It was the water polo training after my 18th birthday. We had completed our training. Our coach and most of the other members had left. Jon told me that he wanted to do a bit of extra training and asked me to accompany him.

The school's pool was booked by our affiliated school's female swim team. They would have their training one-hour after ours. Three of our boys decided to stay awhile longer to check out the girls.

After half an hour of extra training, Jon and I were done. Jon climbed up the ladder and I followed behind. As I was about to climb out, Jon suddenly turned around, his palms on my shoulders, pushing me down, stopping me from coming out of the pool. Almost immediately my three other teammates were grabbing me and trying to pull down my swim trunks.

My nature reaction was to struggle, I kicked and yelled and held tightly to my trunks, with the other hand still on the railing. But it seemed like they were winning the battle, I felt my trunks sliding down my thighs and water splashing against my cock and balls.

Before I knew it, my trunks had slide past my knees and over my feet, the boys raced up to the poolside and pulled themselves out of the pool. I was left naked in the water.

It was the late afternoon, most of our schoolmates had gone home but there were a handful of people swimming in the pool. I felt embarrassed by my nakedness. When I saw my teammates walking away and yelled to them. But they pretended not to hear me.

Then one of my mates, Shaun turned back, "I hope the water will help you reflect why you didn't invite any of us to your birthday party!"

But there was no party. None of them believed me. They agreed among themselves that I had to do a few tricks to show my apologies in order to earn back my blue pair of Arena trunks.

I had no choice but to oblige to their orders.

The other teammate, Peter ran to the lockers and returned with his camera. He was the vice-chairman of the school photography club and he suggested taking a few artistic shot of me.

I never considered myself as a model material. But the years spent in water pool did have effects on me. I was tanned and lean, with muscles on my arms and legs. My body was tonned with my abs showing. I considered my face average but I guessed it was the overall that earned me extra points for good looks.

"Come on pretty boy, show us what you got!" Peter joked.

I was told to stay by the side of the pool. Still in water, my hands rested on the edge. So the shot captured my face and strong arms.

Then I was told to lift myself a bit. The effect was similar but with a bit of my torso showing.

For my next shot, I was commanded to move away from the edge, my hands covering my crotch. My upper body was above the water. I felt very naked when the cold wind blew and my nipples stiffen.

I was told to look serious in one shot and was made to force a smile in the other. I felt so tortured inside. There were at least two other boys in the pool, both watching our actions.

Shaun wanted me to lift my hands in the air, which I strongly objected but I was reminded of my swimming trunks still with them.

We did a few more shots in water, some with arms folded at my chest, some with me trapping water in the deeper part of the pool, some with me leaping out the water.

I returned back to the edge. I laid on the edge of the pool, with my chest on the floor. My cock was in an awkward position but I could not adjust it. Because if I did, I would expose my dick for the boys to see, and I didn't want that to happen.

Shaun suggested that they took individual shots with their poster boy. Shaun was the first to go. He squatted close to me and gave a big smile. If I was in his position I would smile too. Then he poked his finger into my ass and took another shoot.

Jon and Sam (the other guy) followed suit, both sticking their index finger into my hole. Jon even tried to rub my butt. Peter lay on top of me, pressing my dick against the floor. It was so painful. And the rest of the guys wanted to do a similar shot too.

By the time the forth person sat on my butt, my dick was hurting badly. Sam was the cutest among the rest. He had boyish features and a great lean muscular body. His bulge was also the biggest. When he pressed his package against my ass, my cock stiffened, which hurt even more.

They wanted me to do some stand up shot, which I strongly protest. Moreover my dick was already standing at erection. I didn't want them to think that I was some fag. I pretended to retreat into the water. Peter was the one to remind me to hurry before the female swim team arrived and before I got into trouble with authority.

Sam, my sweet angel in trunks, squatted before me and encouraged me to get out of the water. He promised we would be done in a few more shots. I wanted to obey my angel but the sight of him made my cock rock hard. Sam was patting my head and told me to be an obedient boy.

I was trying my best to calm down my dick. I tried thinking of some disgusting stuff like eating maggots or worms crawling on my body.

When I got out of water, I immediately used my hands to cover my exposed genitals. All four of them laughed at me. We took group pictures together.

In the first few shots I was allowed to cover my genitals with my hands. Then the boys suggested covering my private parts with their hands. Shaun was squeezing my balls. When I scolded him, he just squeezed hard. Peter was pulling my foreskin down and touching the base of my rod. My cock jumped and stiffened and the boys laughed.

By now my cock was hard again. I took individual shots with the boys. With them pretending to hug me and their hands covering and touching my jewels. I was extremely embarrassed. But I did enjoy when Sam placed his warm hands on my hard rod and his body pressing against mine with his crotch against my ass. I was in heaven for a moment.

We took group shot with my naked butt towards the camera. And the final was with me doing a full frontal nude. By then I was already immune to my humiliation.

I stomped into the locker room naked. I didn't bother about my trunks or the couple of other boys staring at me as I walked past.

Sam snatched the trunk from Shaun and ran after me apologizing. The rest of the boys rested by the pool reflecting if they had taken this a bit too far.

I managed to reach the locker rooms before came Sam running in and panting. He went behind me and hugged me. His arms wrapped around my waist. He said he was sorry. He didn't mean for things to turn out like this. I removed his hands and told him to put himself in my situation. He apologized, hugging me again. Then his hands moved to touch my erected cock. He pulled down my foreskin and rubbed the bottom of my shaft. His other hand fondled my nipple, slowly caressing me.

I didn't not move, I didn't not reject his touching. I felt his bulge growing too, as he pressed closer to my ass.

"How can I make up for it?" Sam smiled and teased me.

He turned me around and planted a kiss on my forehead then on my lips. He took my hands and led me into the shower cubicle.

He soaped me, paying extra attention to my nipples and genitals. He pressed me against the wall and kissed me, I could taste his saliva. The warm water was raining down on us. His hands gently massaging my body; my nipples hardened by his touch, my dick longing for release...



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