He pushed me up against the wall of the handicap stall in the bathroom, then closed and locked the door behind himself. My heart was racing as this mysterious man pressed his big chest against mine, entrapping me between him and the wall. As he kissed me I could feel his hands leaving trails of heat running all across my body, traveling up my shirt down my back and finally squeezing my ass. Desire builds inside my body, threatening to make me lose control. His lips stray from mine and begin to touch lightly against my neck, then to my chest until I feel the light flick of his tongue against my nipple before he completely devours it in his warm mouth. I gasp for air and try to maneuver, but his hulking body holds me in place. My hands reached down the back of his pants to caresses his soft ass. Trapped between him and the wall, I feel his fingers touch my move to my lower stomach like feathers lightly grazing me, and eventually unbutton my pants and reach down into my underwear. The elation rushes from my cock through the rest of my body. My cock always feels better when it is in someone else's hands. He lightly trailed his fingers up and down the shaft on my cock. I looked at him and began to moan softly, he kissed me. He began jerking my cock, I still wanted to squirm, but I can't. He falls to his knees and places my cock into his warm, wet mouth. My legs fail me and I begin to crumble were it not for the bar attached to wall. My eyes roll into the back of my head while I grip the icy bar tighter and tighter. I looked down to survey his art. I had no idea who this guy was, or why he was sucking my cock, but it was the best blow job I had ever gotten. Just before the pressure builds to its precipice the stranger relinquishes my cock and turns me around, pushing my chest into the wall. I hear the zipper on his pants and I look over my shoulder to see his glorious manhood standing at attention. He places his cock between my butt cheeks and whispers in a raspy voice, "You better hold on to something." I wanted to burst. I wanted to scream...

"Mr. Thomas, please pay attention in my class!" screamed Dr. Alden, while slamming a book on desk, startling me out of sleep, "If you are going to sleep during class time, I would prefer you do it in your bed, and not in my classroom."

It was just a dream. I looked around to get my bearings and refocus on what my professor was talking about. I quickly realized I was in British Literature, one of my better subjects, and definitely one I can sleep through. The next thing I noticed was that my cock was like a pillar, and clearly visible; that's the problem with wearing basketball shorts to class they don't hide anything. I immediately tried to adjust my cock, but it was too late, the girl sitting next to me already saw my shame. She giggled and leaned over to tell her friend. All I heard her say was my name, "Marc," before I just turned to look out the window.

It was my junior year of college, close to my 20th birthday, and all the years of baseball practice in high school really helped out in the physical department. That, combined with being half black and white and a nice haircut, left me with few complaints about my appearance.

"Class, before you go I want to return your last essay assignments," started Dr. Alden. "On the whole they were better, but some of you still have some work to do, please come talk with me if you have any questions about your grades." As he began calling out the names on the papers I thought about how I shouldn't have to worry about getting a bad grade, since this was my best subject. "Mr. Thomas here is your paper," said Alden. I looked down at the assignment and immediately felt sick to stomach. To my surprise a big "INCOMPLETE," was written across the top of the page in red ink. A wave of confusion swept over me, but when I tried to ask my professor where I went wrong all I got was a cold answer, "Please see me after class."

Before, I went to go see my professor to clear this whole misunderstanding up, I left the building and stepped out into the bright sun; it felt good against my skin once I pulled my hoodie off. That's the problem with having morning classes, in the morning its cold, but my midday it's hot again. After putting my hoodie in my car, I started walking back towards building and eventually made it to Dr. Alden's office. After knocking, I entered the room. It smelled of old books, and dust, kind of like a library. Sitting behind a rather large wooden desk with a gold plated nametag reading "John Alden," was my professor. He was tall, about 6'2, although you couldn't tell while he was sitting down, and muscular. He had a great face with a strong jaw, this cloudy muted shade of grey in his eyes, and black hair with a little bit of grey forming at the temples. It was painfully obvious why so many people, myself included, found him attractive. "Please, Mr. Thomas sit down," he said. "What can I do for you?" As if he didn't already know why I was there.

I sat in the plain wooden chair on the across from him. "I wanted to discuss with you my paper," I started. "You really didn't give me any reason why I got an incomplete, and I really think I grasped what the author..."

