Andy and I went straight to bed after Mark and Steve left us that night. We didn't talk much but we did make love a second time. I kept thinking about Steve much of the time and how fucking hot he is and how much I'd love to get him in bed.

I've always thought that, since the day I met him, but I had to put those thoughts out of my mind - he denied being gay so I stopped myself from thinking about him when I could. When he came out, he was obviously so into Mark that I backed off. I used to get pretty turned on when he was tattooing me, particularly when he was working on my chest and would brush by one of my piercings. If I wasn't going to work after the appointment, I'd always have to go home and masturbate before I could do anything else.

The next morning when we got up, Andy started to talk a little about it.

'That was fun last night...and pretty hot!'

'Yeah, I admit it was a little bizarre at first - maybe not for you as much...'

'Well, I know you've always had a thing for Steve - even at the same time you had a thing for me,' he said.

'Yes, I have. I'll admit it.'

'I bet you enjoyed watching him get fucked by Mark and staring at that big cock of his.'

Was I supposed to admit that to my boyfriend? 'Come on, it's ok with me - they're both so hot and gorgeous - I admit that the whole thing was a big turn on. I really loved watching Mark.'

'Yeah, it was a turn on,' I admitted.

'Just so you know, Rusty, if you think you're going to attack him, please tell me so I know.'

I was a little taken aback. 'What do you mean, Andy? You're giving me permission to fuck Steve?'

'Well, it's bound to happen, from my experience. '

'So you think I'd cheat on you...'

'I wouldn't consider that cheating unless you got emotionally wrapped up in each other and started sneaking around,' he said.

'I can't talk about this right now.'

We went out for a run and then I got ready for work; Andy acted as always - affectionate and sweet and made me breakfast. When I left for work he kissed me a lot and told me he couldn't wait to see me after work.

I went about my work, walked my route, thinking about Steve the entire time. I decided to call him at work to see if he wanted to have lunch. He sounded a little awkward on the phone but said yes.

When I got to the shop, Mary waved me back to his station. He was sort of surprised to see me.

'Hey, Steve!'

'Oh - hi Rusty! You scared me,' he did look startled and became kind of nervous.

'Ready to go? So no Mark for lunch, huh?'

'No, he's busy with his mom today. I won't see him until after work.'

'Oh, okay. Let's go - I've only got a little more than an hour before I have to hit the pavement.'

'I need to use the bathroom first, I'll be right back.'

The bathroom at the shop is behind the back room lounge, where the artists hang out and eat and chat between appointments. I've hung out there with Steve when we took breaks while he worked on me.

I don't know what got into me but I followed him back there. He went in and shut the door and I stood there and waited, wondering if I were going to get in trouble. As he came out, I pushed him back into there and shut the door behind me.

'Rusty -- ,' he started.

'Shhh. Don't talk,' and I grabbed him and started kissing him full on. He grabbed my ass and started kissing me back harder, sucking on my tongue and pulling me closer to him. We both were quickly getting hard - I could feel him through the Dickies shorts he was wearing and my own uniform shorts weren't that heavy so I knew he could feel me, too. We were almost the same height and the same size and pressing into each other our pelvises met and he was pushing himself into my groin and I was getting pretty turned on. I grabbed his hair with one hand and put my other hand around his back and under his shirt and he had such soft skin and it was making me think about how much I'd love to get all his clothes off and kiss him all over and explore every inch of that hot body of his. I sighed while my lips were on his and he pulled me a bit closer.

I kept kissing him and he kissed me back and I started biting his neck and ears and he was already moaning and I felt him squeeze my crotch and my ass. Fuck! Then I kneeled down and undid his shorts and yanked them down along with his boxers and put his huge cock right in my mouth. He flipped on the exhaust fan so we wouldn't be heard and he moaned really loudly and put his hand on the back of my head.

His cock was really large and I barely took in all of him - I could feel the head of his cock hitting the very back of my throat. I really wanted to look at it for a bit before taking him in my mouth but time was of the essence. He kept moaning and holding my head and I made sure to put a lot of pressure on his shaft with my tongue stud and he was panting and fucking my mouth and moaning louder. I grabbed his ass, and fuck, what a great round ass he has, and helped him fuck my hungry mouth a little harder and faster. I started thinking about how I so wanted to bury my face in that hot ass and then pound my dick in him and make him scream. I was getting more and more turned on; it even turned me on more to realize that I likely wouldn't be doing anything more at this time than giving him a blow job. The torture of that made me get even harder.

