Again and Again Part Two: Rafael's Story

Rafael awoke from the deepest sleep he had had in weeks. As his eyes adjusted to the morning light, he became aware of a host of other wonderful sensations. He felt an arm draped over him, a protective hand pressed against his lean belly, and the luxuriant heat of another man's body, molded to fit his form. He wanted to stretch, but did not want to wake Zach, for he could hear the soft susurration of his breathing. He dared not break the magical spell cast over him, a spell that had given him a night of passion he could not have ever imagined when he had set in motion the half-baked plan to seduce Zach, come what may, under the pretense of his being ill and needing homemade soup. Rafael smiled to himself. He was not, by any measure, a devious man, but his intense desire for Zach, a man who clearly found him very attractive, but who did not act on his feelings, either out of a wish to protect their newfound friendship or fear of the consequences of his actions, had driven Rafael to resort to a desperate ploy. Thank goodness his plan had worked! He did not know what he would have done had it not succeeded. Much like Zach, he, too, had tried to lead a double life when he first arrived at Yale; thankfully, his roommate in his first year in the dorms had changed all of that. Rafael had never looked back since then.

It was at Yale that Rafael truly found himself. Although his parents had always appeared to encourage him to follow his dreams, they had also made their expectations very clear. Money had not come easily to them and they were determined to make sure it wasn't frittered away. No wonder, therefore, that being at home whilst attending a fancy prep school had made Rafael reticent. He had done everything he was supposed to do; to be fair, Rafael knew it wasn't a case of him not enjoying his experiences, he had just felt like his achievements had meant more to his family than they did to him. He had flitted from experience to experience without any of them making a lasting impression on him. Sure, he could speak about each one and make anyone believe that nothing else had meant more to him, but the lines he had spoken had been well rehearsed and Rafael had made sure his inflections were just right. In retrospect, so much of what he had been feeling stemmed from his latent knowledge that he was gay; however, he had been unable to act on his feelings.

College changed all of that. Free from the tangible and intangible pressures of home, Rafael found himself behaving and acting differently. He began to date guys and had sex with a few of them though nothing serious ever developed out of these trysts. He tried to keep his dorm life and his personal life completely separate and only his roommate, an openly gay, hunky geek of Hungarian extraction who went by Greg, though his real name was Gregory, saw right through his fa├žade. In fact, he tore it away without hesitation. He had a laugh that came from deep within him and though he did not have an accent, whenever he teased Rafael, he drew out the sounds in Rafael's name such that he came across as a stereotypical Russian don. His favourite greeting, "My dear Raa-fah-yell, how are you?" disarmed him completely and left him unable to keep secrets in his presence. He was an early riser and he teased Rafael relentlessly about the erections he inevitably awoke with, though he conveniently neglected to mention his own.

Initially, nothing sexual occurred between them. Greg would go out on dates, return to the dorm, find Rafael buried in English literature, and begin to regale him with the story of his latest conquest, vainly trying to convince Rafael that his stories were far superior to those he was reading. "Oh, Raa-faa-yell, if you had only seen him, even your virginal dick would have come to life!" was the common starting point for all the stories of his conquests of twinky college guys. He always spoke in jest and Rafael knew there was no malice in his words. In fact, Rafael had no doubt Greg would have given his life for him and that he loved Rafael in his own unique way. He would playfully slap Rafael's ass if he moved too slowly or was in his way, which, ironically, was quite often given their constrained living arrangements in the dorms. Perhaps the slaps were a little too frequent, but Rafael never complained, mind you.

One evening in early January, just after the beginning of the new term, Rafael walked into the dorm room and found Gregory sitting forlornly on his bed, lost in thought. Rafael knew Greg had been dating one guy for some time, though he had never met him. He also knew that things had not been going well for Greg and the object of his affection. Rafael walked over to him and sat beside him, putting his arm around Greg's shoulders. Greg leaned into him and took Rafael's free hand in his. The warmth of Greg's touch radiated through Rafael and without thinking, he brought Greg's hand to his lips and kissed his fingers.

"What's wrong?" Rafael asked as gently as possible.

"Alan dumped me," replied Greg, miserably.

Instead of responding in words, Rafael drew Greg's face to his and kissed him on his lips. Greg kissed him in return rather than recoiling from his touch. They kissed each other harder. Greg pulled Rafael upright so that both were standing beside the bed. Rafael encircled Greg with his arms and Greg placed his hands on the small of Rafael's back as they continued to kiss deeply. Greg's hands reached under Rafael's shirt and he moved them up and down his back before sliding his hands into the back of Rafael's jeans. Rafael pulled away from him and looked into his eyes. Greg responded in kind, but pulled off his own t-shirt and began unbuttoning Rafael's shirt. Rafael reached for Greg's belt, undid the buckle and the top button of his jeans, and lowered the zipper. As Greg removed his jeans and boxers, Rafael did the same and very quickly they were completely naked with their cocks jutting out in front of each other.

