (and sex?) only. We built a mess hall and continued to eat our meals there. The exploration committee found a plain about two miles away in the opposite direction from the lake and the chimps. The plain was big enough for the next twenty ships to use for farming. We also found the ideal area for the next ship to set up camp.

One morning we heard the roar of a space ship coming in for a landing. It landed a little way from our camp in the area we had designated for them. I wondered if the scientists on earth were aware of our topography and had arranged for the landing to be in a different campsite. Adam decided not to look for a campsite for the third ship and wait and see what the scientists did.

We quickly found the appointed leader of the new arrivals, and Adam advised him how to separate the gear as it was unloaded. Both camps pitched in and the ship was unloaded in less than twelve hours. Their leader pushed the button and the ship was soon headed back to earth. Adam sat with the leader, and advised him on how we had established things. All the while the first arrivals were getting to know the newbies and it was obvious to me that there would be a lot of fraternizing and movement between the two camps. Their leader visited our camp and took copious mental notes of the tasks ahead of them. Our leader offered our services as much as possible. Before we all retired, we helped them pitch their tents. The atmosphere was filled with cooperation. There was no jealousy or envy in the equation. The opposite was true. There were budding romances blooming across camp lines.

That night, after Adam had fucked me, using only our saliva as lubrication, he sighed heavily. 'There were only seven hundred of us at the prison. In less than five months, we'll all be here. I pray we all get along and live harmoniously,' he opined. I had my doubts, but offered the same prayer.

For at least five years our prayers were answered. We lived primitively and simply. Actually, we were more sustained by love than by food. Our community grew to over one thousand. After the initial seven hundred, others were constantly being discovered, or boys would come out proudly since death was no longer an option. Now the ships came periodically. You could never tell when they would arrive, sometimes with a full load and sometimes with many less. No matter what, each new immigrant was welcome and oriented into the all male society.


Hello everybody, my name is Yenroh Love. I am a teacher of history. I recently discovered a journal in a newly excavated cave. It was written by someone named James. He gave no surname. He accurately describes in his journal, the beginning of our civilization. We are now fifteen hundred years after Adam, and I thought that continuing his journal might make for interesting reading.

Before I do, I should let you know that we have created a world here very similar to Planet Earth, the mother planet. We have autos, roads, stores, factories, split level homes and schools. Oh yes, clothing is required. It is no longer optional. This may surprise you so let me start my journal and explain.

For almost two hundred years, the community flourished as an all male, homosexual society. Love was the motivating societal force. Occasionally one man would become jealous of another because they coveted the same man. In that case the leader removed the object of their desires and sent him to another campsite. Peace and harmony would return. Often the two offenders would become lovers themselves. The planet was as close to the Garden of Eden as possible.

One day, at the very first established campsite, a space ship roared into view and parked at the space port. The welcoming committee ran out to meet them. Of course they wore no clothes. As soon as the hatches opened, they ran aboard to assist the men out of their pods. Imagine their shock to find that emerging from the pods were one hundred equally naked men, women and children. The first things these people did was to put on their clothes hanging on racks behind their pods.

The welcoming committee apologized and explained that they had no clothes nor was there any on the planet. Some of the arriving men offered them some shorts to wear. They put the shorts on and felt really strange. The new arrivals were brought to a large hall which had been built as a processing center. The welcoming committee summoned the leader.

He was far from pleased, but ordered the ship unloaded. He didn't want the lethal drugs exploding in their stomachs. As soon as the ship was unloaded and the hatches secured, one of the new men pushed the button and the ship was gone. The man who pushed the button explained.

'Among us,' he said, 'we represent seven different religions. We got tired of practicing our beliefs in hiding and in secret and started to practice openly. We were rounded up and exiled to Beta One and Gamma One. There is no place else we can go even if we wanted to. We are at your mercy to be kind to us and welcome us to this planet.' Short of genocide, there was nothing to be done and the community helped the new comers establish communities of their own.

Week after week more religious dissenters arrived, along with a trickling number of homosexuals. There were no means to deport these poor souls and they had to be made welcome. In just two generations, the homosexuals (men and women now) were a minority group.

In just a few short years after the arrival of the first dissenters, churches, temples and mosques were added to the landscape. The economy boomed, mainly because of a new industry, clothing manufacturing. As the population grew, so did the demand for all kinds of consumer goods. Greed began to rear its ugly head, and it became necessary to form unions to protect the workers.

It started as a whisper at first, but grew louder and louder like an incoming tornado. The various religious groups began to bicker, and hate crimes abounded. Their preachers began to preach about the evils of homosexuality. A young lad returning from school one day was stoned to death. He had arrived only two months earlier on a space ship partially populated by homosexuals. I hate to say it, but conditions on earth were much better, but the inhabitants of the planet did not have the technology to build a ship that could exceed the speed of light and return them to earth. They did not know the secret of suspended animation to assist them in such a journey.

Back on earth only one religion was tolerated and there were no known homosexuals, polluting the population. Yes, things were much better there and much more peaceful. I began to wish that I was back on earth.

I write these words on a space ship returning to earth. I stowed aboard as the most recent immigrants arrived. Only about half the pods had been used for this journey. As soon as I finish the journal, I am going to seal myself in one of the previously unused pods. There is a manual button in the pod which will release the gas to put me into a state of suspended animation. I can only pray that a clean up crew will board the ship when it reaches earth and that they will release me from my long sleep if I am still alive. Whatever my fate, it will be preferable to life on Gamma One.



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