I am a thirty-eight yrea old corporate attorney for a large legal firm in town. I am also gay. As I have approached this time in my life I find it more difficult to find guys for sex. It seems everyone wants the young hot muscular studs, not a guy approaching their forties.

I am well built and muscular from working out regularly at the gym. I am considered good looking with just a slight trace of grey at the temples mixed in with my black hair. I am six foot three, weigh one ninety five, hairy chested and sport an eight inch uncut cock any man would be proud to have. Why can't I find someone that is attracted to me for me? Most say I'm 'too old'.

Too old my ass! Age is just a number. Hell, I remember right after my eighteenth birthday when I told my dad I was gay, he smile his big beautiful smile at me and said, 'So am I son.' He was the age I am now and one hot fucker.

I nearly shit. I had no idea that my dad liked men. He and mom had been divorced for several years and I lived with him. Within a week of our revelations to each other we were in bed together. We have had sex regularly ever since then and still do today and dad is now fifty-eight, still can give me two loads, and doesn't need viagra.

Anyway, My sex life leaves something to be desired. Yea, I go to the bars and can usually hook up, but all too often they are some young guy looking for a 'daddy' to make him do what daddy wants. I'm not into domination.

Or they might be my age and good looking, and the sex is great, but later we find tht we have absolutely nothing in common. So, it was either sex with these types or going to the local bookstore and having annonimous sex with guys there, who were mostly druggies or homeless using the arcade as a shelter. Oh, there were some hot married guys that came in for a blow job and I was more than gled to accomodate them but there weren't enough that swung both ways.

I remember one night that I was at the bookstore. The signal that you wanted sex was to leave the door to your booth unlocked. Well, this one hot stud came in and casually walked up and down the hall then stepped into a booth right next to where I was standing. I didn't hear him push the button to lock the door. I waited a few seconds to give him time to find a movie. As I cracked the door and peeked in, he had his pants open and cock out stroking. He motioned for me to join him.

I wentr in, locked the door and took out my cock. We began stroking each other and i noticed a wedding band. I figured I'd blow him and he'd leave. Was I ever wrong. He suddenly squatted down and began sucking my cock. After a while I stopped him and began sucking his. He later pulled me up and gave me the hottest kiss I'd had in ages. 'Want to go to my hotel room?' he whispered.

'Sure. I'll follow you.'

We put ourselves back together and I followed him out and to the parkling lot. He stopped and said, 'If we get seperated, I'm at the Marriot down the road, room 524.'

'Got it,' I replied.

A traffic light caught me and when it turned green I porceeded to the hotel, going straight to room 524 and knocked. I know this was dangerous as hell but so be it. I wanted to get in bed with him.

He opened the door totally naked and allowed me in. As soon as the door was shut and locked he began kissing me. He was about my age, and equally well built. As we kissed he unbuttoned my shirt and pants. Soon I was naked and we fell onto the bed.

'Are you in a hurry?' he asked.

'Nope. I've got all the time you want.'

'Nice. I'm Greg.'

'Mike,' I replied.

That was one fantastic night. We started with a sixty-nine then after we rested and reloaded we fucked each other after rimming each others hot holes.

'You married?' I asked.

'Yea, when I'm home,' he said with a laugh. 'You?'


'Were you doing this before you married?'

'Yea, I was. I really don't know why I married except for appearances sake.'

'Yea, I know the feeling. Same here.'

'You in town often?'

'I get here about twice a month.'

'I'd like to see you again whenever you're back.'

'I'd like that too,' he said.

I gave him my cell number and said,'Just call and give me your room number and I'll be here.'

'Great.' he said and I left.

Greg and I met twice a month for about a year until he was transferred to another sales territory.

Another time at the book store, I went into a booth with a glory hole. After locking my door, I leaned over to peek through anf the guy had his pants off and was stroking. I dropped mine, foung a hot gay movie and began stroking. I peeked through again and the guy had moved closer to the hole. I placed my mouth at the hole and opened it, extending my tongue. I suddenly felt the guys cock cliding into my mouth. I sucked him awhile before he pulled back and motioned me to put mine through. He sucked me off and swallowed and then put his back through. I did the same to him. I pulled up my pants as he uickly put his back on. I stepped out into the hall and waited. I was curious about who I had just had sex with. As I was closing the door to the booth I had exited, he stepped out. Our eyes met and we both froze.

It was my best friend from college, Dean. I was even his best man at his wedding. We both walked outside and talked. We both admitted that we were shocked to learn about the other.

'Were you doing this when you married?' I asked.

'Fuck no. A few years I got drunk at an office party and one of the guys offered to let me stay with him rather than drive home. He called my wife so she wouldn't worry then took me to his place. Long story made short, we ended up in bed and had sex and I found that I enjoyed it. I go both ways now. How about you?'

'I've been gay since I was eighteen. I always thought you were hot and wanted to do you.'

'You're fucking kidding?'

'Nope. I'd really like to get you in bed and do it right.'

'Sure. Here's my card. Give me a call and we'll see what we can get going.'

I agreed and the net weekend I called him. He came over and we had hot sex, sucking and fucking. This went on for about a month when one day he said, 'Mike, sex with you is hot as hell but I really prefer my partners younger.'

