He stared at me with compassion and looked prepared to take my head off my shoulders. 'You're losing it,' he said quietly. 'Vacation. Think vacation.' All I could think was that I didn't want to go anywhere alone, even if I could have thought of somewhere to go. For the millionth time, he read my mind, opened a drawer, took out an envelope and tossed it at me. I stared down at it. 'Jimmy's family owns a cottage on the beach,' he said. 'It's empty now. Go fill it for a while before I fire your sorry ass.' I looked at my boss, mentor and friend, and sighed. I was going on vacation. Shit.

I don't know why I fought this so hard. I knew I needed to get away. My last lover had departed with particular high drama, and it had taken a lot out of me. I'd landed the Morrison account, but had lost five pounds and my temper doing it. Russ, my boss, mentor and friend was worried about me, and had invoked the name of his lover, Jimmy to make me take off. Jimmy was one of those warm, nurturing people that you'd rather die than offend. So I packed and took off for the beach.

The cottage was a 'cottage' only to rich people. To me, it was more like a palace. A big, fucking empty palace with a very lonely man rattling around in it. I sat out on the deck and stared at the Pacific. The big, gray, pounding Pacific. The sun wasn't even shining. California with no damned sunshine. Just for me. I drank some hideously expensive wine and stared moodily out at the big gray space. Then I heard the dog bark, and watched a big, shimmering golden retriever dash into the surf, tail whipping furiously, after...something. I followed the invisible line of flight back...and nearly swallowed my tongue. Damn.

The thrower of the 'something', and presumably owner of the dog, would have made the gods on Olympus just fucking go home. Long, dark hair flowed past his shoulders...broad, chiseled shoulders. Dark, silky tan spray painted on muscle. Small waist. Tight, I-could-lick-it-forever ass. Long legs. He turned his face, and I saw deep, dark eyes and a flash of perfect white teeth. He was wearing a respectable bathing suit, but damn it, nothing could hide the cock. As of that moment, nothing could hide mine, either. It shot up with a force I thought had vanished. I shifted in my chair to relieve the pressure and watched Adonis play with his dog. The dog bounced around him grinning, and I knew just how the damned thing felt. Throw it to me, I thought. I'll chase it. I will. I'll bring it back in my teeth for you. I'll lick your feet. Anything.

He gave the dog a good workout, smiling, laughing, and talking to it. I could hear his voice floating up to me, and figured, what the fuck. I dropped my hand into my lap and started to stroke my cock through my suit. What's a vacation for if you can't jack off watching Adonis play on the beach? I sipped wine and rubbed and got so damned hot I thought I was going to die. I want you, I thought. I fucking want you so much I'm going to cum all over myself just from looking at you. He dropped to his knees suddenly and wrestled with the laughing dog, and I groaned. Pet me, I thought. Pet me. Then the long, tan arm shot out, and he said something. The dog raced happily up the beach, then up the stairs to the house next door. I could hear the sound of dog lapping at a water bowl, then a flopping thud as the retriever dropped for a nap. Adonis watched the dog, then turned and walked...straight towards me. I pulled my shirt closed, ran my fingers through my hair and adjusted my posture. Please don't let me look as desperately horny as I feel, I thought.

Adonis came up the wooden stairs with a big smile on his perfect face and grinned at me. 'Hello,' he said, the 'h' slightly clipped. 'My name is Dustin. Staying next door.' Faintly British, I thought. Fucking perfect, I also thought. 'Wine?' I said. He grinned. 'Don't get up. I'll fetch a glass. Jimmy's a bit of a fanatic on organization. I know where everything is.' He vanished inside. I stared after him. I want to bite your ass. I want to suck your cock until you pour cum down my throat. I want to.... I blinked at him. 'What?' I said thickly. He was holding out the glass to me, obviously expecting me to do something with it. Oh. Pour wine. My hand trembled like I was coming off a three-day-drunk, clanking the bottle against the rim. Dustin smiled at me. 'You do need a bit of time to relax, don't you?' I stared at him. 'How did you know that?' He grinned. 'Jimmy's my cousin.'

A memory cell woke up. 'My cousin Dusty.' Of course. Dusty the intelligent. Dusty the successful. Dusty the...gay. I stared down into my lap. Oh-oh. Dusty walked to the rail and stared out at the water. 'Mine drained my savings account when he left,' he said softly. 'Took everything that wasn't tied down, then kicked my dog and cracked his rib. Jimmy said you didn't fare much better.' I stared at the broad, tan back. 'I don't have a dog, but if I did, he'd have kicked it. The dog looks good.' Dusty turned and smiled. 'He is. He's fine. I'm fine, too.' He walked toward me, set the glass down carefully, leaned to me and took my mouth with his tongue. I just sat there and let his mouth work. Lips full and soft, the tongue searching and demanding, head moving slightly, forcing my head back. I felt his fingers slide up my thigh, and twitched a little when he stroked my hard cock. I heard my moan echo in his mouth, and slid back in the chair. His fingers continued their tempting of my cock. I put my hands out blindly and found his hips, then drew my palms forward around him and found the length of his shaft straining against the suit. He moved in closer, and I slid the suit down in the back, uncovering the silky ass. I stroked him and he murmured to me. Damn it, I wanted him so much it hurt. He grasped my wrist, pulled me out of the chair and kissed me as I stood, rubbing his hard cock against mine. He led me into the cottage to the bedroom, stripped me and laid me on the bed. I watched him fling his suit aside then crawl into bed beside me. The dark eyes were on fire. He kissed me again, then almost dove on my cock.

