Gino sat at the same table for at least two hours every afternoon, at the outdoor cafe right across the street from his apartment. The street on which the cafe was located was notorious for being a cruising area for the city's gay men. You can keep April in Paris. Gino could not get enough of April in Rome. The young men who passed his table were candy for Gino's poor old eyes. Their tight trousers accentuated their bubble butts and ample packages, and made Gino's mouth water.

At seventy years young, Gino could still get himself off with his semi-hard dick, but he had no illusions that he could ever snare one of the beauties who passed daily by his table, nor did he ever try. Some of them had become aware that he was a fixture in the neighborhood. They would stop for a quick, 'Good afternoon,' and 'How are you doing old man?' Gino would not answer, but he would smile and wave at the young man.

Gino's expectations were not high. Six years ago he had lost his partner and companion of over fifty years. He was a sad and lonely old man. His dreams were simple. All he wanted was to meet another man of any age, but preferably a senior citizen. He needed someone to be with, and to talk to, and to go to the movies with, and to share his meals with. Most of all he needed someone to lie with him in his bed at night. He needed someone who would hold him in his arms and whom he could hold in his arms. He so missed holding a naked man and fondling him, and kissing him, and running his hands up and down his back. The yearning was so great that he could feel the hurt throughout his whole body, so every day he sat at his table and admired the young men and ached for a companion.

One day, a gentleman, well into his sixties, sat down at the table next to Gino. He ordered a cappuccino and nursed it for about two hours before he left. During that time he too seemed to be admiring and staring at the rear ends of the young studs who passed by.

The next day, moments after Gino sat down at his table, the same gentleman sat down at the one next to him again. This time when he seated himself, he nodded slightly at Gino, who politely nodded back. The waiter took both their orders before retreating inside the restaurant. He was back in a few minutes with Espressos for each of them. When the gentleman raised his cup, he said to Gino, 'Salute'

'Salute,' Gino responded and raised his cup. Then they sat in silence and enjoyed the scenery.

On the third day, they greeted each other with a smile. About a half hour into their viewing, the gentleman said to Gino quite unexpectedly, 'Oh how I wish I were fifty years younger. That one that just passed by has a killer ass. I'd give anything to caress it.'

'Me too,' Gino agreed, but said not another word. 'Well,' he thought, still without any expectations, 'the man is gay and very good looking.'

The greetings and the once in awhile comments continued for more than three weeks. Finally one day, the other man said to Gino, 'Signor, I feel as if we are getting to be old acquaintances.' He stuck out his hand and introduced himself, 'My name is Antonio.'

Gino could not believe the man's audacity. He was very shy by nature and a very private person, but at the same time, he was not impolite. He extended his hand, shook the gentleman's hand and said, 'My name is Gino.' Now that they were properly introduced, they became less formal. Even Gino mellowed out a bit. Now when a particularly beautiful ass passed by, the two discussed the merits of it and laughed at their observations and their jokes. Their conversations were limited to comments regarding the eye candy which passed them by.

They were in the middle of the sixth week of their 'relationship' when Antonio dared to ask Gino, 'Do you ever miss not going to work? Do you miss not having a place to go and having a purpose?'

Gino smiled at Antonio, and took a moment before he answered. 'Yes,' he finally said, 'but only because I am so lonely. If I had a friend to share my remaining years with, I guess I wouldn't miss it at all.'

'I feel the same way,' Antonio said.

After that they sat in silence until eventually Antonio got up and nodded goodbye. 'Ciao,' he said as he left for the day.

Gino did not see Antonio for nearly two weeks after that. As flimsy as their friendship was, Gino realized that he missed Antonio terribly. He was shocked at his own feelings. He admonished himself for not having asked Antonio for his telephone number for just such a situation. He began to imagine and fear all sorts of scenarios. Perhaps Antonio had died, or worse, perhaps he was very ill and had no one to look after him. When the thought that Antonio might be ill came to him, he began to get teary eyed.

But in the end there was nothing he could do. He certainly could not call everyone in the phone book with the name Antonio. And what if he was just listed as 'A. Something or other?' He did reason that Antonio lived nearby and that would limit his search if he really dared to do such a thing, which was highly unlikely. He just resigned himself to the fact that Antonio was gone.

Then one day he looked up to see Antonio approaching the cafe. He looked well enough but somewhat pale. In a manner totally uncharacteristic of him, Gino jumped up to greet Antonio. 'Where have you been, Antonio? I missed you.'

'I've just had a terrible battle with the flu, but I'm feeling much better now. How are you my friend?'

'I'm fine. I'm fine,' Gino answered and without thinking about it he pointed to the vacant seat at his table, and he said to Antonio, 'Here sit with me.'

The June air was warm and balmy, but they ordered cappuccino anyway. 'Do you live alone?' Gino inquired.

'Sadly, yes. I had to rely on my landlady for assistance,' Antonio answered lowering his head.

'I live alone too,' Gino said smiling. 'Would it be alright with you if we exchanged telephone numbers? This way, if one of us becomes ill again, he can inform the other. I truly feared that the worst had happened to you.'

