My nephew, Daniel, had a big football game this weekend against his school's cross state rivals. His parents were off on a trip to Europe, so I told them I would go to support Daniel as they had yet to miss a home game. It was a bright, warm fall Saturday and as I arrived on campus it was obvious that there would be a large crowd in attendance. Daniel had arranged it with his coach for me to sit in a special guest section at the front of the stands at midfield. I threw my pass lanyard over my neck and walked out onto the field area to find Daniel.

'Hey, Mr. B,' I heard a familiar voice call out.

I looked back to see one of Daniel's closest friends, Omar Phillips. Omar was a black kid from some small town in the South. I forget which one, but I had met him several times when Daniel came home for visits with Omar tagging along.

'Hey, Omar,' I responded, 'How you doing?'

'Great Mr. B. Just great!' Omar answered with his infectious, beaming smile. 'But I gotta go find pops right now. Catch you later.'

Then I spotted Daniel walking off of the field. We embraced then quickly caught up on how things were going. Daniel knows I'm gay and, as he always does, he asked me if I was seeing anyone. When I told him no, a strange glimmer flashed in his eyes. Daniel had to dash off, but showed me to a good seat in the stands. About five minutes later I spied Omar walking along the running track with a guy I assumed must be 'pops.' You could definitely see the resemblance, same facial features, same gait, same beaming faces. Omar spotted me in the stands, waved, then turned to say something to his dad. Mr. Phillips looked up my way, smiled, and waved. Mr. Phillips then made his way over to where I was sitting as Omar dashed off to his team bench. Mr. Phillips had to be about 6' 2' or so with a shaved head, dark sunglasses, and a body that just wouldn't quit. I worked out a lot and kept my body in fine shape, but he looked like he must visit the gym daily. He was wearing faded jeans and a polo shirt that framed his muscular build perfectly.

'Hello, Mr. Benson. So, you're Dan's uncle?' Mr. Phillips said as we shook hands.

His strong hand gripped mine tightly and he beamed just like Omar does. I sat there, our hands grasping, while I looked him over. I felt a twitch in my loins at the sheer sensuality he exuded. I caught myself in mid-gawk as I realized he was waiting for an answer.

'Yeah, Mr. Phillips, I am,' I finally stuttered. 'Please call me Greg,' I smiled back.

'I'm Andre, but everyone calls me Dre,' he added with a wink as I realized he was still holding my hand in a strong grasp that seemed to tighten on his last words.

We were soon talking like old friends and found we had a lot in common. He, too, worked for a financial firm. We actually attended the same college and were the youngest of two children. He also told me he had a trip planned to my city to meet a new client the following Tuesday. By the time the game started I was very taken with Dre and was fantasizing about Dre fucking my brains out. We enjoyed the first half, especially since Omar had scored the first touchdown and Daniel pulled in another right before the half ended, giving their team a 28-14 lead. In fact, that's how the game ended with an uneventful second half. As the game ended, Dre and I climbed out of the stands to find the boys. As Dre and I looked for our boys we heard them call out from behind us. Omar and Daniel, with beaming faces, greeted us. We both congratulated them on their victory.

'Who's up for pizza?' Dre finally asked.

'I am,' Omar and Daniel said in unison.

'Well Greg, you fly, I'll buy,' Dre suggested to me.

The boys ran off after giving me directions to their favorite pizzeria. Just an hour later we were all eating and talking. Before I knew it, two more hours flew by. Daniel already knew of my plans to drive back home that night. So, as the celebratory meal came to an end, I prepared to say my good byes. I looked up at Daniel to begin to say my farewells. I saw him nod and wink at Omar.

'So, pops, how's the room?' Omar asked his dad.

'It's just great, son, thanks,' Dre told him.

'Mr. P's staying at the Ramada out by the airport,' Daniel informed me.

'Well, that's great, but...' I began as Daniel uncharacteristically cut me off.

'Hey, Uncle Greg, you got a long drive ahead of you and I know how you drive at night. Why don't you stay over and share the room with Mr. P?' Daniel suggested.

