When I went to university, there was a fit guy called Jack who lived on my corridor who was pretty hot. His body was in really good shape – he had a slim chest, with toned pecs and upper arms, all completely hairless. He had an indie style, and wore jeans, often black, with a belt, usually white or brown, and brightly-coloured t-shirts, always tight-fitting over his chest. He was into girls, and was posh but quite laddish, but as I got friendly with him, I began to feel he could be up for dabbling. When he wore particular t-shirts, he looked really hot, and when I was with him I often found myself going to the toilet or my room just to jerk off.

First Time: A few weeks after meeting him (late October), me and him were alone together one night, and we had conversations about sex and wanking. He seemed really open, and I confessed being attracted to him. "Shit. I never realised you were.. but I'm not, sorry" he replied. But we chatted a bit longer – me telling him about some guys I'd been with, him telling me about some girls he'd had. We got loosened up with drink, and had a laugh. He was wearing his dark green t-shirt, which was the one that seemed really hot on him, and it was tight enough to make out his stacked chest underneath. I wanted to rip it off badly. "Are you creeped out by what I said?" I asked. "Well, no. I'm surprised. Like, you're an attractive guy, but.." I asked him if we could just wank each other. He seemed quite aghast at first – "ha, no I've got to go". But he stayed and we had a long chat about it, telling him that it certainly didn't make him gay, seeing as he was into girls and that plenty of straight guys could pleasure each other. We sat together, undid our jeans, and put our hands on each other's crotches, and started wanking each other. "Ah! So good!" he said. We should be doing this the whole time I thought. What's the point in not wanking when you're good mates? He looked straight ahead, groaning slightly in pleasure, before cumming off all over my carpet. He looked at me as if to say 'that was amazing!' Suddenly this made my penis erupt with spunk over his arm. "Did you enjoy that?" I asked. "Fuck, I've got to go!" he zipped up his jeans and left the room.

However, I was awoken an hour later when he knocked on my door. I opened it, and as I set my eyes on him, he ripped off his green t-shirt, and my heart and penis both jumped with thrill! His body was such a huge turn on. "That made me want it badly!" he said. He came on to me, snogging me, and pushing me onto my bed. I groped his chest, licking it and massaging it. We went onto the bed, with me snogging his face off now. I pulled my t-shirt off. We groped for a while quite passionately, before sliding off our jeans and pants. We 69ed for a while, until both spunking huge loads into each other's mouths. It was so amazing! Neither of us wanted to stop, so we continued to grope, suck and spunk for ages. Eventually, I could take no more, and decided to put my cock up his arse. He let me put my throbbing pole up his cool, tight crack. I fucked him hard until I jacked over his chest. I finished him off with a final blowjob. We both spunked about 5 times each altogether this night! "We should pretend this never happened" he said guiltily. "Yeah, yeah of course" I said, hoping the opposite.

2nd Time: After I got back from lectures the next day, I bumped into him in the corridor. He was wearing the same tight green t-shirt. Adrenaline pumped through me. "Hey, mate!" I said, hoping he'd want to shag again, but reckoning he wouldn't, "How you doing?" He just nodded and looked at me. "Well," I said, "might go get ready for dinner". As I made to walk on, he grabbed me by the hand, pulling me into his room, where he ripped off his t-shirt and snogged my face off whilst pulling my trousers down.

Times 3-4: Within a minute, we were sweating and sucking like mad all over each other. After ejaculation, we stopped as other people were outside. But we felt we needed to finish off, so after midnight, we took an erotic shower together for ages, rubbing and caressing our bodies, sucking and wanking. It felt so good that even after cumming loads, we still stayed there for more. Our cocks ached, but it just felt better and better. Several streams of spunk washed away. We got out, put on boxer shorts, came into my bed, and I proceeded to bang him good. "God! I love it so much," he squealed in delight as I did it. "I don't know if I want to resist it again!"

