Jeff Stearn was obsessed with Troy Aikman. He had long lusted after the 6'4, blond haired, blue eyed, built like a brickhouse Adonis of a quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. He had even moved to Dallas two years ago and had season tickets, never missing a game. Over the past couple of years he had learned Troy's routine, where he lived, where he ate, where he went out at night, and was now looking for an opportunity to make him his for a night.

When Jeff read that Troy would be attending an annual charity function Jeff knew his chance had come. A friend of his ran the company that would be supplying the serving staff and Jeff was hired as one of the waiters. All he had to do now was make preparations and wait for the perfect moment.

On the night of the charity event Jeff watched as Troy Aikman came through the doors into the ballroom. He was dressed in a perfectly tailored black Armani tuxedo and seemed to float as he effortlessly worked his way through the crowd, shaking hands, smiling, and making small talk. Jeff felt his crotch twitch as he watched his quarry.

When Troy was mid-way through his second glass of champagne, Jeff reached into his pants pocket and withdrew a small eyedropper. He quickly unscrewed the top and squeezed a small amount of the liquid into a glass of champagne on his serving tray. Replacing the vial in his pocket, he made his way over to where Troy was standing.

'Another glass of champagne, sir,' Jeff asked, extending the tray in Troy's direction.

'Thank you,' Troy said, turning to Jeff and smiling while he reached for the glass. He replaced his empty glass on the tray and turned back to his conversation.

The drug was designed to give the appearance of intoxication and then to eventually render the victim helpless. There would be no side effects, other than the victim not having a clear memory of the previous several hours. After a few minutes Jeff noticed Troy moving a bit unsteadily. He was saying something to the group he was with and then began walking toward the restrooms located outside the ballroom and down a long hall. Jeff set down the tray of drinks down and followed. He entered the restroom and saw Troy leaning over a sink splashing some water on his face. He looked disoriented.

'Are you alright, sir,' he asked as he walked up to the sink.

Troy looked at him with bleary eyes and nodded his head. 'Yeah, I think I just need some fresh air.'

'Here, let me give you a hand,' Jeff said, taking the quarterback's arm and leading him through the bathroom door. He guided Troy down the hallway, moving away from the main ballroom.

'Where are we going,' the dazed quarterback asked. He was now slurring his words and sounded like he was drunk. The drug was beginning to take effect. 'The reception is back there.'

Jeff kept walking, his arm through Troy's, guiding him down another hall and toward a doorway. 'This is the back service entrance. You can get some fresh air through here. In fact, you're not looking so good. How about if I drive you home?'

Troy stopped and turned. 'I think I'll be alright. I should get back to the party.' Troy went to move past him but Jeff stepped in front of him, blocking his way.

'It's really no problem,' Jeff said, his arm still on Troy's, trying to direct him to the exit. 'The door's right here. Let me get it for you.' He was reaching into his coat pocket with his other hand, fumbling for something.

'No,' Troy insisted. 'I'm okay. Just let go of my arm, okay man?' He was obviously succumbing to the drug's power as he staggered slightly and once again tried to move past Jeff.

'Okay, whatever you say, Mr. Aikman,' Jeff replied. Suddenly, without any warning, Jeff pushed Troy into the corner, hard. He pulled a plastic zip lock bag from his coat pocket, opened it and took out a cloth.

Troy turned and looked at Jeff. 'Hey, what the hell was that for, man?' He tried to step toward Jeff but stumbled a bit. He shook his head as if to clear it.

Jeff pushed Troy back into the corner with his shoulder and pressed the cloth over the quarterback's face. The cloth was soaked in chloroform. Troy's eyes bulged as the sickly sweet scent assaulted his nostrils. 'What the... hmmph, hmmph!' He tried to bat at Jeff's hands but Jeff had him pinned squarely back with his shoulder.

'Don't fight it,' Jeff whispered hoarsely. The chloroform was taking effect. Troy was struggling less and less and his eyes were glazing over. Then they slid shut and he ceased to struggle. His body slumped against the wall, still pinned by Jeff. He was completely knocked out.

After shoving the cloth back into the bag and into his pocket, Jeff hoisted the unconscious man over his shoulder and hurried through the back door to his car, parked just a few yards from the door. The load on his shoulder was heavy but because of the thrill of the moment felt like carrying a pillow. He opened the back door and placed Troy onto the back seat. Troy collapsed, asleep. Jeff was growing excited knowing that the beautiful Troy Aikman was in his car, unconscious and completely vulnerable. He put his hand on Troy's broad chest for a moment.

The chloroform was wearing off by the time he reached his house but the drug was in full effect and Troy was too weak to put up any kind of resistance. Jeff opened the back door and helped the dizzy athlete out of the car and into the house.

