Adam Higgins was excited. Not only had he just celebrated his eighteenth birthday last week but just yesterday he walked down the isle in his high school graduation and received his diploma. Now he was a free man. But he also knew this would be his last summer as a free man, for in the fall he was to start college and then from there he would settle into his career. Therefore, this summer was so much more special than any that had preceded it and Adam was going to make the most of it. Today was going to be a day of total relaxation in the back yard out by the pool.

Adam peeled off the cut off sweat pants that he had used to sleep in and bent down to retrieve some swim wear from the bottom drawer of his dresser. Adam had a very lean defined swimmers build from his years one the high school swim team. His body was tan and bronze year round, one of the benefits from living in Miami. And even when the weather wasn't quite warm enough to lay out there was always a tanning bed. Adam had been blessed with a cute face and dark wavy hair accentuated by deep blue eyes. His body in addition to being lean was also almost completely hairless. As a swimmer he shaved all his body hair except for a very small patch right above his dick, which he kept trimmed low and neat as well.

Adam sorted through the drawer to find just the right swim suit. His small yet perfectly rounded bubble butt sticking high in the air. Had anyone walked in on the teen they would have been treated to the sight of his smooth balls swinging freely between his thigh enticingly. Adam found what he was looking for and grabbed it. It was his favorite swim bikini, aqua blue with sides that were not bigger than half an inch. Adam stepped into the small swim garment and pulled it up. It was tight; very tight. But that's the way Adam liked them. He wiggled his perfectly shaped bubble butt into the stretchy lycra suit and pulled it up high on his ass.

His well rounded rump popped out the leg bands of the miniscule swim wear as the suit continued to ride further up his ass crack. Adam adjusted his cock and balls which were well outlined in the small suit. Adam stood before the mirror looking at his reflection as he adjusted his manhood. Pleased he turned and looked over his shoulder at the reflection of his backside. He liked the way his sweet round young ass swallowed the small aqua material. Even if he tried to pull it down to cover his cheeks it would be useless. Adam was very pleased with his own image in the mirror. There was no doubt about it Adam was an exhibitionist.

Adam noted once more how the suit crept up on him. It was at least two sizes too small. All of Adam's suits were at least two sizes too small. And he had a ton of them, black, red, striped and camouflage to name a few. He even had two thong swim suits, one black and one white. Both were semi transparent and when wet they were totally see thru. For most people a swim suit you couldn't get wet would be a problem but not for Adam. He proudly walked around showing his manhood to all who wanted to look.

Just last week Adam had worn his white thong to his best friend Greg Bibins' graduation party. It was a pool party. All eyes were on Adam as he shucked his pants to reveal the scant white thong. He heard a few girls whisper and even a few guys commented on the fact that you could almost see his thick cock through the thin material. From the corner of his eye Adam noticed Greg's father eyeing up his fit young body. Adam loved the attention. He dove in the pool and swam a few laps around before emerging from the water soaking wet. His thong clung to him like a second skin wrapping itself around his thick prick leaving nothing to the imagination.

Mr. Bibins let out an audible gasp at the sight of Adam in his wet thong. Adam smiled to himself, knowing that he was driving his best friend's father wild with desire. Adam made his was into the house to use the rest room not bothering to wrap a towel around his waist and therefore exposing himself to everyone he past. Again he heard comments about his sexy body and choice of exhibitionistic swim wear.

Adam made his way down a deserted hallway and vanished into the rest room and when he was finished three minutes later he open the door prepared to step back into the hallway. But standing in the doorway blocking his exit was Mr. Bibins. Adam smiled and said hello as he was forced to squeeze past his buddies dad.

'Excuse me.' said Adam with a bit of a smile in his eye.

'Certainly.' said Mr. Bibins not budging an inch to let the teen through.

Adam began to wiggle past Mr. Bibins; Bibins put his hand out allowing it to gaze the youth's thong clad dick. Their eyes met and Adam saw lust in the eyes of his friend's father.

'Sorry,' leered Mr. Bibins acting as though touching Adam's cock were an accident. 'Nice swim suit,' he whispered looking down at Adam's package.

