Hi I'm Alex I'm 18 years old. I am currently doing a course in Ict for Security System Management. As I walk in however i notice a new pupil, called Ben. He's 19 years old but got booted out of university for causing fights. Anyways as we are in the lesson he asks me for help ' how do you fix the software's again?' ' you go on this program then you search for the virus' I reply to him in a whisper 'Cheers mate' so after the lesson I pack my laptop and books away and in front of me is Ben. I was so shocked that I dropped my books and as I pick them up he talks to me 'sorry if I have frightened you?' he says to me. ' nah you didn't I just was in a world of my own. ' I need to talk to you about something' he says matter of factly ' ok go ahead' I question him ' well since I was in university. I was always full of confusion and the main reason I got kicked out was I had experimented with a lad and got caught by the teacher and when I first met you them feelings have returned' at this time I was completley shocked and quite frankly was feeling quite lustful. Our faces move closer and closer to each other before we land with a kiss. ' please don't tell my parents there real homophones' Ben says worryingly to ne ' don't worry my parents are the same and I won't say anything.' For some reason as I look at Ben our relationship reminded ne of Romeo and Juliet. As our love was forbidden however I will step over my boundaries for Ben and I am sure he would do the same for me - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Ben's veiw : I'm staring into darkness unaware that my mum has a baseball bat in her hands and my dad the most worrying of all has a butcher's knife. As I walk up to my window I hold my breath and jump out of the window Alex's veiw: I hear a knock on the door. Damn I'll finish my jerk off later I thought. I hear the knocking more loudly this time. 'Alright fucking hell i'm coming now'I rush over to the door and there stood ben his face half covered in blood. 'What the fuck happened?'I asked him 'Well I came out of the closet to my parents and let's just say they were less supportive. My mum hit me with a baseball bat and started beating me till I was bleeding. I staggered upstairs and flew myself out the window. That's how I got a lovely cut on my face'Ben explained to me. 'You can't keep living with them'. We will get you to move with me and we will get them arrested for assualt. 'Thanks babe it means a lot to me' I lean forward to kiss Ben's soft lip but he already beaten me to it. Back to Ben's veiw: I walk out of alex's house to confront my parents I enter through the door wearily. Suddenly I hear a voice 'What you want faggot?' I demand for my belongings if you do not give me them i will phone the police and arrest you for assault. 'I will not give you your clothes but what about this?' he lunges at me and takes a pistol from his pocked and shoots at me..... Alex Veiw: I ring ben's house. No answer. I walk down and see a pool of blood. I call for an ambulance but no one picks up. 'The number you are ringing is currently unavailable. Please try again later' 'YOU SHITHEADS'I shout at my phone as I move over to ben's side I concentrate on his breathing. He was still barely alive. I try for ambulance again. 'Hello I would like An ambulance please my boyfriend has just been shot' Ben's veiw: I wake up to find myself in a isolated room. Alex is there with my favourite flowers: Roses and some luxury chocolate. 'B-b-babe you didn't have to do this for me'I tell him 'I did because we are celebrating the fact that your parents are in jail. And your gonna be fine. When go get out you'll be moving in with me 'Aww babes that's good news'I lean over to hug him..... Me and Ben have been dating over a year now and yes like the typical couple had ours ups and downs. But we always resolved our differences and always ended up in bed with me pounding his ass till he was orgasming all over the bedsheets. Anyways as me and ben were watching the News the doorbell rang. 'POLICE OPEN UP' shouted an officer. I opened the door and 5 guards flooded in and arrested Ben 'WHAT NO!!!!' I cried out. Tears flown down my cheeks 'Mr Ben Applington. You are charged for the murder of Mr Daniel Applington you do not have to say anything. Anything u do say will be given as evidence' as they take Ben away I cry on my sofa. I hear the door slam shut and I begin some research as I look on the BBC news I see the image of ben's father and it given some grim description 'Ben couldn't have done it? I thought Bens Veiw: i'm stuck in this damp cell with another cellmate called Andrew. He seems friendly for what I assume a criminal. I unpack my belongings on the bottom bunk bed 'Hey what you in for?' Andrew asks with curiosity. 'I apprently murdered my father' I reply 'Thats nothing I killed 5 men and placed their corpses like a pentagon' 'Thanks for the details' I murmur Alex's Veiw: I pace up and down my kitchen waiting for a phone call. The phone rings and as soon as I pick it up I can hear a familiar voice 'Babe I have a 3 month sentance. They didn't think I did the murder'. 'that's wondeful. I just wish it could be sooner' 'Babe I have to go now for gym. I'll see you in 3 months. Love You 'Love you too. Bye Bye - - - - - - - - - - As I dress smart and visit Ben in the cell I wonder how he was feeling. I arrive at the gate and security guys start searching me for weapons and offensive material. As I enter the canteen I barely recognised Ben in the prison uniform he had dark circles in his eyes. He hadn't shaved and didn't have a smooth skin. Even his voice sounded rough 'Babe this prision is driving me crazy. Although I have met a fabulous guy called Tim' 'Erm have you forgotten about me?' I asked him. 'Are you kidding? Your the only reason I survive in this dump' a guard approches us and whispers to Ben. 'Babe my sentence has been shortened. I'm allowed to go home with you!' he shouts we enter the car and drive back to our apartment. 'Babe why don't you take a bath?' I asked him 'I will only if you join me?' he replied. 'ok' I said as I strip out of my clothes 'you've gone bigger since last time?' he stares at my dick which did grow to 10 inches from my previous 8 inches. 'Hey you I'm naked here let's see yours then!' as I walked over to him and ripped his clothes I stood back and stared at his muscles. He gone from a six pack to an eight pack. He had his pubes completley removed so he was smooth. 'I'll make your bath you just wait there' I said to Ben as I tried to walk as sexy as ever towards the bathroom. As I turn on the tap I feel arms wrapping around my waist. I turn around and stare into Ben's eyes his hands roam across my bare ass and end up wrapped around my cock he strokes me to an erection. I lean over for a kiss which he accepts I turn the tap off and pull him into the bath with me. As soon I hit the water I stretch the asshole and slip my finger in 'Ahhhh' he moans 'Ive missed this baby' I told him as I shove it deeper and deeper. 'Let me out the bath' he pleads to me we don't bother to wrap in towels we move straight to the bed and I ended up fucking his cute ass till he spewed his load all over ourselves 'Babe. We have been dating for a long time. And I was wondering whether you would like to participate in a threesome with me and tim?' he lingers the question in my mind - - - - - - - - - - As me and Ben anticipate the arrival of Tim. I had a deadly Secret but I am to afraid to tell Ben. I think I have got AIDS. The doorbell rings and ben goes to answer it. 'Good afternoon Tim please come in' Ben says I break away from them with tears running down me I jump out the bedroom window and fled the house ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 'I can't understand why alex left all the sudden' Ben says as he's sobbing to Tim 'You don't need Alex ben you got me instead' Tim says as he leans in for the kiss. Ben accepts this kiss and they end up naked on the couch. As they start sucking on each other cocks the doorbell rings As ben and tim put their robe on they answer the door and there stood an officer 'Are either one of you Ben?' the officer asked 'Yes I'm ben' Ben replies 'I am afraid I have some tragic news. We have recently discovered the body of Alex' I'm afraid he's passed away. The End.




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