Disclaimer: Based on true story, names have been changed.

It had been about a few weeks removed from the events of "The Road Trip", where I had finally engaged in gay sex. The feeling I had built up of having sex with two of my friends who had girlfriends was overwhelming me and I was hungry for more it. I had enjoyed it so much that I held off masturbation since then, hoping to when the time came, literally erupt and savor the moment with great relief, and thankfully the time came real soon.

Enter school. I was about a 11 weeks from graduating high school and my thoughts were less fixed on school and more on my future and of course, sex. There was the usual arousal I got from chicks, especially my hot chemistry teacher, Ms. Schultz but I turned my focus on the men.

I was in Chemistry class where I was teamed up with Gabriel. Gabriel was 18, straight, a joker with a buffed complexion with a tan skin. I never got to see him shirtless and while he wasn't visibly ripped, he had a nice set of pecs and biceps to go along with a buzzed crew cut.

We were paired up in groups, and assigned to a station towards the back of the class, with noone at the adjacent stations. Gabriel and I took our seats in stools and began working.

Gabriel was almost always smiling and joking around. He joked around with me a lot thus far in the school year. He would pucker his lips at me, wink, and throw up hearts with both his hands as a playful question of I loved him. Of course, I always thought it was because I stared at him, and his jokes built up the intrigue, making my staring a neverending marathon of Gabriel.

We had completed a phase of our project and were simply in wait mode as the chemicals reacted to an adjustment in temperature.

"Finally, done, you recorded the temperature?" asked Gabriel.

"Yeah, its steaming hot." I responded wanting to gauge a reaction from him.

"Hahaha, no shit." Gabriel said as he checked his phone for messages. I then replied with "230 degrees Fahrenheit."

Then, Gabriel took his hand and placed it on my leg, rubbing up against my jeans. I almost ignore it not knowing how to act and certainly not wanting to give any sign that I liked it. Gabriel messaged my leg for about 10 seconds before glancing back at me.

"I'm just kidding," said Gabriel with laugh as I laughed back and simply said, "Ok".

I just wanted to do the same to him but didn't want a negative reaction from him. Perhaps he knew I had a thing for guys, maybe some gaydar? If I had one it was surely out of service.

After cooling down the experiment, we were told to write about our observations by our teacher. We began doing so as we wrote Gabriel began massaging my leg once more. Suddenly, my dick began flexing its muscles, but my jeans kept it from forming a tent.

Gabriel pulled back and whispered, "I'm joking".

At this rate I decided to do the same because it was only fair. I reach over with my left hand as I wrote with my right over to his leg. I glanced slightly over to Gabriel as I begin rubbing up my hand against his black cargo pants and leg. Gabriel begins smirking at my attempt of "joking". He then stops writing and grabs my hand hard.

Gabriel and I were deadlocked in each others eyes. My heart skipped a beat but I knew I had justification for doing what I did. Suddenly, Gabriel guided my hand upwards towards his crotch. I look away towards my paper and I begin to feel something rather large in his pants, his erect cock.

I almost begin to tremble at what I was doing but knew I had to keep my composure. My dick wanted to come out of my jeans and that moment I wanted to erupt!

Gabriel begins massaging my hand on top of his bulging cock. He then begins unzipping his pants, and to my utter shock, pulls out his cock in the middle of class. He leans into my ear and whispers, "You got in ya to whip it out?"

I took a deep breath and rubbed my hard-on cock. My adereline was pumping, the premise was insane, pulling out my cock in class with twenty other students feet away and a teacher too. Our stations were equipped with tables that had backstops so our legs were hidden from view but nevertheless was this crazy.

I began unzipping myself, and reaching inside. It was a mission, guiding my cock through the crevice of my briefs and zipper of my jeans. I whip it out as it stands straight up like the Eiffel Tower. I take deep breaths as Gabriel reaches over to grab my cock and squeeze it with his cold hand.

My eyes sprung up towards the ceiling as Gabriel guided my left hand with his to his cock. I was amazed my his uncut monstrosity. I begin to take hold of it, me trembling, my heart racing, I have a firm grip on his warm, fat, juicy cock.

Slowly, Gabriel and I are slowly jerking each other off in class as we finish writing our observations.


The class bell had rung, I immediately stopped and adjusted my jeans to hide away my cock from any suspecting classmates. My boner was struggling to compact but Gabriel had no problem whatsoever. He stood up, winked at me as he went to turn in his observation. I had remained seated, boner ragging and told the teacher I hadn't finished.

Thus, he told me to stay and put it on a turn-in shelf and leave when I had. The teacher was getting ready to leave immediately and was very fair in assignments. But he stopped Gabriel and said that he should turn his in with mine and staple it.

The teacher had left the room. Gabriel grabbed a stapler and waved it at me as he was getting ready to leave.

"Wait!" I said, standing up and walking towards him. I trembled and began breathing heavily. He was nearly at the door and I about ten feet away. "What we did just do over there?" I asked.

"Haha, what can I say Zack, I'm an adrenaline junkie, wanted the thrill of the moment to take over." Gabriel said.

"You sure that's all it was?" I asked as Gabriel hesistated. "Come on, you've been giving me signs all year, the blow kisses, the winking, and now this?"

