It all started when I got the job as a lifeguard at my town's pool. I am 18 years old. I am six-foot one with light brown hair and green eyes. I've been swimming since I was little and I have muscles but a slim look, like a typical swimmer with washboard abs. I'm not fully gay, I'm bi and the girls always say I have a nice body and like my seven inch dick. We lived in New Jersey so during the summer it would always get really hot and being near the pool and having unlimited pool access was always a plus. My boss said we were welcomed and encouraged to swim whenever we were not on stand so we would not get heat exhausting or worse heat stroke. I wanted this job because I was able to tan, the money, and so I could watch the hot shirtless men bathe in the pool. Unlucky for me the pool I worked at only got families and old people so seeing a young six-foot muscled man was not often but not obsolete. The most eye candy I got was a hot dad. I did see the same dilfs every day because they were regulars but I wasn't complaining. They were hot.

There was one dad I saw that caught my and he was about five foot ten and had a great body. He was always with his daughter but never with a wife, which let me think he was gay. He would only see him talking to other hot dads so this furthermore proved that he was gay or bi. I heard the people call him Caleb and I have been jerking off to him in the one-person-only bathroom next to the guardroom. One day after coming of stand, bored out of my mind and a little hard from watching a hot guy around my age jump of the diving board I decided to go into the one-person-only bathroom and stroke out the hard on. The door was always closed so I didn't assume anyone was in there and when I turned the door knob the door opened and what laid behind that door gave me an instant hard on.

Standing alone in the bathroom was Caleb jerking off a monster cock. It was the same length as mine but it was thick with a giant mushroom head. Pre-cum was leaking out his piss slit. It gave me an instant hard on to see him pleasuring himself. One hand was wrapped around his giant cock stroking his dick and the other was fingering his asshole. He was just as surprised as I was when he saw me standing at the doorway with my mouth wide open. 'Don't stop on behalf of me. Let me enjoy the show.' He beckoned me in and closed the door, this time actually locking it. I sat on the toilet and he stood near me and gave me a great show. He jerked is giant cock using sometimes both hands but usually one hand. He turned around and I saw that his butt was shaved; it was shaved from his waist to the beginning of his legs. His bubble butt was perfectly smooth and shaved. I reach to touch it and he slapped my hand away. 'No touching! Just not here,' He continued his show as I took out my cock and started to jerk it off. 'Nice dick' 'yeah, but yours is better' He continued his show in silence except for moans that escaped his and my lips. I wanted to reach out and kiss his perfect lips framed by a little scurf but I listened to him because I did not want to get him angry and have him end the show. He started breathing deeper and his abs started to spasm and he gave a loud moan and his dick started to explode cream all over my face and simultaneously I cumed and creamed all over my chest. I was covered in my sperm and Caleb's sperm and it was so hot. He then helped me clean myself up. This was my first experience with a guy so I was ecstatic and in disbelief of the events that just unfolded.

'Wait what's your name again?' he asked, ' I want to know the name of the face that I just creamed on' 'Its Hayden' I answered wiping off cum of my lip. 'I'll see you later, Hayden' he barely finished and pressed his lips against mine. I leaned to kiss him back and intensify the kiss but he pulled away leaving me wanting more.

I sat there just thinking and soaking up about what just happened and I realized I was late to go on stand. I ran out of the bathroom and up to the stand the relieved the girl who was up. The whole time I could not stop thinking of him. I saw him walking around with his daughter but I couldn't help but stare at his bulging biceps and his large pecks and cut washboard abs. 'WATCH THE WATER' my boss yelled snapping me out of my daydream. I realized that I had completely forgot the water and the swimmers while I was staring at him. The rest of the day went by fast. I could not stop thinking of him and that kiss. Someone could have been drowning right in front of me and I would not have realized because I was so caught up thinking of him.

