It had been a long day. Every muscle on his athletic built body screamed from the day of construction labor and personal errands that had more than filled his day. It was his goal to clean the doctors complex that he had negotiated every Sunday night but the week end had taken over and now it was late Monday night and he was just getting to it. No doubt the doctors and staff were pissed to come into a dirty office from the week before. He swept his hands through his long tossled curly hair and wiped the sweat unto his flannel shirt. He was a miserable mess but the office was even worse so he dug in and began to muscle through the hour that was before him. Looking at his phone, it read 2 am. Damn, he hoped that his vehicle and presence would go unquestioned.

Chuck and David cruised down the bypass in their squad car. They had been partners for almost ten years now. What most people didn't know is that they had been more than just partners work wise for that same time frame. Something just clicked between them from day one and any time off was spent working each other over into a naked frenzied sweat of a good time. They flip fucked each other whenever they could and tonight both of them wished they were off duty and wearing each other or somebody out.

David was a dark haired dark complected god of man. His beard looked unshaven most of the time even after shaving daily. His blue eyes were piercing and commanding and there was no doubt he was in charge of his life and anyone else he was associated to. David drove with one hand and rested his free hand in Chuck's tight dark blue crotch of a uniform. The heat from Chuck's

groin penetrated David's open fondling palm and created it's own kinda heat in David's pants as he rubbed Chuck's semi hard monster through his pants. David could never get sick of looking and being with this man. Chuck was just as much a god of a man as David. His wavey blonde hair and clean collegiant looks paid big dividends in the bedroom.

As they passed the hospital and the half dozen smaller doctor clinics in front Chuck's leg suddenly tensed under David's exploring hand. 'David, I think we have a situation over there' said Chuck in an even tone. 'Kind of an odd time for a vehicle to be out front of that Doctor's clinic.' David agreed and they swung into the driveway of the local diner, turned around and headed back towards the parked truck. They cut the lights off the squad car and slowly pulled up beside the truck. Light was pouring through the cut glass door of the front entrance and a shadow seemed to be moving here and there from inside.

Ben had just finished vacuuming the hallways and was now bent over the toilet cleaning the floors behind it when suddenly the door to the men's hallway bathroom slammed open and he fell back against the stall to the words 'Freeze'! Two of the most intimidating police officers now loomed over him with guns pointed. 'It's alright officers' Ben stammered. 'I'm just here cleaning the office.' 'What proof do you have to show us that you aren't in here just nosing around and causing trouble?' demanded David with his natural authoritative stance. 'Step out of the stall and face the wall over here with your legs spread and your hands above your head and placed on the wall above you' commanded David. Ben slid out and backed into the ajoining wall then stood up and turn to it and did as he was told. Frisk him Chuck. Immediately Ben's sweaty aching body tensed as two strong hands began patting him down. Ben was immediately aware of the stench that must be filling the air from his sweaty overworked body and wished he had had the chance to shower before pulling this late night make up cleaning. Ben could feel the firm lingering hands of this blonde officer named Chuck touching his ass and now the inside of his tight muscled jeans. His head began to swim with the closeness of it all and the invasion of his personal space. 'He's clean' affirmed Chuck. Ben remained where he was as he heard the sounds of guns being holstered and a more relaxed sense of calm come over this late night threesome.

'We have never seen you here before' stated David. 'Kinda late to be working don't you think?' Ben's reply spilled out about the long busy week end and the negligence on his part not to have been here the night before at a more reasonable time. As he turned to face them, per the officers' ok, he could see the skeptical looks on both of their faces. 'Who's to say you aren't in hear trying to steal some patient files or something.' added Chuck. 'I'm a good guy' said Ben in a pleading tone. 'Just doing my job before going home.' I promised this won't happen again!' Ben continued. The stoic expressions on the officers face left him feeling unresolved.

David stepped into the stall that Ben had been cleaning and began fumbling with his belt and zipper. A loud torrent of piss could be heard within seconds as Ben enjoyed a full view of David's ass in uniform pants hanging a little looser to release his cock for a much needed release. Chuck looked at Ben, first his face and then his torso, crotch, legs, workboots. On his visual journey back up, Chuck thought that things looked a little swollen in the groin area of Ben's pants as David continued to unleash his load of piss. 'David I think we have a live one here' Chuck said with a smile. Ben jerked his stare to Chuck's smiling face and realized that his cock was growing into obvious arousal behind his dirty work jeans.

David knew exactly what Chuck was saying and instead of zipping up from his much needed piss he just turned around and walked out of the stall with his dark pubes and long flaccid cock hanging and dripping before Ben's eyes. David reached up and grabbed a handful of the growing lump in Ben's jeans as Ben backed up against the wall trapped. 'I am sorry' stammered Ben. 'I don't know why that happened. 'No need to explain it', cooed David. 'We like it!' David grabbed Ben's hand and pulled it to his piss wet cock and pressed him into his growing tool and pubes. Ben's own cock was now raging against his jeans begging for release.

