As long as I can remember, I've known that i was adopted. My adoptive parents explained to me that my birth parents were very young and decided it would be best for me to be raised by older parents, and that I was special to them.

I accepted what I was told and never really thought about it. I grew up not wanting for anything and was extremely happy. My life was filled with love.

Then, in my early teens, my life began to change. My best friends and I would sneak off after school and look at porn magazines that one had stolen from his dad's bedroom. They showed men and women fucking, the men eating the women's cunt, and the women sucking the men's cocks. As we looked at the pictures and talked, we began jerking our cocks.

After a while, we decided to experiment and try doing what the women were doing. We began sucking each others cocks. Before long, we were swallowing each others cum loads. Things progressed and we began fucking each other in the ass and tongue kissing each other. By the time we were doing it all, we were fifteen and met as often as possible. However, at school we played it straight and dated girls and even fucked them, but when we were together and talked about it, we all agreed that fucking pussy wasn't as good as fucking a guys ass.

We played all through high school and graduation night, the three of us went camping for the weekend and stayed nude and having sex almost continually.

During my senior year, I began meeting men at the local mall restroom and at a local park for sex. I loved sucking another guys cock and size didn't matter.

My sexual escapades continued through college. In my sophomore year I lucked out and found out that my dorm room mate, a star player on the college football team, was gay also. We remained room mates throughout the rest of our college days, having sex daily. He went on to play pro ball and we met when we could.

After getting a job in another town, I settled into a routine, working during the week and playing all weekend.

I was now twenty-three and out on my own. I rented a house in a quiet neighborhood, and soon met my neighbor, Jim Lucas. Jim was thirty-six and divorced and had no kids. We quickly became good friends, finding that we had many interest in common.

Then one Saturday afternoon, I invited Jim over to watch a ball game on TV. There was plenty of beer and snacks. when we got together at one or the others home, it was always very casual, usually shorts, tank tops or tee shirts and flip-flops.

We watched the game, drank and ate. By the end of the game we had a good buzz going. Our houses were on a cul-de-sac and behind us, the property was empty and very wooded. Our back yards were very private.

My home had a pool so i asked Jim if he'd care to go for a swim. He said he wuld need to go get his trunks.

"Why?" I asked. "Hell, it's just me and you here. Why not just go skinny dipping?"

"Fuck, Mark, are you serious? I haven't done that since I was a kid sneaking off with my buddys."

"Yea, I'm serious. Hell, we've already seen each other nude at the gym."

"fuck, let's do it," he replied with a grin. The sun was low in the sky as we walked out onto the patio where we stripped off our clothes and dove into the cool water.

I had seen Jim nude at the gym and thought he was hot as hell but I figured he was straight from the way he acted and spoke.

We swam a while then began to horse around, trying to dunk each other and wrestling. As we did, my cock stiffened and as we wrestled, I felt his hand brush against me several times. As my hand brushed against him, I found that he was boned also.

Suddenly, he had me in a bear hug and our hard cocks were pressed between our bodies and our faces were only a couple inches apart. We looked into each others eyes and without warning he suddenly leaned forward and kissed me, offering his tongue. I accepted it and after a short moment he pulled away and let go of me, quickly saying, "I shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry. I better go."

He turned toward the steps and as he did I grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

"What do you have to be sorry about? You didn't see me resisting, did you?"


"Jim, honestly, I enjoyed it very much." With that, I pulled him closer and kissed him, offering my tongue. Instantly, we were in a hot passionate kiss as our hands went lower and we fondled each other's hard cocks.

Soon, we were out of the pool and on a lounge, having a hot sixty-nine. Afterwards, we went back inside and ordered pizza and cuddled, each telling how we started sex with guys. He spent the night with me and later we lovingly fucked each other as we kissed.

Sex became a regular thing between Jim and I and drew us so much closer. We did more and more together.

Then, after seeing a show on TV about a girl that was adopted and had searched for her birth parents and found them, I decided to try and find mine.