"I need this, Rafael. Tonight, I need this." It was the first time since they had met that he had articulated Rafael's name correctly, without embellishment.

"I know," Rafael whispered. He knew that whatever happened tonight would only happen tonight.

They kissed again, mashing their cocks against each other. Rafael kissed his neck, swirled his tongue around Greg's nipples and kneeled before him and his long, thick cock. Rafael took his glistening dick as far into his mouth as he could and began sucking him. Rafael could feel the veins on his tongue as his lips slid up and down Greg's rigid cock. He grasped the shaft and simultaneously began to masturbate Greg as he sucked. With his free hand, he stroked his own throbbing dick. Greg's breathing quickened and he began thrusting rapidly, causing Rafael's lips to bump into his hand. Rafael felt Greg's cock stiffen further and with a deep exhale, Greg spurted his cum into Rafael's mouth and down his throat. His taste buds were saturated with Greg's salty, slightly bitter flavor. As Greg's orgasm receded, Rafael reached his climax and his cum shot wildly out of his cock onto his thighs and the floor. Rafael grabbed Greg's legs for support. Greg slid his hands under Rafael's arms and lifted him up. He placed Rafael's arms on his shoulders and supported Rafael's weight until he could stand on his own. They kissed once again and then sat down on the bed.

"My dear Raa-fah-yell, how are you?"

They both began to laugh uncontrollably, so much so that tears began to stream down Rafael's face and he slid off the bed, landing with an ungainly thump on the floor. Each time he tried to respond, he would be overcome by a new wave of hysterics. At last, Rafael managed to stand up. His abs felt as though he had completed a hundred crunches and he staggered to the bathroom. When he emerged, Greg was fully dressed and seated in their shared living room. Rafael ducked into his room and put on some clothes. Once dressed, he returned to the living room. Greg patted the space beside him on the sofa and Rafael sat down. He encircled Rafael with his arm. Rafael patted his muscular thigh and, in his best imitation of Greg's own crude Russian accent, he said with an absolute straight face,

"My dear Gree-gore-eeh, if you ever make fun of my morning wood again, I'll be serving your ass on a platter for my enjoyment." Needless to say, they both broke out into hysterics once again.

Their friendship had deepened as a result of what had happened that night. Over the course of the next three years, as they completed their college degrees, Greg helped Rafael to bring his personal life and dorm life together so that Rafael could truly be himself. Their friendship never wavered. Greg even found new reasons to tease Rafael, particularly when he seemed to attract the right kind of guy when it came to the looks department, but failed miserably when it came to finding the right kind of guy in the commitment department. Once again, Greg failed to see the irony in the situation. It was not like his success rate was any better than Rafael's. However, it was Greg who had convinced Rafael to apply for the internship that had led him to Zach and the events of last evening. Clearly, he owed his best friend in a big way.

Zach's stirring and the movement of his hand towards Rafael's pubic hair hurriedly brought Rafael from his reverie to the present. Sensing that Zach was awake, Rafael took advantage of the opportunity to stretch and turn towards him so that they could lie face to face. Unlike Rafael's previous hook ups, where the last thing he wanted was to face his latest mistake, the "I'll fuck you and leave you" boyfriend of the moment, this time, he wanted to look into Zach's eyes. Rafael found that Zach was indeed awake and smiling. He pushed his advantage and climbed on top of Zach, pinning him down.

"Again!" He smirked at Zach before planting a kiss on his lips. Zach laughed and Rafael could feel that it was a deep, genuine laugh as Zach's muscles moved underneath him. Zach placed his hands on the back of Rafael's head, bringing Rafael's lips to his for a deeper kiss that left Rafael breathless. Zach rolled Rafael onto his back and began kissing him again. There was urgency in their movements as Zach slid down the bed. Rather than taking Rafael's cock into his mouth, he pushed Rafael's legs into the air to gain access to Rafael's hole. Rafael could feel Zach licking his hole and knew that Zach was tasting his own cum, semen that had leaked out of him after they had fucked last night. It felt oh so dirty and oh so right. Zach pushed himself up and forward, bringing his dripping cock to Rafael's hole. He smeared his precum on and around Rafael's entrance, adding further lubrication to the saliva before entering his ass. He entered slowly, steadily; withdrawing slightly, he then resumed his forward thrust. Zach repeated the motions until he had entered Rafael completely. Then he began to fuck him in earnest. Each thrust of his penis inside Rafael's ass sent a wave of pleasure through both of them and they knew, instinctively, that neither of them would last long.

