Every year I repeated the same ritual: Taking my little niece and nephew to the mall to see Santa, waiting in line for what seemed like hours, while a rather fake looking Santa with a glued on beard, minimal padding and a bored look on his face asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas. About 2 hours and $20.00 later (the kids had to have their picture taken with Santa), we went home. So I figured this year was going to be the same.

We arrived at the mall about 8:00 pm, and saw the line was not as bad as we thought, maybe twenty kids or more. I also noticed the Santa this year looked quite different than in years past. I told my niece and nephew to wait in line and i'd be right back. I went to the other side near the photog and took a closer look.

This Santa had a full beard neatly trimmed, while not bushy, it was nicely clipped. His eyes were a crystal blue and accentuated by gold trimmed glasses.

His suit seemed to fit him like a glove, noticing that it was not all padding, that his arms swelled beneath the sleeves, his hands large and fingers long covered by white gloves. He had a quick smile and dazzling white teeth. He noticed me looking in his direction and smiled, and gave me a wink. I quickly returned to my niece and nephew.

'So what does Santa look like this year, Uncle Rob?' my nephew queried. He was perceptive for seven, and I knew it wouldn't be long before he'd stop believing in Santa.

'Pretty good. Better than last year.' We drew closer to the front of the line, and my niece became rather excited, jumping up and down to see the man in red.

It became our turn and my niece ran up to Santa and jumped up in his lap, hugging him tightly.

'Well, ho, ho, ho, little girl. What's your name'? he asked with a deep, bellowing voice.

'My name is Ashley.'

'And Ashley, what would you like for Christmas this year?'

'For my Uncle Rob to find a boyfriend'. I froze in my space and felt my face starting to burn. Looking around me I noticed people either looking rather shocked, amused, or suddenly very angry. I wasn't sure how to take her comment, half embarrassed by her honesty, but at the same time taken aback, albeit in a good way by her kindness. Santa didn't seem to miss a beat, laughing heartily.

'Well, that's a rather large request. You're a very thoughtful little girl for thinking of your Uncle as such. I'll see what I can do.' Ashley hugged him again and gave him a quick peck on his cheek. As she slid down and ran to me, she smiled.

'I told Santa what I really wanted this year.'

'Um, yes you did, Ashley, and I'm grateful for that.'

'Do you think if I'm good for the rest of the year he'll grant it?'

'Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see, won't we?' As my nephew Lance jumped off his lap, I told them it was time to go, when one of Santa's helpers called over to me.

'Um, sir. If you don't mind, Santa would like to see you for a moment'. My heart sank as I walked over to where Santa was sitting. I was almost afraid to ask what he wanted.

Santa looked at me rather peculiarly for a second, then gave me a sly grin. He wagged his finger towards me and I leaned in.

'Can you stay behind after closing? I'd like to talk to you for a bit'.

'I'm afraid I can't. I've got to get my niece and nephew home before-' I began, then heard two familiar voices behind me. It was their parents, Jeff and Amy, who had been doing some Christmas shopping.

'Rob, hey thanks for taking care of the kids while we shopped tonight. Everything is loaded in the car, so we can take 'em on home. Hey, see you tomorrow for dinner?' Jeff clapped me on the back and Amy gave me a small hug.

'You're a doll'. As the four of them left, I turned back to Santa, who had a small child on his lap. He looked over at me and I nodded. He returned it and continued with his chat.

It was about 9:30 when I returned to Santa's Workshop. They had been closed for a bit, but the young lady who was the photog told me to go through the back hallway, and take the first door I came to.

I entered the back corridor and saw the open door. I stepped through it and saw Santa sitting in a chair, removing his 'rosy cheeks' and taking off the white paint from his beard.

'Hey there. Have a seat.' He continued to work on himself as we spoke.

'Interesting scenario out there.'

'Guess it's a first time for everything.' I felt my face burn with embarrassment, unsure of what to say.

'Mind closing the door?' I obliged and returned to my seat.

'Why don't you have a seat here on my lap?'

'You're kidding, right?' He smiled mischieviously and patted his legs.

'Nope.' I stood and sat down in his lap. Beneath my rear end I could feel a massive bulge rising between the cheeks. He put his gloved hands around me, and drew in close.

'So, what would you like for Christmas, Rob?' I swear I could detect a twinkle in his beautiful blue eyes.

'Well, um, you know, a boyfriend would be nice. Been awhile since I had one.' Santa proceeded to unbutton my shirt and rub my chest with his gloved hand.

'Nice fur there, Rob.' He pinched my nipples and I let out a small moan of pleasure. 'Perhaps I can grant you your wish'. He leaned in and stuck his tongue down my throat. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity, as his hands moved across my chest.

I stood up as he removed his suit, revealing what I had suspected: a powerful frame, with thick, massive arms, a barrel chest covered in salt and pepper hair, nipple piercings and a firm, tight ass clad in black bikini briefs. He undressed me and proceeded to caress my naked frame with his gloved hand, smacking my ass cheeks as we continued to make out. I reached into his pouch and came across a thick cock, with a Prince Albert circling the mushroom head.

'Wow. Santa comes with accessories', I cracked. He chortled loudly and pushed me down to my knees.

'Why don't you give Santa a present, Rob?' I undid his P.A. and hungrily took his massive tool into my mouth. He moaned in kind, pushing my face deeper into his crotch.

'Yeah, suck on Santa's big tool, baby. Make me cum'. I worked his balls with my hand and felt his hips writhe back and forth. He pulled me up and pushed me against the desk where he sat and faced me into the mirror. I could see him behind me, and he pressed himself into my backside. I felt his cock slide into my asshole, and he began to fuck me.

'Guess what Santa's getting for Christmas?' He plunged it in and out of me, his balls slapping against my ass cheeks. I grunted with each thrust of his tool, and begged him to go deeper.

'Fuck me, Santa, fuck me harder.' He slammed into me and I let out a cry of pure enjoyment. He reached around with gloved hands and worked my nipples, clenching them with his meaty paws.

He pulled out of me and spun me around, pushing me back to my knees. 'It's gonna be a White Christmas for you, Rob'. He shot his massive load all over my face, and I licked up his salty semen eagerly, rubbing the rest of his cum into my chest.

I began to get cleaned up, but he stopped me and dropped to his knees. Without uttering a word he took my cock in his furry mouth and began to suck me vigorously. I ran my hands through his thick mane of hair on his head and relished each flick of his tongue across my shaft.

'You'll tell me when you are close.' It wasn't a request, but an order. I nodded and suddenly I called out I was coming. Eagerly he drank every drop of my salty goodness, even taking some across his beard.

We stood up and Santa handed me a towel. We cleaned up and began to get dressed.

'You know I can't call you Santa now.' I interjected. He pulled on his workboots and carpenter jeans, and plaid shirt.

'My name is Nick. As in Saint Nick.' He ran his tongue across my lips. 'Seriously. It's Nick. And why don't we go out for coffee? I've got to get to know you if you're gonna become by boyfriend.' I smiled broadly as we headed towards the parking lot. It began to snow lightly and as we headed towards our cars, I couldn't help but notice that behind his Jeep, on a car carrier, was a sleigh, with eight tiny reindeer. I let out an audible gasp.

'I'm gonna be Santa in the local parade. Would you like to be a voluntary elf?' We both laughed as I got into his passenger seat and we headed for a local diner. And as we drove, I could swear I heard the tinkling of jingle bells in the distance, and a 'ho, ho, ho'. Smiling to myself, I whispered, 'Merry Christmas, Santa, and thanks.'



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