"It's all in good fun Zack, I know you're straight, I'm straight, thought you wanted the same thrill especially in front of Schultz, no?"

I wasn't sure what to do next. Gabriel obviously didn't know about my sexual endeavors with guys lately and his inclination was it was all a joke. I decided to take a big chance. I walked over and quickly reached for his groin and grabbed his semi-erected cock.

Gabriel had a slight smirk on his face as were glaring into each other's eyes.

"Why don't we finish what we started?" I asked. "I know you want me."

Gabriel laughed and turned away, my heart dropped. That's it he was gonna tell the world I was gay. But suddenly the light switch comes off. Gabriel heads to the door and shakes the handle, and then turns around.

"An old school trick a janitor taught me, locks the door from the outside. Finally took you long enough to realize it." Gabriel responded.

Gabriel began to look around the room. "The best place is in the teacher's storage closet, its walk-in and has a light inside."

I had smile on my face, I was ecstatic that I was getting the chance again to completely devour another guys body and cock. I then worried about getting caught my the janitor.

"Wouldn't be a thrill would it? Besides they don't go into the closets." said Gabriel.

We both entered the closet, turned a light bulb on. and closed the door behind us. Gabriel immediately reached for my pants and vice-versa. We leaned against wall next to a series of wall-mounted shelves. We began to stroke our cocks while giving each other erotic stares.

"Take off your shirt!" I said, with my back against the wall and him on the opposite end. Gabriel paused and removed his shirt. "Your turn." he said softly. I followed suit and removed my shirt.

The closet was ridiculously warm, our breathing made it intense. Sweat dripped down Gabriel's chest and abs and accumulated around my body. We upped it to another gear, jerking off faster but I didn't want this to end so soon.

"Let's take it all off" I said as I walked over to Gabriel and helped him take off his cargo pants and shoes leaving only his socks on. I got my jeans, briefs, shoes and socks off, leaving myself completely naked.

I then stood intimately close to Gabriel and told him, "Yeah I love you, in this moment, hell yeah!"

I went and kissed him on the lips. He didn't hesitate and we opened our mouths up to swallow each others tongues in a passion. We were both damp, and breathing each other's hot breaths. We began dry humping each other against the wall and moaning intensely.

"Shhh!" Gabriel said, pointing out that the light had been turned on in the class. "Its the janitor he said, hearing a creaking noise that sounded from that of a mop bucket. "Let's keep going!" he said.

Gabriel proceeded to go down on my cock and giving me a blowjob. I leaned against the wall with my two hands as I began face-fucking Gabriel while a janitor was just outside. The feeling of ecstasy of my previous blowjobs magnified.

"Ahhh, don't stop, your mouth feels so good!" I whispered.

This continued for a few minutes before Gabriel came back up. "Do me, please!" he said as I obliged. I went down on his cock as he leaned against the wall, both hands forcing my head into his cock.

"Ahhh yes, fuck bitch, this feels better than anything, fuck yeah!" Gabriel said. After a few minutes, I went up and kissed him. The dry humping needed to go to another level.

"Care to fuck Gabe?" I asked.

"Yeah, why not? But...you..fuck me.., I've done enough fucking in my career!"

I laughed as we both look down and the lights were turned off. "Let's go outside!" Gabriel says. "We got it all to ourselves, and tables beckoning for a fuck position."

I spit-swapped passionately with Gabriel and we headed out into the class. A wave of cool air brushed up against our sweaty bodies. We were both nude with our dicks sticking out in the classroom, we knew we had to hurry before someone questioned us upon our departure.

Gabriel sat on a station table and I grabbed a chair to stand on so I could elevate my cock at an even level with Gabriel's ass. Gabriel lifted his legs and I put them over my shoulders. I slid on a condom and immediately went to work.

"Ahhhhhhhhh shit! Your a fucking monster!" shouted Gabriel. I babied his hole for a good five minutes and then got to work. I felt I was a pro at this, a porn star even. "Ahhh, you feel so good Gabe!"

"This is...fucking..insane....fuck..man!" Gabriel said. "Come, kiss me!" I leaned in as I began jerking his cock simultaneously.

"This is wild!" I said.

"You done this before haven't you?" Gabriel asked.

"I've seen my fair share of films" I responded, not revealing my prior affairs with Tony or Ty.

"Let's come at the same time!" Gabriel said. "1....2.....3.......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

"Ahhhhh fuck yeah!" I shouted almost too loud.

Gabriel's cum hit both our chests and stomachs, we smiled and kissed each other once more. "That was amazing!" Gabriel said. "We should just done this during class!"

"Sure thing!" I sarcastically responded.

Gabriel and I got up and cleaned the cum off ourselves. We dressed up and headed for the door. We kissed each other once more as Gabriel glanced at me.

"Have a great weekend!" he said

"You too!" I responded. Gabriel patted me in the ass and winked as we went to separate exits. I winked back and he did another pucker with his lips before disappearing out of the corner of the hallway.

It wasn't the last time we had sex. We continued fucking, entirely in school after a long day. It went from Ms. Schultz's closet to boys restroom to the girl's restroom to even the weight room as the school year wound down. It was a way to relieve ourselves and I was glad I had found a new fuck buddy.



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