Every Wednesday morning, I waited for the sound. I never told anyone, nor was I ever planning to. And then, when I heard it, I'd open the louver windows slowly and quietly. I didn't want to draw too much attention to myself. And then I'd see it: the perfect form of him.

He always got outside around 6 in the morning and started doing his laundry by hand. For some reason, the family never got into washing mashines and, fortunately for my grateful eyes, they had no indoor washroom. He stood before the washtub, shirt off, every ripple of his back muscles food for my eyes. Every now and then, he would walk away from it - when he was letting it fill with water or when he was just taking a break, and I'd get to see him turn around.

His skin was a bit lighter than mine, and mine is the colour of dark coffee. He was tall, so tall, with a pair of pecs that were not massive, but were gorgeously well toned. And below that, he had an abdomen that I dreamed of rubbing my dick against so often... I could see every single ab muscle so perfectly, it was as if he had no fat at all beneath that skin. And those hands, I've imagined those strong hands jerking me off slowly, quickly, whichever way was fine by me. His hair changed a lot from cropped short to canerows, but his face stayed the same: he had dimples when he smiled or buttoned his lips (which he did often) and a great nose, and those eyes...

To be honest, I never knew the colour of his eyes. I wanted to so badly.

Over the years, I watched him grow more and more handsome. He was maybe four years older than I. And I never met him. I guess I am not very social with my neighbours. No, I know I'm not.

In my country, one doesn't broadcast same-sex attraction. I've kept it basically secret, but high school was difficult; people took my lack of pursuit of girls to be gayness - correctly, mind you. So, in secret, I watched him every week as he washed.

Eventually, he started wearing a shirt to wash. I always wondered why, and was severely disappointed. But, I noticed that, once he got his car, he would often tend to it before leaving for work or school or wherever he went every morning (I honestly didn't know, except for during the summer, when he seemed to dress for work sometimes), pooring coolant or whatever, that he'd have his shirt off and as I looked through my bedroom window, I often thought, 'So, he takes of his shirt for his car, but not for me...'

Fear was a huge part of why I never ever told anyone, or when he passed me on the road, or when I was standing by the gate and he passed, I hardly looked at him. What if people found out? My life (as sucky as it already was) would be ruinned. There was also the fear of pain. I'd hardly so much as pushed a finger past my sphincters.

Anyway, recently a hurricane had passed by. But don't worry, no one died. The major problem was that electricity and piped water were unavailable. It was a bit annoying, but living on a tropical island, these things happen.

My parents were asleep. The hurricane meant that they didn't have to go to work today and they are not a pair who would wake up early unless they had to. I, in the other hand, always awake with the sun. I decided to go outside. We still had not cleaned much of the debris from the yard. Pieces of broken branches and other such things littered the ground as I walked around.

I went to the side of the house and sat down on an upturned bucket between a pair of hibiscus bushes, where I would be hidden from view and would be able to hear anyone coming. I felt my dick jerk a little in the red gym shorts I wore. I wasn't wearing any underwear; I never wore any to sleep and didn't put it on before coming outside.

Reaching in, a started playing with my uncircumcised glans, moving the tip of my forefinger slowly over the skin.

I nearly jumped as I heard some noise behind me. My back was to the wall that separated my yard from the neighbours' and (you know, I never learnt the story behind this, but) there was a hole in the stone, about the size of my hand, that I could see through.

I couldn't believe it... there he was. Shirtless again. He was carrying a bucked much like the one I was sitting on, a bar of soap and a rag. My heard and penis both jumped. I don't remember ever being harder than at that moment. I watched with bated breath as he dropped his jeans shorts, revealing a pair of black boxers. And then, those fell too. I think I actually drooled. That dick was the most beautiful to me of any I had seen online. It was so long and thick, even when soft, ballooning into a pink head.

He took a small container out of the bucket and poured some of the water on himself, and then started lathering. I don't think I needed to do much to cum as I watched him smooth the soap over his abs, his chest, his round muscular ass cheeks, his dick...

