There was something never right with him, I never felt like he loved me. I always loved him and I dedicate this story to him I am going to tell you how we kinda had a one week relationship. He would always say love you Mann but I never thought he did love me there was always something funny about him, he never seem to get bothered by anything he would always think on the positive side of things he would always say stuff like age is just a number it's what's inside that really counts.

The song Pride by Amy Macdonald would always remind me of him, the song talks about how much you would do for someone I would do anything for him I had never loved someone so much in my life I thought he was the one who wasn't going to be a fucker or a player who just was up for a bit of fun.

He would always look a the positive side of life never the negatives he was the best thing that ever happened to me he always thought I was messing with him when I said I love you at the end of a conversation, he never really had a thing for me but god I had a thing for him and I was sure if it I had never been so sure of something in my life he was bisexual but he had a rich history of boyfriends but not so much rich history of girlfriends but he said he had been with a lot of girls and I believed him he told me he wasn't a lier so what could I say.

I was 16 and Aidan was 17 he wasn't bothered that there was a one year age difference between me and him he never thought age was a problem and that's what made me happy when he would say stuff like that, Aiden one night out of very good strength told me that he suffers from type 2 of asbergers I made me feel upset and sorry of him so I apologised to Him not that I had done anything wrong he told me that sometimes he could get arsey but he never seemed to get arsey around me, he always seemed happy and calm around me.

Every night we well not every night only the nights we could we would call each other on webcam to have a good natter about life and have a good laugh about stuff we got up to fun to and I'm not talking as in monopoly for an hour I'm talking wanking together and sexy stuff like that he never said he would do stuff like that on webcam but I knew he was talking rubbish, he only told me before he started wanking vigorously on his massive dick he nearly had to use two hands for.

When he said to me fancy a show underwear on though I knew where its was going of course every guy knows where it's going when that happens he started playing with his massive dick through his cutie undies and he slowly pulled his undies down his dick was one of the biggest dicks I had seen in my life just as I imagined massive.

But it wasn't just about his massive dick in his pants it was about his personality he always would say don't judge by age judge by their personality and that's what maybe one because I thought I had a good personality and it made me happy.

When we would be working or in the day we would always text each other either dirty messages are you hard for me? or just the normal ones how are you? he abouslouty hated being called sexy I had only been calling him it for three days when he told me.

It was only one day when he kept ignoring my texts so on that night I asked him what's going on why have you stopped text me in the day he said he had lost his phone charger and he can't be arsed finding it of course this time I didn't believe him but I went along with it, the day after I was ignored all day again thinking I had done something wrong thinking I was the one to blame all day, long.

When I asked him why he had ignored me for two days he just started fighting with me he deleted me so I couldn't talk too him but I added him back and although I had done nothing I apologised repetitively he wouldn't change his mind and for two days I was left wondering what was wrong what I had done wrong.

He replied and blocked me I never knew what happened to him all I know is that those days that he did talk to me where the best days of my life and I will always love him and there will always be a place in my heart for him.

I dedicate this story to Aidan himself I will always love him.

I guess the mystery is did he ever love me?



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