This went on for a little while - I squeezed his balls with one hand while I tried to explore his ass a little and let him fuck my mouth more and more and then he stopped his moaning for a moment and said 'Fuck, I'm going to come right now,' and that made me grab his ass and shove him into me really hard and I felt him push back even harder and start to come in my mouth. He shot his load into the back of my throat and it was warm and tasted fucking awesome and he kept coming over and over, about five times or so he ejaculated and I swallowed every drop.

When he finished, I stood up and kissed him again so he could have a little taste and he kissed me really hard.

'Fuck, Rusty...'

'I'm sorry - I couldn't stop thinking about you and I just had to get you.'

'Fuck. What now?'

'Let's go grab some lunch.'

He sighed and said 'How are we getting out of this bathroom without anyone seeing?'

I opened the door a crack after he was all dressed again and there was absolutely no one around.

'You sneak out and then I'll shut the door and flush the toilet and come out. No one will know.'

So he did, and I did, and I smiled and said 'let's grab some food' and he wasn't smiling but he walked behind me, telling Mary he was heading out and would be back before his next appointment.

We walked down the street a bit until we got to a sandwich place and went in and ordered. After we got our food we sat down in the back at a small table. He didn't talk and started eating.


'I can't believe this...'

'I'm sorry. I just went a little insane. And now I'm still pretty ramped up and I have to go back to work. But was I good?' and I smiled a little at him and kicked him under the table.

'Fuck, Rusty - it was awesome and you're awesome. But I'm now in guilty mode. Should I say anything to Mark? To Andy?'

'Don't be ridiculous. You didn't do anything, really. It was all me. Andy pretty much was egging me on about you this morning. But I'm not going to say anything to him either. I just had to do it, though. I can't stop thinking about you. When I saw you last night, you drove me crazy with that sexy body of yours and that gorgeous cock,' I whispered across the table. 'After watching Mark fuck you and you laying there looking at me with that enormous hard-on, I knew you were thinking of what it would feel like for me to blow you and what it would feel like with my tongue piercing pushing against your shaft.'

'Rusty...damn it!'

'Shhh. So you liked it? Tell me how much.'

'A lot. A whole lot. You turned me on a lot. You're so fucking gorgeous you drive me nuts. It was hard to do all that ink on your chest, my hands all over you and those nipples with those rings sitting there, begging to be tugged on and your stomach, all hard - I dreamt I was coming all over it. Yes, I liked it, very much,' he was bright red.

'Well, maybe you can return the favor sometime. I'm dying to feel your sexy lips on my cock and feel your hands grabbing my ass,' I said under my breath, staring into his deep blue eyes intensely.

'Jesus Christ, Rusty,' he said back and he grabbed my leg with his feet and squeezed it between his legs.

We ate our food in mostly silence but kept looking at each other and smiling every so often. We finished and started walking back to his shop.

'Don't feel guilty and don't worry; nothing's going to happen,' I assured him.

'Yeah, right,' he said, unconvinced.

'What time are you off?'

'Five tonight. Not sure how I'm going to work after this...'

'I'm actually quite energized. You're really something. I wish I could kiss you again.'


'I'm sorry. As much as I've wanted Andy all this time, I've always fantasized about you and me. When you came out and admitted finally that you were gay I was mad at first because we could have had a lot of fun for a long time. But I was happy you had Mark. I also didn't know that Andy was the first guy you were with until after I started seeing him. That was pretty weird. Almost as weird as finding about Andy being with Dan. But I'm great now. '

Steve sighed and didn't say anything. He walked while looking at the sidewalk. We got to his shop and I held out my arms to give him our customary hug and cheek kiss.

'I'm pretty fucked up about this, I'll have you know. You really got me at the right time and place and completely took me by surprise.'

'I'm sorry - don't be mad.'

'Oh, I'm not mad - just confused as usual.'