It was a split second, but I moved away as I saw his eyes dart my way. Maybe I had been breathing too loud...? I tried to calm my breathing as I held the flashed the cum from my hand into the grass. It took a few moments for me to gather enough courage to look again. I was still hard after all this and I wanted to see him.

And I did.

A saw a leg right against the wall. My gasp couldn't have been more audible as I looked up and saw him staring down at me. I could see his eyes. Finally. A brown richer than chocolate stared at me. I got to my feet and did what my only impulse told me: run!

'Wait,' he called out, in a loud whisper. I think the caution I heard in his voice is what stopped me. It intrigued me. He jumped over and gate easily and walked towards me and my eyes were attracted like gravity to his growing cock. He came up to me and put a wet hand against my cheek and bent towards me in a kiss. Not my first. I've kissed girls before, or rather, they've kissed me. But my first with tongue. He pushed his inside my mouth and I didn't know what to do except dance around his, glad I'd at least thought to brush my teeth before leaving the house.

He breathed into my mouth: 'I want to fuck. My house or yours?'

I was barely thinking straight. My dick, which I'd hurriedly put back into my pants when I was running, was throbbing hard against his hand as he rubbed the front of my pants. 'Yours,' I said. I guessed (hoped) his parents did have to get to work and had already left, because I didn't see their car. And I didn't want mine to wake up.

'Okay.' He led me to the wall and we climbed over. We started kissing again instantly and he reached into my shorts now, reaching around to my ass, holding my cheeks. I felt his fingertips move against my anus and I stiffened a bit in shock; this was all so new. My shorts dropped soon after and he lifted by A-shirt over my head.

'We should go inside,' I said. 'If people see us...'

'Soon,' he said. He picked up the container of water and said, 'Turn around.' With the water, he cleaned my ass as thoroughly as he could, moving his finger over the anus. When he pushed his finger inside, I almost jumped at the simultaneous pleasure and pain I felt. He did the same to himself as I watched, determined not to touch my dick, lest I cum too quickly. He looked at me with a dimpled smile that make me just want to fall on that dick as he made sure he was clean.

Then, dashing the container down, he took told of my dick and led me inside, pushing his tongue down my throat again. His mouth tasted so minty.

We headed to his bedroom, where he picked me up, still kissing me fiercely. Being around five inches taller than my 5' 6', this gave me quite a big of elation. I wrapped my legs and arms around him and felt my dick touch his. 'This is your first time, right?' he breathed in my ear.

'Yeah,' I admited.

'Alright, I'll make sure you love it. Be right back.' He placed me down on the bed, and headed out to what seemed to be the bathroom (my guess, since our houses are of similar designs; and, in hindsight, I figure the bathroom was filled with buckets of water and that's why he went outside in the first place). When he came back, he had a bottle of baby oil in his hand. 'You're going to love this.'

He jumped on the bed, strattling me. I laughed a bit as he kissed my scrawny chest and then my stomach and pushed his tongue into my navel and after holding my dick in his hand, swallowed it. My dick was pretty average, around 6 inches, a good 3 shorter than I guessed his was. As the tongue that just a few moments before had been in my mouth moved around the head of my dick, I moaned so loud I was glad I wasn't in my house. 'Told you you'll like it,' he said against my dick as he went down on it again. But he had to go gently. He didn't want me to cum again too fast. I barely realized this for the sheer joy of a blow job, but he had popped open the bottle and was lubing his own ass with the baby oil.

He stopped. 'You ready?'

I looked at him with an anxiety I can't explan. 'Yeah!'

I watched as he squeezed a stream of clear oil on my dick and massaged its librication onto my hardness. His lips, so pink and full came towards mine, and he kissed me again and let me lay back on the bed. Then, he strattled me again and, holding my penis, he slowly lowered himself on it.