Sweat beaded Zach's forehead and streaks began to run down his chest and back, dripping onto Rafael who was slick with his own sweat. Rafael was pumping his cock in tandem to Zach's thrusts and he could feel the cum gathering within him, the incredible churning that signaled his impending climax. He was so very close and as Zach's movements became frenetic, he knew that Zach, too, was about to spurt. Zach gave one final thrust, pushing himself completely into Rafael. With that final push, Rafael's cum raced up his shaft, through the head of his cock and out in thick, gooey, strings across his torso, striking him on his chin, his neck and then his pecs and abs. Simultaneously, Rafael could feel incredible wet heat inside of him as Zach flooded him with his seed. Both of them jerked as they rode the last waves of their orgasms and then Rafael relaxed and Zach slumped over him, Rafael's cum and their sweat smearing between them, sealing them together. When he could move, Zach turned Rafael's face towards his. He stuck out his tongue and licked Rafael's cum off of his chin. He swallowed before kissing Rafael, though the taste lingered on his tongue.

"Again?" Zach grinned. This time, it was Rafael's turn to laugh.

"What kind of guy do you think I am?" Rafael jabbed his finger into Zach's shoulder. A strange expression came across Zach's face. He was bemused, but did not want to show it. For his part, Rafael could not tell what kind of response was coming his way. He just wanted to see how Zach would respond.

"So I'm to make an honest man out of you now that I've taken away your virtue? Because if that's the case, then I need to tell you some things first." Zach had purposely spoken matter-of-factly. He did not know that despite Rafael's flash of bravado, his heart was in his mouth. For his part, Rafael only hoped this was not the beginning of an "I want to be with you, but" kind of story. Zach pressed on, more seriously, for he truly meant what he was about to say. "From the moment we met, I've wanted you. You have occupied my waking thoughts, fueled my fantasies and inhabited my dreams. You literally took my breath away the first time we met and, no matter what, I vowed to be your most cherished, trusted friend, for I couldn't imagine my life without you."

Rafael did not speak. He was too overcome by what Zach had just said and, before he could respond, Zach interjected -

"Wow! Silence was definitely not the response I expected from you!"

"What response did you expect, you idiot??" Rafael retorted in mock anger. He was not going to be out done by Zach's mischief so he continued, "Well, what did you expect?" A sheepish look spread across Zach's face; he began to blush. Rafael was thoroughly enjoying the moment.

"I... I was... I was kind of hoping you might say the same thing back to me," Zach stammered. Not wanting to give in too easily, Rafael purposely misunderstood what Zach was trying to say.

"Well, let's see. How did you put it? I can see how I might occupy your... your waking thoughts as I am quite beautiful and, naturally, friendship, though not as great as fucking me, would be your best bet. How did I do?"

Zach was clearly flustered - his initial joke seemed to have taken them in a strange direction because this was not how the conversation was supposed to go - and Rafael had to pinch himself to stop from laughing.

"Oh, um, no, I mean yes, but..." Zach, normally so articulate, with a voice as smooth as milk chocolate, struggled to formulate a coherent sentence. Still pinching himself, Rafael did not rescue Zach just yet. Zach cleared his throat and took a second swing at articulating the thoughts inside his head. "What I meant to say, Raf..." Zach paused for a second - he had to get this right to stop looking and feeling like the idiot Rafael already thought he was. "What I meant to say is that last night, this morning, being with you in this way is the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me. Rafael, you are the most beautiful man I have ever met..." Again Zach paused, but Rafael did not interrupt for it was clear he still had something to say. Zach took a deep breath. He closed his eyes for a moment, gathering his resolve. Zach's expression became serious and when he looked into Rafael's eyes, it was as if he were looking into Rafael's very core. "I am madly in love with you."

Rafael couldn't see for tears had welled up in his eyes, blinding him. He could not see the tenderness in Zach's gaze. He felt Zach pull the sheet and blankets around him to cocoon and protect him from the elements. Zach brushed away his tears on one side of his face and kissed the tears on the other side. His kisses moved down Rafael's cheeks to his lips and the taste of his cum was replaced by the taste of his tears. Gently, Zach pulled away from him, though just barely. Zach's bemusement made a wicked re-entrance.


"You know what I'm going to say." Rafael was beaming through the last of his tears.

"Hmmm... let me guess... 'Again'?" Zach was grinning as he spoke.

"AND AGAIN!" Rafael responded immediately.




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