Once they were inside Jeff brought Troy to his bedroom, sat him on the bed and sat down next to him up on his bed. He put one arm around Troy's waist to steady him and rested the other hand on Troy's crotch and began a slow and steady massage. Troy's head lolled to the side and he moaned. Jeff could feel the bulge growing. He blew in Troy's ear and licked his ear lobe, all the while continuing his vigorous massage of the dazed stud's full crotch. He loosened Troy's bow tie, unbuttoned his shirt and ran his hand up under the t-shirt and over Troy's smooth chest. He licked his fingers and twisted Troy's nipple, feeling him shake and groan again. He lifted the t-shirt, leaned in and nibbled at his nipple.

He took off Troy's tuxedo jacket and yanked his shirt from his pants. He slid it from his extremely well developed torso and pulled his t-shirt over his head. His eyes moved to the black tuxedo pants. The waistband of Troy's underwear was just showing over his pants. Jeff could make out the label: Fruit of the Loom. Jeff hoped they were briefs. He had always fantasized about Troy Aikman in white briefs. There was something very innocent yet extremely sexy about a guy in white briefs. He unzipped the pants. His kneading had produced quite a bulge and the fly spread open, trying to release its huge package. Jeff unbuttoned the pants while Troy continued groaning.

He pushed the dazed stud onto his back and quickly unlaced and removed the black leather shoes. He then gently and slowly removed Troy's pants. He stood up and stepped back. There was Troy Aikman, the object of his desire, lying on his bed in nothing but full cut tight white briefs. He was in heaven. Troy was completely out of it and unaware of what was happening around him and to him. His eyes were open, but they were unfocused, and he was moving his arms a bit. His head was still rolling back and forth. Jeff had to restrain himself from jumping on the drugged stallion right then and there.

He lifted Troy's body onto the bed completely and laid him out spread eagle. He fastened his wrists and ankles to harnesses that were attached to the four posts of the bed. Troy began to struggle in vain. Jeff stripped down to his briefs and got on the bed next to bound stud. He ran his hands over Troy's entire magnificent body, coming to rest on the enormous bulge, still trapped in his briefs. Troy began to moan again and Jeff looked up at his face. His eyes were glazed, his breathing was a bit rushed and his thick lips were moist and slightly parted. Jeff reached up and put his lips on Troy's, forcing his tongue into Troy's mouth, but Troy turned his head in resistance. Jeff reached to the night table and opened a small brown bottle of Rush. He held it under Troy's nose but he turned his head to avoid the aroma. He cradled Troy's head with one arm and grabbed his crotch tightly with the other. The helpless Cowboy gasped sharply and Jeff thrust the bottle of inhalant directly under his nose. He inhaled deeply and his body jerked and twisted and then slumped as the Rush hit him. 'What's that... nnoooo... no..,' he babbled, his head lolling back and forth in a sexual high.

Jeff moved his hands back to Troy's crotch, rubbing and pulling. After he had him thoroughly worked up, he rolled onto Troy's body and began to dry hump him through his briefs. He had his tongue deep in Troy's ear and one hand was kneading Troy's ass. Jeff was pleased when he felt Troy's hips begin moving in rhythm with his own. It was if the great stud was on autopilot.

Jeff left the bed and turned on several video cameras he had positioned throughout the room. He even had one mounted high on the wall overlooking the bed so he wouldn't miss a thing. This videotape would be a popular item with his clientele and should fetch a very high price.

So he wouldn't be identifiable in the video, Jeff put on a black leather body suit and donned an executioner's mask. He got back on the bed and straddled Troy's chest. Wetting his fingers he grasped the two nipples with the index finger and thumb of each hand and began a slow twist and tug. Troy groaned louder and pushed his chest out to meet Jeff's irritating fingers. After they were hard Jeff leaned down and fastened his lips around the left nipple. A yelp left from Troy's lips.

'Aaaaahhhhh... oooooohhhhhh...' he groaned and gasped. He was struggling against his bonds but to no avail. Jeff moved his mouth from tit to tit, suckling and then nibbling. All the while he had one finger in Troy's mouth and the other hand running up and down the front of his tight white briefs.

Then Jeff concentrated on the mountainous bulge in Troy's underwear. He took his fingers and slowly ran them up and down the huge swelling that was tenting the briefs in an obscene way. He could smell the sweat and other manly scents of this god he had trapped under him. He grabbed the waistband of the briefs and lowered them to mid-thigh. An eight-inch pole of meat sprang up, narrowly missing his face. The tip was leaking pre-cum. Jeff blew on the head. The whole shaft twitched. Jeff took his fist and encircled the gorged shaft. In a slow motion he moved his hand up and down, slowly and then faster. He was teasing the horny jock, jerking him to the brink of climax and then relenting until the cock softened ever so slightly. All the while he tickled Troy's egg-sized balls.