Time 5-35: We couldn't stop our mindless fucking! We were at it day after day after day, tearing our t-shirts off, and making out like rabbits! It was amazing to have a mate to fuck on your corridor, cause you could so easily make out every day! We'd knock on each other's doors twice every day, rip our t-shirts off, throw them to the ground, signalling that it was time for fucking, and in moments we'd be having spontaneous sex in bed. That first two weeks we were so fucking horny we fucked every day at some point from 11am-3pm and then again some point after dinner. He started to always wear the green t-shirt cos he knew it turned me on so much. The others commented on his obsession with that t-shirt, and it also got really dirty and worn but I loved it.

Time 36-37: A fortnight, and trust me, a lot of sex with Jack later, I was coming down the corridor on the way to a lecture when he strolled out the shower wearing only a white towel, tightly wrapped round below his sexy chest. He stuck his tongue out at me and said, "I love hot showers!" His body drew me. I followed him into his room, where he dropped the towel. I was sucking him off instantly, as a warm-up to an hour-long feast. "Glad I didn't go to my lecture now!" We then went to dinner with the others. Then we all hung out together. Then everyone went to bed, and I went and feasted on Jack's abs again, screwing continuously for hours.

Time 38: The next day we were out in a club with our mates. When Jack wore his green t-shirt out it was hard enough to resist him, but this time it was a fancy-dress theme of crayolas, so he wore a tight black wife-beater, which made him look fucking incredible!! I was keeping my boner down through great will-power. I clasped his bulging bicep and asked him if we could get it on in the bogs, to relieve my throbbing cock. "Here? Shouldn't we fuck in my bed?" "Nah, just think how hot it'll be if we bang in the bogs like dogs!" He smirked, and we went to a cubicle together. With pounding music, we tore off our clothes and sucked each other off. It was fucking intense.

Times: 39-69 (last 4 weeks of term) From then on, we not only fucked in our rooms, but in the bogs at clubs, bars, and pubs. We just couldn't keep ourselves off each other! When out for a pub lunch with our mates, we went off to the toilet to make out for a few minutes cos we didn't want to wait an hour to fuck! Another time, he had just bought a pint and was chatting to the others when he saw me. He came over to me. "Hey mate, do you want to go screw?" He was wearing his green t-shirt with low-slung jeans and a white/black belt. I smiled, "Like hell!" We sloped off to the toilets. His green t-shirt was on the fucking floor in a flash. We fucked like fuck.

Times 70-72: We went swimming a few times together, which was amazing! For example, in the last week of term, we got changed in the same cubicle together, and predictably, we couldn't keep our hands off each other, so sucked and sweated and wanked each other off. The cum we produced washed away in the showers, once we were sufficiently calmed down. We swam a few lengths, groped a bit underwater, then went to the jacuzzi, where he wanked me off again without anyone noticing! The spunk just floated away! We ran out, still as horny as rabbits, ripped off our trunks in the cubicle, and I fucked him. That night, we still had energy to make out for an hour on his bed!

73rd time: It was so hard not seeing him over Christmas. So when we returned in January, we were like bitches on heat. I saw him again in the corridor – he'd put his sexy tight green t-shirt on again for me, and it fitted just over his hot body. He was chatting to someone else, so only greeted me with friendly enthusiasm. As soon as the other guy went, he looked sultrily at me and tugged at his t-shirt, saying, "aw, it's so tight! I need to take it off or I'll burst", and ripped it off, revealing his smooth, defined chest. My heart leapt. He went inside his room. I ran in, ripping off my t-shirt, before coming into him at force, snogging his face off, rubbing and licking his hot chest, then getting naked, and going at it really energetically on the bed, grinding and licking and sucking till we were drenched in sweat.

74th time: The next day, a few of us were about to go to the supermarket. He'd just got up, and was half-naked, and his amazingly hot body greeted me. He threw on his green t-shirt tightly over his skin. "I reckon I'll stay in, guys," he said. Yes! I thought, time to get down and dirty! "Yeah, don't think I'll go either". They left. "So" he said, "what u up to now?" he laughed. "Well, we could watch iplayer" I said. "Ok, we can watch it on my bed", and he took off his top, "always hot in here.." he said. Before we'd even got the laptop out, we'd got our cocks out and were eating out.

From Jan to June, we fucked from 75 to 200 times overall – his room, my room, kitchen, library, bars, clubs, parks, friend's rooms.




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