'Well, Daniel, I'm sure Dre doesn't...' I began before being cut off once more.

'Sure, Greg, that's fine with me. I'd be happy to put you up for the night. Then you can get an early start in the morning,' Dre told me flashing one hell of a sexy smile.

I sat there deciding as both boys also encouraged me to stay. As my eyes returned to Dre's face thoughts of spending the night in a room with him overpowered any excuses I could possibly muster. I smiled back.

'Well, okay, if you're sure it's not too much trouble,' I said.

'Great!' Dre answered.

'Omar and me gotta hit a frat party, if you guys don't mind,' Daniel then told us.

'Well, I guess we're on our own then, huh,' Dre told me.

Twenty minutes later, we were saying good bye to the boys out in the parking lot. As I pulled out of the lot I asked Dre where he parked so we could retrieve his car before heading off to the hotel.

'Took a cab from the airport,' Dre responded.

'Really?' I questioned as I looked over at him.

'Yeah, it was all part of the plan,' he answered.

'The plan?' I asked while returning my eyes to the highway. 'What...plan...?'

As Dre began to answer I realized this was all a set up - getting Dre and me together. This realization hit me in a flash as Dre was speaking. I smiled broadly and caught up with Dre's reply.

'....not like a blind date. We got to know each other for a while first. We have a lot in common. We're both single. We're both gay. We're....'

'Wow,' I spoke out, cutting off Dre. 'You're gay?' I asked.

'Yeah, I came out to Omar before he went away to college. He didn't take it too well at first. Then, he met Daniel. I guess having a friend with a close family member who is gay helped Omar to accept me as I am. Then, one thing led to another and, well, here I we are...' Dre suddenly added. 'Take a left at the stoplight. The hotel is just down that street on your left.

As I made the turn, I felt Dre's hand on my thigh. My cock twitched as he squeezed my thigh. My fantasies about Dre from earlier in the stands flooded my thoughts. He was one hot man and I couldn't wait to get to that hotel room.

'This doesn't mean we have to do anything,' Dre said. 'The last thing I want to do is make you uncomfortable. But, after meeting you, well, I think you are one hot man. It's nice to meet someone I have so much in common with,' Dre said.

I pulled into a parking spot he directed me to then reached down and placed my hand on his, looked him square in the eyes and in my best quirky voice said, 'You had me at hello.'

We both laughed as I turned off the ignition. Just minutes later Dre was leading me down the third floor corridor to his room. He had a suite opening into a small entryway with a bathroom off to the right, then straight ahead was a living room. Off to the right of that was a kitchenette with a service bar. We settled down on the couch and began to watch a cable movie. To this day I don't remember the movie as Dre and I were soon locking lips in very hot, passionate kiss.

'Damn, why don't we get out of these clothes,' I finally said.

'I thought you'd never ask,' Dre chuckled back at me.

We broke off our embrace as Dre led me into the bedroom, ripping off his shirt as he did. His back muscles rippled as he lifted the shirt over his head. We kicked off our shoes and tore out of our jeans and briefs in seconds flat. Dre then pulled me into him again, standing at the foot of the bed. For several more minutes, we kissed while our hands fondled each other.

'Damn, I need this,' Dre whispered in my ear.

'Me, too,' I whispered back then pulled away.

I moved to the bed, sat on the edge, and Dre moved in between my legs. I quickly grabbed his thick cock. At first I slowly ran my tongue around the head. Licking him gently, I lapped my tongue against the glans. Then, with my hand holding the base of his cock, I leaned forward and sucked him into my mouth.

'Oh, yeah, that feels good,' Dre said. as I began to suck him in.

His hands gripped my shoulders as I continued to suck in on his manhood. For several minutes his cock was at the center of all my attention. Saliva began to drool from the corners of my mouth. Finally, I pulled away and looked Dre in the eyes. A smile creased both our faces as I scooted back onto the bed. Dre fclimbed up in bed beside me. Our lips met again and I rolled over onto Dre's strong, muscular body. I placed a hand on each side of his handsome face as our tongues performed that delicious dance once more. Dre's hands were rubbing and pressing against my back. Our growing cocks rubbed deliciously up against each other as I began to grind my body into Dre. By now our moans and sighs in the lust filled air seemed to urge us both onward. Dre slipped his hands down to grab and massage my ass cheeks. I was getting hotter by the second, Dre slipped a hand into the crack of my ass and one finger soon was flicking against my puckered, anxious hole. When that finger poked inside of me, I broke off our kiss with an excitement I haven't experienced in way too long.

