I was hot and tired. It had been a long day at the office and it seemed

like an even longer ride home in the auto . It was hot and humid out and

all I could think of was relaxing on my deck with a cool drink. I

parked the car and raided the fridge for a cold beer.

Kicking off my shoes, I loosened my tie, threw my jacket off and sat

back into a deck chair finally feeling myself unwind. Sipping my beer

I enjoyed the piece and serenity of my back yard paradise. I took off

my shirt and felt the warm sun on my chest taking all of the days cares

away. Starting to slip into a trance like state I was extremely

annoyed to hear a loud crash from the front yard. I realized that it

was the yard maintenance people unloading their mowers and gear for the

weekly trim.

I braced for the onslaught of noise from movers, weed-whackers and

blowers that would unset my relaxation and put me back into my funk. I

waited...and waited...expecting the din to start any second but nothing

came. I opened my eyes and scanned around the garden but no workers

seemed evident. Now curious as to what the crash was I grabbed my beer

and walked around to the front of the house.

Alas the gardeners truck was sitting in the driveway surrounded by his

tools of the trade but no workers to be seen. I then heard a low

grunting followed by a sickly gasp of a lawn mower refusing to start.

I followed the sound round the other side of the house to find a

frustrated figure grappling with an uncooperative lawn mover. I

stopped the instant I saw his taught lanky body pull the mower cord.

He was in fanatic shape, muscles accentuated by the sweat, grease and

dirt of a hard days work. I felt my shaft stir as I looked him over.

'Piece of crap' he cursed kicking the machine. He stood and turned as

if he was to get something from the truck but instead found me.

Fantastic porn moment I thought standing there in only my office

trousers holding a beer as the hot sexy gardener 'mows my lawn'

'It has been giving me trouble all day' he said gesturing to the mower.

'Well, you could just say to heck with it and join me for a beer' I said

still a little lost in my 'porn moment' daydream.

He looked me over as if he was playing out scenarios in his head and

then made his decision:

'Sure, why not' and with that he walked right up to me and took the

beer from my hand. He tipped it up to his lips but his eyes were

locked onto mine as if he could read my devilish thoughts.

I am not normally this forward (or this slutty) but the heat must have

gotten to me (that is my excuse and I am sticking to it) and I reached

out to grab his hard pecks and draw him up against me. He dropped the

beer bottle onto the lawn and grabbed me around my waist grinding our

hips together. We kissed as I pinched his nipples though his sweaty

t-shirt. His sent was of heavy sweat and grass that made my meat

swell. I felt him stiffen against my leg and reached down to play him

but instead pulled at his shorts.

I pushed him up against the wall of the house and dropped to my knees

pulling his shorts down as I dropped. I was now looking at a thick

sweaty Rod swelling right in front of me. I grabbed his shaft firmly

at its base and set to work devouring my favorite candy. I popped him

into my mouth and sucked the sweat off of him. After a few bobs up and

down I released him and used my tongue to lick him all over. I started

at his clean shaven nuts travelling along the length of his shaft and

then back again. Up and down his now solid eight inches tracing the

pulsing veins from root to tip. After a delicious few minutes it

focussed my attention on his sheathed tip. I pulled his foreskin back

and licked forcefully on his piss slit.

I was rewarded with a drop of salty pre cum that was accompanied with a

little moan. I sucked and licked my sweaty lollipop toying it in my

mouth teasing drop after drop of sticky sweetness out of it.

Sufficiently lubed with spit and cum I now used my hand to start

jacking off this massive Shlong. Using my hand and mouth I knew that I

would soon get my tasty treat.

To be continued...



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