As I clocked out and walked toward the door I saw Caleb leaning on the hood of an Audi a4. 'Hey cutie' he spoke with a deep husky voice that gave me a hard on. 'Hi' is all I could say nervously. 'Get in' he said. His dominating tone was hot and I obeyed eagerly. I got in the passenger seat I asked, 'Where's your daughter' 'She's with my ex-wife, don't worry she wont interrupt us,' he said immediately. He then explained that he once was married and had a daughter but realized he was gay and gotten a divorce. Watching him talk about his ex-wife I studied his sexy face and wanted to jump his bones and ride him there in the pool parking lot. I followed my instinct and kissed him. He pulled away, 'Well aren't you eager? Lets go back to my place,' he whispered still having his face close to mine. The drive to his house wasn't long but he asked questions and let me do most of the talking because he genuinely wanted to get to know me. We drove into the rich side of town and as we proceeded down the street the houses got bigger and bigger until we reached the end and got to his house the biggest. He led me inside the house holding my hand. When we got inside and closed the door he grabbed me and forcefully kissed me. He pressed his lips against mine. His tongue force open my lips and his tongue and exploring my mouth. Pulling my clothes off at the same time, soon I was naked. He pulled away and studied my nakedness. 'God, you have an awesome body' and before I could thank him and return the compliment he kissed me again. We began making out and I undressed him. I bent over to pull of his trunks and his cock sprang up and hit me in the cheek. Laughing, I immediately got on my knees and took his giant cock in my mouth. I licked his shaft and sucks hard on his head. Having my hands on his thighs I could feel his knees shaking from the pleasure that he was getting from my blowjob. I took both his gigantic testicles in my mouth and swirled them around. I loved that manly scent he gave off. I wanted him to fuck me right then and there but he pulled me up and started to kiss me. He pulled away and ran up the stairs, laughing all the way up, butt naked. Playing along with his cat and mouse game I sprinted up the stairs chasing his precious bubble butt. He led me in to the master bedroom and as I stood by the doorway studying his gigantic, luxurious room, he lay face up on the bed with his cock high up in the air, 'so what are you waiting for?' I ran up and took it in my mouth and started eagerly sucking on his giant hard rod. He pulled me off 'my turn' He went down on me and gave me the best oral sex of my life. His magic tongue touched and licked all the magic spots bring me close cumming. ' Wait! I don't want to cum yet.' I stopped him. 'Fuck me.' I whispered 'Take me now!' I yelled with passion and lust. I didn't have to tell him twice. He happily obliged. He lubed up his dick and then my ass. On my back I lifted my knees and my legs. Placing them on his broad muscular shoulders. I could feel his giant mushroom head penetrating my hole. 'AH FUCK! Its so fucking big. Oh my fucking God I love it!' I was in ecstasy. I was writhing in a combination of pain and pleasure. He gave a loud grunt when his head was in. Oh fuck! you're so fucking tight. I love it.' Then he looked me in the eyes took my feet of his shoulders spread me out wide and leaned in and gave me the most passion filled kiss I have received in my life. Then while our lips were interlocked he shoved the entire seven inches in my tight butthole in one fast, quick, jab. I broke the kiss and gasped for air. The pain was unbearable I couldn't even make a sound. I was loving it. I yelled out in pain after the shock had subsided. He then pulled out and pushed in and out and back in, hitting that sweet spot every time making me yell out in pleasure. 'Harder!' I yelled. Not controlling what I was saying anymore. Moans, 'Harder's, and 'fuck yeah' where escaping my mouth. He jacked me off with one hand and I was close to cumming. He fucked me harder and harder each trust hitting the sweet spot in my prostate shooting pleasure throughout my entire body. He fucked me for what seemed and where probably hours. He fucked me doggy style, on my back, from the side. You name it and he was fucking me like that. Once he got me back to his favorite position, on my back, he started fucking me full force. I could not help myself and I could feel my self getting closer. 'IM CUMMING' I yelled. He pumped me fast and with that trust I cummed and jizzed all over my chest. My asshole gripped tight in pleasure of the best orgasm of my life sending him off on a whole ride of pleasure. 'OH fuck! Here I come' he barely finished and he exploded inside of me, coating my insides with his seed. He collapsed on top of me with his cock still in side of me shooting off the final strings of cum. 'Fuck man that was the best orgasm I have ever had' he said. 'Yeah it was. It was my first with anyone' I said. Realizing that he had just taken my virginity he looked me in the eyes with his gorgeous green eyes and he kissed me in the same forceful manner that I loved. Caleb proceeded to take me to his house after work and fuck my brains out on the days that his daughter was at his ex-wife's and you can bet that this became a habit all summer and each time was better than the last.




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