'Oh, yeah,,' I sighed.

As Dre dug that splendid digit in deeper, I looked down and caught his luminous eyes.

'Yes! Oh, yes,' I sighed just before locking lips with him again.

Dre rolled us over then got up and moved to the head of the bed. His huge cock pointed at my face. As I opened my mouth he guided himself back in. My tongue and mouth quickly began to work his delicious manhood. As I sucked him in, Dre grabbed my legs and pulled them back toward him. One of his strong hands slipped into the small of my back and he pulled me in even closer. I continued to gobble him down voraciously while he moved his hands to my ass cheeks and spread them open.

'Nice ass,' Dre commented. 'Mmmm...Mmmmm...looks good enough to eat.'

With that, Dre leaned forward and ran his tongue all over my ass cheeks and crack. He continued mumbling 'Mmmm....Mmmm' as his tongue began to flick and jab at my puckered hole. I felt his fingers prying my ass cheeks even wider just as his tongue dug inside of me. I moaned and sighed as Dre began to eat my ass like it was his last meal. For several minutes he used his tongue and fingers to work my hole, loosening me up for the big cock I was still devouring. Finally, he pulled away, kneeling upright above me. He pulled his cock from my mouth and looked down at me.

'I gotta fuck that sweet ass, baby.' he said. 'Stay right there. Don't move.'

Dre then got off the bed and went over to his jeans laying on a chair in a corner of the room. He pulled out a packet of lube from one pocket, tore it open, and began to pour a generous amount onto his surging cock. Returning to the bed he climbed back in as I pulled back on my legs offering my willing ass up to him.

'My ass is all yours, stud,' I said as I watched him stroke his huge member.

'Not yet, but it soon will be,' Dre answered with a broad smile.

He poured some of the remaining lube into the crack of my ass and was soon working one, then two fingers up inside of me. A few minutes later he pulled those exploring digits free and guided his big cock to my anxious hole. I grit my teeth as I felt him push the huge head inside of me.

'Relax now, baby. Let me in,' Dre said.

I felt a chill run up my spine as Dre began to slowly work himself in deeper.

'Oh my God,' I quipped as I felt my ass muscles stretching to accommodate his huge cock. 'Take it easy, stud,' I pleaded.

'Okay. Okay, just relax,' Dre responded.

With that he pulled free but quickly entered me again. With slow, mind blowing shoves, Dre proceeded to fuck me with those shallow thrusts. After a few minutes of this, Dre entered me slightly more forcefully. This time he did not pull out, but continued slowly worming more and more of his huge cock inside of my straining ass. His arms wrapped around the crooks of my knees and pinned my legs against me.

'Ugh..Ughhh...Ugh..' escaped my lips as Dre forced his entire length inside of me.

As he brushed past my prostate, another shiver ran up my spine. Grabbing his bulging biceps as Dre continued to push even deeper, I tightly closed my eyes. Finally, when his loins pressed firmly against my upturned ass Dre began to swivel and rotate his hips. With his cock buried balls deep up my burning hole, I heard Dre groan in total satisfaction. As my eyes opened, Dre was looking down at me. There was a broad smile on his face and those sexy, deep brown eyes shimmered with lust.

'Now this is my ass, baby,' he said.

'Oh, yeah,' I sighed as he ground into me, forcing his thick black cock deep into me.

Finally, excruciatingly, Dre began to withdraw. My eyes teared up, my heart raced, my cock throbbed, and, once again, that sensational chill ran up my spine. I grabbed my hardened cock and began to squeeze and stroke it as Dre began to slowly, sensuously fuck me. He leaned forward and our lips locked. My arms wrapped around his broad shoulders as we melted into each other. Our moans and groans filled the air as Dre continued that slow, steady motion, driving me over the edge...and beyond.

