I had just graduated high school, and was spending a quiet summer just being lazy until I headed for college. Keeping up with my daily routine of running and trying to stay in shape, I would get up early in the morning around 6:00 am, just as the sun was rising, and head to the woods around my house, where I'd run for hours, smelling the scents of the morning, feeling the pine needles beneath my feet.

One morning I started my routine, and headed into the woods, and immediately smelled smoke. My first instinct was to call the fire department, but I decided to check it out for myself before calling the authorities.

Heading deep into the foliage, I came across a small campfire, and a sleeping bag. A backpack was haphazardly thrown up against a tree, and it looked as if someone was brewing coffee, from the looks of the percolator that sat upon the logs.

Appearing suddenly was a grizzled old man, his long grey hair loose around his shoulders, wet and straight. He wore a pair of grey nylon running pants, and a tank top that revealed a massively furry chest. His entire upper torso was covered in the same massive fur, thick and deep. His face was adorned with a matching beard which looked as though it hadn't been trimmed for years, bushy and peppered with dark hair. He sat on the ground and poured himself a cup of coffee when he looked up after hearing my feet against the ground.

'Who's there?' he answered in a deep, baritone voice. I came from out of the clearing and he looked at me with wary eyes.

'Sorry to have startled you. I run here every morning, and I wasn't expecting anyone to be here. This is actually private property'. He didn't say anything for a moment, still eyeing me with a look of disdain, then said, 'There aren't any signs posted.'

'Well, it's my family's land.' I became quite indignant at his manner of speaking, and I stood there quite defiantly, waiting for his next move.

He seemed to soften a bit, and smiled, his teeth missing in several places. 'Name's Bud. Just Bud'.

'Landon Gates. Nice to meet you. Are you homeless?'

'What makes you think that?'

'Well, you're rather utilitarian with your items. Campers usually bring more stuff'. He smiled again and beckoned me over, pouring me a cup of coffee. I sat next to him and savored the rich and delicious brew. He smelled rather clean, as if he'd just taken a bath, and the more I looked at him, the more handsome I noticed he was. His eyes were a striking blue, and at one time, he was probably very handsome and a catch for many women.

'I hope ya don't mind me crashing here. The cops have been all over my ass about parking my shit beneath overpasses and in parks. Lost my place about four or five months ago. Social Security doesn't pay a whole lot to afford a decent place to live.'

'I'm sorry for your troubles, sir.'

'Please, call me Bud.' He smiled at me again and seemed to be looking me over. 'You about 20?'

'Yes, sir-I mean, Bud.'

'Run a lot?'

'Every morning. Gotta keep in shape'.

'You gotta a nice body, kid.'

'Thanks. I work at it.' I found myself looking at all that massive foliage on his body and wanting to touch it, run my fingers through that hot fur. 'You're not so bad, either.' He shot me a cocky glance, and grinned rather wickedly.

'You like this fur?'

'Yes, sir.'

'Would you like to touch it?'

'Yes, sir.'

'Come on over, then.' I drew close to him and began to rub my hands against his chest, feeling the thickness of his hirsute frame. I slid my hands down his shirt and relished in the luxuriousness of all that beautiful manscape. I looked up and he was smiling broadly, leaning back on his hands.

'Would you like to touch mine?' I asked. He leaned forward and slid off my tee shirt, his coarse, rough hands sliding across my chest, feeling the smooth skin, the beginnings of my six pack. He stopped at my nipples and began to rub them with his calloused thumbs. The very touch sent me reeling and I closed my eyes and took in his touch.

'You like that, boy?'

'Yes, sir.' He leaned into me and placed his mouth on my right nipple, sucking greedily, while playing with the left. I pulled him into me, running my hands through his hair, across his furry back, as he relished taking advantage of my young frame.

'Damn, boy, you've got a hard fucking body. You taste incredible'. He pulled his mouth away from my nipple, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into a deep tongue kiss, our tongues literally swallowing each other's throats. He tasted of scotch and cigarettes, which turned me on even more. I reached down and took hold of his crotch, which was erect, standing out about 8 inches, with a thick mushroom head. He pulled away and smiled wickedly.

'Get down there and suck my cock, boy. Show Daddy how you can suck a cock'. I quickly obliged and pulled down his nylon pants, taking his massive tool into my eager lips. I swallowed every inch as he moaned in pleasure, his hands running through the back of my head.

'Oh my god, yes, boy. Suck that cock. Suck your Daddy's big dick for me'. I tasted every luscious inch of his man meat, and felt precum against my lips. I licked off his salty goodness and leaned down to take his balls into my mouth. I rolled them around and he moaned even louder.

Standing me up, he pulled down my biking shorts and took my took in his furry lips, also taking the entire shaft down his throat. I groaned in pleasure, looking down and he stared up at me with those beautiful eyes, grabbing onto my nipples and playing with them eagerly, his rough hands feeling magical against the tender flesh.

He stood up and kissed me again, cupping my ass and fingering my tight, puckered hole with his finger. He took me to a tree, bent me over and buried his face into my ass, his tongue flicking in and out, driving me to states I'd only dreamed of. He pressed his body against me and leaned down, whispering in my ear, 'I'm gonna fuck that beautiful ass of yours, boy. You ready to take Daddy's dick in that fine ass?'

'Yes, sir.' He slapped me on the ass cheek, his hand stinging as it hit the flesh.

'I don't think I heard you, boy!' he growled.

'YES SIR!' I cried out. He laughed menacingly and said in a low tone, 'That's better, boy. Now, here comes Daddy's big meat'. He entered me, and at first it hurt like a son of a bitch, the last person entering me the captain of the high school football team, and he was about 8 inches as well. But as he was fucking me, I could feel his gloriously furry body against mine, his hands around me, kissing the back of my neck, plunging his hardness into me, his balls slapping against my ass. I begged him to slow down, but he answered me with another slap to the ass.

'I'll tell you when I'm ready to slow down, boy. Now shut the fuck up and take it like a man'. He pounded me harder, and I closed my eyes, holding onto the tree as he probed my prostate with his mushroom head.

'Fuck me, Daddy. Oh , please fuck your boy!' I yelled.

'Oh yeah, boy. Daddy likes it when you beg.' This went on for what seemed like hours, then he began to grunt loudly, pumping harder and harder, until he pulled out, shooting a hot load of cum all over my back and ass cheeks. He then spun me around and watched as I jerked my load off, his mouth eagerly waiting for what was to arrive.

'Yeah, boy. Feed your daddy.' I shot my creamy jizz all over his beard, into his mouth, and he lapped it up like cream.

We sat on the ground for awhile, just talking, kissing, exploring a bit more, when I realized it was getting to be near breakfast, and I told him I had to go.

'Do ya mind if I stay here for awhile longer?' he asked. I thought for a minute, then smiled.

'Listen, there is a room over the garage that no one uses. Mom and Dad are leaving on a business trip to Paris in a few days. Why don't you stay there? They'll be gone for almost six months!'

'Are you sure they won't mind?'

'They won't even know. Besides, you can sleep in the house with me'. We both smiled broadly and kissed each other, my hands gravitating to his beautiful furry chest.

'I want to fall asleep in that forest,' I said. He put his arm around me and kissed me passionately again.

'And I want to take that ass again. Just remember, you're Daddy's boy now'.



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