Unexpectedly Antonio laid his hand on top of Gino's. 'How kind of you,' he said.

When Antonio's hand touched him, Gino became overwhelmed with emotion. Nobody had touched him in such a kind and loving manner in better than six years. He had to hold back tears and he allowed his other hand to rest on top of Antonio's. As he did that their eyes met and they smiled at one another. Antonio's smile reacted on Gino as a slight tingle in his long dormant groin. He wondered if the same was happening to Antonio.

Antonio pulled his hand away and took his wallet from his pocket. He removed a card from the wallet and gave it to Gino, who looked at the card and smiled. 'You live right around the corner,' he said.

'Yes,' Antonio said. 'I moved there just a couple of weeks before I first saw you at this cafe.'

Gino reached into his wallet, and removed his card and gave it to Antonio. As he did so, he said to Antonio, 'I am so glad we've met.'

'I am too.'

They resumed sipping their cappuccino and commenting on the passing parade. When it was about time to go, neither seemed to want to be the first to leave so Antonio finally dropped his guard and said, 'Gino, my friend. Would you honor me by having dinner with me tonight? My treat.'

Gino laughed. 'Are you asking me out on a date? Because if you are, the answer is, yes.'

Antonio laughed and took Gino's hand again. 'I guess I am,' he said.

They arranged to meet at seven at a ristorante they both knew which was just a street away. All the while they were making plans for the evening, Antonio had been holding Gino's hand. When he got up to leave, he kissed the back of Gino's hand. Antonio may have kissed Gino's hand, but he pierced Gino's heart. The feel of that kiss almost made Gino swoon.

At home Gino was beside himself with excitement. He showered and when he was dry he poured talc generously over his body to avoid any odor of sweat. He shaved and used too much after shave. He wore his best shirt and gabardine trousers with his very best black leather shoes. When he was all spiffy and ready to go, he realized that he had an hour and a half to go before meeting Antonio. He sat down quietly in his reclining chair, placed his hands in his lap and waited for the time to pass.

When Gino arrived at the restaurant ten minutes early, Antonio was already there waiting for him. He was sitting on a bench outside the entrance. He jumped up when he saw Gino and instinctively, the two men embraced and kissed each other very chastely on both cheeks.

When they entered the restaurant, Antonio looked around and asked to be seated at a quiet corner table which was available. He ordered the wine and told the waiter he would order their meal after they had finished their first glass.

They were relatively quiet at first and then Antonio started to tell Gino about his past life with his late beloved partner, who was gone three years now.

'I met Pierre when I was fifteen. His family was French and his father came from France to teach French at our high school. His father was obese and his shirt buttons were always popping open. Furthermore, he spoke Italian with a very thick French accent which was difficult to decipher. One day in the school yard I was making fun of the teacher when out of nowhere I received a jab across my jaw, and I fell to the ground. 'That's my father you're talking about,' Pierre screamed at me.

'Of course, he was instantly sorry and helped me back on my feet and took me to the boy's wash room to help me clean up and wash my face. I had a bruise on my chin for days, but I didn't care. I was already in love with Pierre. He offered to make up for his violent action by buying me a gelato after school. Naturally I accepted. We became the best of friends and then lovers. Now don't laugh at me, but Pierre was the only man I was ever intimate with.'

'Why would I laugh? Jacob was the only man I have ever been intimate with. Strangely I met him in the school yard too. We were in elementary school. Jacob was a Jew. His father was a dentist who had survived the holocaust. Not withstanding the fact that Dr. Sartori was the best dentist in Rome, and everyone in the neighborhood used his services, the boys in the school yard were taunting Jacob and calling him 'Christ killer.' Jacob was in tears.

'Now I was always big for my age. I shooed the other boys away and took Jacob under my wing. Every day after school, either he was at my house or I was at his. Mostly we were alone in our houses and eventually the inevitable happened. I shall never forget the first time we made love. I knew that I could never ever leave Jacob. We were soul mates bound together for eternity.' Gino wiped away a tear.

After the telling of their sad tales, the two of them were not at a loss for things to talk about. The mood lightened, and the conversation continued with their likes and dislikes, and what kind of entertainment, books and music they preferred. In a very short time they knew all about one another.

As they were finishing their pasta course, Antonio said to Gino. 'I have been so lonely since my partner died. Meeting you has been a Godsend.'

Gino put his fork down and put his hand on Antonio's. 'I feel the same way,' he said.

Antonio smiled and said, 'Let's not order dessert here. Come back to my place. I'll make coffee and I have some fresh pastry I bought this afternoon.'

'That sounds nice, 'Gino said.

When Antonio got the check, Gino tried to pay his half, but Antonio was insistent. 'You can get it next time,' he said.

Next time? Gino's heart was racing again at the thought that there would be a next time.

They walked slowly back to Antonio's apartment with Antonio holding Gino's arm. Antonio told Gino that he had moved here about two weeks before they met. The old apartment was too big and too expensive to handle alone. They didn't say anything more but they kept smiling at each other.

When they reached the front entrance of Antonio's building, Gino said, 'This is very nice for me, being with you. I don't know how many more lonely evenings sitting at home I can bear.'