I talked to Jim about it and he agreed to help me any way he could if nothing else but to give me his moral support.

I took a weekend trip home and confronted my adoptive parents about my desire to find my birth parents. The understood and agreed to help me.

we st at the dining table and they told me what they knew. It seemed that my birth parents were just thirteen when I was born. They told me it was a private adoption and that they knew my mother's parents but had no idea who my father was. They gave me the names of my grandparents and where they were living at the time.

I started doing Internet searches, finding out what I could. I found out that my grandparents were deceased. I went to the town and went from one funeral parlor to another having them check their records. I eventually found out where they were buried and that they had a daughter that had been killed in an auto accident when she was twenty-one.

I stopped for a while and tried to decide what to do next. When home, I told Jim what i had found but didn't see what good it would do to mention any names since he wouldn't know them.

We had a weekend of hot raunchy sex, before we each returned to work on Monday. I returned to my accounting job and Jim returned to his construction job. I was usually home before he was and would watch for him. I'd make an excuse to be outside when he got home and we'd talk for a while. I loved the raw man smells he had from working outdoors and sweating. I never told him that, at least not until much later.

Jim and I continued to get closer and I realized that I had fallen in love with him. I told him so and he said he had fallen in love with me also. He asked me to be his lover.

"Jim, I would love nothing better than to be your lover, but I need to finish my search first. I need to get that behind me so that we can go forward with our life together."

"Mark, baby, I totally understand, and I'll be here waiting for you. Do what you need to do."

I told him of my plans to take vacation and see what i could find. I promised to call daily and talk to him.

I headed out and drove to the town where my mother had lived. I began with the schools that my mother had attended about the time I was conceived. I got names of her class mates from the yearbooks and began trying to look them up.

Those I found still in town either didn't remember or would give me any information. I talked with all I could find then began to broaden my search. I'd look them up on the Internet and send letters to the last known address explaining who I was and what information I was looking for. I begged them to tell me anything that they could remember.

I returned home and went back to work. Jim began staying at my house more than he did his. My mail had many letters returned marked 'Unknown' or 'Undeliverable'. My hopes were beginning to fade.

Then one day it came. It was from a lady that had been in my mother's class. She said she had some information for me but would prefer to tell me in person. She gave me her address in Denver and her phone number.

I told Jim about the letter and that I was going to Denver. I made my airline reservations and arranged for a rental car upon my arrival.

As I left the house, I kissed Jim passionately and told him that I loved him and that hopefully this would end and we could be proper lovers.

I made the flight and picked up my car late that Friday, checking in at a local hotel. Saturday morning I Called Mrs. Baker and we agreed to meet at one that afternoon. The day just drug by until time to meet.

As I knocked on her door, my hands shook and were sweaty. She greeted me with a smile and invited me in.

As we sipped coffee, we chatted and soon she began her story.

She said she and my mother were the best of friends and that they told each other everything. She said that one day my mother old her that she had engaged in sex with a boy she liked. She said that my mother told her later that she was pregnant and that she was going to live with her grandparents to have the baby. She said that as far as she knew, no one else at school knew nor my father knew about it. She did say that after my mother left school, that there were rumors. She gave me the name of the boy who my mother said she had sex with and I was stunned. I sat motionless for a moment.

"I wanted to meet you in person. Your mother would have been so proud to have such a nice looking son. Does my information help you in your search?"

"More than you will ever know, Mrs. Baker. Thank you so very much."

I left and returned home, excited at what i had found out.

I got home and Jim came over immediately. I greeted him with a hug and passionate kiss. Taking him to the bedroom, I began undressing him.

"Damn, you sure are in a hurry."

"I need you now," I said.

Seconds later we were in bed making passionate love, kissing, fondling and caressing each other before going into a hot sixty-nine.

After bringing each other to a roaring climax and swallowing, we cuddled as he said, "I think that was the best sex yet between us."

"How did it feel having sex with your own son?" I asked.




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