'I see. Do you have much luck with that?'

'Sometimes, Yea. Othertimes, I have to pay for it but I do it anyway.'

We talked and he said that he found some on a website called 'yng4older.com'. 'You might try it. I've met some damn hot studs on that site.'

I thanked him and said I would. We parted and have never been together again, although I have seen him in the courthouse, and we act like nothing ever happened.

People that know that dad and I have sex wonder why I don't live with him, rather than have an apartment. You see, a few years ago I was living with dad. He met a guy and we had numerous three ways together, and it was hot as hell. However it got serious and they became lovers. I didn't want to be 'in the way' so I moved out but dad made it clear that he and I would still have sex together whenever we wanted. His lover agreed.

I was sitting out on my balcony at the apartments when I noticed a new maintenance man. Damn, was he ever hot. He was cleaning the pool early that saturday morning and I decided to have my morning coffee by the pool so i could check him out.

I hurriedly put on my speedo and headed down to the pool. I walked over to a table near where he was working and looked him over. He was about six foot, muscular, almost a body builders body, with light brown hair and gright green eyes. He was wearing shorts and a tank top that revealed a hairy chest.

'Hi. You're new aren't you?'

'Yes, sir. I just started a couple of days ago on a trial basis. It seems I have to 'prove' myself before it becomes permanent.'

'Have you done maintenance before?'

'Oh yes. I've worked construction doing remodeling, and worked for a pool service, but that wasn't good enough.'

'Well, maybe I can help. You look like a nice guy and I'm a pretty good judge of character.'

'Well, how can you help? I'd love it if you could.'

'I'll call the office with problems and after you come by to supposedly fix them I'll call and say how good your work is and how polite you were. Actually, we'll be sitting there having coffee.'

'So it would be fausle problems?'

'Yea, for the most part. Some would be real.'

'Sir, if you could do that I'd be eternally grateful. By the way, I'm John.

'Mike. I'm in 306.'

'Ah, pool side view.'

'Yep. Close enough to see but far enough to be private.'

We both laughed. I picked up my cell phone and dialed the office.

'Yes, this is Mike Wilson in 306. My dishwasher is leaking and I was wondering if you could send someone over to check it?'

I looked at John and smiled as I continued, 'About an hour? that will be perfect, thank you.'

'Thanks MIke. If this works, I really owe you.'

'You can pay me back by getting in my bed,' I thought.

'No problem,' I said, 'but I'll have to wait a few days before I call again.'

'Oh, I agree.'

I went back to my apartment and waited. John showed up and we sat at the dining room table as we drank coffee. I found out that he was twenty-nine and single, and lived a few blocks away. If he got the job permanent, he would have the apartment behimd the maintenance rent free.

'Nice,' I said.

'What's even better is that it faces the back street and is totally private from the rest of the complex.'

'Even nicer,' I added.

Every few days I would call with some type of problem not only to help John out but just to see him and be close to him. We were developing a great friendship and as we talked more we both liked camping, fishing and the outdoors.

One saturday, I decided to check out the website that Dean had told me about. I logged on and after bringing up the website, I joined and began my search, putting in my city and state, age preference, sexual likes, hobbies and personal details.

As you searched, all you were given were written details. If you found someone of interest, you would write them and exchange photos privately.

I read for over an hour and found a few and was about to stop when I found one that really caught my attention.

'SWM-late twenties-brn-grn-blue collar-work out regularly-enjoy quiet dinners either out or at home-ciddling and watching TV-and anything outdoors-looking to meet slightly older SWM-if similar likes, please contact me.'

Off to the side was a spot that said, 'contact me'. I clicked on it and sent him a message that I was slightly older and enjoyed the same things as he and was pleased to find some with the same interest. I gave him my personal e-mail address to contact me on and asked if he could send a picture. In return I would send one back.

Nervous and excited at the same time, I pressed the 'send'button'.

Every day I checked my hotmail address. Three days later I had an e-mail from someone I didn't know. There was a symbol that there was an attachment. I opened the e-mail and began reading.

'Thanks for responding. I am sending a pic for you to see. I like older men but I do not want a daddy, I want an equal. It's just that I prefer men slightly older than me (up tp 40) as they are usually mores settled and experienced. I enjoy both oral and anal, plus loads of body contact. If interested, let me know and we can arrange to meet publicly for personal chat.'

I scrolled down to see the picture and when it came into view I froze. I was looking at a picture of John, the maintenance man without a shirt on out camping.

'Holy shit!' I said out loud. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. John was gay. I decided not to respond but to go about it a different way.

I called the office and reported that my toilet was leaking and needed to be repaired. John had now been given the position full time. I watched from the windows and when I saw him headed my way, I headed to the bath, turned on the shower and got in. Of course when I didn't answer the knock, he let himself in and came to the bath.

Realizing I was in the shower, he yelled out, 'Hey Mike, it's John. I'll just come back a little later to check that toilet.'

'It's okay. Go ahead and do it now,' I yelled back.

When I heard him starting to work I quickly shut off the water and stepped out of the shower. I dried myself and made no attempt to cover my nakedness. I noticed the shocked look on his face.