'It's the same for me,' Antonio said and there was a slight sob in his voice. 'Will you be my friend? Will you go places with me and do things with me?' Gino ran his hand down Antonio's cheek and wiped away the tears.

When they were alone in the apartment, they stood facing each other awkwardly for a minute or two and somehow Gino got the courage to ask Antonio, 'Will you hold me, please? Nobody has held me or put his arms around me for six years.'

'Of course, Gino. I need you to hold me as much as you need to be held.'

The two men embraced. At first they just held each other. They were both crying. Then they stared into each other's eyes and their lips met. In the beginning it was like a kiss you would give your baby sister, but little by little their passion took over. The kiss got stronger, more insistent, more passionate, and at last their tongues tasted each other.

'Will you lie naked with me, Antonio?' Gino pleaded.

'I want that too, so badly.'

Antonio led Gino into his bedroom. All thoughts of coffee and dessert were put aside. They stripped and lay down in bed facing each other. They embraced and pushed their bodies close. Their semi erect cocks met and they ground them together. They ran their hands up and down each other's backs, especially caressing their buttocks. Their fingers reached down and found each other's cocks. Gently they started to stroke each other as they began to moan in old pleasures newly aroused.

' I want to suck your cock,' Antonio said.

'Me too. Let's play sixty-nine,' Gino countered. They assumed the position and took each other passionately into one another. They were each surprised at how hard they had become. As each one tongued the other, they played with the other one's asshole, stroking it and pushing a finger in occasionally. Neither expected it to happen, but they came almost simultaneously, swallowing every drop of the small amount of cum that each produced. They lay still for awhile, reluctant to give up the beautiful instruments they had in their mouths. Eventually they gave in to the inevitable. Antonio was facing the foot of the bed. He turned around to face Gino again. They embraced each other, and at the same time, in perfect unison, they said, 'I love you!'

They lay holding each other, crushing their cocks together. They both produced more tears than they were able to produce of semen. Neither of them slept that night. They lay in Antonio's bed fondling and caressing one another all through the night, making plans for the future, just as if they were two young school boys who had a lifetime ahead of them.

In the morning Antonio made coffee with buttered rolls and jam. Then they showered together. Without care for the amount of water they used, they washed and explored each other's bodies until they were practically sterilized.

After they dressed they went to Gino's apartment for a fresh change of clothes for Gino. Instead of getting dressed, Gino got undressed and Antonio did also. They lay on Gino's bed, their naked bodies wrapped together, their arms caressing, their cocks crushed together, and their tongues in a fierce duel.

They didn't care in the least if they brought each other to a climax or not. Their only thought was to hold each other and experience the joy of having a loving male body to have and to hold again. Words cannot adequately describe their new found happiness. It was all the sweeter because each had gone from lonely despair to utter euphoria.

Shortly after noon, they reluctantly got out of bed and dressed. Instead of just a cappuccino or an espresso today, they decided to have lunch as well. They crossed the street and seated themselves at what used to be Gino's table. Antonio was more than happy to relinquish his old viewing spot.

They each ordered ante pasta and a cappuccino and settled down for their usual viewing activities, but instead they kept turning toward each other and smiling broadly, totally ignoring the eye candy on the street. Every so often they would giggle like children. Their silly behavior did not bother them at all.

After awhile, two handsome young men sat down at Antonio's old table. They each ordered a salad and an espresso. They kept staring at Gino and Antonio, smiling at them and whispering to each other. Finally one of the young men said to the older couple.

'Excuse me gentlemen. We don't mean to be disrespectful, but we would like to ask you something. We have just made the commitment to be life partners. Sitting here, observing your happy faces, we are inspired by the two of you. Can you tell us please how long you have been together?'

Gino and Antonio looked at each other and smiled. Antonio knew instinctively that if they told the truth, the young men would be disappointed so he spoke up quickly, before Gino could say anything.

'We have been together since the world began,' he informed them. As if to emphasize that fact, he took Gino's hand and kissed it.

'Aah,' one of the men said, 'that is so beautiful.' He leaned over and kissed his partner on the cheek. 'You are a true inspiration,' he said to the two older men. 'Thank you.'

'I wish you a lifetime of the same happiness we have shared,' Antonio told them. 'Love each other always.' The two men smiled, thanked Antonio for his good wishes, and returned to their salads as Gino leaned over and kissed Antonio on the cheek.

After the men finished eating, they got up to leave. They smiled at Gino and Antonio, and wished them a good day. As soon as they were gone, Gino squeezed Antonio's hand, and said to him, 'You are a sinful liar, but a true romantic. I almost told them the truth, which is something I now realize they didn't want to hear.'

'You know,' Antonio answered, 'in true romantic style, I wish to tell you that I have had enough of butt watching. I'd much rather watch you. Let's go somewhere very private.' They left the cafe, and arm in arm, they crossed the street and entered Gino's apartment.

'I want your cock for dessert,' Antonio said.

'It's all yours,' Gino murmured.

For as many days in the future as they could count, they made love in the afternoon. Butt watching hardly ever happened after that.

The End.




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