"Let me stop you right there," he interrupted as he got up from his old leather chair. "Your essay was great, one of the best in class actually." He made his way towards me and casually sat down on his desk in front of me, he was uncomfortably close; I could see the hair on his chest poking through the top of his unbuttoned collar. "I wrote incomplete on your assignment because I want you to do something else for me." He placed his hand on my leg and began to gently caress it. I pushed his hand away and tried to stand up.

"Listen, I don't know if this has worked for you in the past but it will not work with me," I said.

He just stood with his chest inches away from mine. "What makes you think that," he said. "You need a passing grade for your scholarship and it's not like many people will believe one of the most respected members of the faculty, who is also happily married, tried to make a pass at you."

He was right, about everything. I looked down at the ground to weigh my options, but answers weren't coming from anywhere. Then he placed his finger under my chin and lifted my head to look at him. I began to quake as a pleading look came across my face as one last attempt for mercy, but I could see in his grey eyes he knew he had me. He kissed my lips and removed my t-shirt. His hands explored my torso searching every inch, before he artfully rolled my rigid nipple between two fingers. His lips trailed across my shaking body before he said in a husky voice, "Now how about you suck my dick." I slowly made my way to my knees as he unfastened his pants, revealing a semi-hard cock. My hand clasped around it and placed it in my mouth and I immediately began to feel his member grow inside my mouth. "That's a good boy," he said, "but you are going to have to do better than that if you want an 'A'." I started sucking his meat feverishly. I could taste his salty precum as it trickled down my throat. He tossed his head back and placed his hand on the back of my head entangling his fingers in my dark brown hair and forcing me to go down further on his cock. I could feel my cock begin to stiffen as my excitement rose. When his cock was completely erect, I released it from my mouth to gaze at the fruit of my labor. Alden pulled me to me feet and began coaxing my lips with his and demanding my tongue sending a bolt of electricity through my body. I began to get really turned on. He then turned me around and pushed me over his desk. "Let's see that ass," he said. He pulled my shorts down to reveal my smooth ass. "Spread your legs," he commanded. Just then I felt his hand smack against my ass leaving the area hot with desire for more until he slapped my butt again. I felt his tongue worm its way into my hole as the hairs on Alden face scratched against the walls of my ass. His tongue felt hot and wet encircling my hole, before it darted in and out. He then alternated between his fingers and his tongue until my hole was prepared. "You taste amazing," he said.

"Oh, please fuck me," I begged.

"How badly, do you want a 'A'?" he questioned.

"I need it," I replied. He lightly smacked his cock against my backside before he inched it inside of my quivering ass. My whole body shook as very inch of his cock sent a surge of heat throughout my body until I could feel his balls against my ass. He pulled out slowly and repeated the process sending me into frenzy each time. "Break that shit up," I said. Just then he began to pound my ass. I gripped the edge of the desk to gain some stability while he worked my ass. I could hear the sound of colliding flesh as he balls slapped against me with every thrust. Finally, he flipped me over revealing my hard cock that was dripping precum. With my red converse in the air, Alden began kissing down my leg until his mouth met my cock. "You are so wet," he said as his tongue licked the precum from the tip of my cock. He then pushed his cock inside me while kissed my lips. He moved his mouth to my ear and playfully nipped at it with his teeth before he said in a deep voice, "You ready to cum?" He pulled back and started to plow my ass. My balls began to tighten up against my body. I could feel his cock swell inside me. "Shoot your load!" I shouted. "Cum for me." As Alden released his load inside of me and I could feel it flood my ass as I shot mine across my chest. He leaned over and began to lick the cum off my chest.

"You know you really don't have to play these games if you want to fuck me, you have my cell phone number," I said.

"I know, but these little role playing games really turn me on," Alden said. "Besides, your acting is getting a lot better, you really had me convinced you were scared.

"Thanks," I replied. "Dr. Alden, but you and I we're sleeping together before I was taking your course. If I had known it would lead to these little games I would have signed up for another professors class."

"What's the fun in the that," he replied. "At least now I can see you for an hour twice a week, and please call me John when we are alone."

"Yeah, just long enough for you to think up another scenario. By the way, what is my real grade 'Dr. Alden'?"

"An 'A' of course," he laughed. "And that isn't because of your sweet ass."

"That is good to know," I said. As I left his office I thought about all the times we had been together and about all the times we had to sneak around or lie about what we were doing because of the rules against professors dating students. I wasn't sure it was something I could keep doing, but I couldn't deny my attraction to Alden. At the very least, the sex was great.




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