'Thank-you, Sir.'

'You'll have to come over to 'swim' more often,' said the older man with a suggestive wink.

'Yes Sir,' replied Adam slipping past Mr. Bibins and walking slowly down the hall.

Mr. Bibins just stood there openly staring at his son's friend. Watching his rounded ass jut out and jiggle slightly as he made his way down the hall. Adam looked back over his shoulder and gave his friend's father a big smile to say, 'Thanks for the attention. I enjoyed performing as much as you enjoyed watching,' then he was gone and back to join his friends at the party.

Adam had jacked off every day this past week thinking about that encounter. Today Adam was going to lay out in his back yard and put on another show; this time for his neighbor, Mr. Hopkiss. Mr. Hopkiss had lived next door to Adam and his family for a few years now. Adam guessed him to be in his early 50's or so. He was in good shape and had the good looks of a movie matinee idol of the 1940's or 50's. There was something very Cary Grant about him. And except for the slightly graying around his temples he did not look his age at all.

Adam had been trying to get a handle on him for awhile now. He didn't really know the man at all except to say a quick hello to as they past on the street. He lived alone and as far as Adam knew was never married. He had company from time to time and it appeared that he dated. On more than one occasion Adam had seen a woman leaving his neighbor's house early in the morning, her hair disheveled and make up smudged, denoting that she had spent the night. Yet at the same time whenever Adam lays out in the back yard Mr. Hopkiss always ends up on his back deck watching the teen. Oh, sure he starts off reading a book but before long the book is at his side and he is openly staring at Adam in his scant swim bikini.

'ADAM!!!' came the sound of his father.

'Shit,' Adam mutters under his breath, 'coming dad.' With one more look at his ass in the mirror Adam heads downstairs to see what his father wants.

Mr. Higgins is waiting at the bottom of the stairs and looking none too pleased. 'Adam, did I or did I not ask you to mow the lawn last week?'

'Yes, Dad, you did.'

'Then why is it not done?!'

'Well I had Greg's graduation party and I've been busy. I'll do it I promise.'

'I know you will because you're going to do it right now!'

'Now?' whines Adam, 'But Dad, I had plans.'

'To do what?' asks his father.

'Well, it's my first day of summer break and all so I was gonna lay out by the pool.'

For the first time since their conversation began Mr. Higgins takes note of what his son is wearing. Though he can't understand why his son would choose to show his body off this way Mr. Higgins has just resigned himself to the fact that Adam is old enough to wear what he wants and has decided within himself that it is not worth arguing about so he bites his tongue and fights the urge to tell his only son to 'go cover himself' and instead says, 'Is that all? You do that all the time. Surely once the lawn is mowed you can do that.'

'But Dad....'

'But nothing! You will do as you're told. Your mother and I are heading to Aunt Josephine's. We will be back around 5:00. I expect the lawn to be mowed by then.'

Grudgingly Adam replies, 'Yes Sir.' He turns and heads toward the basement. His micro bikini lodged between his ass cheeks. Adam bends to put on his shoes which are outside the basement door. His perky butt sticks out as more of his teen buns spill out the leg bands showing way more ass to his father than should be allowed. Again his father has to bite his tongue and resist the urge to tell him to 'cover up'. Instead he just shakes his head.

Mrs. Higgins emerges from the kitchen with his purse over her shoulder. 'Come on we don't want to be late for Aunt Josephine.'

'Okay,' replies Mr. Higgins. 'Remember Adam mow the lawn then have fun.'

His parents say their good byes and head out the front door as Adam heads down into the basement. He locates the lawn mower and pulls it up the back stairs and into the back yard. His well formed ass jiggling slightly as he pulls the mower out into the sun. Adam looks across the yard at Mr. Hopkiss' house. From Adam's yard he can see Mr. Hopkiss' deck and even into his kitchen window. Mr. Hopkiss is at the sink doing dishes. He looks up and sees Adam. Adam is not certain but he thinks he just saw a smile creep across the older man's lips. He decides maybe this won't be so bad after all. As he mows he can still put on his own private show for Mr. Hopkiss, who he is certain will be out shortly.

