It was a wintery day outside, and the cold wind rattled the window with a low thumping noise as the fine powdered snow ground up against it in bursts. I wanted to stay in bed that morning, and there was nothing to incline me otherwise, since I didn't have to work that day and it was cold in my apartment. My cat jumped off the the bureau with a light thud and I felt the weight of him as he walked across my legs and lay down at the foot of my bed.

I was pretty horny, since for some reason I hadn't jerked off in a couple of days, and I stroked my hardening cock for a while. I could feel a deeper need this morning though, and I thought it might be hot to spend a whole day in having sex, or at least with some kind of sexual tension happening.

It happened that at this point in my life, I was living in an apartment building where I knew two other guys with whom I had an arrangement. Neither of the other two knew each other, but I could call either of them on the phone and stand a pretty good chance of being invited over for coffee, and of course a hot fuck session to follow. It maximized my odds of getting laid without going out in the cold weather of the winter.

I thought about them today, and as I lay there I considered which one to phone. I tried the guy who lived below me a couple of floors first, since I was in a dark mood, and he was a brooding east indian guy who loved to shove his cock up my ass and liked to come a number of times without stopping in between. I really liked him, but he did take a fair amount of energy to interact with. Today there was no answer to the phone.

I then called the other guy, who lived a floor above me. Tom was tall and hot looking, in his late twenties with long hair and a strong jaw. He was pretty kinky, and while he didn't like to do anything in the way of role playing, he loved being a top, and was obsessed with my ass. He liked to probe it with his fingers, and to see how many I could take up there at a time, all while kneeling between my legs and looking into my eyes.

We had experimented with some kinky things, including bondage a couple of times, but it was something about the way he got horny that appealed to me. Tom was a really hot guy, and I liked all the experiences that we had together. His phone rang a number of times, and then he answered. My heart beat a little faster, and I started talking with him. I was all smiles when I found out that he had the day off as well, and when he asked me if I was horny, my mouth went dry. It was a standard question from Tom, and a pretty symbolic one, since I never really phoned him unless I was horny. I told him I was, and I asked him if he wanted to come over.

He came over today. I was still in bed, as he had asked for me to stay there once I got up and unlocked the door. I heard him open it, then lock it again. I could feel my cock rock hard against the sheets. Tom sat on the edge of the bed, and then pulled the sheets back. He rolled me on my side, and he leaned down and licked my ass couple of times. He moaned as his tongue ran itself over my anus, and he lingered there licking it for a while.

I was completely ready to be fucked, and Tom was so into it. He licked my ass, and probed it with his tongue for a long time. Then his fingers, and finally, at last, his hard cock was thrust in there. I moaned as I had no other time we had been together. I had never felt closer to Tom, never felt so ready for sex, and never had wanted anything as much as what I was now taking up my ass.

He fucked me and fucked me, and the wind continued to blow the snow up against the windows in the freezing day outside. His penis was inside me for hours, and I wanted it more when he was done that at any other time he had ever fucked me. Sometimes we just lay there, with his hardness still up my ass, my anus contracting around it and squeezing it as hard as I could. My own cock was raw from me stroking it.

Finally we both came, Tom while his cock was in my ass, filling the condom with a mass of ejaculate. I was laying on my side, and as my iron grip stroked its last the come shot out of me and up past my head to splat audibly on the headboard. We both heard it hit, and in the dim light it could clearly be seen, running down in a couple of streams across the dark wood.

We started to laugh, and there was no time in my life that I think I have ever felt so very relaxed, and such a sense of well being. This feeling mellowed slightly after a few minutes, but stayed with us as we lay there smoking cigarettes luxuriously in the still room. Tom was a pretty nice guy, and we talked for a while before he told me he had to go home. I got up to see him out, and he slapped my ass as we walked to the door, and smiled knowingly when he left. He told me he thought that was really hot, and he couldn't wait for next time. My cock was hard by the time I went back to the bedroom to get dressed at last, thinking of what was to come.


Jethro Maki

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