I never really liked winter. Although the bounty of winter guys (free-balling in their sweatpants, faces ragged from the lack of shaving, the outline of a beautiful cock in grey sweats), rivaled the bounty of summer guys (free-balling in their gym shorts, faces ragged because, well, who gives a fuck what you look like in college, the outline of a beautiful cock in red shorts)... but I digress.

I'd much rather spend these frigid months at home, snuggled on the couch with my imaginary cat and with an imaginary boyfriend (or two) clutching me tightly from the rear.

Instead I'm spending these days sitting behind the receptionist's desk at the student health clinic - checking in scared girls who were stupid enough to get pregnant and catering to flu victims - wondering when it's my turn... wondering when I get to stay home with a real man asleep at my back with his arms on my thighs, nuzzling the nape of my neck, exhaling hot air on my skin, poking me with his boner.

Some really attractive guy and his dog – I mean, girlfriend – walk in and come straight to my desk.

"Hey buddy, we need to see a doctor. My girl thinks she has herpes." He smiled. She scoffed; and I laughed nervously. His teeth were white, shaved face, pretty features, and long eyelashes - husband material.

"Actually," she said more to him than me, "I'm just here for my tuberculosis shot."

I was mildly taken by surprise by all of this. I told her: "You just sign up here. You actually tell the nurse that once she calls you," Yea, my job is useless.

She signed the sheet and walked away. My future husband was leaning on his elbow on the countertop. He winked at me and smiled, walked over to that undeserving girl and sat beside her.

I rolled my eyes, and then I spent the next ten minutes staring at the side of his face (and dodging my glance when he'd look over at me as not to appear creepy), imagining how much fun I would have with his cock. The building was already modestly warm, and I was wearing pants that tightly embraced my balls. To be sitting there imagining what his cock would feel like sliding between my lips was like putting icing on my boner - I mean cake.

I looked at him again and moaned silently, dropping my arm under the desk, resting my elbow on my cock. I pressed my erection against my arm. The sensation was slight, but it felt nice. It prompted me to keep fantasizing about him...

... Opening my pants in the bathroom, licking the juice from the tip of my cock, smelling my balls right before he sucked one into his mouth, then both of them.

My dick quickly got harder; tunneling at whichever angle it could to fully extend comfortably.

... Then slipping the swollen red head of my cock into his mouth past his throat, getting my cock slimy so he could use his hand to slowly stroke the shaft. Down his throat deep, slipping it out slowly and slurping up the spit.

I put my hands under his armpits and forced him to stand. Shoving my tongue down his throat I closed my eyes. We felt each other's body. Part of his cock was sticking out of the top of his jeans. I rubbed my palm against it, then I bent over to force his pants open, snatching his cock in my mouth, pushing back the foreskin like the wrapper on a candy bar. I took it as far into my mouth as I could - it was extraordinarily thick. I licked my palm and stroked his cock, meanwhile pushing my nose into the thick brown pubic hair, breathing deep, wishing I could bottle that smell.

I stood up. He sucked on my neck. I bit his shoulder. We exhaled on each other's skin, and I rubbed his furry ass. I turned him around. I licked my finger, and he lifted his shirt. He leaned against the stall in front of him, and I ran my fingers in circles around his asshole. He breathed in through his teeth, eyes closed. Kneeling down, I pulled his cheeks apart and licked circles around the smooth pink rim and around the furry edges of dark curly hair.

I grabbed a condom poking out of my jean's pocket (which were scrunched at my ankles), and I slid it over my pulsing, brick-hard cock while I continued to wet his beautiful hole. I stood up, pushed on his back with my palm so his chest would lie flat against the wall, spit in my hand and rubbed it on my dick.

I pressed the head of my cock against his spit-cleaned asshole. I slapped my shaft against it a few times. I pushed my cock into him, wiggling it back and forth gently, pushing slowly. He held his breath, and I held mine. I watched the expression on the side of his face that wasn't pressed against the stall wall. His mouth made an O, and his eyebrows were crunched together. I gave a small push and the rest of my cock disappeared into him. He gasped quietly, then his face went blank, mouth open slightly, such a serene expression.

He put his hand down and grabbed his cock. "Fuck me," he whispered. He grabbed behind my neck with the other hand. I pulsed in and out of him slowly.

"Fuck me," he said again with more force. I pushed deeper in and out, slowly. I gave him one deep hard slam. He moaned. "Do that again." I slammed my pelvis against his ass hard, slowly drawing my cock out, and slammed hard again.

We were breathing heavily. My heart was pounding through my rip cage. My hands were shaking. I wrapped my arms around his torso, grabbed his pecks in my hands. He fucked himself on my cock for a second, and then I bent him over, grabbed his waist, and fucked him.

I slammed into him hard and quick. He moaned softly each time I would hit, the contact of our bodies creating a soft smack, my balls hitting his making a louder sound.

I stood up on my toes and pounded him harder and harder. I pounded him harder. Deep. Harder. He was moaning "yes" loudly, stroking his own cock. "Fuck me," he whined. Harder and harder, until I collapsed forward, my cheek on his back, hunched over like an animal pumping cum into a condom deep in his ass. My body jerked almost a dozen small times as I moaned softly.

"Don't stop." He demanded. My cock was still rock hard, so I pounded him a few more times until he raised up and shot thick syrupy cum onto the dark green wall, clear semen streaming quickly down and white globs of cum slowly sliding after.

He grabbed my neck from behind and moaned into my mouth while he kissed me. He licked my lips and wiped the sweat from my cheeks. He looked me in the eyes and kissed me again.

I don't want to have to tell you I was then woken up by the absolute antithesis of this fantasy man - a bloated nurse informing me of a large line of students needing checked in, but unfortunately I was. I looked around for the man who, especially after what I just imagined, would soon be eternally engaged to me, but he was nowhere to be seen - just a line of miserable students bundled indistinguishably in coats various shades of grey.

Gah, I hate the winter. THAT is what I want for Christmas.



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