'What should we do with this intruder' questioned David. Chuck half laughed his lusty response that perhaps a lesson was needing to be learned about scaring up the police at such a late hour. Ben just looked from one beautiful rugged face to the other, his head dizzy with pleasure and his hand wet and warm from the now erect cock that was before him. Chuck sidled up to David and began a slow revealing tease of his own cock. As the zipper made that all too erotic whisshh of a sound, out flopped a nine inch wonder from a garden of golden yellow hair. Chuck took Ben's free hand and placed it on his cock, just has David had done a moment ago. Ben's legs quivered beneath him as David half forced and half lowered him to a knealing position before their hard cocks. Obediently he took David into his mouth without even questioning it. Chuck rocked his hips back and forth causing his blonde niner to slap against Ben's cheek. The sound of the two officers kissing each other could be heard above Ben's bobbing head. David pulled his wet thick eight inch cock from Ben's mouth and immediately was greeted with Chuck's to replace it. David busied himself with peeling Ben out of his flannel shirt and T, revealing the dark hairy damp worked up chest that didn't ache so much now with such a hot diversion.

As Ben coninued to suck, the pair of officers undressed each other between kisses and soon were bare chested with uniform pants and briefs shoved as far down around their tall boots as the boots would allow. Ben's eyes flashed everywhere taking in the smooth perfection of Chuck's hard body and blonde hairy balls and groin. David on the other hand was constant dark hair from his neck to his knees. Ben squeezed David's hairy ass cheek in his exploring hands as David and Chuck did the same to him. All at once David lifted Ben from his work to stand before them. Chuck undid his pants and stripped him of his remaining clothes. David turned him around to spread eagle against the wall once more and within seconds planted his wet tongue upon his man scented sweaty hole. Chills chased through Ben's blood with the sensation that took his body over.

'Where's the doc's exam rooms? whispered David into Ben's ears as he pressed his hairy carpet of a body against Ben's back. 'Acrossed the hall' shuddered Ben. David turned Ben's naked body around and enveloped him in his arms and kissed him. As he backed the two of them towards the bathroom exit, Chuck stepped in behind Ben and sandwiched Ben's naked body between the two of them. Soon they crossed the hallway with out a sound and were through the exam room door. David, placed his strong hands under Ben's arms and the two of them fell backwards unto the exam table. Ben's exposed ass was soon being covered with kissed and licks as Chuck took full advantage of this new position. The three of them moved about each other's bodies with lust and desire, the white sterile paper crinkling under their naked sweaty bodies that once lay prestine and ready for the first patient of the next day. Somehow Ben ended up laying across the exam table and David and Chuck before him. Ben wrapped his legs around Davids torso as David pulled him to the edge of the the table and met his exposed sweat drenched hole with a blast of hard cock that penetrated without the need of lube. Chuck stood behind David with his arms wrapped under David's arms and over his chest, his chin resting on David's shoulder as he grinned over at Ben and moved in tandem to David's thrusts into Ben's ass. Each pull and push put Ben into orbit as David's wet cock penetrated over and over. From time to time Ben would reach for Davids hairy chest, or lock fingers with Chuck's hands, the three of them moving as one body. Once in a while Chuck would reach over to Ben and stroke his cock, wet with the lubricants of his cock, the wetness of Ben's hole and the sweat from David's body.

Suddenly David tensed and drove Ben six inches up unto the table and release his manhood into the well used hole that Ben so willingly gave to him. Ben could feel the sensation of David's cum washing inside him in torrents. As David fell limp over Ben's body and kissed him, Chuck waited excitedly to trade places and continue to pleasre Ben with yet another hungry cock. David peeled his wet furry body from Ben's and backed away. Now it was Chuck's nine inch cock that drove Ben insane as David assumed position behind Chuck and watched as Chuck has done. Chuck was relentless. His body pistoned in and out of Ben's ass and soon Ben could feel his own cum bubbling for release. His ass tightened around Chucks driving cock and he screamed out in pleasure. Chuck couldn't take the tight muscles inside Ben's orgasming body and soon was blowing his sperm to join David's deep inside Ben's body. Chuck yelled with one final thrust of his jizz jetting cock and fell limp over Ben as David lay limp over Chuck and hugged them all together in one wet pile of hot man.

After a while the officers stood and yanked up their uniform pants. Chuck slipped out to gather their shirts and holsters. 'Better think twice before you show up here late again and get us stirred up' stated David with a mocking serious look. Ben just lay spent and smiled up at him from the exam table. Ben watched them dress, they kissed him good bye and were gone as fast as they appeared. Ben closed his eyes in utter satisfaction, layed out on the exam table in all his sweaty naked manliness and wasn't sure if the door he heard was the officers leaving or the doctor and office staff coming in for work......


Matthew Barrett

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