Troy's breathing was heavy, fast and ragged. It was obvious to Jeff that Troy couldn't stand it much longer. His large balls were filled with cum and Jeff's rough finger swirling over his extremely sensitive cock head was more than he could bear. He arched his chest, pulling tightly at his bonds. Jeff's hand continued it's slow but steady up and down jerk on Troy's shaft. Instead of letting up, Jeff continued his stroking and within seconds Troy was shooting everywhere. His chest and stomach were pooled with creamy sticky jizz.

Cruelly Jeff continued his attack. He increased the speed and even stuck a cum-coated finger into Troy's clenched butt hole. Troy's eyes opened wide and he shook his head violently as Jeff's finger probed his prostate. 'Oh, you gotta stop, no... noooo... oh gawd....' His body twisted as he struggled but Jeff didn't let up at all. The combination of the cock torture and the gentle nudging of his prostate sent spasms of pleasure through Troy's body. His hips were wildly bucking all the while he pleaded with Jeff to stop. Within two minutes Troy was grunting loudly and cumming again. Jeff withdrew his finger from Troy's ass and removed his hand from his sticky cock. Dipping his index and middle fingers into the pool of cum in Troy's belly, Jeff scooped up the still warm cream and rubbed it over Troy's lips and into his mouth. Troy turned his head and tried to spit it out, but Jeff grabbed his head, reached for the bottle of Rush and put it under his nose. Troy quickly succumbed to the fumes and he ceased to struggle. Jeff licked the rest of the cum from Troy's massive chest while the bound stud moaned in a forced pleasure.

Jeff took this as a cue and reached once again for Troy's cock which was beginning to soften just a bit. Another hit of Rush and a few more strokes and Troy was fully hard again. He tried to hunch his body to avoid Jeff's torturous fingers but the restraints wouldn't allow him. He squirmed and struggled while Jeff slowly manipulated his hard, wet, and super sensitive cock. His body rocked with shivers and sweat poured from his glistening body. 'Oh god...oh god.. feels good... noo... no... no....god... nomoremorenomore.' He was completely incoherent now and was babbling. The intensity of the milking was incredible, yet Jeff did not relent. Finally after 30 minutes of his cock being stroked, his prostate gland being massaged and his nipples being sucked, Troy came for a third time. But the football stud was so tired and worn out that cum came out in dribbles.

Jeff looked up at the clock. It was four a.m. He had to get Troy back to the hotel and into his car before sunrise. He wet a towel in the bathroom and gently wiped Troy clean. The drug was wearing off but because of the intense workout he had endured he was still out of it. But Jeff couldn't take any chances. Opening the top drawer of his dresser he withdrew a clean handkerchief and a bottle of chloroform. He doused the cloth and walked back to the bed. He lifted Troy's soft, overworked cock and gently fondled it, working it back to an erection. Jeff smiled as the unsuspecting Cowboy reacted to his touch. As soon as he had him worked up again he pressed the handkerchief tightly over Troy's nose and mouth. The look on Troy's face as the chloroform hit him was priceless. Jeff was glad it was caught on camera. Troy struggled but within moments his eyes began to flutter and then slid shut.

Jeff untied his wrists and ankles. He pulled a new pair of white briefs from his drawer and put them on Troy. He picked up the worn pair and put them to his nose, inhaling deeply. The rich smell of sweat swam through his head giving him a momentary buzz. They would be a great souvenir.

Jeff finished dressing the unconscious jock and carried him to the car. He placed Troy on the front seat, fastened the seat belt and reclined the seat slightly. He got into the driver's seat and put the car in gear. While driving he reached over and unzipped Troy's fly. He reached his hand inside and massaged the sleeping stud's bulge. There was no reaction from Troy, but Jeff didn't stop. When they were near the hotel Troy began to stir. Jeff pulled into an empty parking lot and reapplied the chloroform. He could hear Troy moaning through the cloth and his eyes opened a bit. They were glazed and unfocused and promptly closed.

Once they were back at the hotel Jeff pulled up next to Troy's vehicle. Pulling the keys from Troy's pocket he opened the front door of the truck and dumped Troy onto the seat. Troy flopped onto his side. Jeff zipped up Troy's fly, copping one last feel while he was at it, put the keys in the ignition, cracked the window slightly, and locked the door.

Taking one last look he got back into his car and sped off.



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