'Can I call you later and check on you?'


'Okay then - give me a hug,' and I leaned in and squeezed him extra hard and kissed his cheek. He reciprocated and walked into his shop without looking back at me.

I went back to work and finished my route and went back to the station to finish the shift. On my drive back I called him - it was around 4:30. He answered and said 'call you right back,' and hung up. Fifteen minutes later he called me and was in a much better mood.

'Thanks, by the way, I didn't thank you for the nice time,' he said in a rather low voice.

'You're welcome, but I should thank you for letting me,' I said.

'Can we not talk about this for a bit? I definitely want to return the favor, but I want to be really careful.'

'Sure. I can't wait. In the meantime, think of how much I'd love to get at your ass,' I said in a low voice.

', man, don't say that, you're getting me turned on again,' he said in a much lighter voice.

'Gotta go now!' I laughed.

We hung up and I was getting turned on myself thinking about it.



I went home and Mark seemed to be acting a bit differently for some reason. I was, of course, scared shitless that he knew what happened with me and Rusty today and tried to tread lightly. But Mark seemed to be also in that mode and I knew something was up.

'What did you do today, sweetie?' I probed him a little bit.

'Oh, errands, lunch with my mom, cleaning, laundry - the usual.'

'Have you talked to Andy or Rusty today?'

'Um, why? Something going on?' he sounded like he was keeping something secret.

'You sound kind of strange right now and I'm wondering if something happened or if you're feeling weird about last night, or what...'

He paused for a while, which started making me nervous again.

'Well, not really - I was fine with last night; we had fun, didn't we?'

'Yeah, although I'm still concerned about stuff going farther,' I said.

'You mean, like doing it again? Or doing it together? Or swapping partners?'

'Yeah - I hadn't thought of the doing it together all four of us at once?'

'That would be pretty weird,' he said but it sounded a bit awkward.

'Let's sit down,' I said. We walked over to the couch.

'What's going on, Mark? I can read your face like a book.'

He was all of a sudden looking really nervous.

'Okay, if something happened with you and Andy or something, please tell me so I know. Before you tell me if I'm right - I've been thinking about how conservative I was sounding last night about the love/sex thing. So, since everyone seems to want to have more sex, I'd be open to talking about it more to figure out if this is something we'd want to do - talking, that is, between you and me, and I suppose with those guys. I'm just getting the feeling that last night was part of a grander plan - I'm sure Andy is behind it, but I almost think all three of you were in on this and planned this behind my back.'


'And before you say anything else - if something did happen today, I'd be mad if you didn't tell me and I found out; I wouldn't be as mad if something did happen and you told me and you told me it was completely physical and not part of some potential love affair you're going to have. '

'Steve! You are my true love - I'd never do something like that, like Andy did with Dan; they were all emotionally tied to each other and from what I understand, Dan isn't giving up so easily. As far as you, I know you are completely hot for Rusty and always have been. I can tell. I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to explore that a little before...'


'Well, before we got back together. I mean the marriage was inevitable - there was no way I was going to give up a chance to get you for eternity.'

'You're confusing me and getting away from the question I asked you. Yes, I'll admit that Rusty is very hot and I've been attracted to him. It's hard not to be when I've worked on most of his body and gotten close to him and he flirts with me all the time. But, what about you?'

'Okay - I'll just come out with it and deal with the consequences.'

Fuck - I thought to myself. What now?

'Andy came over here and told me that he wanted to sleep with me and that we should do it. I said 'no' but he begged me to let him give me a blow job so I let him. There. Now I'm praying you won't walk out on me because I love you so much and I don't want this to do anything to our relationship and I was pretty out of my head and....' I cut him off.

'Mark, Rusty came to the shop to go to lunch with me and as I came out of the bathroom in the back he shoved me back in there and locked the door and blew me.'

'Jesus Christ - what is it with those two!?'

'Mark, are we okay? I'm sorry I let it happen.'

'Me, too, and we're okay. But were you really sorry? You can admit that you weren't and I won't feel any differently.'

'Okay, yes I liked it.'

'I did, too.'

'Now I'm wanting you like anything.'

'Let's go.' We went back to the bedroom and we were both on fire.

---more coming---



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