My back arched and I gasped as he took me in his mouth. It had been so damned long since I'd felt anything like that. Hunger. Naked fucking hunger. He sucked me hard, greedily, one hand caressing my balls, the other pressing flat on my abdomen. He took me in deep, sliding his hot, tight lips up and down my rod, making me throb. I wanted it to last. I wanted it to last forever. It was minutes, and damn few of them, and my cock exploded, pulsing a stored up load of cum in his mouth. Even lost in the ecstasy I noticed the concentration with which he swallowed me. Every drop, then licked my twitching cock clean. He sighed quietly, then looked at me. 'Damn, I needed that,' he whispered. I made some sounds. Grunting, primitive sounds. He understood, smiled at me, and mounted my face, feeding his gorgeous thick cock into my mouth. He held onto the headboard for support and fucked my mouth. Gentle but strong thrusts. I relaxed and his cock slid over my tongue, deep in my mouth, touching the back of my throat. I wanted him all, and he carefully obliged. My hands caressed his ass, then my fingertips found his crack and I gently pulled him open. I heard him gasp, then my index finger went for his tight pink hole. I had barely worked in the tip when he let go with a helpless howl and throbbed in my mouth. I sucked him dry, until he collapsed trembling beside me.

We slept. Or we passed out. We weren't certain. When I woke up, he was next to me, one arm and one leg tossed over me, his face buried against my side. I stared at him for a few seconds, until I saw him smile. 'You're awake,' I whispered. He grinned. 'I know I'm awake. I was hoping you'd see me lying here helplessly and ravish me.' I flipped him on his back and held his wrists down. 'Like this?' I growled, and kissed him. He moaned and wiggled, his hard cock dueling with mine. 'Yes,' he breathed. 'Oh, yes.' His cock seemed to swell as I gripped his wrists and his eyes grew darker. I looked around and found two of my ties tossed across a chair, I briefly let go of him, fished over the ties, then tied each wrist securely to the headboard. I brushed the hair from his face and stared at him. His breath came in ragged gasps and his hands were fists. He was fighting an arousal stronger than I'd ever seen. I gripped his chin and stared at him. 'Mine,' I said roughly. 'You are mine.' All he could do was moan helplessly as his cock oozed precum. I kissed him savagely, then lowered my mouth to his nipple and sucked...hard. It sprang to life in my mouth and seemed connected to the core of his being. His back arched and he howled. 'Take me!' he said in a strangled voice. 'Take me every way you know how.' I gently tightened my teeth around his nipple and I swear his eyes rolled back in his head. I sucked hard and gently bit both nipples until they stood out from his chest as far as they could...hard brown nubs, slightly reddened from my teeth. I slid my tongue down his body and thrust it into his belly button. He opened his mouth and gasped without sound. I licked my way down one hip, then shoved his thighs open, and pushed his legs up. His eyes drifted shut in anticipation, but I waited until he made an obvious pleading sound. Then I buried my tongue in his ass as deeply as I could.

I tongue fucked his ass as fast and as hard as I could as his entire body twitched. He humped his ass at me, wanting more and more of my mouth on him. 'Cunt,' I whispered against his hole. 'My cunt.' He froze momentarily. 'Yes,' he breathed finally. 'Oh, damn it...yes.' I bit his asscheek. 'Tell me you want your ass fucked,' I said, my voice low and deep. 'Tell me you want me to fuck your ass and pour cum into you.' He had to take a deep breath before he could speak...but he told me. He wanted my cock up his ass more than anything. He wanted to be fucked hard and flooded with cum. He wanted my huge rod to impale him, thrusting in as deep as it could. I got up off the bed and found lubricant in a drawer, watching him as he struggled and howled. Being restrained had freed something in him, and the freed thing was ravenous.

I knelt between his legs and looked at him. His voice had fallen into a monotone...he kept repeating 'fuck me, fuck me' over and over again, almost mechanically. He was gorgeous, probably the most beautiful man I'd ever seen...and his need was even greater than my own. I lubricated a finger and slid it up his crack. 'Tell me, Dusty,' I said. 'Tell me you're my cunt. My whore.' He babbled my words back at me, his ass twitching to try and catch my finger. I teased him with the finger until his howling was agonized, then slid it in...hard. He gasped, back arching, slamming his ass at me, taking the finger deep. Rapidly, I was finger fucking him...first with one finger, then two...then finally three...all slamming deep in his tight hole. I squirted lubricant all over my cock with my other hand and rubbed it around. I didn't want to hurt him, but right now I doubted I could control how hard I slammed into him.

I couldn't. I forced my way into his ass with mindless lust and no finesse, but it was just what he wanted. He looked at me with adoring eyes. 'Yes,' he managed to say. 'Oh, fuck, yes.' I fucked him harder than I'd ever fucked anyone...slamming my cock into his perfect ass, feeling like a marauder taking a helpless captive. I had no idea this marauder lurked within me, but he was free now, and fucking for all he was worth. I lowered my mouth and bit and sucked at his neck, marking him as mine. Mine. Damn it all to hell, this Adonis was mine. I could feel my balls tighten as they slapped against him. My cock throbbed and swelled. We locked eyes for a moment, then I threw my head back as the explosion ripped through me and I pulsed cum into his ass for what seemed like forever. I filled him and overflowed him. The sound cut through my haze, and I realized that he was bucking and howling...and cumming...underneath me. I looked down at the white streams on my chest. He smiled weakly, and reached out his tongue to lick the base of my throat. He took a deep breath. 'If you hadn't thrown your head back,' he said with effort. 'I'd have cum up your nose.'

After three days of almost non-stop fucking and talking, it dawned on me that Russ and Jimmy had set us up, so we sent roses. And I found out he was right...if I didn't throw my head back at the right moment, he did in fact cum right up my nose.


Morgan Grayson

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