'Damn, baby, this is one sweet ass,' Dre moaned as he pulled away from that passionate kiss. 'I'm gonna get all of this tight, fucking ass,' Dre added.

Dre propped himself up. I grabbed onto his arms again and braced myself as he began to pump my willing ass, driving that magnificent cock hard and deep. Tears formed in my eyes and my heart was beating wildly. I held onto tightly to his forearms as Dre grunted and groaned while pounding my ass in ever increasing intensity. With my eyes still closed, it was like all sensations surging through my body emanated from my burning ass. The feel was like nothing I've ever experienced before. I squirmed beneath Dre, trying to brace myself and meet every deep driving thrust of his red hot poker.

Oh..Oh...Oh....' I sighed.

'Yeah this is what you wanted. Isn't it baby?' Dre then asked.

I looked up and meet his eyes staring down intently at me. We both smiled as Dre continued that phenomenal anal assault.

'Oh, yeah...Oh yeah...Oh Shit...' he grunted.

I began to jerk my own cock again. The sensations of this hot stud fucking my fully stretched ass were driving me into a zone I have never been in before.

'Oh yeah, fuck me....Fuck me...Fuck me good,' I moaned.

'Yeah...Yeah...Yeah...' Dre grunted as he thrust in and out of me with the speed and stamina of a human jack hammer. 'Gimme that ass! Gimme all of that hot, tight ass!'

I lost track of time and space. I could feel every tingle, every burning sensation his burgeoning manhood caused as his pace quickened even more. I braced myself to meet each powerful thrust. Finally he pulled free, grabbed my hips and literally fliiped me over onto my stomach. I grabbed onto a pillow just as I felt Dre's thick, solid cock enter me again. A gasp escaped my lips as he drove his cock in balls deep once more. His hard, muscled frame fell down onto my prone body. His string hands grabbed my hips as he began to grind himself hard against me. Dre swiveled and ground his hips keeping his monster shaft buried fully up my aching ass. His face was nestled next to mine. His hard, hot body melted into mine. The feel of his cock impaling me and the warmth of his breath on my neck drove me over the edge. I gasped as my cock blew a tremendous load of cum beneath me.

'Yeah, baby, get that nut,' Dre whispered into my ear. 'Ah...yeah... my cock feels so good up your hot, white ass, baby. Mmmm...Mmmmm...yeah...this is my ass now, baby. I'm gonna fuck it. Fuck it good, baby....I'm gonna fill you with cum, baby. I'm gonna breed this fucking tight ass, baby,' Dre continued.

With that Dre began to hump me, I sighed as his cock slowly withdrew then wormed back inside of me, balls deep. His pace began to increase and he wormed his hands beneath me, pulling up on my thighs as he began to thrust his full length up my ass,

'Mmmm, yeah, baby, your ass is so fucking sweet,' Dre moaned in my ear.

I simply groaned as Dre began to hump his hips up and down in a frenzied pace. His breathing became hazard as he grunted loudly with each mind blowing, gut searching thrust.

'Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I'm gonna nut. I'm gonna nut, baby!' Dre finally wailed.

'Yeah, give me your seed, baby. Fill me with your cum,' I sighed.

'Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!,' Dre continued. Gimme this ass, baby. Aahhhh...' Dre trailed off as he plunged his cock into me.

I could actually feel the spasms of his thick cock against the stretched lining of my ass as he pumped his cum deep into my bowels. His arm reached under me around my waist. He pressed his body into mine even harder as he went into that wild orgasm. As the last jerking of his mighty cock signaled the last spurts of cum, Dre's tensed body relaxed as he nestled his face close to mine.

'Oooh, baby, you've got the hottest ass I've ever fucked,' Dre sighed in my ear as he finally pulled free.

'That's the best fucking I've ever had, too, baby,' I said as I turned to him. 'This has been one hell of a hot blind date,' I then quipped.

Our mouths locked in a heated kiss. Then we soon we drifted off into a blissful sleep wrapped in each other's arms.


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