This thought is barely formed in Adam's head when Mr. Hopkiss' back door opens and out he steps carrying a book and a glass of what looks like ice tea. From the corner of his eye Adam watches his neighbor sit down in a deck chair and get comfortable. Adam is in clear view of his neighbor with nothing between them but space. Adam smiles to himself.

Mr. Hopkiss opens his book. Adam turns his back to the older man and bends over slowly at the waist allowing the lycra material of his swim bikini to slip up over his tanned ass checks. Though he can't see, Adam can feel his neighbor's eyes boring into him. He knows that he is being watched and this arouses him. While bent over Adam checks the gas tank on the mower to make sure it's full. It is and Adam straightens up slowly. He starts the mower and begins to push it. Wearing nothing but a pair of sneakers and a skimpy aqua swim bikini Adam begins to make his way around the yard slowly so as to put on a good show.

Mr. Hopkiss peeks up over the top of his book as Adam makes his way toward him. There is nothing leering or suggestive about the way the man looks at him. But still Adam enjoys the attention; though this man is older than his father there is something about him that Adam finds attractive. He wants to know more about this man. He wants to know why he watches him out in the yard. Is it lust, fascination, repulsion at what he is wearing? No not repulsion, you don't spend that much time watching someone if your repulsed by them.

Adam turns and makes a second line through the grass with the mower. Now he is walking away from Mr. Hopkiss. Again Adam knows the man is watching him. Adam is very proud of his body but his is most proud of his bubbly ass. He likes the way it curves and sticks out in back; the little shelf that he has back there. He arches his back slightly to make it stick out further.

When Adam turns making another row in the grass he is now facing his neighbor again. Mr. Hopkiss now has his book sitting in his lap and is watching Adam openly. Neither man says a word or even nods acknowledgment of the other's existence. Instead Adam continues to act as if he is on stage performing and Mr. Hopkiss continues to act as if he is in the audience watching a play; both aware of the other with an invisible wall between them that precludes contact.

Adam continues about his business of cutting the lawn. With his back to Mr. Hopkiss he bends. Once again he does it slowly and seductively bending only at the waist, spreading his legs ever so slightly. There is a twig blocking the way. Adam tossed it off to the side. But stays bent over a little longer than he really needs to. He feels his tiny swimsuit ride up on him. Still bent over the teen reaches back and ever so seductively runs his hand up his smooth thigh and over his sweet round cheek pausing momentarily to grab a handful of his own soft young ass flesh. He takes hold of the material and attempts to pull it down over his bubble butt, all the while knowing that his neighbor is watching his every move. Of course it's useless the bikini rides back up on Adam as soon as he removes his hand.

Again Adam straightens slowly, giving his older neighbor a good show. He proceeds with his lawn mowing and again turns and heads toward Mr. Hopkiss. This time he notes that the book is no longer in the man's lap but is now sitting in the table beside him along with his glass of ice tea. Mr. Hopkiss is openly watching his every move but without any kind of reaction. Again Adam wonders what the man is thinking.

Adam continues doing his yard work and Mr. Hopkiss continues to stare without expression or emotion. Finally the task is complete. The yard has been mowed. All Adam has to do is put away the mower then he can relax by the pool. Adam pushes the mower back toward the basement door. His round teen butt jiggling as he does so. Mr. Hopkiss watches each jiggle and bounce with great intensity but still with no emotion. Adam disappears momentarily into the basement with the mower. When he returns he notices that Mr. Hopkiss' chair has been vacated. He also notes that his book and glass of tea are gone and his back door shut.

'Damn!' whispers Adam.

To himself Adam thinks, 'Oh well he'll be back. He always comes back.' And it's at that point where Adam decides something else. He has been performing for his neighbor for a while now. He has enjoyed performing but now he wants more. He wants to know Mr. Hopkiss' story. He also wants to know Mr. Hopkiss intimately. 'Well, this is the first day of summer break and I have all summer to seduce him,' thinks Adam. 'And by the end of summer I will have had him.'

With that last thought Adam makes his way to the lounge chair next to the pool where he settles in to plan his next move in seducing Mr. Hopkiss.

The End




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