Wow. What else can I say? In fact, that is precisely what I said. I felt each pair of sphincters open up for me and I felt his tightness rip around my dick... It was utopia inside him. He moved slowly up and down, pumping his own dick in time, the baby oil giving his cut dick such lustre.

'Yeah, man,' he said, 'moan, because I know you like this.' I was moaning, and I didn't intend to stop.

'Yeah, your ass feels so good,' I told him. I couldn't believe this is what I had been missing. It was like he knew when I was going to cum because me started bouncing up and down more quickly. I was so glad that he didn't get off and make me cum on his ass or in his face like the online videos. Inside that ass became wet and nice as he kept bouncing. 'Aw, man...' I muttered as he came close to me again and kissed my ear. He slowly pulled himself off of me and I saw some cum leak out of that ass and onto my balls.

'My turn,' he whispered into my ear. 'You think you can take it?'

He didn't wait for my answer, though to continue the fun. As the morning sunlight poured through the louver windows, he turned into 69 position, poking his dick and ass into my face. I was not about to start licking out someone's ass, so I put his monster in my mouth, the taste of precum and baby oil an interesting mix. I probably didn't take more than three inches or so, but he didn't compain.

There it was again. The pleasure as he pushed his tongue into my ass. I tried my best to keep it relaxed for him. Was I really ready to try and take that dick? I couldn't put all of that in my mouth... What would be do to my ass? He pushed the mouth of my oil bottle against my anus and squeezed. That was a weird sensation, the cool feel of oil filling my rectum. I don't know if that was what compelled me to try it, but somehow, I let my tongue wander to his own ass and tasted by own cum and his ass. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...

'Alright,' he said, getting off me and massaging his dick again with the baby oil. He looked at me with a look of some concern. 'You think you're ready for this?'

I sighed. 'No,' I said, honestly, 'but I really want to try.'

He smiled and pulled me to the edge of the bed. Standing on the tiled floor, he placed the head of his dick right at my anus. 'Okay,' he said, 'relax.'

Slowly, he pushed. I didn't relax, though. I'd read somewhere that pushing as if you're taking a shit makes the ass open so you can take a dick (or your finger as the case had been for me) more easily. And I think it worked. Honestly, I hardly remember feeling any pain. All I felt was the awesome feeling of that dick pushing past my anus touching places nothing but shit had ever touched before. The science of it says that he was massaging my prostate and that there are sexual nerves in my anus. But whatever. I was getting fucked and loving it.

He went slow at first, kissing me as I wrapped my arms and legs around him again. He did it like this for a few minutes and I felt my dick getting hard again, rubbing against those abs.

'I hope you're liking this,' he said. 'I want to get back on that dick.'

It took another few minutes for me to feel his pubes against my ass. Wow, he was all the way in. It was then that he started to go faster. 'Aw, shit!' He said as I felt the cum shoot out. I didn't want him to take it out, but it was my turn again.

He climbed back on the bed, over me and, on all fours, spread himself open for me. 'Come on, bro, it's all yours,' he said with that smile, that gorgeous smile. The taste of ass, come and oil was welcome to me as my tongue licked up what he pushed out for me. Lubing up again, I straighened up and entered again. This time, I was in control, but I wanted to go slow at first like him. Reaching around, I realized he was still hard. I started jacking him off as I pushed myself inside him.

But slow wouldn't last for long. I started going faster and faster. I heard him moaning in such pleasure that I couldn't slow down, it was like a catalyst. I shot more come into his dick soon after and then felt his body shake a little beneath me as he shot his own load into my hand.

He fell onto the bed and I wondered how he was going to wash the cum off the sheets with the need to reserve water. He reached around and pulled my hand to his mouth, where he sucked the cum off my hands and then, the turned around, and started cleaning my dick with his mouth.

'You liked that ass, and this dick, right?' he asked as a dribble of cum slipped down the side of his mouth. He kissed me full on the mouth, pushing that cum into my mouth.

After a huge swallow, I said, 'Yeah... that was good.'


Tahric Thorpe



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