'I'm not bashful or shy. We're both men so I hope I didn't offend you.'

'No, not at all. I just wasn't expecting it.'

'Well, I stay like this most of the time when I'm home. It's a lot more comfortable.'

'Yea. Between us, I do the same thing. I really enjoy being nude.'

Changing the subject, I said, 'Oh, there's nothing wrong with the toilet. My last gesture of helping you out.'

'Thanks, I really appreciate all the compliments you gave me.'

He looked at my crotch several times quickly. I could see that he was beginning to get an erection.

'Say, what time do you get off?'

'I was just about to call it a day when your call came in. Why?'

'How would you like to join me for dinner here.'

'I'm not supposed to socialize with the tennents when I'm off duty,' he said.

'I won't tell. Wait till they all go home then I'm sure you can come up with some sort of disguise and slip back up here.'

With a devilish smile he said, 'Yea, I could probably pull that off. Sounds good.'

'One bit of warning. I'll still be just like this.'

'Hey man, it's your apartment.'

'See you later?' I asked.


He left and I headed for the kitchen to prepare dinner. I decided on Tacos, refried beans and beer.

An hour later I heard a knock at the door. I cracked it open and looked into the face of a man I didn't recognize. He had a thich moustache, and long black hair and wore baggy pants and sloppy shirt.

'It's me, John.'

I let him in saying, 'Damn man that's a good disguise. I didn't even recognize you.'

Once inside he removed the wig and moustache. Looking at me nude he smiled and said, 'I see you're a man of his word.'

'I told you I'd still be like this. Feel free to join me if you want to. How about a beer?'

'Sound good to me.'

I returned to the kitchen with John standing at the bar watching me. I glanced at him as he pulled the shirt up over his head removing it. I didn't say anything, just acted like it was normal. He threw it aside and bent to remove his pants, throwing them aside. He walked around the bar and said, 'I decided to join you.'

'Now we are both comfortable. I gather you're like me and have no problem being nude around others?'

'No, not at all.'

I served dinner and after cleaning up the kitchen with John's help, I said, 'You ever look for dates on the internet?'

'I have but not with much luck.'

'Come here and let me show you what response I got to an add I answered.'

He followed me over to my computer and I turned the screen on. I had brought up his e-mail to me earlier and simply turned the screen off. When he saw the picture he said 'Oh shit. That was you?'

'Yes, it was. I read your add but it never occured to me that it might be you. I nearly shit when I saw your picture.'

'Well, I guess this is our meeting for personal chat,' he said.

'Yea, I guess it is. John, I have to be honest. I've wanted you since the first day I met you at the pool. And like yourself, I like quiet dinners, staying at home and cuddling, fishing, camping, the outdoors. I couldn't believe it when I saw your ad and we were so much alike. I wanted to find out who it was and see if we click.'

'Mike, I already know we click on our likes, but what about sexually?'

'I like both anal and oral. Being blunt, I love a good sixty-nine, fucking and getting fucked, kissing and making out and hot naked body contact.'

He moved toward me and smiled before leaning in and kissing me. We explored each others bodies with our hands before settling on the sofa with his head on my shoulder and my arm around him. both our cocks were rock hard, but we weren't ruching it. After an hour or so of watching TV, he got up and pulled me toward the bedroom and said, 'Let's make love and see how we do there.'

We had a hot sixty-nine, exploring each others bodies with our tongues before beginning to suck. We both sucked as if we were starving men. after climaxing and swallowing each other's man cream, we cuddled in silence for a while before I said, 'John, fuck me.'

'Only if you fuck me when I get through.'

'Gladly,' I said.

John had right at nine inches and it felt wonderful as he gently slid it into my anal opening. He fucked me with love and gentleness, not with rough, hard fucking that most guys are into. I was in heaven when I felt his load fill my insides with it's warmth.

I returned the pleasure to him in the same manner.

I knew I wanted to see John again and I said so.

'I feel the same way,' he said, 'but each time I come up here I'm endangering my job.'

'I know, that's why I'm going to find another place close by. Then you can come over whenever you want.'

'I might become a pest.'

'No way,' I replied.

I soon found a condo two blocks away and moved in. John and I saw each other nearly nightly. Before long, I asked him if he'd move in.

'I'd love that. Mike, I love you and want to spend my life with you.'

'Oh, John, baby I feel the same way. Be my lover.'

'That I'll gladly do.' We kissed and consumated our union. John moved in with me telling the apartment manager that he was moving in with a friend to help him out with rent. Before long, I contacted a contractor I know that is gay and told him I needed a job for my lover.

'Your what? You mean you found someone?'

'Yes, I have.'

'Damn Mike I'm so happy for you. Send him by to see me.'

After John went for the interview I got a call from my friend who said, 'He's got the job and are you ever one lucky bastard. Mike he is hot as hell.'

'I know and even better in bed.'

'Don't rub it in.'

That was almost six years ago and John and I are still deeply in love and spend weekends and vacations out in the woods camping or on some lake fishing. Those who say that gys are too old just don't know what their missing. They'll find out how it feels some day. Age...it's just a number.




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